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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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campus. the school is put on lock down as police accepted for the suspect but the university now says the area around the school is safe. now just four days until the election and donald trump making a final pitch up in new hampshire. polls there show the presidential race is too close to call. republicans rallying for people there to get out and vote. it is one of those swing states that could decide the whole election. >> anchor: dan hausle is there live in new hampshire and he begins our campaign >> anchor: donald trump has been here in new hampshire again and again and each time he is here he recalls how new hampshire is where it all started for him where he got his first win and now he is saying as goes new hampshire, so goes his campaign. in four days we're going to win the great state of new hampshire we are going to win back the white house. >> anchor: donald trump back in new hampshire again of a sign of
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considers the granite state. trump and other speakers urging reluctant republicans and independents to switch from never trump to never hillary. come home, come home, come home and vote the ticket. trump arguing another clinton in the white house will be mired in continuing investigations of alleged corruption. we went through it with him with the impeachment, the lies. aren't we tired of this stuff? >> anchor: we also heard from the sister of benghazi victim massachusetts. quickly blames hilary clinton for inaction. she sent no one and for this she wants a promotion. we cannot let it happen. >> anchor: trump's time pitch is that he is the agent of change so many voters want and he even injected a note of humility. it's time to cut our ties with the failed and bitter politics of the past. hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday.
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>> anchor: from new hampshire trump today headed down to the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio. he is hitting five states tomorrow and then he is back to new hampshire again on monday. live in atkinson, new hampshire. dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: chelsea clinton seeking support for mother hillary in the granite state. the campaign's colliding in new hampshire with the election in sight. secretary clinton is also counting on a billionaire to bolster support. live from keane, new hampshire now. >> reporter: well, chelsea clinton was focusing on young voters today trying to get them fired up as she tries to get her mother elected in the state that could be pivotal in deciding the next president. chelsea clinton trying to close the deal for her mom in the battleground state of new hampshire. so important to turn out on tuesday so we can turn new
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>> anchor: at keane state college she appealed to young voters, a group the clinton campaign is trying hard to win over. with hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in the new hampshire polls, chelsea clinton told the crowd they can't sit on the sidelines. i really believe this is the most important presidential election of my lifetime and so i am going to do everything i possibly can to make the case about why i think we both have to defeat >> anchor: the a rally today in pennsylvania, clinton called on billionaire supporters pittsburgh native mark cuban. can you trust donald trump? >> anchor: clinton answered some of trump's recent attacks saying the debates prove she has the stamina to be president. then clinton pivoted saying she will unite the country. if you elect me on tuesday, that is the kind of president i will be.
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common ground. >> reporter: the parade of big name surrogates continues to roll through new hampshire. elizabeth warren tomorrow, hillary clinton herself on sunday and on election eve president barack obama. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: and long lines here in boston. people rushing to fill out their ballots before the endery voting. the deadline was 5:00 but still a huge wait as those who were already in line will still get to vote. go out to city p >> reporter: this is quite a scene that has everybody talking today. as you mentioned the polls here as for as early voting closed at 5:00. look behind us here. you can see the long lines outside city hall plaza. if that's not enough come on inside and you can see what's going on inside city hall right now. again people are again voting them have been in line all day long, some people tell us they have been in line for hours talking about two to three hours. we talked to the city election commissioner earlier and
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had thousands of people coming here today to vote. everybody wants to get this out of the way before next week. we spoke to the secretary of state as well. they told us 20% of registered voters in massachusetts have now cast ballots. we're talking about 900,000 registered voters have been to the polls for early voting. as we mention it all closed at 5:00 here in boston at city hall. what they agreed to do is the doors open to let everybody in line have a chance to cast a ease up some of the gridlock they are expecting on tuesday on election day. live inside city hall in boston tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: so again just four days left in our election count down. the race in new hampshire tighter than ever. right now we have results of our exclusive 7 news umass lowell poll that shows the race for president isn't the only close one in the granite state. political editor andy hiller
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in new hampshire donald trump is coming on. while hillary clinton is holding on in a race that couldn't be closer. in our exclusive umass 7 news poll they are tried. trump and clinton both get 44% among likely voters. gary johnson gets five and jill stein two. but compared to our poll last month, trump is up five points and clinton down one. the race is tied but this is a trump he has improved his favorability ratings and supporters are actually starting to believe that he can win. trump is making big gains with men. he is now beating clinton by 19 points among them an increase of ten points since our last poll. among women, clinton has a 16 point edge but that is down three points since last month. everyone expected the gender gap to be a story about women but the gender gap among women is pretty typical in new hampshire where trump has gained
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he has doubled his lead there and that's the story.. what's driving trump's momentum is the new investigation of the hillary clinton's e-mails. the f.b.i. investigation isn't having any impact on democrats. where it is affecting it is on republicans, those that may have voted for gary johnson or who aren't going to vote at all are now supporting trump. the new hampshire senate race is almost as close as the race for the white house. right now maggie haan at 47% is 46. hassan gained three points and ayotte lost one since our last poll. the senate race was competitive and it still is competitive. the contrast with the presidential race here is that you have two well-liked candidates mying it out to the end. now you know why clinton and trump are spend so much time in new hampshire and why ayotte and hand hassan are running so many adds. next week granite stale will go
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color new hampshire undecided. i'm andy hiller. 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, andy. stay with 7 news on air and on-line through election day and beyond. you can get update on the final campaign events on or our 7 news phone and tablet app. >> anchor: also on 7 demolition day at 8:00 crews will start taking turn the bridge but we're going to new york right now to listen to a news conference regarding those officers shot. thank them for tonight from the 43 precinct, doctors, the president of the new york and health and hospitals corporation, public advocate james, congressman jose cerano, rubin diaz junior, assembliman, council member
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and district attorney darcel clark. mr. mayor? thank you, commissioner. it's with en downs sorrow i inform you of the murder of sergeant paul tuzolo. commissioner o'neill and i broke the news of his death to his wife, his mother and father just over an sergeant was a 19 year veteran of the nypd, long-term and devoted member of the 43 precinct and a loving father of two young children. this city is in mourning and the family of the nypd is in mourning, particularly all of the menage women of the 43 precinct are in mourning right
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man, a devoted man, a man who committed his life to protecting all of us. we told his wife, his mother, his father that the nypd would be with them, with their family for as long as they need help for years and years to come. and we will support i want to express against the backdrop of this sorrow i want to express our appreciation to everyone at jacoby hospital, to the doctors, nurses, all the staff who labored so hard to save csar the sergeant. we appreciate your efforts deeply. commissioner? thank you, mr. mayor. it is with great anguish that i
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sargeant was shot and killed while doing his job, while trying to keep the people of this great city safe. at 2:45 p.m., a female called 911 stating a male armed with a gun had broken into her apartment on beach avenue in the bronx. that information was dispatched over our department radio. patrol units from the 43 precinct were responding, radio dispatcher advised them that the us at the had just fled the scene, was driving a red a few minutes later, at 2: 52[ta?-fp] p.m. the suspect's vehicle was observed at noble court and bronx river avenue by a mark pad troll car roughly a half mile from the original call. as officers approached the vehicle which was stopped at 1575 bronx river avenue, the suspect identified as manuel rosales, 35 years old, fired at the officer with a 45 caliber semiautomatic handgun.
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the suspect. during the exchange of gunfire two uniformed sergeants were shot, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. both sergeants were immediately transported to jacoby hospital. sergeant paul, a 19 year veteran was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. another sergeanting a nine year veteran was shot in the leg and is currently in stable condition. sergeant tuzulo worked at the 43 precinct tore ten years. a preliminary investigation revealed esstranged husband of a female occupant of the apartment on beach avenue. earlier today the suspect forcibly entered the apartment armed with a gun. at that time prep was his wife, their three-year-old son, another 13-year-old child and a 50-year-old woman who was the original 911 caller. a preliminary review of the suspect's history reveals 17 prior arrests within suffolk county, new york where he is
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further investigation of his background is currently under way. i want to take this time to thank the highly dedicated and professional staff here at jacoby hospital. >> anchor: new york city's police commissioner there speaking after mayor bill deblassio confirming a 19 year veteran of the nypd is dead and approximately ten year veteran is in stable condition after a shoot out that happened in the bronx today. still sorting out details about the suspect but it sounds like according to the commissioner he has quite the criminal police today. >> anchor: and city with the news station for the latest. we'll be right back. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this
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>> anchor: low to mid 50's currently but terms are falling fast. a frost advisory issued for the cape. kay won't be the coldest spot out there but that's the only area where the growing season is still active and national weather frost advisories if the growing is an is still there. gives you an idea of how chilly it will be later on. in the meantime not too bad at 53 in boston, 48 bedford, 45 the current temperature in worcester but it's going to be one of those evenings where the numbers drop quickly so if you have friday night plans by the time you are coming home, 11:00 down to about 37 in beverly, 36 in norwood, 37 worcester, 42 in town, so in some spots 15, 20 degrees colder later on tonight
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in boston, mid 30's and hyannis, little warmer for the outer cape could see several spots drop into the 20's later on so again kind of chilly. little cooler than average later on tonight. part of the reason is skies are clear, kind of between two systems. there is yesterday's system, there is our next weather maker approaching ottawa and toronto that will bring us some clouds tomorrow, maybe, maybe, maybe a sprinkle in some areas. but otherwise not a bad looking weekend. just a little bit cooler than afternoon. don't forget to set your clocks that makes this weekend one hour longer than every other weekend this year. election day looks really warm. no excuse not to get out and vote. enjoy. >> anchor: also on 7, another reminder for the weekend, that roadblock on route 128 in needham will start in just a few hours and go through sunday. so crews will shut down part of the highway while they tear down highland avenue bridge so if you are going to travel in that direction, here it is. northbound lanes shut down
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3:00 p.m. tomorrow. then the southbound side will be closed from 6:00 p.m. tomorrow until 3:00 p.m. on sunday. the state department transportation says if you need to travel in that area over this weekend, expect delays and detours. >> anchor: we hope you can stay right there because sports is coming up next. every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine.
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charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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ortiz, the red sox enter the off season as odds on favorite to win the 2017 american league pennant. and challenge cubs for next year's world series title. but the loss of ortiz won't be only void the red sox will have to feel. as expected john farrell will be searching for a new bench coach with the arizona diamondbacks hiring tory lavello to be their next manager. he reunited with a former red sox manager who was named gm of the diamondbacks just three weeks ago. an estimated 5 million people turned out in chicago today to celebrate the cubs first world series championship in 108 years. a staggering number considering the population of chicago is only about 2.7 million people. the impressive show of support leaving theo epstein in awe. it exceeded my wildest expectations by about ten fold
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boston. that was only point of reference i had. i think equal amounts of passion but just the size of the city this was overwhelming. it's still a long season and we still have a lot more to accomplish so it's not, it's just a very short respite and you get back and ready to go and hopefully we can have a great second half. >> anchor: despite opening the season with tom brady suspended for four games in addition to forced ricky brissett to start two games the patriots enter the bi week with the best record in the nfl but don't expect the pats to rest on their laurels. from being here for several years it's a big week for us as far as learning about ourselves and trying to understand what we have done well, what we haven't done well. how we can get better moving forward for the rest of the season. right in the middle of the season is a great time to have
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to be relatively healthy so hopefully we can continue to improve our health situation this week and then as you said hopefully we can continue to play well when we come off the bi. buccaneers hosting the falcons mike evans hauling in a game high 11 catches, none sweeter than this one handed grab. evans take a big pop inbound and hangs on for our play of the day. in the red sox we'll be in attendance on monday for former royal closer greg hollins showcase, holland missed the entire 26 season, 2016 season following tommy john surgery in october of 2015. that's sports. >> anchor: nice to have you here, chelsea. >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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join leading newspapers and governor baker in voting yes on 2. >> anchor: time is up for the news at 0 clock on a friday. hope you have a great stay so far. i am adam williams. >> anchor: i'm can kaize. so beautiful out there. enjoy your evening, everybody. have a great weekend if we don't see you until monday but we invite you and would love to you
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tonight, the final sprint to the finish now under way, both campaigns in full attack mode. advantage clinton, but battleground polls too close for comfort. tonight, what to watch for in the final days. nbc news exclusive. america's top secret weap ready to take action ainst russia, and intelligence sources tell nbc news, we're already inside. horrific discovery. a woman missing for months, found alive, chained up in a storage container. a convicted sex offender under arrest, and tonight, another grisly find. and exploding washing machines. another warning about samsung. hundreds of top-loading washers suddenly blowing apart. tonight a massive


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