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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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of a friend and back in court. a teen's attorney trying to convince a judge to toss the case. >> anchor: parents worst nightmare two days in a row. growing concern after two bus stop scarce. >> anchor: and we begin at 5:30 with three breaking stories. first, sky 7 over the scene in quincy where police say a woman was run over and killed by her husband in their own driveway. this is phillips street. police say the 54-yea because he was so distraught. the wife was 52 years old and the video shows you that police are there in the driveway investigating. >> anchor: and patriots star rob ninkovich has been suspended for four games by the nfl. ninkovich said the ban is for using a banned substance but said the substance must have come from a supplement that he got from the store. he also says he was unaware of it being banned. he has played more than 100 executive games for the patriots
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suspended for those first four games. >> anchor: on a scare at the route 128 commuter rail station some one left an unattendeding about on a stoughton line train and police ordered everyone off while they investigated. they did clear the scene and allow passengers safely become on to the train. >> anchor: also here at 4:30 or 5:30 we're tracking tropical storm hermine causing a flood of trouble in the southeast. you can see here the impact that storm left on florida. the way up the coast. >> anchor: big question is, how and when might it affect new england as we get into the holiday weekend. let's check that forecast with jeremy reiner. >> anchor: timing right now looks like late sunday night and through the day on monday the best chance of that bothering us and again we're still thinking fringe effects. not going to be directly affecting southern new england right here are the latest statistics on hermine. winds at 50 miles per hour moving northeast at 20 miles per hour moving through north
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outer banks of north carolina then slamming on the brakes. blocked by high pressure in northern new england and actually because it will just sit there and spin over warm ocean water coming out of the gulf stream, likely to reintensify back into a hurricane early next week and meandering and wavering and bobbing around south of new england eat of jersey shoreline so it's in this location right here just kind of stalls out for a couple of days and really batters the mid-atlantic states, especially jersey. the jersey shore in pa off to the northeast but still in doing so still well southeast of new england. so we will be on i think the fringe of the storm system first we'll notice the wind develop late in the day on sunday and sunday night and then that will kind of back away and then we'll see rain a couple of rain bands work in from the ocean overnight sunday night through the day on monday. so the potential there for some winds to gust between 25 and 35 miles per hour boston south shore down to the south coast been you are closer to the
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or hurricane force gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. rain holds off until after dark sunday night and then we'll see some tropical showers work up into southern new england late in the day i should say early in the i did on monday then wind down monday evening. we will detail your holiday weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> anchor: also on 7, "cadillac frank" salemme and a fellow gang associate charged with murder today. they accused of killing a federal witness back in 1993 a providence building back in march. 7's john cuoco live for us outside of federal court with more of its that's. john? it was a quick hearing today but we spoke to the attorney for this suspect. he said his client has nothing to do with this murder. in march the remains of stephen desaro found behind a mill in providence, rhode island. authorities say the federal witness was killed in 1993 by former mobster frank cadillac
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weedic. a husband and father from burlington, he was arrested thursday morning. his attorney said his client has no connection to this killing and is being implicated based on information from stephen "the rifleman" flemmi, a close associate of whitey bulger. the government is relying strictly on the testimony of mr. phlegmy once again someone who is an admitted murderer, liar and conman and he is once again disrupting an individual's life who had nothing to do murder. >> reporter: however, he does admit weidick did hang around salemme. he did work at the channel nightclub of he knew frank and his son. >> reporter: federal shorts believed he was murdered after his relationship with salemme and his son bail the subject of a federal investigation. weidick's said his client saw this coming after the body was found. he is ready to fight. he expected this was coming. he is ready to fight and put this behind him. >> anchor: he has two up coming
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another in october. live in boston, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: the 19-year-old blamed for the death of her friend back in a taunton courtroom today as her attorneys try to get the court to drop the charges. prosecutors say michelle carter encouraged conrad roy to take his own life two years ago. well, today her attorneys argued that roy's medication may have played a role in his death. nicole oliverio brings us up to date. sits in court accused of persuading a friend to commit suicide. today lawyers discussed motions as the case prepares to head to trial in december. it's really sad. this shouldn't have been a public trial. it should have been -- should not have been brought. carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors saying in 2014 carter encouraged 18-year-old conrad roy of fairhaven to kill himself through text messages. she allegedly told roy "you just have to do it" and "to get back
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expressed doubt of taking his own life. he was found dead inside his car from carbon monokay owed poisoning "they are alleging her words caused his death. defense lawyers although suggest the anti-depressant medication roy had been taking could have led to his death claiming suicidal thoughts are a side effect of the drug. as we allege and is proven he had just started tweaking or changing his medication shortly before he took his own life and there are plenty trials and studies that show that he needs to be closely, closely monitored whenever you change that medication, the dosage or just start on it, because there is a high rate of suicide. >> anchor: defense lawyers will also be allowed to use police reports from years past that show that roy witnessed domestic violence between his parents. they say seeing that may have caused him to commit suicide. in taunton, nicole oliverio, 7
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where officials are investigating a suspicious death. right now that victim is notting i friday as family members are still being notified. several law enforcement agencies are working with the attorney general's office now on the investigation. >> anchor: a final farewell to the nuns who were stabbed to death in their home in mississippi last week. a funeral mass was held for sister paula merrill this morning originally from stoneham the service was held in kentucky where she first took her vows to serve. the life of was celebrated in milwaukee. these two nuns were living together and working at a medical clinic. police say 46-year-old rodney earl sanders a us miss man confessed to killing the nuns. he is now charged with murder. authorities have not yet said anything about a motive. >> anchor: a suspicious situation, police are searching for a man who allegedly confronted a jogger in watertown. it happened on mt. auburn street last friday.
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and got close to her while she was out for a run. somerville plus are trying to figure out who set a truck on fire overnight. you can see the damage here to the truck and also to a motorcycle. that fire chief said a molotov cocktail was fraud in the area. police are reviewing surveillance footage if hopes of identifying a suspect p well, it's a flight fail for jet blue after they mix up two uncopped minors. the airline says two children were traveling from the dominican republic to their homes he new york ends up in boston. the other landed in new york with a five-year-old pass pot of the other. one of the boys mothers said she waited for three hours when her son didn't arrive at jfk. then i am told he is not there and i say oh my god, what did you do to him? where is he at? she goes to see him, it's not her child. it's another child with her son's passport. five-year-old boy. for three hours she believes her
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released a statement saying it is reviewing what happened to prevent similar situations in the future. >> anchor: and there is more news today. the former face of subway jared fogel make a controversial move. the motion filed thursday attempts to shift the blame on to the parents of one his child pornography victim saying they should be held responsible for $300,000 in damages because they are the ones who abused her. he is currently serving a 15 year sentence pornography and paying for section with minors. victims of a colorado shooting have been given an ultimatum. if they drop their appeal they will not have to pay court costs they owe. a number survivors and victims families took the theater to court saying the company could have done more to prevent that 2012 shooting that killed 12 people. >> anchor: president obama is on a ten day trip monk other things to talk about the importance of climate change. the president made a stop in
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one of the states most remote locations. just last week president obama anowing he was quadrupling the size of the marine sanctuary that includes midway island. the president says he hopes his visit will help efforts to preserve some of the world's threatened ecosystems. majority of turtles on the hawaiian islands actually nest up here in the protected area so when i grew up and we would see these turtles all the time but you almost ve like this. >> anchor: president obama will also meet with the chinese president on saturday during the g 20 summit. he says he will try to gain support for the worldwide climate deal signed in paris last year. >> anchor: and still ahead here two dangerous drives two days in a row and both are caught on camera. students become have you tips after stepping off their school bus. >> anchor: then at 6:00 we are
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confirming it is suspended rob ninkovich. why the punishment and what he told a reporter. >> anchor: breaking news, police in quincy say a man has hit and killed his wife in the driveway. we're working on getting more information for you on this.
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>> anchor: two chilling s. students hot by cars after stepping off their school bus. it's really hard to watch. once you know those students are okay, both crashes happened in the same city just one day apar. >> anchor: parents are witnessing what happened, they are scared about what happened and they have a warning for other parents as well. christa delcamp with the story. >> reportern boy seconds after getting off the school bus monday. kept shaking. it was the most horrible thing to watch. >> reporter: because the boy that was hit was her son. there is nothing worse than that phone call where all you can hear are sirens and your child crying. this driver was not some evil person. he was doing what we all do. we all have days when we're in a hurry. >> reporter: 24 hours later in the same city another driver hits another student this. time you can see the stop sign is out.
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police say the bus driver was laying on the horn. that is how i remember it. >> reporter: michael was in his car stopped behind the bus and saw the hole thing. my heart was racing and it was just so intense. he got knocked i think ten feet toward my car. he like rolled to the side of my driver side window. michael called 911 and realized he went to middle school with the 17-year-old on the ground in the road. he goes to high school wi wheel. she was mortified. she thought she killed him. she came out of the car crying and freaking out but i tried to reassure her he seemed sock at the time. >> reporter: the new driver telling michael on scene she was confused about the law. she didn't know that you had to stop for the bus stop from coming from the opposite way. a traumatizing lesson. i hope it will be a wake up call to more people. >> reporter: both of the students in these cases were not
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goodness. both drivers stayed at the scene and were cited by police. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news. >> anchor: sunshine this afternoon. more sunshine tomorrow. the rest of the holiday weekend forecast is on the other side of the break. >> anchor: then at 6:00 we do have breaking news out of east boston. police have arrested a second person connected to the summer murder of this young woman. also at 6:00 a dangerous distraction for three planes heading into logan.
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>> reporter: gorgeous right now. 60's and 70's the the city at 69. fitchburg at 79. mostly sunny skies. what i away to start a holiday weekend and thanks to high pressure a huge area of high
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maine over the holiday weekend. so again i spent a lot of time this week talking about a hurricane and tropical storm and is it going to bother us. if you are heading north, i think you are fine the entire time. thanks to high pressure you will be close to that high pressure for the rest of us we start the holiday weekend in good fashion. clear skies tonight, comfortable a little bit cool. the coolest spots like norwood upper 40's. most of us in the 50's and downtown boston around 60. here you go tomorrow the pick of the three with lots of sunshi the southeast four to six miles per hour. occasionally puff of air around 9:00 or 10:00. temperatures 74 to 79. great for the beaches. water temperatures 68 to 74. low tide 7: 08 in the morning. seas running one to three feet. now as woe work into sunday that is a day that features partly sunny skies and do i think there will be a little bit more wind around on sunday because of the difference of the storm. hermine as well as high pressure. so sunday is a breezy day but i
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sunday night, hermine blocked, it cannot come quickly into southern new england but it will just fling these little tropical bands of moisture in the form of rain showers up into southern new england during the day on monday. but even monday it does not look completely washed out but will feature a lot of clouds and a few scattered showers. here is hermine right here moving through south carolina. now this right here, this is a map showing the ocean temperatures. gulf of mexico and then the gulf stream you notice that deep red right there is the gulf st and hermine will park herself right on top of the gulf stream and reintensify most likely back into a hurricane early sunday afternoon and perhaps into monday. and is that's the challenging part of the forecast. here you go tomorrow lots of sunshine, sunday partly sunny, breezy, monday scattered showers with temperatures on monday near 70 degrees. so the wind gusts potential for sunday afternoon through monday morning looks like this. 25 to occasionally 35 miles per hour. it won't be doing that for 24 straight hours.
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you will have wind gust boston south shore, cape and islands the occasional gust 35 to 45 miles per hour farther north merrimack valley gusting 15 to 25 miles per hour. more likely to have wind again sunday evening versus monday. now on sunday the rain disease not bother us. so sun is a dry day, then as we work into monday here comes the shower activity and it will be hit and miss but i think some of us especially the south coast, cape and islands on monday upwards of a half inch to an inch of beneficial rain best then monday features a lot of clouds and scattering of showers. tuesday morning clouds partly sunny in the afternoon, still a bit breezy, mid 70's. >> anchor: coming up next here on 7 news at 5:30, a perfect recipe for labor day barbecue and this week's what's cooking. >> anchor: and we're following a number of breaking stories for you tonight. police in quincy say a man ran over his wife with a car in
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a patriots favorite sidelined. rob ninkovich suspended for the first four games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance. police make another arrest in an east boston murder case. the case of this young woman months later. we'll have those stories and more at 6:00.
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sfx: "gulp" are you doing? >> anchor: bush cues season is winding down but still plenty of tile for a good burger. >> anchor: always.
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its patties and this week we're tryingous a less pooh that replaces the beef with a bird. we have today's what's cooking. named for boston red sox legend tony conigliaro, the sports bar and grill is known for one thin. just burgers, burgers, burgers. they love our burgers. >> reporter: they have a california burger, a veggie burger, bacon cheese burger all from scratch for tonny c's jersey. but today executive chef jimmy is making one of their up and comers an asian style turkey burger that keeps them coming back for more. people love it too. it's a great burger. start by dicing red peppers and tossing them into a bowl of ground turkey. this is a really, really
5:57 pm
make it. do the same with scallions and add to the bowl. just add white ground pepper and then two ounces of soy sauce. so mix all of the ingredients. make sure all of the ingredients are nice and mixed. you are not going to be able to like see the soy sauce so make sure you mix it really well. once fully combined start making burger patties. chef jimmy uses a ring mold and plastic wr patty. it's 8 ounces ring so half pound meat. >> anchor: wrap it up for later or go right to the heat. drop it in a hot, well-oiled pan or hot on a hot griddle like this. the turkey burger takes ten minutes. so it takes five minutes on each side. >> anchor: toast up the buns and it's good to go. a low fat option to satisfy your burger cravings. that's what's cooking.
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too bad we can't blink ourselves to tennessee c and do the rest of the news from there. that was such a tease. i don't know. time is right for one of those. making me real hungry. another 340 minutes of 7 news straight ahead, everyone. ' jadiann thompson. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now.. >> reporter: we're following two breaking stories. patriots defensive end rob ninkovich is suspended. also breaking, a woman police saying her husband ran over her with a car in their driveway. tropical storm hermine moving up the eastern seaboard. some of her effects will brother bother thus weekend. >> anchor: an uber driver charged with rape accused of crime while on the job. >> anchor: we're tracking hermine at 0 clock. the category one hurricane made landfall this morning on florida's gulf coast with winds of 80 miles per hour knocking out power lines and flooding
5:59 pm
landfall in florida in 11 years. >> anchor: it's now been downgraded to a tropical storm but it's still expected to have a big impact. the system is heading up the east coast moving through the carolinas as we speak according to jr and it could even impact us here in new england at the end of the holiday weekend. you are looking at a video from flooding left behind there in florida. jeremy reiner will talk about that in just a couple of minute. >> anchor: but first we're following some breaking news out of quincy right now where police say a man drove driveway. he was taken to the hospital. neighbors say he is distraught. let's get right to kimberly bookman who is there with the latest on what we know. kim and just the last couple minutes the medical examiner van just pulled up to the scene. i will move out of the way so you can see what's going on here. all eyes are paying attention to that blue minivan that is in the driveway of number 19 phillips street here in quincy. police saying a 54-year-old man
6:00 pm
killing her right here in the driveway. now sky 7 was over the scene just after it happened. police say the couple live in a duplex where the car is now roped off. they say the husband was so distraught they transported him to quincy medical center for shock and stress. this all happened just before 2:30 this afternoon and since then accident reconstruction crews have been here. they are collecting every. they are taking photographs. they are even getting underneath the car. at this point it's unclear what exactly happened to cause this accident but neighbors are looking on i knew something wasn't quite right when i looked out of my side window earlier on and i noticed that there were ambulance people outside and there was a stretcher at some point and so i didn't know that there was something serious going on so i just kept on about my daily routine and i noticed that when i had come outside that everyone was still here and i walked down the street and i saw someone, something under a


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