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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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you don't follow rules. >> you know what, you set it up wearing white after labor day. >> i wear it all year round. you call it winter white. it's beautiful. that's "kids" by one republic. love them. also today's debby boone's 60th birthday. we've been friends since we were kids. it's also my first husband's birthday. i wish everybody a very happy birthday. >> you know what's a good thing to do at the beginning of the fall season, have a brand-new look. our ambush makeover team. masks. >> i love this. >> to help your skin. >> she's got a couple of them on there. >> it's going to keep soft and glowy. you always wonder what's the right mask for your skin type. some of the cast of gloria estefan's wonderful broadway show are going to perform. an amazing seventh grader wrote in. our friend rocky wrote in about this wonderful young woman.
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because i want the story to be told in a little bit. we have three people performing this song today. it's a family story. i thought maybe we could write something for three. mother, father and a daughter. >> and the little girl is so adorable. i just saw her downstairs. sweet girl. >> precious. and the mother of three who's causing a little controversy. stay at home moms are not happy moms she says. so we're going to talk to her. she's got an interesting book. about how we need to sort of as opposed to be a workaholic or being a stay at home mom. >> that's causing a lot of controversy. can i just complain about one little thing. >> sure. >> i was getting ready to watch tv last night. >> i heard about this. >> i was like this, clicking on my tv and you know when all your cable's all messed up and then you realize your wifi is down and nothing's working. >> and you don't know what you ever used to do with yourself.
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my home phone too. i like to speak to somebody. i don't like press 1, press 2. >> i hate that. >> i'm like agent zero, pound zero, pound, agent. that's how i do it until someone answers. there was a blackout in the whole area and "empire" was on. cookie. i missed cookie last night. >> you should have just eaten some. >> i ended up eating a bag of popcorn in the dark. it was so boring. when you don't have tv -- >> you didn't have a >> no. but there's nothing to do. there was books but why. can i put it in perspective. i went into the gym this morning and i went too the shower and this lovely woman blanca who cleans up around the gym, i she said, before you go in there, let me clean up a little. i said, isn't that awful what people leave behind.
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i said, you're so optimistic. she said, that's what my son says. she scooped up her stuff. >> i love her. >> i thought, i'm not complaining about with the stupid cable and cookie, okay. that's it. >> you can see it today, right. that's the beauty today's world. >> exactly. >> we have an update now on brad and angelina. we were assured we were allowed to do it. there were rumors yesterday about brad and his most recent co-star. the allegations that the divorce filing was -- well -- >> with french actress marion cottilard. >> she did something which was fabulous. >> perfect. >> she posted something on instagram. this is what she wrote. as this situation is spiraling and affecting people i love, i have to speak up. many years ago, i met the man of my life. father of our son. and of the baby we are expecting. he's my love. my best friend. the only one i need. >> i love that.
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brad, both whom i deeply respect, will find peace in this very tumultuous moment. she sounds so elegant and educated, doesn't she. compared to the way you and i talk. >> i was like, i kind of want to be here. >> i know. >> she's so high brow. >> let's let -- those kinds of rumors. we said yesterday none of us know what happened. and it's all conjecture. and the conjecture hurts people deeply. >> it really does. >> some things stick in people's minds and they think forever something that was never true to begin with. >> we're trying to be very careful in the way we're reporting stuff. >> we don't have to be about this though. >> britney got a shock. britney spears. her sons, she has an 11-year-old and a 10-year-old, sean preston and jayden. they decided something fun would be to steal mom's phone. and then scare her. >> depends what's on mom's phone, you know what i'm saying. anyway, she wasn't too bad. let's take a look first. >> we just stole her phone and she's going to go nuts.
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>> oh, my gosh. i want to know what happened after she got up. look at her face, look at her face. she wasn't that upset apparently because she posted the video and with the caption my damn kids with a smiley face. >> oh, my god, that is funny. i hate being scared. they had a lot. but there was no, there was no cell phones and all that crazy technology. >> yes. >> you know. they went outside and played. like in the old days. get outside. >> play tag. >> if it's a nice day, get out there. >> would you like a song? >> if i have to. >> it's all harmony. >> is it afternoon delight? >> that's a great one. this is from the zach brown band.
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>> there's a song called "sweet annie." listen to this harmony. ? sweet annie ? ? can i stay with you a while ? ? because this road's been putting miles on my heart ? ? sweetheart i've been living in a fantasy ? >> like it, love it. this is music hoda. ? and my bark will lose its bite ? ? bon >> here it goes, i love it. ? sweet annie ? >> love it. beautiful. >> six part harmony. >> you know what it remains me of. they were so huge years ago. if you want to hear some of the greatest harmonies in country music, download the gatlin brothers. especially a song called "i've done enough dying today."
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>> one of my favorite songs ever. my love to the gatlin brothers. all three of them. >> find all kinds of music i-hoda and sirius xm. >> we don't know why you would but we're grateful. >> people do it. >> and hoda's there with her big hot show. >> two lovely ladies on a girls trip to new york are about to have a memory a lifetime. >> don't miss the big reveal of their ambush makeovers next and please stay tuned for our wonderful everyone has a story later in the show. cheers, hoda woman.
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what better way to usher in a new season than a brand-new look? >> on this very first day of fall, we gave two lucky women from the plaza ambush makeovers.
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our dynamic duo, celebrity stylist to the stars, louis licari, la la la la la. and fashionista and all around glam queen jill martin. >> we got to write a song for jill. it's not fair. >> it's only been ten years. all right, so tell us how it was today, louis. >> it was fun. either week, i can say it grows and grows and grows. the number of people with signs. and people that really come, especially today, big fans of ambush that want makeovers so it's easier and easier. >> michelle tracy's our first lovely lady. 31 years old from buffalo, new york. michelle's on a mother/daughter trip to new york for her mom's birthday. she's been married to her husband tom for two years. they have a 2-year-old daughter named elizabeth. she's never colored her hair before, and she's excited to play around with a new look.
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>> mom's excited. >> i am sure. >> tell me why you want this for michelle. >> well, she just does things for everybody else, for her husband and her daughter, and i just think this would be a great thing for her to do for herself. >> aw. all right, one word to describe how you're feeling right now? >> nervous. >> we'll take it. understandable. >> all right, so michelle, i mean -- michelle's here with her mom, diane, is here and her sister lauren. all right, kids, please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here's mll the new you. oh, wow. >> i like it. >> okay. get ready. mom, sis, take off your blindfolds, look right over here at them. >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty. >> okay, are you ready, michelle? spin right around behind you. >> oh, my gosh. that looks fantastic. >> do you love it? >> wow. >> look at that. >> gorgeous.
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louis, tell us. >> the main thing we did here is we made her hair a little warmer and a little bit lighter. her big concern was she just wanted -- she's a natural girl, she wanted to keep the natural feel. you can color your hair and look natural. shaped her face. shaped around the face. little bit of side swept thing. and you look so gorgeous. >> how cute is that outfit? >> just any length for fall. it is the first day. i love the instant color blocking. you can mix and match with what you already have in your closet. this is from talbot. >> fantastic. >> all right, big round of applause for michelle. second lady -- >> you guys come this way. >> theresa is 55. she's from blissfield, michigan. she's a customer service leader and has worked in the field for
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grandkids and two dogs and she loves hanging out with them i'm sure. now, she hasn't changed her hairstyle in other 20 years. >> i can't wait. >> from making over a daughter to making over mom. how do you feel about all of this? >> i'm very excited. she's wanted this for a long time. >> and you see excited but a little nervous. >> yes, very much so. >> will you let us do whatever we want? >> yes. yeah. >> hesitant yes. we'll take it. >> all righty. she is here with her daughter amanda. let's take one last look. at her before we bring her out. that's theresa fisher before. let's see theresa fisher now. wow. >> what? >> another test. wow! >> i love it. >> wow! oh, my gosh. okay, amanda, you ready to see? >> i am. >> all right, honey, take a look. >> oh, my god.
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why don't you turn around and see what she's looking at? >> oh, my goodness. >> go up as close as you need to. >> oh, i love it. >> it's so, so elegant. >> you know what the great thing is is he took a haircut that was actually literally making her face -- it was dragging her face down. >> you look gorgeous. >> all of a sudden, he lifted it all up. you got like an instant lift in less than two hours. what i did with the hair color, if you look in the before, it not an attractive color. we made it a little warmer. it's more natural. and the perfect makeup as always. >> another vest. >> another vest from chicos. i love this. faux fur mixed with the sweater in the back. another great vest for fall. with simple things you already have in your closet. >> amanda, what do you think? >> she looks awesome. >> can you believe what's happening here. >> all right, let's bring michelle out. big round of applause for both of our ladies. louis, presents?
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this is for you. with the directions. call me if you get confused. >> do you have big milestones coming up and you want a brand-new look? we want to hear from you. tell us why you need a makeover and we may choose you for ambush next week. >> bobbie's buzzing with a whole lot of reasons why you'll want to wear a mask. next. and then we have everyone in the story. thank you, louis. thank you. e roses are blooming l essences hair is delightfully fragranced with notes of moroccan rose unforgettable, wherever you go the scents you can't forget... from herbal essences, blooming now! hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber. "why are you checking your credit score?"
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combine post sun skin with cooler weather, it makes it the perfect time of year to detoxify you, rejuvenate, hydrate. we're going to show you how to
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>> here to show you is our friend bobby. >> i'm not pregaming for a football game. but this segment. if it you flip through a magazine, you'll reyesize there are more masks than ever lately. the blue side of my face, hylauronic mask. it's a two step process you mix. it go from gel to solid, my favorite part about this is -- it's no -- no mess. >> how long do you leave it on? >> all of it comes off. feel my skin. >> it's dewey. oh, my gosh. >> five minutes or more? i left this on for a couple hours.
2:29 am
need a magnet to take off. that's what's suggested. this is what comes in the jar, if i wipe it off on this tissue, and the camera catches this, this is a magnet that's include ed, it sticks. so you wrap the magnet in tissue. after you apply the mask, and let it sit for five minutes. this is mind blowg. >> i'm not even kidding you. it's the wildest thing it's all about harnessing the power of attraction. and i have to -- >> you have to get a clean tissue, yeah. >> what this is aiming to do is pull through all the stuff in your pores. >> what i love, it all comes off so easily. >> and then honestly when i'm not on tv at home, i got it off
2:30 am
>> you like results? you did prefer this one? >> i liked both for different reasons. this one i saw instantly overnight my wrinkles were gone. it was all about depuffing. >> try it on me and we'll see. >> i don't know. so this is all about self-heating masks. i would say out of all the masks here today, if you want something that's got a kick, i actually had to take this off sooner than later. these seventh heaven masks. put this on your hand. this is really going to kick up heat which is alou it is powerful. rub it in. >> because i'm so hot already. >> you must be hot, be careful. burn your arm. >> this is all about moving the blood circulation around. >> you don't feel warm? >> you don't feel it at all? >> not much. >> what's wrong with you? >> what's wrong with you, hoda? >> you don't have any fat, that's your problem. >> how about the -- >> don't you feel it? >> when it's on your face, this was something i would say not
2:31 am
but most any of the selfie heating masks you'll want to make sure you do test the small area first. >> all right. these are some great invisible masks. some of the most popular on the market. origins has their drink up and clinique has their moisture boost. what's great about those is if you answer the door for a delivery man, you won't scare them. they're invisible. great for travel. last but not least, spot treatment. if you've seen anybody on selfie with this. makes your lips. >> coming up, have you pie and eat it too. how one working mom has learned to live life one slice at a time. get away from me. oh, no, we'll be back after your
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i'm not sure if you got our e-mail but we're doing a fiesta lunch next friday and we thought you'd bring the guacamole. you probably won't have time to make it. you can buy it. which is fine. enough for 18. >> i can make it, not a problem. >> great. >> totally. >> god. taking the high road is exhausting. it's 2015. are we really still critical of working moms, seriously, still. >> ah, the ever elusive mystery of trying to strike the perfect work/life balance. anne hathaway playing a workaholic mom in a wonderful film "the intern." >> it was a great one. well, samantha has just written a controversial new book claiming women should not be stay at home moms, just as working moms shouldn't be
2:36 am
>> the book is called "the pie life, a guilt free recipe for success and satisfaction." >> a lot these things always get the working mom versus stay at home mom, but really there are a lot more aspects to it than just that. >> absolutely. in working with all these women, interviewing in so many women for the book. i found the most fulfilled have one thing in common. they're involved in so many dimensions of their life. it's not just motherhood or work. they're involved -- they go on date nights and they go on mom's nights outs and they go to the gym and have their friends and hobbies and community. what i'm saying is make sure you're involved in all of those aspects of your life because that's going better parent and better partner and better sister, friend. >> you're talking to somebody that's -- their work by nature has them at the office from like 7:00 to 7:00. >> sure. >> then they're going to want to be just with their children, aren't they? >> the rest of it falls away. >> isn't every situation unique? >> absolutely. what i'm saying is, let's focus on the future.
2:37 am
it's only five years until your child is in kindergarten full time. and our careers last a lifetime. >> let's talk about the maintenance. those early years. you can step right down. >> i always say those first few years are really, really hard and they're full of manual labor and in my house at least so sleepless. so not the years you necessarily need to leap frog five levels in your career. if you can stay in the game some way, just keep your foot in the door, then you're winning. >> let's move down to something you call the golden triangle. >> yes, this is critical. >> but not what you think. >> i know where your mind's going but -- so the gold be triangle is the three points between your home, your office and your child's school. >> makes a lot of sense to me. >> yeah, like, i just met a mom the other day who was a publicist who said i used to go to a chiropractor 45 minutes from my home and now i found one within the golden triangle. and i save six hours a month. it's really a time saver. i love that trick. you can change that tomorrow. >> pretty much you can find what
2:38 am
>> -- unless you're really in love with somebody and you want to drive that far away. >> if you're in love, you'll find a new love closer. >> this one is going to be tough for a lot of people. you say wake up an hour before the person who wakes up the earliest in the home. >> yes, it sounds like torture to a sleepless mom but it's called the magic hour. if you let your child be the alarm clock, you're already a step behind. check an e-mail, whatever you want to do, you hit the ground running, rather than feeling like you're a step behind all day. of course this means you have to set your alarm clock an hour early. >> depends what time you get to sleep. it's not easy. >> none of it is easy. >> we never said it would be easy. >> what's the final one? >> as busy working moms and busy moms in general, we're saddled with so many daily decisions, right, it's like should i let my kid have a sleepover what should i pack for lunch, endless decisions. make those decisions fast and
2:39 am
>> just do it, i agree. >> give me one second to talk to the women out there who were upset with the concept you could not be happy and be fulfilled if you were only staying at home and taking care of your children. i don't think that's what you were trying to say. i know many fulfilled people, that's all they wanted in life. >> i worked with so many women. what ends up happening after those years when their kids are off to school, they feel like, oh, my gosh, i want to get back to wor i what i'm saying is just keep your foot in the door. keep those networks warm. get a part-time job. do something so when you want to go back if the unexpected happens, then you have choices. when we don't earn money, it's harder to have choices. >> all right, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> the pie life hits store shelves on tuesday. >> all righty. >> everyone has a story and wait until you hear what one brave young girl is so happy to be
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? everyone has a moment ? >> that is kathie lee gifford, those beautiful pipes. >> you don't have to point that out, hoda woman, thank you. >> it is time for everyone has a story. in honor of childhood cancer awareness month, our great friend rocky who we call rock star brought a very special story to our attention. >> an amazing 12-year-old named brianna lopez from fort lee new jersey who like 1,000 other children in this country was diagnosed with cancer last year. we'll speak with bri and her family in just a moment. first, here's her story. as told by rocky. >> brianna doesn't know what her favorite tv show is but she knows how to spell petechia. that's what happens when you're
2:44 am
it was the petechia, little red spots caused by broken blood vessels, that eventually sent bri to the doctor. that very night, rushing to the hospital, where she would spent the next 210 days, including her 12th birthday fighting leukemia. her mother and stepfather both quit their jobs to focus on their daughter's health. what happened next was a no holds barred attempt to save surgery, transfusion, chemo and hair loss. her parents shaved their heads in solidarity. then her grandparents and godfather. as was said at the beginning, whatever happens the home team is in this together. but before things could get better, they got worse. brianna needed a bone marrow transplant to survive. the doctors decided to use her
2:45 am
after months of fighting, over 100 blood transfusions and six rounds of chemo, brianna was finally in remission. a much needed dose of good news. the woman who gave birth to brianna ended up giving her life for a second time. if you show me weakness, then i will be weak. if you show me strength, i will be strong, says be brianna. my parents pushed me and gave me strength. the family knows there's still a long road ahead. they also know they are strong. bri strong as their t-shirts say. as appreciation for life far beyond her 12 years. when her friends complain about school or homework, she remembers what she and so many other kids and families at the hospital went through and thinks just be thankful. >> beautiful, rocky, beautiful. >> great, great. >> brianna is here with her mom and her stepfather francisco. our friend rocky, of course, brought us the the story. how you feeling, honey? >> i'm feeling good today. >> you look beautiful.
2:46 am
>> thank you. >> when you heard that bone marrow was a match and you were going to help save your daughter's life, tell us what that was like for you it. >> amazing. i just have no words. i mean, to know that i can save my own daughter's life. we did bone marrow drives to try to find a match. you know, we tried to go everywhere, even door to door if we had to. >> of course. >> but thankfully, they were able to use me as the donor and i'm so happy that i did it. >> because often we feel so helpless when someone we love so dearly is sick because we feel like there's nothing we can do. but you really did everything. >> trying, you know, everything. you know, you feel helpless, you know, and then -- >> how are you feeling at that time, honey, when your mom was going to be the one to donate? >> oh, very, like -- i didn't know what to say.
2:47 am
felt like i had sort of a second chance to sort of just be able to -- i don't know, it's, like, oh, gosh, so many -- >> i think you meant joyful, happy. excited. >> i was speechless. i didn't have -- i had no words. >> well, the home team, as you call it, francisco is an amazing group of people. you have so many people in your tent with you now. >> can i tell you, you're totally in. >> you're filled up, you don't need anybody once you got rocky. >> honestly, you know, the most important thing is like, you know, when we were in the morning, that morning, you know, i told brianna, listen, you know, whatever happens, good or bad, you know, we're home team. you know, it's us four and nothing else is going to matter. >> those are the very words i took from the letter that rocky sent and we've written a song for you, my friend, david friedman and i, called "the home team." we have three fantastic stars
2:48 am
they're getting ready to sing. >> how amazing. it's a special song written for brianna and her family coming up after this. everything is amazing, it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm there mean to me? >> it means looking up and being inspired. even if it's just straight up blue skies. i mean, how beautiful is that, that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean, when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to another. >> in the role of thunder, it's
2:49 am
there means. >> how that absolutely affects our lives, our day to day, what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we going to eat. what is everything going to cost. the weather has real influences on, that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me is, it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique, we are meteorologists, we know what's going on with the weather. and that makes a the field and says, thanks for being there. we're so glad you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge, we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information for people, to help them, help their communities, help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> you start linking the people up to the weather and the science and data, it makes a real connection, and drives home the importance of what we do.
2:50 am
>> i love the weather, and i love working with people who love the weather, this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it's truly amazing out there. d." "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different." "check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit." anything meant to stand a body without proper foot n support can mean pain.n. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve foot, knee, or lower-back pain from being on your feet. dr. scholl's.
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dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great.
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we're back with our newest everyone has a story honorary, the wonderful 12-year-old brianna lopez along with her mom, her stepfather francisco and our good friend rocky who introduced us to this fantastic family. >> david friedman and i wrote a song for them called "the home team." for bri and her being tos. here to sing it for us, star of broadway's "on your feet." alexandria suarez. >> everybody, take it away. ? ? children should be singing and swinging on swings ? ? laughing and learning and
2:53 am
wiggling their toes ? ? dressing up in costumes and putting on shows ? ? but our daughter couldn't sing or swing on a swing ? ? she couldn't really do much of anything ? ? every day she struggled just to stay alive ? ? so we became her home team to help her survive ? ? root root root for the home team ? ? that become our life song ? ? root root root for the home team ? ? we take it all day long ? see her through ? ? to help her do everything she had to do ? ? we never left her ? ? and when she would cry ? ? we would dry all her tears ? ? couldn't show weakness or she would be weak ? ? we knew that it was important for her ? ? so we were strong and held on to the team ? ? and soon she would be well because she had her home team ? ? root root root for the home
2:54 am
? that became our song ? ? root root root for the home team ? ? we sing it all day long ? ? so we kept on rooting for her day after day ? ? and she did her part in a very big way ? ? and now that she's healthy and living her dream ? ? she knows that we always will be her home team ? ? root root root for the home team ? ? that's what we had to do ? ? root root root for the home team ? ? when things got rough ? ? we had the stuff ? ? and that's what pulled us through ? ? root root root for the home team ? [ applause ] >> how adorable are they. thanks, you guys. thank you. we're going to be back with more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on
2:55 am
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lopez, right here with her family, along with alexandria suarez from broadway's "on your feet" and of course composer david friedman here and our great friend david. >> how did you like your song? >> i loved it. >> she's going to be singing it. >> it's so catchy. >> it is catchy. ? root root root for the home team ? all right, bri, we know you're heading back to school. that's going to happen in a couple months because you're continuing seventh grade.
2:59 am
started. we brought in the back to school essentials, a gift card to buy anything else you might need for school, okay. in addition, old navy is going to give you a $500 gift card so you can get all kinds of winter clothes and hats and all the clothes you need so when you go to school you'll be styling. it's the greatest clothes. >> thank you. >> we love you. rocky, we love you. and the great ladies in the on your feet, you guys, amazing. all right, ya'll are awesome, thanks. tomorrow, dr. ken on tv, the very funny ken is here. we love him. plus, a performance by one of the biggest pop stars tomorrow, sean mendez is going to be here. >> and grey's anatomy star debbie allen. have an awesome thirsty thursday. thanks to the great cast. let's all sing it together. ? root root root for the home
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