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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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crash. >> and cool temperatures with us now. but we get a warm-up for midweek. >> hearing the voice of terro terror. >> no i'm in orlando and i did the shooting. >> chilling calls from the orlando night club shooting. >> longer wait and longer ride. a report about ride sharing discrimination. >> and defensive deal for patriots. bill belichick says so lon >> right off the top at 11 breaking news in lowell a 4-year-old boy hit by a car while trick or treeing and the woman behind the wheel at first drove off. >> officers were able to track down the driver tonight. 19's kimberly buckman liver in lowell with the latest. >> that boy was taken to tufts medical center and is expected to be okay but frightening moments here at 7:15 this evening. in a lowell neighborhood lined
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and this woman's daughter opened the door to handout candy and got a scare. >> oh, mommy, the car on the kid walked for trick or treat. >> a 4-year-old boy was hit by a car. police say he was conscious and alert and had a serious gash on his head. >> and i say, oh, i'll scared, sad for them. >> and investigators say the driver took off only to stop a block away get out and witnesses and then drive off again. and she was stopped ten minutes later by police and meanwhile the child was taken to a hospital. >> i asked and walked with them and she said yes. >> tonight nerves are frayed here in lowell from what people witnessed this halloween evening. >> police say they have taken the female driver in for questioning once again that little boy is expected to be
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buckman. >> i heard action before but not heard one this big. >> car after car after car crushed. >> it's surreal i never seen anything like this in my entire life. >> it's back bay bum ter cars with a fire truck. >> tonight all four firefighters hurt in the crash are out of the hospital. >> investigators are focusing on what caused fire truck to collide with a car. sparking damaging chain live in the back bay tonight, alex. >> none of the injuries to firefighter or driver that was involved in this collision are life late thisening and everybody will be okay. what is a miracle no one here on the sidewalk was injured. j i heard a bang. >> it echoed through back bay. moments before engine 7 light and sirens on sped west on-call m avenue on the way to a call.
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coming out. >> as the injured crossed dartmouth it crashed with the suv the the impact isn't a fire truck cascading down the sidewalk and crushing two suvs and eight other parked cars. next thing we heard was not an explosion but loud bang. >> four firefighters aboard a engine were injured and witnesses caityln strut and mom rushed to help the driver in a car. >> he was unresponsive and tried to see if he could speak and he could not and i >> investigators will view individual quo from this camera at the intersection to determine what happened. >> it appears that the driver of the vehicle came out to the intersection and the engine hit them and careened and moved off to the right-hand side and hit the parked cars. >> on the sidewalk this tree was knocked down by the fire truck. it was by luck no one was parking their car or walking through the intersection at the time of impact.
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on the sidewalk or anybody in the crosswalk when this occurred. >> and police will investigate who had the green light firefighters or driver. live in boston i'm alex, 7 news 19. >> police are investigating a teen tragedy in lowell after a house party turns deadly. authorities say 15-year-old ethan costello died from brain injuries after a person attacked him at a party. he bumped into joseph zagarello at a party and joseph slammed his head into the pavement. a friend of the costello family is speaking out. >> to have someone murdered so senselessly it's really hits home and it's difficult to take. this could have been avoided. >> and zagarella is aaverage charged with assault and
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be upgraded. >> transit police are looking for your help to find a man in mask seen in this video it's michael myers mask from the movie halloween and the guy attacked a trolley operator and an tonight's tim caputo liver in dorchester, tim. >> no arrests in this case at this point. there were two witnesses to the crime. the suspects was caught on surveillance running away from the scene and there's a good reason he was not identified just yet. >> just like in a horror screen keith seemingly out of nowhere. this is no movie the man in the michael myers halloween mask is running away after assaulting a trolley operator sunday night. >> it really is disturbing to think something like that could happen. >> transit police say a little after midnight cedar grove stop one past ashmont and door chester the costume man told the trolley operator he could not pay the fare and man in mask punched the worker and dragged him out of the trolley
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on the street. two passengers on the trolley called 911 and the man took off before mesa rivd. the trolley worker, who has been with the nbta a year and a half was taken to the hospital after the attack. those living in the neighborhood hope it's isolated incident. >> i've lived here all my life but it is getting dipd of tough. >> police releasing this surveillance hoping somebody recognizes the man in the costume even though he's fully covered up. the entire attack from troug here. >> scary. i talked to one of the drivers this morning and i guess the guy basically tried to get out without paying. and when the driver called him on it he attacked the driver. but basically i think this is safe. it's a safe neighborhood. >> reporter: that injured trolley worker was taken to the hospital early sunday morning. he was released from the hospital by sunday afternoon and we're told the injuries are not that serious. we're live tonight if
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>> the voice of the man behind the terror attack in orlando. >> so now it's my turn. >> that chilling call referencing boston marathon bombers made by omar mateen he's the man that shot and killed 49 people in the orlando night club. we have more. >> the 911 calls the shooter speaks sharply and calculated and when he talks about the boston marathon refers to tam plan sar nev as his home boy. >> i want to let you know i'm in orlando and i did the shoo shootings. >> the voice of killer orlando shooter omar mateen first talks with emergency dispatcher and then with the police crisis negotiator and he then references one of the boston marathon bombers. >> did the boston marathon and now it's my turn. >> the call comes 2:30 in the
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>> can you tell me where are you now so i can get you help? >> no. because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're kill ago the lo of innocent people. >> when he is asked his name he says islaming soldier and he says he's been fasting and praying all day. >> i pledge my aleather eps on behalf of islamic state. >> he falsely claims there's cars out r anything stupid. >> the shooter is kept on the line an hour and the line goes dead several times during the conversation. >> please leave your message. >> swat teams come in 5:30 killing mateen and hundreds scramble to escape the horror. >> a judge will now decide whether to release 2 0 0 other calls made during the carnage. 7 news 19. >> election day 8 days away
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hillary clinton leading over donald trump. with little time left both candidates are rallying base urging supporters to vote early if they can. ryan is up in the control room tonight to tell us more. >> fbi director james comby has no plans to update the public until investigation is over and justice department says they'll dedicate all needed resources to quickly review the emails. >> more than 24 hours to analyze the thousands of emails discovered on former congressman anthony weiner's laptop and his estranged wife does not remember using that laptop and the emails were found under the investigation of weiner's sexting. will it shed light on hillary clinton they we'd out emails hers and then those sent while clinton was setting of state
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and then those left too see if they contain classified information. at the same time hillary clinton intensified her attack on james comby. >> i am not making excuses i said it was a mistake and regret it and now apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers and i'm sure they'll reap of the same conclusion they did when they loongd at my emails for the last year. there is no case here. >> donald trump wasting no time. anthony weiner. >> he seize an opening and is trying to rally republicans. >> we can be sure what's in the emails is devastating. you could imagine if i did that? bobby what would happen if i did that? electric chair i think. >> trump is now facing his own fbi problems, nbc news is reporting that the fbi has been conducting an inquiry to paul manafort and foreign business connections including russia
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russian mafia. >> paul manafort says none of it is true and he's no longer with the campaign and donald trump has no north ever the activities. 7 news 19. >> also, from the 19 despite the elimination of toll bnls expected lays in transition. today's commutes were smooth sailing. crews will tear down toll only only fors for the next few weeks and rerouting traffic the next year as the pipe converts to electronic towing and phase one they'll move to outside lines with construction in the middle. you can see it seems like things are moving subtlely and officials hope to keep construction on time as we move towards the holidays. >> the big goal for us is to have as much work done as we possibly can by the time we come to the early mid part of november when people make plan around thanksgiving.
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construction phase and say day one as promising and they hope to complete the project in about a year. >> a quinncy school bus driver is cited after his bus went offer the red and hit a house with dozens of students on board. the crash happened on quarry street last tuesday. several kids were taken to the hospital and are okay and charged with negligent driving and lane violations and up to two years in jail. >> from the 19. >> trick or the patriots doing holiday shopping and striking a deal. >> leave it to bill belichick to surprise everyone from players to fans by trading a defensive star. >> jamie collins one of the best line backers in the league now a member of cleveland browns. sports director join us with why belichick made the move. >> dating back to off season patriots had four star players on defense they would need to take care of as free agents at the end of the season and they
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and traded jamie kol toynz cleveland leaving two in middle of the season where they're the favorite to win the super bowl. >> look we're 7-1. so there's always things we can do better believe me i've been a lot more frustrated than what the record is now. >> despite being on top of the league mid point of the season bill belichick is far from satisfied and showing his team he is serious. trade ago way pro bowl linebacker jamie collins to cleveland. >> it's always toug news like that with a teammate i played with and been in so many battles with. jamie is a great player for our team and i'm sure he'll be a great player for cleveland browns and i'm always sad when we lose a player i like and someone i respect like jamie. >> we did what we felt was best for the football team. we have a lot of things to take into consideration. i'm sure we can bring up a lot of points to talk about. >> one of those it points sig signbility. collins is in the final year of
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raise after the season. and belichick refusing to pin that as the only reason. >> i think you can bring up a lot of things and they all probably play into the conversation at some point. >> what belichick cannot den sigh is impact collins can have on defense when he's healthy and firing on all cylinders. >> intercepted in the middle of the field. >> it's hard toward believe the patriots defense can be better without him. he's nfl. based on belichick's track record it may be best to give this time before passing judgment. reporting live. joe amricino 7 news 19. >> is ride sharing fair. >> the concerned study of ride sharing in boston show not everybody may be getting a fair ride. >> and white house and costume that may have hit close to home for president obama. >> chilly out now and cold overnight and cold start tomorrow morning and in for
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>> and we continue to follow breaking news a 4-year-old boy hit by a car while trick or treating in lowell the witnesses say the woman behind the wheel drove away and officers were able to track the driver down tonight. a little boy was rushed to the hospital and appears to be
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ur wallet? snv troubling trend. >> detailed decisions drivers make that appear to be based on race and gender a closer look at the findings. >> a new study took a close look at drivers in boss tone and seattle say drivers cancel rides based on person's race. uber drivers in boston are more likely to cancel a ride if the
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take female passengers on needlessly longer and expensive rides. in a statement uber said we believe uner is helping reduce transportation inequities across cross the board and studies like this are helpful in showing how we can do more. lift replaced this statement we're proud of the positive impact lift has on communities of color because of lift people in under served areas are able to access convene, affordable rides >> 40 throughout now. temperatures pretty much plummeted after the sun went down tonight. >> early trick or treaters are cozy and it it was a little cold later into the evening, brie. >> it's true and temperatures go down. you can see now bedford adds 2 2940 at the city of boston and you expect chilly morning
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have a lot of what is called radiational cooling heat from the early's surface escaping back into the atmosphere without cloud cover to keep it in. expect mid to upper 20s in many spots hoe closer to mid to upper 30s for city of boston. for the bus stop tomorrow heavy coat necessary. sunrise at 7:18 around 30 for most to start the day and then we'll start to warm things up becausee skies. crisp, cool, high to load 50s and winds will turn south it was helping it push in cold air 'now we have air coming out of the south and south west and that boosts temperatures for midweek warm-up i was talking about. next chance to see showers not arriving until thursday and
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front watch chaps with the front. chilly, blustery air coming in behind it and even northern new england snow on the way maybe for those ski resorts. it's amazing this time of year how you can get a warm-up like this and then be talking about snow just a couple days later. just for the record, normal high this time of year 57 degrees. also big thing happening this coming weekend daylight savings time ends for us. we have to fall back and hour that means extra hour of sleep and forecast models hour earlier that's a win for some of us and you know, it's not a win for all of us because the surprise goes down an hour earlier and on sunday we're losing that daylight at 4:31 here's a look at 7 on 7 forecast and we increase cloud cover wednesday into thursday but we get tone joy temperatures in the mid up toer 60s for most maybe even 70 for some and as we head to next weekend things get chilly once again topping out in upper 40s to kickoff next week. have a good night.
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foot take a look here. it's big foot brady the patriots quarterback dressing up as big foot carrying a smooked fluffy not a kiddy or stuffed animal but a family do dog. over at the white house first family final halloween there president obama and first lady hadn'ted out kantd dwroy kids of washington d.c. and children of military families. >> one kid at the event dressed up as lame duck in honor of couple months in office. you can seat kid in the duck costume with a white bandage wrapped around the head. >> hm. >> they're not hugging or anything. >> no. >> but he got the attention. got the coverage. >> our sports director is dressed up as a handsome sports
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this is your final week to get this great deal. only from fios. >> it takes guts to trade 2 27-year-old pro bowl line backner middle of season and rhawn way favorite to reach the
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belichick we're talking about and in this case of jamie collins now bound for cleveland it's business as usual for belichick. this is how he does. it pats collect a come pennsylvania story check for unquestioned he's a top step linebacker in nfl and something is not right when he nraiz just 48 of the 70 snaps in buffalo yesterday and apparently patriots were not interested in giving the impending free agent a big contract extension with dont butler in need of new deals this coming off season and bill belichick is not about to share exact what i he is thinking with this move. >> i think he could bring up a lot of things and they all probably play into the conversation at some point. we have a lot of things to take into consideration and i'm sure coye bring up a lot of points to talk about. in the end that's really the bottom line. i think this is just you know the player and his situation and the team and the team
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>> bills force the turnover. buffalo bills come into foxboro and gotten a rare win it is satisfying they have a player out and we had our team we expected to win. >> tom steps up and runs right and throws to on am dull a, touchdown patriots. >> against a guy like brady he makes you a mistake. we know that going in and he was true to form. >> week four to eight rex going from cocky too quiet. nobody shuts rex up like tom brady does. after yesterday's beat down rex cop 150eded division. brady and gun you could ski are -- he is in the midst of best
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brady returned from suspension and we're watching one of the most dangerous duos in nfl history. grade write and grunc connect for 67 touchdowns takeed with payton manning and renaly wayne and drew brees and coalson. record belonging to manning and harrison. after four unstoppable weeks is brady thinking mvp. >> i don't think of those types of award control. i said the one thing that matters to me is winning games. that's what the sport has been about. playing with so many great teammates is the most satisfying thing. >> play of the day. >> bulls visiting nets this is fast break normal day from hasers and twid builtler the ball never hit the floor and picture perfect alley oop to finish it play of the day and when bulls visit garden on
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says count anymore celtics guard plans on playing after testing his sprained ankle until practice today. that's sports. >> thank you. >> here's jimmy with a look what the is coming up next on the tonight show. >> jay len owe is my guest tonight and gabrielle union and music from big strong it's a great show.
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>> before we go let's take a look at spookest town in
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monsters and minions and witc witches oh, my and wizards and dinosaurs too. look at him he's serious. >> there's the wizard. >> there's the dino. >> t rex. >> so funny. >> look they're still partying there. they have a dance parent in the street. >> blue light action there you. >> want to head that way. >> yeah. >> let's see if we can get take 7 to get us there quicker. traffic and land and have a little party time. >> private helicopter. >> all right. jimmy fallon coming up next. jimmy fallon coming up next. ha massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice.
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america runs on dunkin'. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jay leno -- gabrielle union --
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crew. >> questlove: 561! mwuahahaha. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, wow, wow, wow! oh. that's what i'm talking about. that's a great crowd. beautiful new york city crowd. welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. this is the show -- [ cheers and applause ] to be at. thank you so much.


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