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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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expected to continue. >> will become a weakening process. it will be a formidable tropical storm at least for a short time moving up through north carolina. at this point in the forecast, which is late in the weekend, it becomes very difficult because there will be high pressure across northern new england perhaps blocking ever bothering us. now there's the possibility that hermine may actually try to back up into new england. monday afternoon, labor day afternoon, 2:00 p.m., 45 miles per hour and that would not be in the shading right here. that's just saying that the strongest winds would be around the red l there well south of new england. at this point this path right here, perhaps just fringe effects, perhaps just a couple of showers sunday night into monday with a bit of a northeasterly breeze. does not look like a repeat of irene or sandy at this point,
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stay tuned for the next several days. we will talk more about the weather tonight and tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thank you, jr. we'll check back with you as we did say florida and the carolinas are now bracing for the worst over the next days as hermine makes its way up through their area. florida is already feeling the severe effects of flooding. ryan shultses identities has more. >> yeah, there's a hurricane watch in affect in florida along with voluntary forecasters warn tropical storm hermine could become a hurricane before it hits the coast. thousand across florida continue to prepare and pack what they can. >> i don't know what i'd do without this van here. >> reporter: and now as the storm inches closer to the coast, governor rick scott warns time is running out. >> we're gonna have a storm surge, rain and a risk of tornado and this will go across state. >> reporter: conditions are intensifying and there's some early flooding in low-lying
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from her car after it was swallowed by the water. a state of emergency has been declared in 42 counties ahead of landfall, expect it overnight thursday into friday morning. right now the strike point looks like somewhere near cedar key. >> if you don't have to be down here, don't. >> reporter: the system could dump as much as 15 inches rain in some areas as it pushes across florida, georgia, the carolinas and then in the waters off the atlantic, the forecast model shows it could make a second hit somewhere along the ne and more than 1,000 national troops are on standby and ready to deploy across florida. ryan schulteis, 7news. right now in avington, let's take you there live over the scene. we're getting word that a child has been shot at this location. this is lynnwood street in avington. you can see a police cruise threr and we also saw a medical helicopter take this child away and now transfer to the hospital.
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of -- the bike there that you see right in front of the police car we're still trying to find out the age of this child, the condition this child, what might have happened there and whether we're talking about a young boy or a young girl. a lot to learn here, but we are following this situation of a child shot in avington. stay with 7news for the latest. now to breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump speaking south of the border today. the wcial candidate met with the president of mexico t other immigration issues there. many calling the trip-up a publicity stunt, let's get to jadiann thompson live in the newsroom with more on the unexpected visit. >> it is a bold move right after a campaign. the plain arrived to mexico city today as trump spoke with the mexican president. and he has widely criticized
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a change of tone from the republican nominee. >> i happen to have a tremendous feeling for mexican americans not only in terms of friendships, but in terms of the tremendous numbers that i employ in the united states, and they are amazing people. >> meanwhile, democrat hillary clinton is in nevada today speaking at the national convention. clinton passed on the chance to make that trip with she did offer her perspective during today's speech. people have to get to know that they can count on you, that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. >> is certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insulting 16 wayses by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home
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can't build a coalition by acting like a loose cannon. but by talking -- taking the time to slowly build a relationship. in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7news. let's turn our attention to a developing story. a suspicious situation in shirley that is under investigation as we speak. police say a woman jogging was approached by a man in a green van and there was definitely interaction there. jonathan hall is live in shirley and these frightening. >> a woman describes a scary interaction, kim. police chief here says this is an isolated incident. he hopes it's nothing. but it certainly has shaken this area and people are pretty concerned about it. >> reporter: police in shirley are on the look-out for a green van. a jogger reported a scary encounter yesterday with the driver that made her heart race. >> i'm not trying to create panic but we want to do the
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if we can identify and get a better description records she says the van came right at her forcing her into' ditch. the van stopped and the woman felt trapped. she says she thought someone was sitting in the second row with the passenger seat empty. the woman who too long off as fast as you've seen both police. we spoke to a woman walking her german shepherd right near the area where this happened and she was aware of of the danger and did not want to appear on camera. >> i guess it's everywhere that you have to stand vigil and anyone should either have a dog or do the buddy system. i he know it's hard this day in age but there's a lot of nit cases out there. >> reporter: august 7th, the jogger was murdered 20 miles here in principle tonight the
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1,000 leads in the death of google manager vanessa marcotte, police are looking for the public to keep an eye out for the van. >> i tell all residents if it doesn't look right, doesn't smell right, doesn't feel right, always make the phone call. >> the chief says his department is reinterviewing the alleged victim in this case, and then he may approach the princeton police and state police investigating that murder to see if there could be any sort of sleaforts. at this poi compared notes. live in shirley, jonathan hall, 7 news. now new at 5:00, police in new york city have a new lead on a murder mystery there from earlier this month. they released a sketch of a man who was seen in the area at the time of a murder. they say he is not a suspect but they're hoping he could provide them with clues on who killed a jogger on august 2nd in queens, new york. corrina was sexual assaulted and strangled fatally while going for a run. police say they have developed a dna profile for a possible
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match yet. meanwhile, her family has raised more than $200,000 dollars in hopes of fiefnedding the killer. just days after the murder in queens, 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was killed in princeton. jonathan hall was just mentioning that case. she was also going for a run when she was attacked. police are still searching for a suspect in that case and asking the public for any tips on who this killer could be. an apartment building in allston goes up in flames, 11 people are now without a place to live after this fire just to through a building on street early this morning. of course, this is the time of year that a lot of students are moving into the area. investigators believe it was an electrical fire, but also say this property had some other problems. 7's john cocoa live in allston to explain. john. >> well, we're told the biggest problem here is that the owner of this building was operating it illegally. the fire department says it's a miracle that no one was seriously hurt here or even
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>> reporter: flames pouring out of a home on myri k street in allston just after midnight wednesday morning. >> the fire was electrical. started in the ceiling fan. >> reporter: the fire department says the building had three apartment units but 11 people were living there, mostly students. >> no one knew what that was when we got there. and as the fire department investigated and explored the building, they found out that it was not what we thought it was. >> so they're renting a room are for a week. >> reporter: making you saw last night, all appearances is it's a two family house. the way it was being operated was a longing house which is a very different classification. >> reporter: the owner will be held accountable. >> there are a myriad of other violations that will be written up. >> reporter: coincidentally on wednesday the state proclaims september campus fire safety month. this fire now showing what the city doesn't want to see happen. >> this is a prime example of
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people about. >> reporter: in 2013, a bu student was killed in a fire in allston at a building on linden street where 18 people were living. the fire commissioner says students need to be aware. >> the message we need to get to the kids is they need to understand, first off, to make sure they have working smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, two ways out and they take personal responsibility for their actions. and inspectional services says they'll be having a meeting tomorrow morning about all the violations for this property, and they're a with any questions about housing to reach out to them. we're live in allston, john cocoa, 7news. we're following more news today, the woman once convicted of attempted murder for withholding her son's chemotherapy medication set free today. kristen lebri changed her plea after a judge granted her a new trial. victoria warren with the story from salem. >> he was not a footnote. he was a child. >> reporter: justice for jeremy frasier, the severely autistic boy who died from cancer.
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withholding potentially life-saving medication. >> guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> reporter: kristen lebri now says she's guilty of attempted murder. she was already convicted and served five years, but she was released when a judge granted her a new trial based on an ineffective defense attorney. her new defense attorney says she wanted to plead guilty sooner but he encouraged her to let him fully research the case. >> i think s think it will leave her mind. she'll live with it for the rest of her life. >> reporter: the judge accepting the guilty plea, agreeing to a sentence of the five years already served. lebri walked out on probation, not making any comments or saying why she didn't do more for jeremy. >> you weren't there. i wasn't there. she was there. she had an extremely autistic son. she didn't get any support. >> this case was always about one thing and one thing only, and that was jeremy.
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today for the defendant admitting her guilt in what she did and didn't do in the care of her child. >> the district attorney says the number one thing that they wanted was this mother held accountable and they kneel that has now happened. if this mom had gone to trial, and if she had been found guilty at trial, she could have been sentenced up to 20 years. in salem, victoria warren, 7news. and some new legal trouble for chris brown. a court date has been set the singer after his arrest yesterday. brown is scheduled to be arraigned on september 20th after he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. the singer was released from custody yesterday after posting the $250,000 bail. so a woman says that brown pointed a begin at her during a gathering at his home, demanding she leave. brown was arrested after a several-hour long standoff. the grammy winner says he's innocent and his attorney says the allegations are false. brown was convicted of felony assault, though, after attacking
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2009. it's the first time in more than 50 years a commercial flight leaving the united states and landing in cuba. a jetblue flight touching down in santa clara cuba this morning. these passengers, mostly airline executives, government officials and journalists, but some cuban-american families were also on board. from now on, about 300 flights a week will travel between the u.s. and cuba. still to come as we continue here at 5:00. some tense moments at a gas station in connecticut when a gas and burst into flames, a woman racing to get kids out of a car. at 5:30, protestors locking arms in cambridge and what they're fighting for from the steps of city hall. plus, officers assaulted, fists fly in framingham. the violent assault as police try and arrest this suspect. in just one hour, a deadly drive in east boston. two people killed when a shuttle bus and a car collide during the morning commute. also call the court. the man who police say stabbed another man with a broken golf
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for the first time. >> and we are following this breaking news out avington. a child has been shot. live pictures over the scene. police on lynnwood street there to investigate. we're investigating, too and we'll bring you the very latest as we get it.
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an explosive scene at a gas
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driver backs his car into it. that fell over on to a woman, pumping gas. >> it also went on to another car. she managed to donald jump out e way and save her children. >> i saw the smoke. we had a go around this way and i saw the smoke in the sky and it had to be pretty bad. >> reporter: a car reversing right into a gas pump at this connecticut gas station, toppling it over right on to another a car on the other side, a woman narrowly escaping the the driver of of the crash gets out while a woman whose car was hit along with the man in the front both rescue two children from the now burning car and run to safety. >> i felt something and i looked and there was just smoke pouring
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totally running on adrenaline at that point because he was in the front seat of the car. he had to grab the two kids out of the backseat and get them out to safety. >> reporter: the flames swelled and the smoke became thick and black. in the end, the two cars involved were completely charred and three others were damaged. >> i heard like explosions, and all of a sudden -- i was like, what was that, and one of the firemen who was first on duty came in today, he's a regular customer, and he said those were -- he's like, you heard the tires, right? and i wasik explosion. >> reporter: neighbors are thankful things weren't worse. >> i'm glad everyone's okay though. they're really lucky. >> more information about a child shot in avington with more details, let's get to ryan schulteis. >> a source is telling 7news that an 11-year-old was shot by another child and it was an
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it happened on lynnwood street. you're taking a live look at the home this happened in. the 11-year-old was flown to a boston hospital. sources telling 7news an 11-year-old child shot by another child accidentally at this lynnwood street home in avington. that 11-year-old flown to a boston hospital. we're expecting to hear more from authorities there on the scene there in the next couple of minutes. when that happens, we hope to bring you that live and once again an 11-year-old shot accidentally. back to you guys. narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around.
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few showers possible late tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon skies clear out. a pleasant friday and saturday, and perhaps sunday and monday, as well, like we thought on monday, this past monday, because hermine while she is a tropical storm and the latest track is wobbling her a little bit closer to seaboard, it's still not locked in place that we here in new england would feel any effects. i think the greatest concern would be across the panhandle of florida over the next 1 to 3 days and moving up through carolina, eastern, north and south carolina, now, inland around here along i-95 that would weaken her to what we call a post tropical system, really a glorified nor easter, of course without the snow. saturday at 2:00 p.m. here, winds at 60 miles per hour. and then from that point, the
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north, we always hear howth kind of bending out to the right, that may happen. may get shouldn'ted totally south of new england by the end of of the holiday weekend. monday at 2:00 p.m., at 45 miles per hour, and that would not be in this gray shading. this gray shading, that's the tone of oven certainty, meaning because it is such a difficult forecast that hermine could end up in the narragansettes bay or the hudson valley or hundreds of miles south of new england and it's a non-event. here is the blocking high pressure. idea how the high pressure will interact with hermine. until we hit friday or saturday, perhaps even as late as saturday afternoon, we won't really have a definite feel for hermine. i don't think, though, that at this point it is a direct hit. it does not loop like a repeat of sandy or irene, two most recent powerhouse tropical systems across northern new england. we'll watch it for you. in any event even with blocking high pressure as well as hurricane gaston, the surf will be churned up.
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weekend. there's the possibility of some of rain sunday night and monday, as well as some wind. again, it does not look like major wind with this event, as well as major rain. speaking of rain, we have a little bit on the radar at this time. this is a cool front slicing through the great lakes states at this time, that will generate clouds and a few isolated showers and sprinkles late tonight and into tomorrow morning. they won't be widespread. they haven't been widespread for the entire summer but there may be a couple of showers for your morning commute. kids at the bus stop, for those they may need a rain gear for a few hours tomorrow morning. likely will head out for recess tomorrow. but a few hit-and-miss showers. and for boston, if we don't have any rain by midnight this will be the dryest summer on record for boston. tomorrow low 80s well clearing skies after the morning shower. friday and saturday, fran it is aic. sunday partly sunny. clouds building, and the possibility of some of hermine's
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south of the picket on monday, labor day. see you at 5:30. also ahead on 7news, a crash in upstate new york causing a car to go up in flames as we now hear from the heros who saved the driver's life. >> and ahead on 7news at 6:00, this wednesday, a clean cut patriots quarterback tom brady revealing a brand-new 'do. i'm sure you noticed. there's some interesting comparisons that are going viral, and we'll share that with
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stilt another hour of 7news here on the news station. >> 7news at 5:30 starts with breaking news right now. protests in cambridge, demonstrators taking over the extents of city hall. >> officers attacked.
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on alert, police hunting for an intruder on the southshore. a massive black bear gets too close for comfort. a child is shot in avington and rushed to the hospital. there is the home right there and police are still there investigating. >> here's what we're learning from our sources and from our breaking news desk that an 11-year-old was shot by another child, an accidental shooting inside this home there in avington. we understand that the 11-year-old boy was med-flighted to a hospital here in boston. as you mentioned, police are on the scene and processing the scene and gathering evidence. perhaps talking with an adult who may or may not have been there when this happened and probably trying to figure out why a loaded gun was in the
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time. an 11-year-old boy accidentally shot by another child in avington med flied to a hospital here in boston, as far as the extent of the injuries or where this child was shot, we're not getting the details just yet but the district attorney is on the case. protestors sending a message in cambridge. several black lives matter demonstrators locking themselves together on the steps refusing to budge. kielty o'hara live in cambridge with all the details. >> they want more affordable housing. starting at 5:30 this morning, they chained themselves to the front door of city hall. >> reporter: with blocks around their necks and chains binding their arms, black lives matter


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