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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> alling eyes or hermine the tropical storm dropping rain and whipping up wind. we'll let now know where it's headed next. >> pilots injured when lazars hit their planes officials want to know who shot them in the sky. >> definite cause for concern in arlington. police there say a women was druveng and high when she was supposed to to be child. we begin at 9:00 a.m. with breaking news. hermine continues to move across part of florida and georgia. this was is scene from horseshoe beach florida as the storm made landfall as a hurricane then downgraded. it pushed waves onshore and flooded streets. this system is still dangerous. so now the atlantic coast is bacing for a hit. we have team coverage this morning starting with nbc's jay
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more. good morning, jay. >> good to talk to you this morning. we start another band start to move through after a little bit of a break. we're getting rain and the wind swirl again. we know a lot more is on the way. >> reporter: driving rains. severe winds and a violent surf. the storm continued to build. thousands rushed to get ready. >> get rid of debris. strap t move things inside. >> while outside conditions intensified so did the warning from florida governor rick scott. >> put this in perspective. this the life threatening. we have a hurricane. hermine with sustained wind of 80 miles per hour gust stronger. made landfall overnight in the big bend region of florida's gulf coast. the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. >> technically this is the first
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hurricane. and then we have people that's never been in this. and stuff. it's new to people. >> for those in and around the strike point the storm surge pushed water into places its not supposed to go. then onshore hermine continues to churn. flooding is already an issue inland and there are growing concerns about the potential for tornadoes and widespread power outages as the system cuts across florida, georgia and the carolinas. with hermine continue its path of destruction up the seaboard through the holiday weekend. there's a state of emergency in effect right now across 56 georgia counties. we expect to see 10 to 12 inches of rain associated with this storm and through midday wind gust of 40 to 45 miles per hour. it will be a long and tough go for folks here. ladies, back to you. thanks, jay.
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coast which saw the worst of the storm overnight. conditions improving at this hour. but the damage has been done. 7's brian enton continues our team coverage with more. >> reporter: amazing how things can change in just a few hours. it's now a beautiful morning here along the gulf coast in carabel 60 miles south of tallahassee. wicked weather moving through last night. we had a chance to drive around. there are a lot of trees down. homes damaged. th area. but southeast of where we are it flooded much worse. some people were trapped in their homes. firefighters had to go in overnight and rescue them. >> the sun is up and the cleanup begins. trees down in the road. snapped by the strong winds overnight. a lot of rain and docks underwater from the storm surge. but in carabel hurricane hermine
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locals hoped for. still, though there was some damage when the water rose it came up along homes in. wave crashing into the driveways. >> we had a rush of water come in. it bother us because of the boat. we were retying boats. >> crews stayed up all night long checking on boats as the storm surged. just when the bands come up it raises the w all the pedestals. the 5 to 8-foot storm surge didn't happen in carabel. police are still expecting some damage. we'll have some roads flooded out and trees down. power lines down and stuff like that. there's power outages and cell phone service are not working in many places. but overall there's relief. a big issue is power outages.
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capitol. there's 70,000 people without power. you have electric crews from all over the southeast moving in to that area right now to try and restore power. they are hoping to do so within the next 24 hours. in carabel. "today in new england." really it's not a matter of if but when we see the effects of this here in new england over the labor day weekend. everybody has a lot of plans. let's send it over to bri eggers with more on that. still tracking over land. it's downgraded from that category 1 hurricane to tropical storm. and you can see where we actually saw the landfall last night. the sunshine is out. but the rain bands are wide reaching. and so still taking some heavy rain to central parts of florida. the worst of the storm moving into the carolina. south carolina is next. and then north carolina. as that storm tries to emerge back into the ocean off the coast of north carolina, however we aren't going to see it just
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that's because we're into the this blocking pattern now. high pressure keeps the storm in place to the south of us for a couple of few days. we might feel the effects of this for more than one, two, maybe even three days. here's the cone that's issued by the national hurricane center. nhc and it has the storm becoming a post tropical cyclone as it stalls out near the mid atlantic state. look how long it stays here. by the time we're into wednesday it's to the south of us. we're getting some of those so we'll have to talk about just how strong the winds are that we're expecting as well as just how much rain could be on the way. that's to come in the extended forecast in just a bit. be sure to stay with 7news on air and online for the latest on this tropical storm's track. you can trek our interactive radar as well by downloading the mobile app. time now for fast track traffic. let's send it over to danielle gersh. good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. here's a look at the expressway.
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but southbound too. let's go to the maps and you will see the red in both directions. maybe a lot of you heading out of town for the weekend. northbound it's 20 minutes. we watch a new crash northbound on 128 at highland avenue. north of town route 2 and route 3 looking fine. 93 fine back to 495 and you're problem free heading into boston on route 1. let's check the drive times if you get ready to drive out the door. 20 12 minutes into town on the pike from 128. also 12 minutes on 93 southbound. 128 to zakim bridge. both the t and commuter rail running on schedule this morning. back to you guys. >> right now three reports of planes hit by lazars are being investigated by the fa. two targeted targeted not far away from logan airport. two pilots were injured by the lights as well. luckily they were still able to
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logan with more on what happened. j jen? it's unclear if they were blinded or received an eye injury but frightening for the crew onboard the plane. a lazar beam hit the windshield of the plane. this happened two nights ago as american airlines flight was making its final approach to logan. according to the faa the plane was ten miles northeast of the airport whenha struck the windshield. caused an unknown eye injury to two pilot. the plane landed safely three minutes later. another plane this one delta flight coming from atlanta also reported being hit with a laser beam in the same spot ten miles northeast of the airport. that was two minutes later. no crewmember was hurt. there was a third incident in the western part of the state that same night. no one hurt in this case. the state police were notified
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is investigating. live at logan airport. 7news "today in new england." happening now a baby-sitter is facing serious charges. victoria warren in medford with more. vicki? >> good morning. police say that they found alcohol bottles inside of this women's car. they also say that she was taking pills. all of this while supposed to be now this women was arrested and she will face child endangerment charges. a baby-sitter arrested in arlington; police say she was drunk and high stumbling around a neighborhood when she was supposed to be watching a 3-year-old boy. a little boy about 20 feet behind her el he didn't look like she was paying attention. . matthew wolf immediately worried for the child. >> she didn't look coherent. >> another neighbor called 911
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tried to get into the wrong house. >> i think it was a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs that she had consumed that day. and she the fact she become disoriented. arlington police found empty alcohol but bottles in her car. the boy's family hired her through using her for months. police wanted to know what this nanny has been arrested before. the boy was okay and reunited with his mom. neighbors thankful for that. this women justs -- she didn't care. is what it looked like. >> told us that this hits them hard. they say that they have reached out to the arlington police department and offered to help with the investigation any way that they can. as for this baby-sitter at some
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live in medford. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." officials in the town of dunbar, new hampshire investigating a death that they are labelling as suspicious. let's go to nancy chin with what we know so far. >> good morning to you. there's still few details about what happened. there's a very heavy police presence at this home and dunbar new hampshire as officers investigate how someone died sky 7 hd over the house on thursday. nay will only say they are sething suspicious death at the home. and that there's no further information at this time. at last check family members were still being notified. and neighbors said police and crime investigators were at the home all day on thursday. several state troopers and local police have come and gone including a major crime scene command post vehicle escorted by 6 state troopers. it's clear that this is a major investigation with several law enforcement agencies and the
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but again at this point they will only say that they are investigating a suspicious death. they don't believe the public is in any danger. in the newsroom. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." police are searching for answer after a deadly hit-and-run in milford. investigators trying to figure out if the driver of tractor-trailer knew he hit a women that was trying to cross the street yesterday afternoon. initially that driver kept going but after seeing photos of his 18-wheeler on tv he turned himself into police are mourning the loss of constable barbara clement. 65-year-old was a well-known constable in town. she loved everybody. she didn't care. she would help you know matter what happened. even that rough tough exterior she had. when people got to know her and she has a lot of relatives that really love her. police are searching for a
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followed a jogger in watertown. this happened on mount auburn street on friday in the suspect approached a women several times and got close to her while she was out for a run. and in shirley, reports of a suspicious man there approaching a jogger turned out to be a misunderstanding. investigators say the man genuinely wanted to offer a bottle of water to the women because she looked thirsty. the man has since apologized for scaring her. just ahead on "today in new england." tom brady wrapping it up. on the field before his suspension kicks in tomorrow. all of you samsung user the alarming reason the tech giant is stopping all sales of one phone model coming up. >> tracking hermine and a big vacation coming. >> hear from a family outraged after a son is sent to the wrong
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>> breaking news from boston. a driver for a ride sharing service is expected in court today. he's charged with assaulting a passenger earlier this week. the suspect is from breakton. brockton police arrested him. when we get more information we'll pass it along. >> we're also tracking tropical storm hermine. the storm florida. but streets were flooded. power knocked out. certainly not over yet. in fact, three different states are under state of emergency because of it. >> moving up this way. bri, we could see rain over our holiday weekend. >> we need the rain. we just don't want it to be terribly wind swept rain. we'll get to that part of the forecast here. this is the center of tropical storm hermine. you can see where it made landfall. gulf coast of florida.
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but look at the real estate that this storm is actually encompassing. sending a hefty rain band through central florida and then moving that heavy rain up 32 south carolina into southern north carolina. for the track of this storm currently 60-mile-an-hour winds again downgraded to a tropical storm as it tracks through the southeastern united states. it is expected to emerge off the coast of north carolina and then weakens a little bit further ase of our weekend. we're talking about labor day. by monday 2:00 a.m. it just kind of stays where it is at. this is official forecast from the national hurricane center. it just meanders here near the mid atlantic state the coastline of it. how does that effect us. we've been watching all of the forecast models for many, many days. it seems like we've been talking about this since it was 99-l. look at all of the
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that blocking high pressure to the north will keep the system to our south and keep it there for a couple of few days. and we could feel the effects of that not just through labor day but also starting on sunday and lingering potentially into tuesday or wednesday. we might actually see the rain workout by that point. we are talking about the winds right now. saturday, still seeing some very nice weather into tomorrow. it's sunday that those wind gust start to pick up because that storm location is to the south of us you would expect the strongest winds as this forecast model is showing to be forecape cod and the islands gust could get between 40 or 50 miles per hour on the south shore as well. 30 po 35-mile-an-hour wind gust in labor day as well. starting to see that storm weaken as we get into tuesday and wednesday. so the winds will back up a touch as well. that's the best case scenario. erosion and flood risk again where that storm is closest to
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then we get up here closer to southern new england maybe along the south coast of new england for cape cod and the islands moderate risk. some beach erosion. but certainly a bit of a bummer for the labor day forecast. if you are headed to cape cod you can expect those showers wind and wind swept rain with our temperatures a little bit cooler than they have. at least for the next couple of days fantastic weather to enjoy. very comfortable for today. right now near 70 in most locations with sun shining. sprinkle as we head into this afternoon. but that would be very isolated. i'm giving it only 10% chance of any of us seeing them. most of do day dry through today and also our dewpoints are dry as well. speaking of dry air dewpoints in the mid 50s. this afternoon topping out in those upper 70s to near 80 away from the coastline. a gorgeous stretch for a couple of days. sunshine with us on saturday then the clouds start to move
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mention then summer-like weather continues as we get into the following weekend. >> just ahead at 9:30 a major blast on the launch pad. this explosion and setback for space x. >> why it's a big loss for facebook. >> up next brady takes his final preseason snap as he get ready to sit out four games when his suspension narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration."
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ins." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2. for stronger public schools. power shouldn't come from money and influence. power comes from the people.
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tand up to the gun lobby to keep... military assault weapons off our streets. i'll take on the drug companies that caused this crisis... and protect planned parenthood to protect women's healthcare. the power is in our hands to make new hampshire safer... and stronger. mark connolly. governor.
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week. tb 12 played in the game last night. preseason game against the giants. the finale fans were getting one last look before he sits out for four games. let's go to nicole oliverio with more. >> reporter: brady takes the step. he rolls to right. patriots fan watched tom brady throw his last touchdown pass for at least a month. the qb played the entire first half of last night's preseason game as his suspension is start tomorrow. >> i haven't thought about it much. i always take it as it comes. just do the best i can do. brady begins his four-game suspension on saturday at 4:00 p.m. he can't have any contact with the team. attend practice or go to gillette. for brady that's unchartered territory. i think that's a good word. unchartered. i'm sure i will be curious and
9:24 am
you know so we'll see. i'm not -- i never dealt with it. last night brady took 39 snaps covering 7 drives. he had a touchdown and interception. he hopes the action he's seen in the past few weeks will get him ready for october. >> i think it all helps. the practices are really important. ultimately the game decisions and getting hit and it's all about decision making as a quarterback. >> until then he will learn what it is like to watch the team i know our fans do that too. i don't know how much it helps us win. you know that's what you do when you're watching. brady althroughed rejoin the team on october 3rd. the first game he will be suiting up for against the browns in cleveland. from gillette. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." got to remember that the pats season opener is a week from sunday. they will take on the cardinals september 11th and don't forget
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on 7news. just ahead. summer is winding down. but not for everyone. how some friends enjoyed a dip in the pool. a pool party there. at 9:30 if you have tickets to the cancelled indy car race in the cancelled indy car race in the state's new hampshire college students are packing their backpacks and heading back to school. and thanks to kelly ayotte, along with the textbooks and pencils, many students are carrying more student loan debt. ayotte voted to cut pell grants and to raise student loan interest rates. bottom line, not our kids'. for new hampshire students and families, kelly ayotte is a heavy burden we can't afford. nea advocacy fund is responsible
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it's not stifling out there. this summer has been a warm one. even the bears have to cool off. >> the family of three decided to do just that and somebody swimming pool. take a look that. this took place in southern california. the two cubs loved it. but the owner of the pool not so much. he says he chased the bears away couple of times because they
9:28 am
then instead. i chased them out. about half an hour later i heard them again. it's part of living in the mountains. you have to live with wild animals. bears being one of them. and after a day of swimming the bears decided time for lunch. they dug through a dumpster until lunch was cut short by the dog that chased them out. i feel like the bears if they wanted to could take the dog. but they ran away. >> it's a it's not about the size or whatever. i love that. i love how they did the pool thing and then went out for lunch. all in the day work in california. up next half hour. parents speaking out after jetblue mixup. a boy was put on the wrong flight. gorgeous weather for us now. gorgeous weather for us now. we're still tracking
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tropical storm hermine making a mess across several state. where the system is headed next after coming onshore as hurricane. put on the wrong flight. a family outraged when their son is sent to boston instead of new york. samsung halting sales of a popular phone. why it could be considered dangerous. some wet, windy morning for people in the southeastern part of the united states. >> tropical storm hermine continues to swirl and pack a punch as it does so wind pushing waves onshore overnight. here's a look at more shoe beach in florida where the streets were flooded out because of the storm surge. >> that wind really rocking the ocean and boats in it like this one in florida. the storm also knocked down trees and power lines.
9:32 am
florida. amazing how things can change in just a few hours. it is now a beautiful morning here along the gulf coast in carabel. we're about 60 miles south of tallahassee. wicked weather moving through last night. we just had a chance to drive around. there are a lot of trees down. homes damaged. nothing too serious in this area. southeast of where we are it flooded much worse. some people were trapped in their homes. firefighters had to go in >> the sun is up and the cleanup begins. trees down in the road. snapped by the strong winds overnight. a lot of rain, and look at this. docks underwater from the storm surge. but in carrabelle, at least, hurricane hermine didn't pack the punch the locals hoped for. still, though, there was some damage when the water rose it came up on homes along the ocean. waves crashing into the
9:33 am
live here left for higher ground. >> we had a rush of water come in here. of course it bothers us because of the boats. we had all of help down here tonight retying boats. >> at morings marina crews stayed up all night long checking on boats as the storm surged. >> just when the feeder bands come up it raises the water pretty good. we've had to go around and shut the power off to the pedestals. >>the 5 to 8-foot storm surge expected didn't happen in carrabelle. police a damage. >> we're probably have some roads that's floodeded out. some trees down. there's power outages in cell phone service is not working in many places. but overall there is relief. i'm glad to see it going out now. >> a big issue is power outages in tallahassee, a big college town in the state capitol. there's 70,000 people without power. you have electric crews from all over the southeast moving into
9:34 am
restore power. they are hoping to do so within the next 24 hours. in carrabelle. "today in new england." now this tropical storm is pushing its way north and eventually gets to new england. we keep a close eye on how it will affect us. let's send it over to bri eggers with the latest track. headed into labor day weekend. now we're watching this. you can see where tropical storm hermine is look how much real estate they take up pushing that heavier convection, thunderstorms heaviest rainfall into south carolina as well as north carolina. but even another hefty rain band working through florida. this is where tropical storm hermine is now. it weakened over land. it loses the warm ocean water. winds 60 miles per hour at this point. and this is official forecast from the national hurricane
9:35 am
near north carolina on saturday. tomorrow afternoon still is tropical storm. it's expected to weaken. look what happened with this post tropical storm we actually see it kind of me grandering near the mid atlantic states as we get into the middle of next week because of this blocking high pressure that keeps it in place for us. nevertheless because it is to the south of us we could feel some effects of wind and also some of that much-needed rain. we'll talk about this in more details to come in the extended 7news online and on air. all throughout the weekend for the latest on the track of this tropical storm. you can check the interactive radar by downloading the 7news mobile ap. police say a driver for ride sharing service is due in court today. charged with assaulting a passenger earlier this week and the suspect from brockton. boston police arrested him and as soon as we get more
9:36 am
jetblue apologizing for a flight failed. the airline admits to midair mix up for two families. two young boys were coming from the dominican republic. they weren't going to the same place. one was headed to boston. the other to new york. jennifer eagan has more now from logan airport. >> mare belle martinez describes the three hours she waited for her 5-year-old son to arrive at jfk on a jetblue flight from the dominican republic. and then i am told he's what did you do to him? where h is he at. andy martinez passing through the boarding gate at the sandusky airport on august 17th. but andy boarded a flight to boston and another 5-year-old boy ended up jfk with her son's passport. >> she goes to see him. it's not her child. it's another child with her son's passport. 5-year-old boy. for three hours she believes her sun may be kidnapped. martinez paid $100 fee to have
9:37 am
attendant since he was travelling alone. hours passed before she spoke with her son over the phone. oh, mommy i was placed on another airplane. when he came he had a lot of stomach pain. pain in his knee. >> jetblue issued a statement while the children were always unthe care and supervision of jetblue crewmembers. we realized this situation was distressing for the families. we are also reviewing the incident with our leadership and santiago airport team. andy arrived later that day. he was crying. because i then had him in my hands. thank god. jetblue covered the flight for the boy and also offered both families $2000 in credit toward a future trip. the martinez family at least said they will not be flying jetblue any more. jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england." right now police on the look out for a rabid fox on the loose
9:38 am
it attacked a dog in someone's yard and infected it with rabies. and mal control -- animal control officers warn you to keep an eye on your animals. a little boy in lawrence has been missing for four decades. clear channel donating new electronic billboards with andy's picture. police say the 10-year-old last seen when he was a boy in 1962. investigator haven't found any 40 years. >> i want to be sure he knows no matter what happened that day it's not your fault. no matter what might have happen after that day. it's not your fault. you're community loves you. we will always love you and always welcome you home no matter what. and police say they are opening newspaper tip line for anybody with information on where andy might be. new details about a child that was shot in abbington. the 11-year-old boy recoffering after children's hospital in
9:39 am
boy found the gun and accidently shot his friend wednesday afternoon. investigators say the handgun was registered by they are looking into whether its properly secured in the home. people in manchester, new hampshire, coming together after an unsolved murder. family friends and community members all gathered to remember denise robert one year after she was murdered. the 62-year-old took a walk near her house last year and she was later found shot to death. her family thanked their support. i want to use this opportunity to thank everyone in the community for everything that's been done. i'm sure denise is listening. you have her gratitude and my family's gradtude. >> right now the fbi still looking for the person who killed robert. if you are still waiting o your refund for indy car race
9:40 am
attorney general moira healy wants you to can't her. healy received settlement money. its supposed to happen this weekend. but was called off in april. now to developing story. samsung recalling millions of new galaxy smart phone after report of the device catching on fire and exploding while charging. this comes two weeks after the phone's launch. samsung will offer customer a new product for free to replace all 2.5 that have been sold in the tech giant is halting the sale of the phone across the world. this just in. convicted rapist brock turner has been released from jail after serving 3 months. he's the former stanford university swimmer who sexually assaulted unconscious women behind a dumpster and sentenced to six months in jail. public outcry at that lenient sentence led to the judge being removed.
9:41 am
>> new this morning colleen kapernick addressing protest. nancy chin joining us with more on what the quarterback is saying. >> he did not stand during the anthem for the fourth straight week. but instead of just sitting he and one of his teammates protested. fans booed as they took a knee during the anthem this was before last night's preseason game against the charger. also happened to b more tense there. but the 49er quarterback said she's doing to protest racial injustice in the country. and that a lot of people have taken it the wrong way. i think it's a misunderstanding. the media painted this as i'm anti-american. andty men and women of the military. that's not the case at all. we came up with taking knee because there's issue that still
9:42 am
it was a way to show more respect to men and women who fight for this country. kapernick did stand before god bless america. he insist he will not stand during the national anthem until he sees what he calls substantial change. he plans to donate the first million he makes this season to charities at communities in need. in the control room. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." caught on camera. a space x florida. the unmanned rocket was carrying a satellite that face book would use to provide internet access to parts of the world that don't have it. no word exactly on what caused that explosion. but the satellite is worth 200 million onboard. still ahead this morning. we're whipping up summer time dish. there's still time left to hit the grill. we know this morning turkey
9:43 am
cooking." i grill all the way into winter. we talk about big get away weekend and also tracking
9:44 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
9:45 am
welcome back. 9:45. everybody is getting ready for big holiday weekend. this is the last hoorah. this get to beach last time. she said no. she's in denial.
9:46 am
last september we had another heat wave. summer not over yet. we could get september well into noer. still tracking tropical storm hermine. heavy rainfall strong wind through south carolina and this point and that rain starting to work up through north carolina. now this is forecast track from the national hurricane 60-mile-an-hour landfall the friction and also the lack of fuel meaning ocean water is sort of starved from that storm so it has weakened to tropical storm. expect it to remain a tropical storm as it tracks through the coastal areas with the south eastern united states. emerging into the atlantic sometime tomorrow afternoon still as tropical storm but border line and you see what happens with this cone it just kind of doesn't go anywhere
9:47 am
wednesday it's like we been talking about this invest 99-l ring bell for long time. it will continue to talk about it. as we get well into next week. now tropical storm warning for the state that i mention before up through north carolina where we're expecting this storm to move into the ocean and then weaken as it travels to the north. tropical storm watch that's in effect for the mid atlantic states. that's where we are expecting the greatest impact from this storm. though we could feel some of north of new england and it's going to just sort of keep that storm in place unfortunately. we wish the patterns so that it would send it out to sea. that doesn't look to be the case with this one. and while we don't possibly see the direct effects of this meaning the strongest winds or the heaviest rain we will get some effects from this storm to the south of us. rough surf through the weekend. rip current high.
9:48 am
some rain though it doesn't look like the amount of rain we need. running through the wind time line. you can see through tomorrow it's still fairly calm out there. but then starting to increase sunday into monday possibly into tuesday with our strongest winds across the south coast cape cod and the islands. if a get away takes you to cape as you head into labor day, monday looks to be the wettest and windiest day of the weekend. next two days absolutely time of year. i don't mean like putting salt and pepper. very typical for this part of the season. right now temperatures topping out around 70 degrees but will warm into the upper 70s for this afternoon. sunshine a few fair weather clouds we also can't rule out a pop sprinkle. but i really only give that about 10% chance. we most of us stay dry as we head into the this afternoon. take a look at my 7 on 7 forecast. well it looks like the effects
9:49 am
be with us sunday, monday and tuesday. clouds could linger and cooler temperature into the end of the week. summer may be winding down. don't tell sarah. she will get upset. >> i do love fall. it's just winter. transitions are difficult. you know what. there's still time for good burger. boston becoming famous for their burger. we found a recipe that lees out the beef focuses on the bird. take a look at what's named for boston red sox legend. tony sports bar & grill is known for one thing. burger, burger, burgers. they loff love our burger. california, veggie burger. bacon cheeseburger. there's signature number 25 for the jersey. today executive chef jimmy making one of their up and comer. asian styled turkey burger that
9:50 am
people love it too. it's a great burger. start by dicing red peppers and tossing them into a bowl of ground turkey. >> do the same with scallion and add to the bowl. add the white ground pepper and kosher salt sauce. mix all the ingredients. make sure they are nice and mixed. you will not be able to see the so sauce. make sure you mix it well. once fully combined. start making burger pattys.
9:51 am
rap to get perfect ring. turkey burger takes ten minutes. toast up the bun and it's good to go. a low-fat option to satisfy your burger cravings. are you hungry now? the only thing that's missing to replace that tomato with the once that you brought from your garden. they look so much better. i have to say. >> had to brag on you for a bit.
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> good morning. not only did tom brady play in the patriots preseason finale for the first time since 2011. he played the entire first half. this was brady's last chance at
9:54 am
four-game deflate gate suspension. brady with some kind words for eli manning who didn't play last night. patriots offense struggling to start the game first procession brady picked off by wade. bennett would lose a fumble on the third drive. eventually brady got it in gear. he connects with martin for 7-yard score. 7 drives finishing 16 for 26, 166 yards passing including touchdown and interceptions. red sox start up road trip beginning with three-game set with the a's in oakland. i'm joe amorosino. that's sports. have a great day. we're a few weeks away from springsteen rocking out gillette stadium. >> he'll rock out longer than normal. normal. we'll tell you about that, the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans?
9:55 am
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9:57 am
people in foxboro this includes this one over here can rock out longer to bruce springsteen. the town is giving the singer more time to play at gillette. foxboro extended concert curfew by 15 minutes for springsteen's concert at gillette stadium in two weeks. that's something; right? officials say the decision was made after springsteen broke the record for the longest u.s. concert earlier this week. that will be fun. that will be a fun one to go to. hopefully the that's looking far out. we'll start with today. a gorgeous day in store for us high topping in the mid-to-upper 70s. you want the know what's happening for labor day weekend. a little windy and also showers expected the more southeast you go. cape cod and island included in that. the effects of tropical storm hermine could linger with us until the middle of next week. that's it for us. we hope you have a healthy and
9:58 am
i'm christa delcamp. hopefully we will see you back
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>> this morning on "today's take," 15-time grammy award winner alicia keys with more soulful music on the plaza and the secret to longer looking legs. the shoes the celebrities are >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, september 2nd. a beautiful day. >> so cool. >> she is still meeting our


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