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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> i have been robbed by three men. >> reporter: sterling police now releasing the 911 call made by a 70-year-old woman who after being tied up with duct tape somehow managed to free herself invasion at her million-dollar home here on stephanie ann lane tuesday morning. >> how long ago were they in the house? about three minutes ago. they left i live in sterling. >> a cadillac, the three suspects who were wearing halloween masks dumped a car seven miles from the crime scene and now investigators say there may be a fourth person who drove the suspects to the crime scene and picked them up after they abandoned the victim's car. >> they could have followed each other. right now we're assuming there's three but there could be more. >> reporter: police still believe the house was targeted but have no idea if there's any connection with several
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>> we have had conversations with worcester police, so we're looking at everything. >> reporter: the chief says they've been following up on several leads that came in overnight, while they're also working to track down any surveillance video that could help them identify the masked intruders. >> we pulled a number of videotapes from the downtown area. we reviewed all of those. >> now, the victim has come and gone from police headquarters, and she asked us not to identify her by name or show way. and we've agreed to that. as for the investigation, the police chief here telling us their investigation tonight is ongoing and active. we're live in sterling tonight, steve cooper, 7news. following some breaking news out of leafser where we found in this car engulfed in flames after police say the driver swerved to avoid hitting a deer. this is baldwin street, and the car slammed into a tree and then it burst into flames. police say the driver was hurt
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>> reporter: a suspect in custody, accused of murdering police officers. >> these guys were gunned down sitting in their car doing nothing wrong. >> reporter: investigators now searching for answers in this ambush attack. >> that man turned himself in to police this morning hours after they say he shot and killed two officers. 7's jadiann thompson here in our newsroom with more on a developing story. >> well, adam, officials are saying the suspect has a history of prof vocking racial tensions and confronting and local police gathered in the woods outside of des moines this morning where alleged cop-killer scott michael green surrendered to officers after more than 9 hours on the run. >> great sense of relief, not just for us. obviously he was targeting police officers, is what we believe, but it's a sense of relief for the community. >> reporter: a community reeling after two police officers were ambushed, shot and killed overnight. >> we're heart broken. >> reporter: urban dale officer
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sitting in their squad cars when investigators say the suspect walked up and fired more than a dozen rounds. >> there definitely was not an opportunity for them to respond to the attack. >> reporter: investigators say right now they don't have any evidence that clearly points to a motive. law enforcement says the suspect has mental issues and in dire straits. his criminal record includes harassment and assault. the investigation into the officers' deaths green was taken to the hospital after complaining about an wish an existing medical condition. detectives are expected to question him very soon. in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7news. the election countdown just six days away and today the race for the white house is all about voartd turn-out in key states. candidates try to encourage their supporters to head to the polls. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are both courting the african-american vote, but
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voting in the numbers democrats hoped for. >> reporter: hillary clinton today, she needs a big turn-out in the swing states, that in tampa, joe biden said, would beat donald trump. >> you guys win florida, it's just done, over. there's no pat. >> reporter: near fort lauderdale today, hillary clinton was greeted by african-americans by the turn-out of black voters is down in florida where 4 million people have early voted. compared to the records set when president obama ran. to be expected, says radio host rowland martin. >> she's not that different candidate. and she's not african-american. >> reporter: a huge young diverse crowd lined up in chapel hill, north carolina to see president obama try to motivate better turn-out. back in florida young african-americans showed up to back trump. >> i love that sign, blacks for trump. >> reporter: trump is demonizing
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to drive his turn-out up can clinton's down. >> you can beat the -- she can beat the system, the rigged system. >> reporter: and g.o.p. targeting african-americans. >> we are asking for your vote, vote republican. >> reporter: in a contest in whose voters show up. >> new cnn polls find trump leading in arizona and nevada. but the average of the polls in florida shows a near tie. live in the control room, i'm alex deprado, 7news. okay, so we want to remind you, tune in tomorrow because we will have the latest 7news u-mass poll. we're looking at the numbers in new hampshire for the presidential race, as well as that big senate race that could shift the balance of power in our nation's capitol. so that is tomorrow night at 11:00. and as the race comes down to
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andy hiller and u-mass lowell pollster dr. joshua dick will be answering some of your questions. you can email questions now to 7news at or ask us on twitter using the hashtag 7news and they'll have some of those answers tomorrow here on 7. the news station now turns to the weather. today felt more like a spring than fall day with temperatures reaching near 70 degrees. it felt like maybe some humidity, too, how long will the warm trend last? our chief riner is here to let us know. >> this afternoon boston did reach 70 degrees. norwood had a high of 71. sea breeze kicked in in the city back into the lower 60s but still even that 64 above normal, normal high is about 56. worcester hills, metro west, merrimack vale, the temps into the 60s and yes a little hinld of humidity out there. clouds are to our west. this is our next weather system. unfortunately if you're a fan of the warmth, that will be it.
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air that eventually will take over late tomorrow evening and certainly by friday. it's a chilly day on friday, similar to what we had yesterday. but you notice all of the warmth across the eastern two-thirds of the u.s., nashville, again, into the 80s today. d.c. at 71. so for tonight we hold on to the mild air tonight. a lot of clouds. temps overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, these will be the temps for your morning commute, 50 to 55. it's a nice mild morning. and no rain tomorrow morning, but grab the rain gear because i do think we will see showers come at us tomor boston, early afternoon worcester hills with temperatures in the 50s in new hampshire, 60s across southeastern massachusetts. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> all right, there's more news to get to today. a new hampshire man facing serious charges, todd gurley was arraigned via video today. he a charged in a deadly car crash in salem, new hampshire. the 45-year-old is accused of causing a car crash that killed another driver yesterday. he's charged with driving drunk, negligent homicide and
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again, in salem, new hampshire. gurley pulled out on to route 111 hitting a car and pushed it into oncoming traffic where it crashed into a car head-on killing a woman. two people are dead after a rollover crash at a westover air force base last night. police say the car crashed through a fence and a barrier in chicopee and rolled over on base property. the man and the car were not in the air force. authorities say speed may have been a factor in that crash. st cush nit. a 3-year-old girl hit and killed when her father's car rolls down the driveway. dan hausle is live in cush net with more on the story. >> reporter: this acush nit neighborhood still reeling with
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little girl ?sdz it's a bad thing. >> reporter: police say the father was repairing his ford excursion when it somehow rolled away and hit his 3-year-old daughter who had been playing outside. the suv did stop until it hit this neighbor's car across the street. >> it was horrible. awful. just. >> i was upset because i saw him leaning over the body screaming. and i saw the cops come and they put the blanket over the little girl. >> reporter: leo baldwin was nearby and seconds earlier heard the father calling a woman's name. baldwin wonders if he could have done more. >> could have been snuck a situation where he was trying to hold the vehicle back, maybe even being under it, possibly, and trying to deep from rolling, from him getting injured, it bothers me just knowing that i might have been able to do something.
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>> reporter: the father's sister opened the door and said the family is too devastated to talk right now. neighbors who know them and heard the father's screams are hoping committee find some peace >> just -- the family is absolutely wonderful, and i just really hope that no one takes anything out on him. because he was an absolutely wonderful father. >> police say they are still investigating but there's no indication of any foul play. they say they don't want to say anything more because they don't want to add to the father's course, 7news. opening statements today in gary ley sampson's retrial. he was convicted of killing three people and sentenced to death but it was thrown out because of juror misconduct. jonathan hall is live outside federal court to tell us more about this. john. >> adam, this was a case that really shook new england. a hitchhiker randomly murdering the men who picked them up. justice was done 15 years ago
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sentenced to death, but now families of the victims are going through it all again. >> reporter: 57-year-old gary sampson, heavier, balder than the muscular killer people remember at the time of his arrest on trial yet again. he's fighting for his life after taking three other lives. >> a lot of memories coming back and we're going through this again and i still don't understand why. >> it's tough, it's tough for every single one of us. >> he's the son of 69-year-old phillip mccluskey who is sampson's first victim. his atmosphere picked up sampson while hitchhiking. sampson admitted he murdered mostly cloudy clusky and two other men during a violent multistate crime spree in 2001, rizzo a college student was found tied to a tree in acton. in opening statements, a prosecutor said gary sampson had the power of life, and took it. he had the power of mercy, and he had none. in his opening statements, sampson's defense attorney william mcdaniels said his case for life will revolve
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suffered beginning when he was 4. he says sampson fell down the stairs and added, quote, nobody chooses to live a life that gary sampson has lived, and the source of that is childhood injury. >> i think you're gonna hear a lot of this. i think is gonna be their whole case. >> reporter: the first witness, this former state police detective who brought gary sampson to massachusetts and interviewed him. the confession played in court. >> i was like i don't really want to hear it but i will. >> court ended for the day and right at tha just about to talk how phillip mccluskey picked him up. the tape will continue in the morning. live in south boston, jonathan hall, 7news. still to come, a trade that shocked patriots' fans. tom brady now talking about losing linebacker jamie collins as the team sets its sights on a championship. and a robbery caught on camera in hyannis. the store clerk talking about terrifying moments.
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a lot of people still talking about this week's big announcement. >> tom brady talked about the roster shake-up today. trey daerr is live at gillette stadium with more on brady's reaction. trey. >> the patriots sending shock waves through the nfl on monday trading away pro bowl linebacker jamie collins to cleveland for what could amount to a fourth not many coaches in the nfl would have the guts or the clearance of ownership to make such a trade but bill belichick does and his track record proves he gets this thing right a lot more than he gets it wrong. >> you do something that doesn't work out well, so what are your options? get rid of it or continue to do it and see if you can improve it. >> reporter: team captain devin mcchordy said linebacker jamie collins was arguably the best player on the patriots' roster
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>> you're just a human and you have these personal relationships with a lot of players. and i've had a lot of great relationships with all those guys. >> you can't do everything exactly the same way did you in the previous year. your teams change, and the teams that you're playing may have changed. >> reporter: the pats are 7 and 1, a super bowl front-runner. bill belichick still electing to make a major change and now the team must adapt. >> there's always change in the nfl, and it's a challenging part of it. i think, you know, the older you get, the more you see, it's the way it has to go. >> i speak for most of the players. we wouldn't want to be in bill's shoes having to make tough decisions likes that and our job is to be ready to go. >> reporter: and change is something tom brady himself may not be above. >> it could happen to anybody. you can't be around this long and not realize it, the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. and that's just the way it goes. >> reporter: the patriots making a major change here during their week off which comes right in the middle of the season.
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hosting the seahawks on sunday night football. trey daerr, 7news. trey, thanks. coming up next at 5:00, a familiar face in the big apple, a real rock star catching quitar bear on a new york city sidewalk. a few clouds on the way tomorrow, a few showers, as well. forecast up next. then at 5:30, halloween has come and gone, why is one town doing a trick-or-treat re-do? great price on this boneless chi! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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a popular boston icon spotted on the streets of new york city. quitar bear spotted on a new york sidewalk by a music superstar. you can see the courtesy there. yes. mick jagger posted this video to facebook. shows quitar bear performing his version of rolling stones "started me up." the famous >> well, good timing, i guess, playing rolling stones and mick jagger goes by, wearing the gold shoes. kind of has that flare about him. >> i wondered if he noticed, you know. everybody moves so quickly. >> well, mick jagger has a very unique appearance. >> yeah, hard to miss. he's probably wearing his rock and roll outfit 24/7. >> would have been nice to see
5:22 pm
i want to see boston snow yedi get together with quitar bear. all right, tomorrow, a few rainshowers, especially south of the pike. north of town, new hampshire i'm looking at you as well as the merrimack valley, your warm day is essentially behind you. temps tomorrow across southern new hampshire low 50, and we all get into the chilly air by the end of the week, friday in particular. compared to yesterday at this time, the temps are running 15 to almost 20 degrees warmer than 60s and 70s, boston did have a high of 70. then the sea breeze kicked in, now back up to 64. orange 63, jaffery at 69. a lot of sun this morning. a few more clouds have drifted in from vermont and new hampshire the last couple of hours. a nice mild evening. there are rainmakers over here. showers approaching buffalo and toronto. that's where you find our next weather system. this cool front, it's the
5:23 pm
new york and pennsylvania overnight tonight and then into new england during tomorrow. behind the cool front, again, it's not like it's really cold air but it's just gonna get us back to where we should be for this time of year for daytime highs. in fact even a little bit below i think on friday and into the weekend. look at wall the warm air on the eastern seaboard. cincinnati at 78, boston this afternoon at 70 degrees. normal high is 56. that's where i think we'll be for overnight lows tonight. mild, with temps between 50 55. those will be the temps for your morning commute. then as we work through the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. showers will come at us tomorrow afternoon. i think midday and more so mid afternoon and evening for pro boston. and a wide range in temps. i know you're looking at that going 54 to 66, i could do that. yes, you could. but we'll have the 50s across new hampshire and mid- and upper 60s providence, taunton, fall river down through the south. here's your rain commons.
5:24 pm
commute, in fact, maybe even some sun here. at lunchtime high and dry. then here you go, here are the showers sweeping out of new york state across western new england. ino metro boston about 4:00. it's just a narrow ribbon of rain. once the rain is in here, it's almost right back out of here. just a couple of hours of light rain, maybe a burst here or there, but nothing significant or long lasting. that's for sure. most towns probably a .10 of an inch of rain or less. rainmakers compared to what we've already seen this fall. boston at 58 tomorrow afternoon. dartmouth at 68. drake at 57. here's the cooler air, manchester 53. reign and new hampshire 51. southwest new hampshire, worcester hills, low to mid-50s. the warm spot will be south of the pike. and out on to the cape and islands, as well. mashby at 67. a few showers tomorrow evening early and clearing skies after midnight tomorrow night. lots of sunshine on friday.
5:25 pm
>> see you then, jr. ahead at 5:30, as well, a car break-in with an unusual motive. why the thief actually left behind an apology. and then coming up new at 6:00, hank investigate as new kind of identity theft that's
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of >> all right, another hour of 7news is still ahead. le i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 begins right now. >> officers unhappy with conditions at the medford police department, the state to now investigating. a scary scene caught on
5:29 pm
fight with a cop while holding a baby. >> and a little girl get, a chance for a trick-or-treat re-do after she spends halloween in the hospital. >> even news has learnedth related to inside the police department. >> sphersz have been posting photographs online to try to get things fixed. 7's kelli o'hara is live for us in medford and has more on the latest. >> yeah, officers about the conditions they say they have to work with. you can see what they're talking about outside of the department, you can see a broken window here, right over there, very visible from the street, even exposed rebar right up top the building and now the state is looking into it. >> reporter: broken windows, rusty cars, a leaky ceiling, dirty showers and even a window that needs to be held up by a can of raid. these are just a few of the photos and videos posted by medford police officers on their
5:30 pm
taking to social media to show the conditions inside headquarters to try to get something done about it. but the state is now investigating a descrim nation complaint filed against the city of medford. the committee looking into what they call, quoted, an employment-related matter. but 7news has learned it's a police officer who's upset about what's happening inside here. we spoke with mayor stephanie burk before the discrimination complaint was filed. >> you upset? >> absolutely. i can see why they're upset. and we're addressing it. i think that -- rome wasn't concurred overnight, so we definitely need spend some time to make sure we do it right. >> reporter: but in a statement the union says, quote, we believe it is important for the citizenry to be aware of the conditions under which we work. these conditions have not just happened over the last few months. the conditions at the police department have been steadily deteriorating over the last decade or longer. the first medicinefield woman


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