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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> jadiann: first here at 4:30 we continue to follow breaking news out of sterling. police are looking for three men in connection to a home invasion there. investigators say three masked men broke into the home of a 70-year-old woman, tied h lines and stole about 1,000 of cash and her car. investigators say this was not a random robbery. they're looking for the car. it's a 2004 black cadillac deville, four-door deville with a license plate, it's 641-w.k.m. police are asking anyone who may have seen the car to give them a call. >> ryan: also here ready
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a federal judge trying to decide whether sal demacy will be let out of prison early. he says he needs more time to decide. >> jadiann: the person served five years of an 8-year sentence for corruption charges. he has been battling cancer. steve cooper has the latest for us. >> reporter: how is your husband doing? >> he is not good. >> reporter: are you hopeful he will get out? >> i'm casualtily optimistic. >> reporter: debby leaves court with her family aft hoping her husband former massachusetts house speaker sal demacy will be released early from his prison term following his conviction on corruption charges. >> reporter: how is he doing? >> not well. he is not doing well at all. i think we explained to the court that he is quite quick. >> reporter: di masi who is suffering from throat cancer was hoping from an
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several chemo treatments and the defense and prosecutors recommended the 71-year-old be released under the compassionate release program. but the judge says he is concerned about the appearance of prevention treatment. does sal demacy deserve special treatment because he is a former speaker of the house? >> we never said he did. that is not what the judge is considering. he is not going to get special treatment. >> reporter: the judge wolf whoas releasing demacy may do it with several strict conditions. he has taken the matter under advisement. >> ryan: two more suspects called to court accused of driving dangerously in new bedford. 11 people have been arrested for recklessly driving dirt bikes. the officer released from hospital and is recovering now at home.
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a gas station at knifepoint. the officers theretoened to stab the clerk and took off with cash late last night. >> jadiann: crews fighting a house fire in middleton. flames erupted late. fire is tearing through the home. officials say the floor inside collapsed. crews battled the crew from the outside. no one was hurt. boston police arrest a 12-year-old boy accused of bringing a gun to a dorchester school. officials found the school locker check. the boy was arraigned in court for unlawful possession of a firearm on school property. ." a teen tragedy in local. a house party turned deadly. boy was attacked by another teen and community is coming together to help the victim's family. we've more from local. >> he was fun-loving, he was smart. he was caring.
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to have him as a son. i was proud my daughter had him has a friend her daughter was with tewksbury high schooler ethan costello at a halloween party when police say he was thrown to the ground, hit his head and died from brain injuries two days later. >> she just says that that is what she keeps hearing over and over again in her mind, is, you know, his head hitting the ground. >> reporter: that was a party behind this house where several teenagers including the victim were drinking joseph zagarella went on the attack. >> the victim stumblinged into the defendant by accident and the defendant picked him up, and slammed his head down on to a concrete floor. >> reporter: but zagarella's defense attorney says the victim fell and who did was is unclear. >> other people at the party were also fighting with the victim and had him down on the ground and were kicking him in the head remit the suspect's aunt and uncles
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kids involved. i hope justice on that side and the i'm sorry for the boy's family. >> reporter: this mom set up a gofundme page for ethan's family who are making funeral plans. >> i cry. it has been dies we're all feeling ethan's mother and father's pain. >> reporter: public schools put out a statement offering their condolences to the family and grief councilors to other students. john cuoco 7 news. >> jadiann: we're a transit strike in philadelphia may impact voting. more than 4500 workers walked off the job at midnight. officials are worried this could keep more than 9,000 people from reaching the polls in the workers don't reach an agreement before next tuesday. for the first time we're hearing the violent voice of a voice. the calls have been released from the deadly night and
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reference to a boston marathon bomber. >> i want to let you know i'm in orlando. i did the shooting. >> reporter: that is the voice of a kill e or lander shooter omar mateen first talked with a dispatcher then a police crisis and referenced one of the boston marathon bombing. >> my hometown did his thing. now it's my time. >> reporter: the call came in about 2:30 in the morning as the rampage was under way in >> >> can >> reporter: when asked for his name he said it was islamic soldier and he told police he had been fasting and praying all day. >> i pledge my aleague -- allegiance. >> reporter: he falsely claimed cars rigged with
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they try to do anything stupid. >> reporter: the line went dead several times during the conversation. >> please leave your message -- >> reporter: swat teams came in about 5:30 killing mateen. hundreds scrambled to escape the horror, 49 people died. 53 were wounded. jonathan hall, 7 news. >> ryan: a man after being trapped in his car for 2da saturday night but when she looked outside she saw nothing but a dead deer led two workers to the car hidden in the woods. >> i could see a foot out of the back window. and finally we got him to respond. he said he had been down there for a couple of days. >> the guys saved this guy's life. by don't know how long he would have laid out there. >> ryan: investigators say the man was alert when they found him. he is expected to be okay.
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driver and passenger making a snap judgment. that cost them and others their life. the focus is on snap chat. it's speed filter that clocks how fast you are moving when you take a photo or video on the app. kim khazei has more on the story. >> reporter: critical moments just before a horrific dadely crash. this video posted by a passenger using a that records and records their speed. less than 10 minutes later the same speeding car in tampa slammed into a mini van. five died in the crash. the driver and his passenger and in the van on their way home from church a 39-year-old mother, her 9 and 10-year-old children. another 19-year-old daughter and 15-year-old cousin in the van survived are in the hospital. >> we question how it happened. why did it happen?
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patrol remains unclure what role snap chat played. >> had she not been doing the snap chatting, maybe he might not have been performing this operation and driving so recklessly. >> reporter: when moving snap chat display as do not snap and drive warning and in a statement the company says we actively discourage using the speed filter while driving, were more and more accidents from georgia to louisiana to texas all allege l katz -- >> the only purpose is for folks and teens and kids to record themselves, show off how fast they're going. >> reporter: tonight the families of victims are not commenting on the video. i'm kim khazei, 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up on 7 news, a casino controversy. a woman hits $42 million jackpot on the slot machine. why is she having trouble
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>> jadiann: a casino clash after an machine malfunctioned. woman woman claims she won almost $43 million. when she went to collect her prize she was disappointed. >> ryan: that's because the casino said it was a glitch. >> reporter: call it the 42.9 million dollar selfie. katrina flashed her multimillion dollar smile behind her on her slot scene screen evidence of her mega win. >> she is used to
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a teen. she raised four teens -- >> i've been through it's hard for me to cope. >> reporter: the jackpot hit was in late august at resort's world casino. >> reporter: it was chaos in the video shot by bookman's partner after she reported her huge winning. she was' surrounded by customers and security. >> reporter: escorted off the floor she was' told to come back tomorrow for the decision. >> i said >> reporter: the only winning the casino offered -- >> he offered me a steak dinner. >> they win and now the house doesn't want to pay out. to me that is unfair. >> reporter: attorney general allen rip ka says at the lee least she should win the maximum amount allowed. the casino says it's $6500. it ought it pay it when you win. >> reporter: the state gaming commission says her
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stated on all machines malfunctions void all paid and plays. bookman thinks at the minimum she should be awarded the max payout on the slot machine. >> win the max. i feel like i -- [inaudible] >> reporter: she plans to sue the casino. gaming commission says the casino can't give her the max pay out by law. the only win she is entitled to is $2.25. in the carr, 7 news -- sarah french, 7 news. >> jadiann: winter is on the way. that means starbucks winter cups are in. you like that j.r. >> reporter: i don't like the sound of winter heading this way. it won't tomorrow. >> ryan: ray allen announcing his retirement. why he says he is comfortable calling it quits. >> jadiann: a different monster on halloween.
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>> ryan: we're following breaking news. a major crash on route 44 in middleboro. you can see at least three cars are involved. >> jadiann: it looks like a mess down there so this is a very serious accident. we're going to follow and those lanes are completely shut down right now. they're going to get cleanup crews in there before traffill through. our traffic reporter is saying there is at least a four-mile backup at this point. >> ryan: you can see here sky 7 h. d.showing you the crash scene. the left scene of your screen, three-car backup. we have a crew on the way. sky 7 had continue to monitor the situation throughout the afternoon on 7 news. >> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: all right.
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normally high temperature is about 56 in the city. sunset at 5:57. by the end of the month the average high is down to 47. sunset, 4:13. where are you going sunset? see you in february. the hottest it has been, the warmest 83 back in 1950. the coldest -2, 1875 and the average snowfall in the city of boston an inch of snow. this is the average. so do we have any in the forecast? no, we do the city at 50. worcester 51. fitchburg at 56. lots of sunshine. clear skies this evening. a few clouds will show up. look over here though. it's warm. temperatures upper 70s to around 80 degrees, upper 80s, nashville 87, cincinnati at 78. getting ahead of myself because it won't be quite that warm for us. our weather is coming from the south more than the southwest. so 60, 61, raleigh, durham
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we'll go through a little weather. warm front, the front edge of that warmer weather and sometimes those weather make a lot of noise when they come through with clouds, showers and thunderstorms but not this go around. this warm front will work up into new england with no resistance. another thing about the warm fronts they can talk stuck. remember how i was hemming and hauing about 80 degrees but we never got. ther temperatures tomorrow head for the 60s. thursday is another mild day. cool front into new england thursday evening. i do think there will be rain showers thursday probably around 5:00, 4:00. then on friday we're back to the sunshine. but it is chilly. 7 on 7 forecast, lots of sun both days and that is, the spinning clock, day light savings time comes to an end.
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back out to route 44 with a check of the roads. >> reporter: we remain flying above this serious crash. that road completely shut down as crews work to clean up after this serious crash. we have that white pickup truck is completely flip. we had another vehicle that was on fire. the westbound side of 44 completely shut down opinion the eastbound side, one lane. expect at least a four and a elsewhere tough going on the west. you will be heavy from the alton tolls past the weston state police barracks. reminder watch for itself lane shifts at all toll booths. crawling out of the o'neill tunnel. we'll look at the drive times on the expressway. >> jadiann: all right.
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lyft, uber. >> ryan: those companies are facing a new challenge. fake drivers taking you for a ride. >> reporter: getting a ride has never been so ease. open uber or lyft, order a car on demand and within minutes you are off but a glowing number of fake drivers are rolling up to scam you by price gouging, ear robbing you. >> reporter: in chicago kathleen believes she was' almost scanned when she ordered an uber for a pre-dawn ride. >> i saw a vehicle was identify the in the middle of the street. all i said is good morning. it's me. >> reporter: he said good and get on in. so i got in his car. i realized as i was looking at my phone this is not mironer. >>
4:54 pm
called 911. >> i realized something doesn't feel right. >> reporter: in a letter to the port authority. uber says fake drivers have reached crisis levels with over 2300 illegal trips happening each week at j.f.k. and laguardia airports alone. >> it's tremendously scary. we know from individual complaints we've got where people locked in the car. one incident someone was taken to an a.t.m. and the driver demanded they get more cash because he raised the plies. >> reporter: rogue drivers often prey on people who appear stressed, tired or distracted you. >> might fail to check the license plate, fail to check that it's the model vehicle that you should be expecting. >> reporter: uber and lyft
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to request a ride and never request a ride in person. ask a driver who he or she is picking up and if you are alone sit in the back seat. >> look out for yourself. you have to have your own back. >> ryan: the penalties for posing as an official driver are usually just a fine but both companies are calling for harsher punishment. >> jadiann: a coffee company unveiling a new the meaningevery time a new cha, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't
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c education, vote no on question two. joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting. interviewer: so what do you think?
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>> jadiann: starbucks holiday cups are back but they will not be served in red cups. the cups are green. this year's design features one continuous stroke continuing more than 10 0 >> ryan: i had one. i thought it was solid green. you had one. you showed it to me. it's cool how it effects. >> jadiann: you can tell it loops. so they can do the whole art work with one stroke, interesting all i believe there could be more holiday cups coming out. much more to come. i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now.
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invasion in sterling. police now looking for three suspects accused of tying up a 70-year-old woman. >> reporter: cool today but look the a the milder air heading to new england. >> kim: a school bus and another bus go on a crash. >> adam: a massive explosion in the south could impact gas prices across country. >> kim: a halloween home one this halloween costume but >> adam: breaking news, a major car crash on route 44 in middleboro. part of the road is shut down with a large backup. >> kim: let's get to ryan schulteis. >> reporter: this is happening on route 44 west near 105. one of the cars we're told bursts into flames. you can see the shell of the vehicle torched right there. as you mentioned part of the road is completely shut down for now.
5:00 pm
word on any injuries but we continue to gather more information. they're dwelling a four-mile backup. police and fire are working to clear the road. they say they have not figured out what caused the crash. we'll bring you more updates as we learn. >> adam: also breaking here at 5:00 police are searching for three men who they say broke into a sterling home, tied up a 70-year-old woman. investigators say those men were all wearing masks during the crime. >> kim: they're asking for your help to find these steve cooper live in sterling with details for us all. >> reporter: kim, sterling police along with state police have been scrambling all day long trying to track the suspects down. and tonight they are appealing to the public for some help here. >> awful. they must have -- i mean to do something like that. that is just -- >> reporter: terrifying moments for a 70-year-old woman after 10:00 when police say three men all wearing halloween masks


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