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tv   Today  NBC  October 11, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on "today's take," we hit the ice with skating champ sasha cohen as we kick off the opening of the rock center rink. plus, the new role that has fans mad for john slattery. and we'll countdown to halloween with ghoulish gadgets, now. >> announcer: fm nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. right now. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. october 11th. a beautiful crowd out there hanging with us. i'm tamron, alongside carson and dylan. al is off for a couple of weeks.
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>> let's go live to the o.r. now and check in with al. >> his surgery is a little bit later. but he is prepping now. i told him we're all thinking about him and sent him an emoji. >> what emoji? the bitmoji that says hugs. you know you can make it look like you. that's me. >> even your emoji is stylish. we were talking about, but you're not -- >> i still have two more months to go. the whole nine months being pregnant thing is -- >> hold on, i'm going to ask siri. >> pregnant for ten months? that's not possible. >> i think it is like the thing no one ever tells you. >> why aren't you pregnant for a full 12 months? >> what? >> is that what you think? what's the question? >> no. my question is, everybody says
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>> but you are due in two months. >> i have two months left. >> did your doctor get the math wrong? >> no. but i asked savannah about it. she said, that's the thing! it is the thing no one tells you. >> is that you are pregnant ten months instead of nine months. >> i'll figure it out. >> if you know the answer to this question, please #tag us "today's take." i never heard that. >> it's weird. >> i do'nt know a lot about anything that's happening. >> what's been the most -- other than you are pregnant ten months, what's been the other big revelation? >> the revelation of like i was sitting there watching tv last night with my husband, i'm like, oh, my god, like we're going to have a baby. we can't just sit here and watch tv. like we're both big couch potatoes when we get time.
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"3:10 to yuma." and suri's water broke. >> we are hoping he is a lazy kid. no interest in playgrounds. just movies. >> i just want to play video games, just leave me be. so this is an interesting thing happened to me yesterday. coming up, we've been talking about all the women of the "today" show. we've donated clothes and at the end of november, there is going to be a huge auction of the items for a great cause. we'll have more details on that. in addition to our auction, i donate a lot of my things to housing works which is based here in new york. i sent like tons of cloethsthes. yesterday i decided to take these two coffee tables. >> did you take them on the subway? >> no. i actually got an uber because they were huge. it's in tribeca new york,
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i go down with the two tables to donate them to the thrift store. i walk in. on my way out i see these shoes. >> they caught your eye? >> they caught my eye. i was like, hey, shoes. >> those are nice shoes. >> they're mine! i went to the store, there is a whole display of things i donated and i -- >> wait. >> i didn't know. >> did you buy them back? >> i thought about it. those are good memories. but the whole display, this is again in tr housing works, go by and buy the things before i buy my stuff back. i was like, hey, louboutin. >> i have stuff that gets pushed on the back of the shelf of the building. you get front row display. >> you got to give the good stuff. you give one thing, two things, come back. even stuff i love like those
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right? >> yeah. it is apple crisp season. that's basically -- >> is that a real thing? >> for me. in our house. yeah. >> photos and everything. >> that was my apple crisp. i don't know where i found the recipe but it is my claim to fame. >> are you baking more with child or is this something that you -- >> no. i think around on the i'm just always ready for the apple crisp. my husband was away this weekend, running cameras for the debate. i was like, i'm going to do an and the crisp. so when he came home there was apple crisp. >> i love the apple crisp with the crunchy. i don't like it when it is mushy. >> that's the best part. then while the pan sits there after you already have your serving, you can just keep picking at the sides. >> thanks for bringing us some. >> can you smell it? meanwhile, this samsung galaxy recall. >> crazy. >> this morning, they're telling anyone who owns a galaxy note 7,
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replacements, don't use the phone. that came out this morning. samsung and the consumer product safety commission telling customers to power them down and return them. the new replacement of 7s are also catching fire and no word on why this happened. remember, this was the southwest flight. this guy had one in his pocket, burned through his pocket, burned through the floor of the plane, the fuselage. but i think the sales put the samsung at roughly 1 in 1 million of the original ones out there that recall. that's a lot of phones. >> how is that going to work as a company? >> are people just turning them off? is imagine if that's your phone and you're not getting on a plane, your phone seems fine. and you don't have time to go to the store to get a new -- whatever. i mean are people actually turning them off? >> i don't know. the guy on that southwest flight said it was off and it was, according to him, one of the new 7s and it still did this. to your point, like what does a company do? and are people going to just
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are they going to heed the warning? >> i'm still getting over the recall of those hoverboards that my kids have. we have one of those still sitting in the garage. every time i walk in the garage i see it in the corner like, are you going to self-combust today? >> why don't you just get rid of it? >> i probably ought to do that. your thrift shop maybe. >> no, you can't do that! >> is that the battery for all these things that's just -- >> i think that's with the samsung phone. >> they found there was a defect in the battery the first time around. then they wentk out the new ones. >> i was on a plane flying back from the debate in st. louis and for the first time i heard the announcement like, if you have a samsung -- >> yeah. they say it. don't bring it on board. >> you guys are in this tiger woods. comeback? >> he said on friday, he's the number one golfer of all time really. >> is he still number one? >> 14 majors. they'll give it to jack. jack's got 18 majors. but tiger woods' big comeback has been a big story in sports, perhaps one of the biggest,
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played in 14 months. people thought after the back surgery, after his multiple surgeries he's had he would never come back. he said this week he's going to be ready, but he hit a bucket of balls and decided he was just not ready. >> how long ago was his surgery? >> it's been in the last year. he'll sit out this week in the turkish open and make his comeback december 1st in the bahamas at his own event. >> is it over for him? i have to be honest. i don't know a lot abo that he was coming back was so exciting to sports fans. they want to see how good can he be, especially with these young guys like spieth and rory. these 20-somethings. >> it was even just exciting to see him as the captain on the sidelines during the ryder cup. he wasn't even playing. excitement was building for him to actually play again. >> i think you saw how good the level of talent is on the pga tour. he's like, i better be ready before i go back out there. up next, remember when jimmy
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first of all, al just texted. al is watch pg the show right now and he's sending his love. >> al, we accepted you our love. >> back to this issue, dylan discovered thatou told you. >> right. >> our viewers have said it. jessica wilson says, it's true. pregnancy equals ten months. four weeks equals one month. 40 weeks equal ten months. no one tells you because the human race would die out. >> that extra month puts you over the edge. >> ashley said pregnancy is nine months. all months except february have 30 or 31 days.
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>> two trains with babies leave l.a. and boston. >> one more. pregnancy is 40 weeks. the end of the ninth month equals ten months. such a misrepresentation! >> okay. so you have to go all the way through the ninth month. which gets you to ten technically. >> stephanie says -- >> i would say, d, all of the above. >> stephanie wants you to know pregnancy is 40 weeks. at the end of the ninth month is when the baby i dylan has to finish months eight and nine. you have to finish. >> anyway, you are going to lose all ability to sleep at night. >> unless you have a little baby potato. >> a little tatar tot. jimmy fallon and blake shelton. a couple months ago -- >> blake had never had sushi before. >> how is that possible? >> because he is the living embodiment of an oklahoma
10:14 am
water blake is. ironically enough he is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. >> and he dates the coolest woman of all time. well, blake returned the favor to jimmy, took him to the farm to look how to milk a cow and taste fresh milk. here it is. >> you dressed very disrespectful. you look like howdy doody right now. you think this is a game? you think this is a game? this i >> what do you mean, we did it? >> you did a shot of your first milk. i'm very, very, very proud of you. this is the first time i've ever been happy with you. >> it is more adventurous. >> yes, sir. >> how is it? >> warm. >> is it? >> yep. >> it's creamy though, isn't it? it's got that nice creamy -- >> [ coughing ]
10:15 am
milk right from a cow? >> i have once but i don't think -- >> it was -- >> -- warm. >> that is a funny video to watch the whole thing. they are really funny together. there is an indian budget airline carrier called indigo that announced they'll introduce quiet zones on their planes where children under the age of 12 are going to be forbidden. rows 1 through 4, no kids. rows 11 through 14 are quiet zones on the plane. the question is, do you think this will actually work a would fly here in america? >> i feel like it's like the smoking or non-smoking sections at restaurants back in the day. i could be in the non-smoke being and y -- >> it carries. >> it carries everywhere. >> parents are saying this. i'm -- crying doesn't bother me. i was flying to d.c., this little girl kept kicking the back.
10:16 am
>> it is a terrible experience for all of us to fly now. to get to the airport, get on the plane. we're all in this boat together. how can you get mad at a kid for trying at takeoff. >> i feel like the stroller and the carrier, like can they create like an airport version of that? i just feel so sorry for parents. just like falling over the stroller. >> if you pay for row 4 because you think it is in a quiet zone and you hear a kid 7, what are you supposed to do? >> nothing. that's life. >> that is just like you know you're going to get a crying baby on the plane. >> before we take off, i just say, hey, i got three kids here. you got a problem? let's deal with it right now. >> i'll give you passes to the boys. >> free cocktails for everybody here. just bear with us. >> "the voice" music, drake, broke the 32-year record, the most american music award
10:17 am
drake now, brace yourself, has beat michael jackson's previous high mark of 11 from 1984 when "thriller" came out. jake has never won an ama before. second most nominated artist, rihanna. >> are you surprised by that? >> i think there is a rihanna-drake chart somewhere. i think there is an app that tells you if they are together or not. i think they are as of today. that. >> is that sales and votes? that's a pretty good -- that's going to be a good show. >> you're in for al. >> when is the event? >> november. >> november. >> i do weather now? >> yeah. >> it's -- what? >> cold out. >> it is chilly. i forgot what i was going to talk about off the top but i think we'll talk about north carolina and the flooding. the rivers are still well above
10:18 am
i didn't have my maps around me. we are especially focussed on lumberton, north carolina where the bum ler river is going to stay above major flood stage until sunday. isn't that crazy? there was flooding from the torrential rain from hurricane matthew. still coastal flood warnings in the jacksonville and palm coast area of eastern florida. they could also deal with some coastal flooding, too. elsewhere across the country, things look nice in the northeast, chilly this morning, but highs in the 60s, even in >> chris: the frosty start on this tuesday it's a frosty start on this tuesday morning, good morning, everyone. close to 60 at the coastline, 65 inland, high pressure controlling the board the next couple of days. early tomorrow, better chance of cloud cover coming in here. a spot of drizzle or two thursday morning and that is it for any rain on the 7-day forecast as beautiful october weather does setting on in. temperatures ranging from the upper 60s on thursday to the
10:19 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. up next, he is the front man for one of the most popular rock bands in the world. now green day's billy joe armstrong is front and center on the big screen. we'll talk to him about the connection that carson has to connection that carson has to perhaps billieif you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. e a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar,
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billie joe armstrong has been the lead singer and guitars for the grammy award green day for nearly 30 years! that's amazing. the rock & roll hall of famers released their rock opera "american idiot" in 2004 which sold millions of copies and was turned into a fantastic toe in i award winning musical that i just love. >> it was great. by the way, billie joe is dmou landing his first leading role in a movie called "ordinary world." it is about a father who misses his days thrown into a bit of an identity crisis when his daughter asks about it. >> say i'm in a band or something. >> but you're not in a band. >> yes, i am. i'm just taking a temporary hiatus. >> what's a temporary hiatus? >> it's a fancy way of saying we're taking a break. >> oh. >> i don't know. why don't you just talk about mom? she's a public defender and all that important stuff. >> okay. >> you don't have to mention me. come on.
10:23 am
you have a warm feeling automatically, that girl's so cute. "the american idiot," the broadway play, is that where the acting thing kind of kicked in for you? >> yeah, pretty much. after doing it, i started getting kind of approached for doing smaller roles and things like that. and then this opportunity came up from lee kirk, the director and writer and i fell in love with the script right away. >> we fell in love with this character. he's a living the low-key suburban life but wants a little bit of the past. >> yeah. yeah. i think it is sort of almost like an nostalgia thing from the '90s a little bit. there was a little bit of kind of really undiscovered bands in the early '90s and now kind of where life sort of takes you. i guess sort of unpredictable. >> can you relate to him in any way? >> oh, yeah. >> what parts of his life do you relate to? >> i think the part where he
10:24 am
that klutzy parent on -the-job training, just trying to figure it out as you go along. >> you have two kids and your wife. do you have a family band? is that true? >> we did this wild christmas card where we made an ep and my wife sang. >> is it punk? >> yeah, yeah, it's very ram ramones. >> the boys are on it. what's the name of the >> musically you guys finished your 12th studio oakland, you put out another green day record. "lean and mean," 44 minutes, 12 tracks. how did the record go for you? >> it was great. it was just -- it kind of felt like we were declaring our independence again. it is the first time since kirk plunk who we were working with on "lookout records" years ago
10:25 am
just us and an engineer. it was fun. >> sounds great, by the way. >> carson gave you guys nine minutes to perform. >> 2004. >> nine minutes. >> billie, thank you. you can catch "ordinary world" in theaters this friday. it is so cute. up now you can collect 4 trolls characters. one free, inside specially marked general mills cereals.
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we're already kind of freaked out about this segment. only three weeks left to halloween. there's still time left to get into the spirit. we're going to help you kick up your fear facto and spooky gadgets and decor. >> here to show them to us and laughing at us is meredith sinclair, the author of "well played," the ultimate guide to awakening your family's spirit. >> electronics are really big this year for halloween. we'll start with these jumping spiders. >> okay. >> they come out of their nets. when you least expect it, expect
10:31 am
really fun. >> that's terrifying. >> this is your style, tamron. >> these are amazing. this is a great way to light up your stairway. these are batty trees. from grandiron road. they make a really lovely decoration inside or out. it is a fun way to -- >> this is for tamron. >> now this is great. kids are g door. right? how about this scary knocker. you're going to push that and he is electronic as well. he does fun little things. his eyes light up. he is not going to jump out at you. lots of things for your front porch. another big trend this halloween are the classic skeletons. we have this long skeleton man here. he's got bendable limbs and a jaw that moves, but he's got a lot of petrified friends here as
10:32 am
these lights up and they bark. you have these guard dogs. you can put a little newspaper in there. >> it is not halloween without a little fog action. right? this is the gaseous. ghoul. he will billow out this fog put him in your bushes. >> i love the way you describe things, too. >> this might be my favorite one. this is the most playful and spooky thing. this again is animetronic. this scarecrow swings all by himself and he does all sorts of fun sayings. you can hang him on your porch. it just has to be an enclosure
10:33 am
he will swing back and forth as your guests come up to your porch. it is motion sensor or you can use remote control. finally, if you want to be the most tech savvy house on the block, this is really cool. this is the window fx animation kit. all you need is this one kit. you put a screen on your window, make the projector go toward it, then it comes with 12 different spooky videos that will rise and fall in your window asr guests come. that's just from home depot. you can get the whole kit and have everything you need for halloween. >> you can even get this, tamron, because it works for christmas. >> it goes all the way through the holidays. >> i'm more of a christmas gal. meredith, thank you so much. up next, the emmy nominated star of "mad men" john slattery
10:34 am
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how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. he's already made his mark on the big and small screens from his emmy-nominated role as roger sterling for seven seasons on the show we all f with, "mad men" to the oscar winning film "spotlight." >> now john slattery plays a newspaper reporter who's trying to get out of the busy so he can plof move to new york and get married. talk about nathan lane. you worked with nathan lane. this gig came up with you, nathan and a couple cocktails, i understand. >> oh.
10:39 am
i bumped into nathan an new year's eve and said what are you up to? he said he was doing "the front page," which i just read because somebody else had suggested it would be a good thing to maybe do. so i said i should play that other guy. i didn't even remember hilde johnson is the character i play. he thought it was a good idea. yeah, we had had a couple, and i didn't expect to get a call. but a month later, so here we are. >> it is not the first time you've worked with nathan lane. >> no. i've done two plays with nathan, one in the late '80s, and a neil simon play in '93. >> let's talk about the late '80s and your scene with nathan. was he in the scene where you were wearing no clothes? >> no, lucky for nathan. >> what was the role? >> i played the sort of other
10:40 am
walked in -- i made my entrance with no clothes on. >> what's that like? >> that's horrifying. you should try it some time. >> did you get used to it? >> hyped up. that's a good way to put it. >> no, like -- >> it's awful. the first couple of times. it's good you can't see anybody. >> do they say -- you know, they say when you're nes, everyone else in your underwear? >> that doesn't do much good. that just puts everyone on equal footing. >> the fast-paced dialogue. >> it is a mile a minute. it is a great play. nathan is fantastic. everybody knows how funny nathan is but he is a great actor. and i play a reporter, his star reporter. he's an editor for "the chicago examiner" in 1928 at a time when there were seven daily
10:41 am
execution. a man is being executed for shooting a police officer. it's oddly relevant, but it is a comedy and it does move a mile a minute. >> you in previews right now, helen mirren says when you are doing plays, musicals, you have to live like a nun because it is such a grueling schedule. do you feel that life altering from tv to this? >> yes, i do. >> how do you live like a nun, john? >> i grew up catholic so i have experience with nuns. you know, y to keep it quiet during the day and -- >> you wake up this early with us? >> no. this is an anomaly. >> you are a zen surfer man a anyway. >> i don't know about zen. >> you did "mad men. "you hadn't been on stage for a long time. >> it is tricky to find a good part in a good play in the window in which "mad men" wasn't
10:42 am
>> just seems like it is on fire right now. there are so many great plays on broadway. great, great actors going to the stage. >> this is a really terrific play. hasn't been revived in 20-plus years. 25 people in the play. really well produced, directed by jack o'brien. it is like an all-star team. john gooden was here the other day. robert morrison. 20-plus of the best actors around. >> wow. we're lucky to have one of the be john, thank you so much. "the front page" currently in previews, opens october 20th. we'll be there. you got the forecast for us? ready? >> i said i can get up out of the chair. >> the gentlemen are helping you. >> i made it! hooray! i'm all the way over here now. we have a big storm system
10:43 am
end of this week. we have this dip in the jet stream and storm upon storm coming over, increasing the flash flood threat for areas like washington, coast of oregon and parts of california as well. we could see seven and a half, eight inches if some areas along the coastline. we are looking at quite a bit of rain that will move in by the time we get to the end of the week. meantime, gorgeous weather across the northeast, temperatures in the 60s. beautiful fall day. southeast in the 70s, no more rain in sight this week for the east coast which is we have a touch of winter back through parts of montana, >> chris: the frosty it's a frosty start on this tuesday morning. good morning, every. mostly sunny guys, though, will warm us up. close to 60 at the close line, 65 inland. just a couple of patches of clouds. early tomorrow, better chance of cloud cover coming h if here thursday morning, even a spot of drizzle or two thursday morning. and then an isolated shower
10:44 am
for any rain on the 7-day forecast, temperatures ranging from the upper 60s on thursday to the upper 50s by saturday. >> that's your late s forecast. you know it is getting colder when the world's most famous skating rink opens up. sasha cohen is coming up right after this. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a wreck 'n' wash. [boy] that was awesome! [dad] yeah. [burke] covered. november fourteenth, 2015. talk to farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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10:49 am
they didn't trust carson. >> it is fall fashion. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you. >> a lot of life changing with you right now. >> it's been a big year. i graduated from columbia. i got married. >> congratulations. >> inducted into the u.s. figure skating hall of fame and i'm now working at a start-up in brooklyn called zig. it's been a full year. >> what was it like to be inducted into the hall of fame to you? what did it mean? >> it was incredible. a ltl looking back at everything you've done. they're like, "thank you for being here and here's your little moment." i was inducted with close friends and symbolized a lifetime of training together, competing at the olympics. and it was a huge honor. >> you symbolize greatness to these young skaters behind you who have the great pleasure of being here on the opening day of the rink. do you have any rink memories? were you ever able to come here? >> i do. i think since i was about 16 years old i would perform every
10:50 am
>> oh, wow. >> in the midst of my crazy competition season. so to be here now and watch the next generation grow up into that, it is a special memory coming full circle. >> we are the next generation of "today" show hosts who are going to try it. i did skate a little bit last year. once a year i put these on. i forget. it is not like riding a bike. people say you can just get back on. carson's never skated. >> not much, no. a kid, a little bit. but walk us through. what is the equivalent o >> how do you stop is what you're trying to ask? >> yes. >> bend your knees. always keep your eyes eye level. you've got to be fluid. but i was thinking we could make learn like with a spin. >> go, carson! go, carson! >> okay. like a two-foot spin. bend your knees.
10:51 am
>> it's like pairs skating. >> what's after the spin? >> all right. we can twirl, too. >> whoa! nice. >> now triple axle! let me see it, triple axle! you can do it. come on, carson. >> do we give him a 10, ladies and gentlemen? you're not getting any applause, carson. >> i think i'm ready to go out. >> whoa! >> yes! >> with the hair, the whole thing. >> i know. >> beautiful! >> that's for next time. >> what advice have you looked behind you in the next generation of ice skaters. what would you say to them? >> i would say the person that you become on the ice and the chal election ylenges you go th
10:52 am
is always something personal. you learn to get up early in the morning, get through injuries, get over your nerves. just teaches you to be a stronger person. >> thank you, sasha. kids, thank you. i guess we're going for a spin. all right. we'll be back. this is "today" on nbc. >> let's go! come on, chris sununu's family gave him a famous name and the top job at the family resort. but then things went, well, downhill. over the years, chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage.
10:53 am
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10:54 am
narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. we're still getting our exclusive dylan! >> i am missing out on this exclusive skating lesson. >> not a good idea. >> i'm 12 months pregnant. >> pretty cool though, guys. 80th anniversary of this incredible place here, rockefeller center. the rink. awesome. opens officially today for people to come down. >> it is beautiful. i remember when i first got hired here and came. you see the rink and it is just iconic. hi! up next, kathie lee and hoda
10:55 am
>> ill a he hold your microphone. >> take it away. >> look at that! woo! you are on a hill going backwards. >> thank you. all right, kids. let's go! come on! >> let's do it! beautiful. >> oh, my gosh.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller p. hello, everybody. it is booze day tuesday, october 11th. also around here as spanky tuesday. >> oh, no. >> it is this girl, cooking on three burners. >> speaking of cooking on three burners -- >> we got four burners going. >> we got the one, the only, gip fe guy cooking for us. >> what are you cooking?


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