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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee ings gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, everybody. welcome. it's booze day tuesday. october 25th, and spanky tuesday, but -- >> oh, no! >> hoda doesn't cooperate. can't make any promises. >> that's -- >> little mix. >> shout-out to my ex. >> if you've broken up with someone and want to get all of your tension out, listen to this song and watch the video. a good one. >> really? >> yeah. a good one. >> a great show today. guess who's in the kitchen
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ina garten, if you watch her show "bare foot contessa" likes to cook for her husband of 48 years. today cooking up one of his favorite fall dishes. >> pork tenderloin, chutney. ? nobody does it better ? >> and also here today, former "snl" star ana gasteyer will you have laughing. a strange new series we'll talk about. >> she's a strange woman. >> is not -- >> but so lovable. something for your soul, and his artist of the month. i think it's lion babe? >> yes. a duet. >> the band is breathing new life into a classic tune. we can't wait to hear it. >> and another reason today is so special, because once again the folks at american express, for some reason, want more of us. >> much more. >> they're wire will be fewer
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here, every time we say the word "more." >> more. >> they're going to add more glasses to the schampaign tower >> at the end, pour champaign. >> looking good. >> they will have time to pour sam payne for our friend whose brand new book "the broken way" is out today. over there with my friend emily. >> doing a little hang. >> try to have lunch when she's in new york. this one. her last one "1,000 gifts" a huge best-seller. >> nice to have you here. always nice to know you have tons and tons of fans, kath. this one stands out. an 11-year-old girl christina. sent a picture of her birthday party. >> she wanted a kathie lee cake. >> why? >> which is somewhat she did. she says, thank you for being a great role model for my little girl. >> is this a joke?
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"frozen"! >> it's a miracle. god bless that little girl. >> a kathie lee cake. picture, mommy, i want a kathie lee cake. >> and i can picture her mother going what? god bless that mommy. gave her little girl what she wanted. so sweet. >> how cute is she? >> thank you, honey. happy birthday to her. >> if you watch "the voice," more on to some more -- topics. ? >> what happened? >> tim mcgraw and faith hill for the knock outround. can't help but see more of them. >> more of the two of them. much more. >> exactly. between the two of them they have had more than 30 number one hit songs. >> take a look. peel were really surprised when the two walked in. take a look at some of the reactions. >> to have both of y'all, this is expensive. isn't it? >> hey, simone! >> hooh, my god! >> how are you?
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hi. >> hi, courtney. >> hi! >> tim and faith. >> this is crazy! >> it was so mind-blowing to walk in and see alicia, tim mcgraw and then faith hill. >> so good to meet y'all! >> y'all! listen to you, girl. you got it. >> texas girl. >> hey, how are you? i'm faith. nice to see you -- you smell good. >> you smell like magnolia flowers! [ laughter ] >> he decidedly does not smell like magnolia flowers. >> that is so -- >> magnolia bet she does. the battle of the night took place between two 17-year-olds on team alicia. >> courtney versus weiss. take a look how she did. ? taken you for granted in everything you had that ?
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i'm tired of all the fame, oh, no, no, no, ? ? no, no ? pain, no more nor mon no more ? >> how do you choose? >> huh-uh. nobody gets to save another person on this round. right? or do they? and -- >> i don't -- >> you can save. >> all right. i personally would have gone with the first. because very unique voice. we've heard the way -- sing, sorry, heard a lot of that kind of singing. not meaning not talented. >> i agree. i think i would have chosen courtney. let's take a look. >> alicia, who's the winner of this knockout? >> the winner of this knockout is ray. >> moving on to the live playoff team representing team alicia. >> so proud of you. >> nobody saved courtney? >> nope.
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you know who else will? >> who? >> marcia, marcia. >> marcia brady. >> yeah. apparently more drama. more, much, much, much more drama last night on "dancing with the stars" last -- yep. >> mary lou henderson doing well on the show. >> a great dancer. >> did have on her heel, took a spill during the group dance. take a look. ? >> mary lou, are you okay? i noticed -- >> i'm fine. >> you are a trooper. i love you got right back up and went to the end. >> look at how beautiful, beautiful form. already hurt and -- i told you before, you knew this. she grew up, her mom ran a dance company. she's a, grew up with dancing. look at her beautiful -- i mean, oh. >> when she fell, you could tell --
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straight. look at the difference. >> normal. do the other way. >> wow. i'm four inches taller. i'm almost as tall as hoda. why am i sounding like reagis? >> that's what you do. >> already in pain from the fall and might need see a doctor. hoe holistic, probably couldn't take anything. >> but wouldn't need more tenders in and care. >> and marcia brady. eliminated. di during the tango, but her partner said he tripped her. tripped on her skirt. >> then -- he should be sent home. not her. >> why is she being sent home, marcia? >> no-no. she's a sweetheart. >> did a great job. i'm sure a transformative experience for her. >> definitely. >> ever been so frustrated about something you just wanted to cut it off or cut it out? oh -- [ laughter ] well, haven't we all.
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>> something you could do in public. >> a tennis player in russia playing and she was really annoyed by her thick ponytail when playing. bugging her. and she kept -- just got upset by it. turned out she took a pair of scissors. >> where do you have scissors in a tournament? >> asked for them on a break. worked up all her strength and chopped that baby off with scissors. it took her forever to work it off. you're going to see it in one second. here's the good news about it. it bugged her so much, suddenly, look how thick it is. look? she cut and cut and cut until it came off. and you know what happened after she chopped that thing off? >> did she win her match? >> she won the match, baby! >> wow. >> shows when something's bugging you -- you got to get rid of it. >> it can't be the only time she's worn other hair like that, hoda woman. >> get rid of it! >> wow. >> wow. let's see that -- >> one more time. >> all right. now, normally in american express this is the moment we go
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american express blue cash card, actually called american express blue cash card, every day card. >> right. >> we're going to give you "more" topics. >> many, many more. >> which means more along with scott benefield and michael vona to fill up our champaign tower because it's practically built. soon as they get to the tip-top therapy going to start the big champaign pour for more. >> okay. more, more, more! can we start it, you guys? >> letta our three-minute commercial break. >> start that clock. >> here is some "more" entertainment news, colin. all right. so -- you ready to pour? let's see how you do. >> there's a magazine, right? called -- >> "woman's day australia" reporting crim hemsworth and his wife of splitting up. >> elsa. >> married six years. >> know and love every time you look at them. so in love. >> no idea there was rumor they were splitting up, but there
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they have three kids together. >> he responded to the rumors on instagram. we lost it. >> oh! >> oh, that was tough. okay. responded with the caption that said -- looking for a new wife, according to "woman's day australia" and other misleading outfits. >> honey, you still love me? #fortheheadsup. >> heard as a preciousut shared this on facebook. love what matters. >> yeah. >> it's the mother -- it's a moment that her son, see if i can get his name. i don't see -- son. who has autism, saw for the first time his service dog tornado. >> says her son normally has problems making connections and being comfortable around people but won't let even his mom touch him at times. look at this connection with the service dog. she said this -- the air sucked from my lungs. she wrote, this picture captures
11:11 am
child freely lay on his new service dog of his own free will, without a purposeful, unspoken attachment and wrote this. somehow, because of this, i know everything will be okay. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> and by the way, more and more kids are getting attached to, kids with autism getting attached to dogs. lots of programs work that out. >> wonderful. our own charlie for vets. we don't want to see charlie go but happy he'll have a purpose in life. >> ever heard of they trust, you fall back? >> yeah. >> how about we have a lab doing a trust fall on to a giant teddy bear. and -- >> plop. oh! [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness! >> that is -- >> can you tell which one's more cuddly? ready -- >> go! >> oh, my god. all day long. >> that is precious. >> you know what? do we get shchampaign for the control room? >> i don't believe yet. >> what?
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they usually do. now, oh, yes, tammy, get in there. okay. >> all right. we're going straight into the kitchen to grab -- grab your wine, hoda woman. >> more fun with our girl ina, the bare foot contessa is here. coming to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> they get to it. yeah. >> uh-huh. push it. push it real good. >> ina! >> are you hungry? >> we are. >> did you bring champaign. >> >> no. wine. how are you? >> hi, sweetie. >> smells good in here. >> we're going to have fun. >> delicious. so, by the way, welcome. welcome in. how do you like this no commercial break thing? >> i think it's great. >> is it all right? >> really fun. >> we're rolling with it. >> grateful to american express. it's lovely. >> so this is one of jeffrey's. does he get a little frisky in the fall? [ laughter ] >> you want me to tell you? >> yes! >> he's always frisky. >> jeffrey, of course, your husband of how many years? >> 15.
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okay. >> pretty close. still likes when i cook for him, which is good. >> by the way, your fans love jeffrey, too. >> i know, but i'm still his biggest fan. >> everyone's curious to know. >> that helps. >> what are his favorite meals and you compiled these into book. >> the book is actually also about cooking for him is what created my career. you know, i cooked for him, he loves it. it encouraged me to do it more. it's really important in every group, somebody cooks and somebody really appreciates >> i mean, who wants to cook for somebody who doesn't love it? it's a really important thing. >> not the same. right. >> yeah. >> one his favorites? >> pork tenderloin with a roasted plup chroast ed plum chutney. i love the major ingredients, first make the chutney. plums, cinnamon, maple syrup. >> first, pick up plums in the fall, though? >> yeah. >> you can use any kind of plums.
11:14 am
so i sauteed shallots, what i'm doing, adding apples, green apples, yep. got it, and plums into the saute pan. just going to saute them together. >> okay. >> with the onions. kind of sweet and -- >> saucy. >> yeah. sweet and savory. and the apples actually have pe pectham in them. it actually gels. >> using granny smith? >> granny smith. >> love them. >> >> maple syrup. sweet and savory at the same time. >> uh-huh. >> all the spices. i have brown sugar. >> hmm. >> right in. >> yeah. >> i have cinnamon. >> the whole stick goes right in. >> whole stick right in. star anise. smell that. fantastic. goes right in. and mace. most don't know what it is. the coating of nutmeg. >> they know everything in new york. >> and salt. >> that all goes in, and that just sautes. i bring it up to a heat and then
11:15 am
>> how beautiful that is. >> this is how it turns out. all you have to do, mash it. >> smash it. >> and you have plum chutney. >> leave if that way. >> or leave it that way and serve it. >> okay. >> it's just, some with the pork next. how's that? >> perfect. >> doesn't that smell great? love the way that smells. >> love it. >> the pork is fairly bland. i want to marinade it, maple syrup and i add -- hard apple cider. just a w apple cider right in and three tablespoons of saumt. >> i was going to say -- >> smells like apple cider but fermented. >> all righty, then. >> is that for you? >> everything's for you. >> i grind spices. peppercorns, coriander seed, fennel and cinnamon and grind them up in a grinder like this. just grind them up. just think it really brings out the oils and the seeds. >> that's why you're different. most people just throw that
11:16 am
knew there's oil in it? >> you just don't get the same thing. put that right in there. >> want me to stir that. >> stir that in. i marinade in a plastic bag. so you how simple. hold it up. >> gotcha. >> this whole thing goes right in. >> okay. >> we don't want to be wearing this. right in. and then -- >> how perfect is that. >> rosemary and ginger. >> love ginger. >> you wouldn't believe 24 hours later the amount of flavor from this. take all the air out and seal the bag. >> g taste this number. >> need to taste it right now. >> gotcha. >> right here? >> the prettiest cheese plates. >> come here. >> and the chutney is actually great on a cheese plate, too. >> quick, when cooking this, how long do you cook this, ina? >> about 25 minutes. 450 degrees and it's just delicious. >> that is going to be awesome. >> tender. >> do you cover it or not. >> want it to be pink. cover and let it rest. can tell you're a cook. >> oh, yeah. >> see how great on a cheese platter? >> please, don't talk.
11:17 am
something. >> ina just said, i can tell you're a cook. i'm so happy. >> she was being facetious. >> isn't that delicious? >> delicious. oh, my gosh! >> oh, good. it's lunch today. get this recipe go to and cooking for jeffrey is available in stores and online today. congratulations. >> i can't stop. >> hoda -- by the way, things going so well until the bottle exploded. moral of the story, champaign cork with a knife. >> who did that? >> no clue. just getting fired up. hoda's eating. what we're giving away. lucky fans. get ready to hear more elvis artist of the month. lion babe sings for us, after this. all right. thank you! >> announcer: more "today" is sponsored by the blue cash everyday card from american express. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and
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they are a little bit pop. a little bit r&b. one thing for sure, they got plenty of soul. >> elvis duran's newest artist of the month. >> lion babe. >> first burst on the music scene 2012 releasing a debut single "treat me like fire." 6 million streams on spotify. >> and earlier this year, lion babe released a full-length album calmed "begin" with an exclamation point. >> exactly. hi, kids. >> you're going to love them. >> who cannot love them? is lion babe, does that come from your hair, because you look like a l lioness. >> we wanted duality in the name and actually love, like, blondie, something ambiguous when you firster that and then it's -- lion babe. so -- >> then the fire. >> and how did you two come
11:23 am
pairing? >> through friends. you know? one of those things you see people around. we met a couple times and a couple years later, we just got into doing music, and then first time we collaborated on something. >> you're not a couple. >> no. >> so sad. >> you're a couple of excellent musicians. >> a tag assume, don't they. >> they're not brand new at all's we assume they're brand new because you're just now they've been doing a festival seen in europe a while and listen to their music, watch their vibe. this is where music, like an old guy saying this, this is where music is going, hello, and they really are -- >> embodiment of it? huh? >> really have a vibe. a funky thing going. you'll see -- you'll see shades from the past, from when musicians when you were young. >> uh-huh. >> but they -- >> not that long ago. >> no, no. really. they add a spin to it. you'll hear it in a couple
11:24 am
fantastic. they really are where it's at and where it's going. >> where it's going. >> we love your hair. >> how long did that take? >> this morning, i think, about two hours. to be safe. >> she does commercials. maybe seen her in the pantene commercials. >> that's what it was! >> in the song they're doing together featured on the h & m commercial. >> i just said, you got to do commercials. i'm a little late. there she is. >> take it -- they take it so much further beyond the commercials. their music is working. wait until you see them perform. >> we are so decided. great hair, too. come on. just not as much of it. >> they named you lion and you babe. see what happened? >> stick around. putting an old spin on new sound just ahead. >> and going hunting, get away for things that are a scream for halloween. >> and plus former "snl" ana gasteyer has a comedy that is
11:25 am
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e hassan. always has been. always will be. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. it's booze day tuesday and i'm still eating ina's -- >> can't stop. >> smells so good. >> oh, my gosh. ana gasteyer is one of the funniest in television. ana gasteyer. >> a fan of "snl" probably remember some of her most memorable characters as a cast member on the show. >> now you can find ana, we van ina and an ana. >> a brand new comedy calls "people of earth." >> centers around a support group for people claiming they were abducted by elie ens. >> of course it. >> does leading the pack, ana's character gayle. take a look. >> after spending the last week getting to know you all, i think i might be broken, too. >> we know. but there's only one way to find out for sure.
11:31 am
start counting backwards. >> i have to warn you -- >> wow. that was a record. >> let's take his clothes off. i'm kidding. just kidding. i'm kidding. [ laughter ] >> so weird! >> so we think we understand, and welcome to you. >> thank you. >> what attracted this to you? you're a little whack job yourself. >> i am a little out of this world. as we all are at the table. aren't we? >> yes. >> you know, actually what attracted it to me, which really makes i've been married a really long time now and reached the point where i actually don't discuss anything with my husband because we just live in parallel. so when this show went -- so i went, i said yes to the job. shot the pilot. >> yeah? >> in canada. a year, almost a half a year passed and then the show got picked up and we started filming and went to comic-con and i invited my husband, knew he would be excited. fantastic, costumes, all excited. went to panels and so on and so
11:32 am
earth" screening and he saw it. look, i don't know if i told you about that. he said, i love it. so great, about aliens. i remember i said yes, because he likes aliens. why i decided to do the job. >> he totally believes? >> yes. the shou t house is littered with books. i don't know if he believes in little green men, but he wouldn't stay in a home with a ham radio, if you know what i'm you don't want anything coming through. baby monitors? sometimes aliens come through baby monitors? >> yes, of course. i had two of them. >> aliens or baby monitors? >> elaliens, and babies. >> you were one of the first to do hillary before kate mckinnon. >> hillary's sort of -- jan hooks wa first. i was the rod stewart of hillary. >> jan was good, too. >> did she? >> oh, yeah, she did. of course she did.
11:33 am
>> i think kate mckinnon. amy amazing and kate mckinnon incredible. talking about hillary impress impressions, i did her when she was the first lady. somebody's wife. now, you know, reveryone's had n opportunity, a senator, secretary of state and now a possible president. so that -- that changes the approach to the impression, of course. >> what people don't know about you, she's a fantastic singer and begins tonight. >> at cafe carlyle. >> i'm going to don a dress? >> are you? >> yes, and hydrate, and sit with a big grand piano and band and sing for's uptown drunkered. >> there are a lot of them. >> we'll come. >> what kind of songs? >> i call it ridiculous jazz. standards and i do really fun novelty songs from the '30s and '40s. >> look at you, little hot number. >> a little song about mint jewel gyps. >> look at you! >> it is from the cd. a lot of music -- >> right.
11:34 am
this game with ear things on? we're going to plame a game. >> love to. >> called "close encounters." en extreme close-up of an image of an alien and see if we can guess the alien. >> e.t. >> we won. >> spock! >> so exciting. >> a hairline. >> next? >> chewbacca. >> beating each other. >> hmm -- >> oh, oh, oh, yoda. the other one. >> avatar guy. >> yes! >> superman. >> is he alien? >> yes. from krypton. >> that one -- >> not bad. i mean, yeah. halloween's coming. you guys got costumed planned? >> we do. >> performing -- >> no. off monday. i have vampire fangs and a skelton swexe skeleton sweatshirt. >> your husband will love that.
11:35 am
earth." and elvis' lion of the month. >> don't miss their version of "she's a lady." >> and spooky there's a story behind my skin. my only makeup? true match. only true match has l'or?al's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. it's my skin. my story. my true match.
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11:39 am
with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] if you are look tock get away for frightful fun this halloween weekend we have just the places that will make your spine tingle. >> from haunted houses to ghost stories, there are many great cities around the country here to tell us about a few, condy nast contributing editor mark ellwood. >> too many words. >> i wish i'd have dressed up. should have dressed up. >> you're colorful. >> take us to florida. will you? >> i'm going to take you. four cities to talk about. which did well in our readers' choice awards. just announced results. 300,000 people picked the best hotels, resorts and cities around the world. key west did really well.
11:40 am
>> scary because it's surrounded by water and apparent will that traps the spirits. and keeps them there when they die. since 1979, we've had fantasy fest. >> fun. >> it is. a bit more of a grown-up halloween. a bit naughty. you get ten days of parades. it's themed. this year, political vivoodoo a boxes. >> perfect. >> savannah, on the train. >> such a beautiful place. >> isn't it? >> all that moss. >> feels beautiful. ghoulish. if you'd read "in the garden of good and evil" feels like the spirits are right there. if you've ever wanted to be a real-life ghost hunter you can do it here. the most haunted house in the city, apparently. go at nice, paranormally investigate. >> you can die there. many, many deaths there? >> the city was really built on bones, because they are
11:41 am
of town. now, surrounded by houses. >> great place for a honeymoon. >> we love it. >> somehow his voice makes it scarier to me. i don't know why. >> chicago is on your list. >> chicago is unexpectedly spooky. >> why? >> the theory, apparently, if you cover up deaths and murders, the dead are more unsettled, more restless and, of course, that was a mob city. a lot of the murders were kept under the rug. you might hear a dog dark on north clark. he's barking because his ga gunned to death. >> this is -- fascinating. >> are there things to do if you really want to go there. >> no! >> we love that you want to go to the bean. great things to see. a mobs hadtry around you. >> you are -- >> i used to live in chicago. i'm a big fan. >> and about to come to my favorite city on earth. >> halloween in new orleans. >> good to know. >> she won miss halloween. didn't you, hoda? for a different reason. >> i spent halloween in new
11:42 am
place, if i wasn't in costume the whole day. the city embraces it. of course, most haunted city in america heal has a claim to that. go to voodoo fest in october, which is a party. it's music and drinking. it's a great thing. very new orleans. a way to embrace the dead but have fun. even bet the weather in october. >> the best. >> it's the best. >> it's dry. >> dry and not -- just there this weekend and it was in the 60s and 70s and gorgeous. in the new orleans by the nobody needs a holiday to dress up. >> a moscot. okay. >> a place to relax and have fun. >> very good job. >> thank you. >> good to see you, sweetie, happy halloween. traveling back to the '70s for a classic song re-invented. >> tom jones made it famous, now lion babe is bringing the hit back, right after this. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. ? oh ? oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream >> uh-huh. ? oh ? in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works...
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly
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>> you met el virs duran's artist of the month. time for a little music. the hot, young singing sensations who call themselves -- >> all: lion babe." >> newest single, rewritten by paul anka and sung by tom jones's in 1971. >> this is it. "she's a lion" by lion babe. ? ? 'cause she's all you'd ever want she's the kind i like to flaunt and take to dinner ? ? take to dinner ? but she always knows her place she's got style she's got grace ? she's a winner ? she's a winner ? she's a lady
11:49 am
talkin' about the little lady ? and the lady is mine ? >> 'cause she's never in the way, always something nice to say ? ? what a blessing snoez what a blessing ? i can leave her on her own knowing she's okay alone ? there's no messing ? she's a lady oh, oh, oh she's a lady ? talkin' about the little lady and the lady is mine snowed ? well, she knows what i'm about she can take what i dish out and that's not easy ? that's not easy ? and she knows me through and through and she knows just what to do and how to please me ? how to please me ? she's a lady
11:50 am
talkin' about that little lady ? oh, she's a lady ? and the lady is mine ? ? she's a lady oh, oh, oh she's a lady ? oh, oh, oh ? she's a lady oh, oh, and the lady is mine ? what i got is hard to find ? what i got is hard to find ? what i got can't be defined ? ? do it my way ? hey, ladies, yeah, ah, ah, ah-ah ? hey, ladies, yeah ? ah-ah, oh-oh ? hey ladies, yeah ? oh-oh, ah, ah ? hey, ladies, yeah ? ? come on, ladies
11:51 am
ah-ah she's a lady ? talking about the little lady ? oh and the lady is mine ? mine, mine, mine, mine ? she's a lady oh, oh, oh she's a lady ? talking about the little lady ? ooh-ooh ? and the lady is mine ? >> yes! [ applause ] >> you know what? what did i say to you? she's got to be a bond girl and then you kicked. i said, that just does it. >> the kick. one more time. >> ready? >> wow! >> that was -- awesome. >> thank you. >> awesome. >> ready to pump up the volume. after that, a little more, because we might call out your name. >> five of you will win. >> giveaways, first, this is
11:52 am
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all right. so this is the time you should make sure your tv is turned all the way up, because it is time to -- >> all: give it away. >> this week five lucky fans win a home deck raters collection. >> what is it. >> electric consul fireplace. >> from home deep pope worth $399. got a media consol, infrared qu warmth of a real wood fireplace without the maintenance. >> and a clicker. >> exactly right. >> you can turn it on and offant and hold a 65-inch flat screen right here. >> what? >> an open center shefrl and two storage cabinets with framed glass doors. stop it. >> this is neat. >> pick the winners and don't stall, hoda. >> wait. okay. let's -- but you really have to go to the bottom. >> no. >> people on the bottom never get chosen. >> directly on the bottom. i got two to save time. >> no, no.
11:56 am
>> william hurley from fort myers, florida. hoda! >> i'm trying to find it. hold on a second, please. >> oh. >> i've got rachel bonus from rock vid, maryland. >> good for rachel. connie from grainger, indiana. >> a good one. >> no! you can't allowed. >> i can do it. congratulations. >> wait. one more. i've got patrick mcpherson colorado springs, colorado. you need to pick one more. >> i have two. >> i have two. >> confused. okay. >> who is it? >> it is -- gina barleta of nashville, tennessee. >> congratulations to all the winners. we shred all the non-winning entries so you have to enter again for next week's prize. hit the connect button. what is she doing? >> just giving it a little spin. >> tomorrow, performance from eric paisley. >> paisley, what i said. >> why are you -- >> plus actress -- >> help bring an emotional story
11:57 am
>> come on. >> if if you have a --
11:58 am
>> sarah: breaking news in dedham. a 25-year-old man charged with killing his father. we are also learning details about the woman behind the wheel of a deadly wrong-way crash in middleborough. the must-win battleground state. a statewide toll change could impact your commute. what you need to know before you hit the road.
11:59 am
kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte,
12:00 pm
>> sarah: breaking news at noon. a dedham man charged with killing his father. police found victim early this morning with multiple injuries. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. steve cooper live in dedham where the suspect just appeared in court. steve? >> reporter: right. he was in court moments ago here. he pleaded not guilty to the murder of his father. but prosecutors revealing some pretty chilling details, saying that the suspect told police that he had a disagreement with his father around 2:00 this morning. again, all this playing out at the courthouse.


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