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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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country. >> reporter: can you believe it? here we are, finally. election day after a bitter campaign, 18 long months. we're here in times square. a lot of people have nicknamed this place cross records of the world but you could argue that is the center of the lits cal universe. we're at west 47 their and broadway. about five blocks to my norts campaign is centered at hilton midtown where he is hoping for a big victory. to my south we've hillary clinton's camp where she is hoping to become the first female leader of the united states and shatter the literal and figurative glass ceiling. we do want you to know that the day started very early with voting. hillary clinton voting in chap ka in upstate new york. it was just after 8:00.
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husband, former president bill clinton. told reporters she was' very humblinged actual toe see her name on the balanceot. and she told voters to check the box next to it and she would do her best, her utmost best if given the privilege of serving this country as president. we haven't seen her since she cast her vote aides she she is working on two different speeches depending on the outcome of this fight here tonight. this election. so a f we've donald trump making his way to the voting booth in manhattan's lower east side. voting alongside him his wife, his daughter ivanka. when he got to the polling sent center he said he hasn't been seen since he voted as well. but he did send out videos on twitter. and he just urged people to get out there and vote. definitely the compaigns
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there is a developing story from the trump campaign. earlier today, we were learning that the trump campaign's legal team was filing a lawsuit in the state of nevada over early voting. their allegation that voters were allowed to continue voting long after the polls had closed. late word we're just getting the news that a judge in neff never, a state judge tossed out the lawsuit. let's go to dan hausle with the rest of the day's events from the trump campaign today. >> buying treats from kids right before voting at a new york city school. trump was there with wife melania, daughter ivanka and her husband. after casting his vote he refused to make a blanket statements that he would accept election results saying things are looking good. as trump chris coded the country yesterday he said tom brady told him over the phone that he voted for him. here is tom posing with poll
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>> he called today and he said, donald, i support you, you are my friend. and i voted for you. >> reporter: that prompted someone on twitter to ask brady's wife if she and tom were supporting trump? gist elle responded with an emphatic no. but the pats not the only one supporting the republican. trump read from a letter coach belichick -- >> so he writes, congratulations on a tremendous campaign. i've always had tremendous respect for you but the toughness and perseverance you've displayed over the past year is remarkable. hopefully, tomorrow's election results will give the opportunity to make america great again. >> reporter: that was dan hausle reporting of course. trump's clarion call was make america great again. with hillary clinton
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for the latest on the campaign there let's head out to byron barnett. he has been watching clinton campaign. he joins us from outside the javitz center where they're hoping for a big victory tonight. >> reporter: they're hoping for a big victory. hillary clinton had a pretty low-key day today following a volatile campaign after voting this morning. we're told she stayed home for the rest of the day making phone calls and doing a little tweeting urging people to final preparations under way at the javitz convent center in new york where hillary clinton will address her supporters under a the nation when the results of the election are known. clinton who has often spoken of breaking through the glass ceiling will be under a real one when she speaks standing on a stage shaped like the united states. >> it's the most humbling feeling, dan, because i know how much responsibility goes
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outcome of this election. what it means for our country, and i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> reporter: clinton avoiding any appearances of overconfidence when she voted but campaign chair says clinton returned home this morning in a very positive mood. >> after we came back up here and she landed in west chester and saw so many of her friends came out to the airport at morning to greet her, i think she was' really upbeat. >> reporter: what does the clinton want voters to think when they go to the polls? >> the stark contrast because someone who is optimistic, who wants to bring people together. to wants to lift people up. who has been doing it against a candidate who is really from the first days of his campaign been all about belittling people and dividing country. >> reporter: podesta says
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closely when the early results on the east coast start coming in. he says the campaign has contacted verdictually every person in new hampshire who has even thought about voting for hillary clinton and he says he is confident of a victory tonight. the latest live from clinton's election headquarters i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> reporter: thank you so much. of course having these two political candidates in the same city at presents some huge security challenges. just this week the mayor was talking about that talking with officials from the city including the city's police commissioner about the task at hand they are saying they're ready for it likening it to new year's eve. also they were able to accommodate the pope last fall along with several world leaders including president obama. so he says everybody is resolved. they're up to the challenge.
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he said it's their sacred obligation to make sure that electoral process unfolds as it should. we'll be watching it all as it happens. sending it back to you in boston. >> ryan: thank you so much. we'll continue to check in back with you. >> jadiann: the imagine you can number is the 270 electoral votes. that is the number either donald trump or hillary clinton will need to get to win the race. >> ryan: new hampshire will de adam williams is live with more on the states we'll be watching very closely. >> adam: the lines to vote are long in many of the swing states. we mention new hampshire. another closely watched state will be north carolina. this is a look at voters in charlotte this morning. 15 electoral votes at stake there. another state considered critical in the race for the ohio -- white house, ohio.
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voters heading out. back here in new england all ballots have been cast and counted in dixville notch, new hampshire. communities with less than 100 voters can open polls at midnight and close them as soon as everyone has voted. with just eight voters in dixville notch, all the residents cast the results and their results were tallied ten minutes after midnight. clinton won. the other two votes split between johnson and mitt romney and two other small new hampshire towns have counted. in harts' location trump beat clinton and in millsfield trump received 16. clinton eved 4. many, many more votes are being cast today. we'll track the results in new england and all across this country. so stay here for the very latest. in the newsroom i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: new hampshire
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the balance of power in the senate. voters are deciding between kelly ayotte and her democratic challenger governor maggie hassan. ayotte has been criticized for her alleged support of donald trump, but today she says she voted differently. jonathan hall live for us at ayotte's headquarters with more on this really tight race here and important race. >> reporter: jadiann, it sure is. senator ayotte did confirm sh name reefing the running made. she changed her mind about donald trump after the release of the access hollywood video but she wanted to talk about her own race. the senator voted early with her family. her daughter kate joining her in the booth. >> it's a beautiful day for an election. so you know, i think that there will be a high turnout that. is great for new hampshire. >> reporter: ayotte has to be exhausted after making 30
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campaign swing to finish up as she left the school in nashua someone guessed she must be glad it's over. >> i'm sure everyone is. >> reporter: the senator insists she is confident despite polls showing she is locked in a tight race with governor hassan, her priorities -- >> addressing the heroin epidemic, better paying jobs, lowering hurricane costs. >> reporter: ayotte grew up inas they're with kelly. >> because i couldn't stand maggie hassan. >> i think she has done a pretty good job. i don't like what hasson has done. >> reporter: that did it. >> that that did it. >> reporter: doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement of kelly ayotte but here in concord, most of the voters are democratic. real clear politics did an average of 7 recent polls,
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ayotte haves a slim lead within the margin error. reporting live in concord, new hampshire, jonathan hall. >> ryan: the race has been so tight. a recent u.s. 7 news poll found -- hasson has gotten strong support from clinton. >> reporter: hassan had a lot of political star power in the last couple of weeks, she had had vice president bernie sanders, elizabeth warren but everyone wondering if that will be enough. [applause] >> reporter: new hampshire governor maggie hassan with her family was out voting early this morning hoping many others cast their ballots as well. >> one of the things i'm trying to encourage all granite staters to do is get out and vote. >> reporter: hassan has been locked in a tight race and is hopeful granite state vote remembers looking for a change. >> there is a clear choice
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whether we are going to continue to have a senator in my opponent who stands with corporate special interests and her party or whether we're going to have a new senator with my record of standing with the people. >> reporter: her supporters busy making last-minute election day phone calls urging everyone to get to the polls knowing every vote could make a big difference. >> feel the excitement in the room. it's wonderful to have all the volunteers coming from within the state, out of the state just here to help. you just -- it is amazing. >> reporter: a race this close hassan not resting on her laurels, she has a busy afternoon scheduled with campaign stops at polling stations throughout the evening up until the polls close. the latest live from manchester, new hampshire, tim caputo, 7 news. >> jadiann: security very tight in polls across the country. the justice department is stepping up their operations sending more than 500
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kimberly bookman live for thrust with more. exactly what is going on with that tighter security? >> reporter: the these monitors are going to 28 different states. the only place in massachusetts is in quincy but the average voter won't likely notice any difference. they're just here to make sure everything goes smoothly. some come wearing stars and stripes, their hats and stickers galore as bay staters exercise their right to vote. >> everyone is trying to get thvo going to be a big turn out. >> reporter: the secretary of state's office is predicting more than 3 million people. so far the turnout is higher in boston than it was four years ago and many say despite the first year of early voting lines are long this day. >> when i came in at 11:30 the line was about 45 minutes long. so i was lucky enough to come back and it was only about 10 minutes this time. >> reporter: one difference was in quincy where the justice department sent election monitors to make sure everything goes smoothly.
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or intimidation at the polls. while the city clerk says there has never been problems there, quincy may have been on their radar because a lot of constituents speak english as a second language. >> the asian community is much more shier and shying away, maybe the language barrier. >> reporter: the attorney general's office is making sure voters are treated add equally no matter their race, disability or language. long time v notice anything different. >> this is where the action is. they want to monitor this and make sure everything it on the up and up. >> reporter: the secretary of state's office says everything is going shootingly. there is a bet of a snafu with ballots in haverhill but that was' quickly recommend deed. >> jadiann: 7 news has complete election cover including a team in new york city where the two candidates are. byron barnett, christa del camp and dan hausle will be at the trump and clinton
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tomorrow. also on "today in new england." our team 7 coverage getting started. live reports from our team of reporters and analysis from andy hiller all night long as long as it may go. maybe into the morning. >> ryan: we're ready for it. controversial questions on the ballot. we'll look at what else you will be voting for here in massachusetts. >> reporter: nice, mild afternoon. mild again tomorrow but a few sprinkles possible. forecast up next. his vote but not for president why charlie baker says he didn't finish
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>> ryan: voice your choice coverage turning to a controversial question on the ballot. question 2 proposes up to 12 new charter schools with an increase in e supporters of yes on two. amaka ubaka is live with more on question two. and what it could mean if it passes. >> reporter: governor baker is a strong yes on question two which would lift the cap on charter schools. this was once a bipartisan issue. but with so much money being thrown into the campaign on both sides using advertisements and mail in campaigns like this it's
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it's question 2 passes the state board of education could approve 12 new charter schools or allow current ones to expand their enrollment each year. at least $35 million have been raised by both sides making it the most expensive ballot initiative in state history. >> this is going to be a disaster if this passes purchase. >> when i went in -- >> reporter: those that support the expansion say it could create opportunity for more than 32,000 students on the charter school wait and move massachusetts closer to an equal quality education for all. >> a lot of kids get push aid long. if they make it to college their freshman year they are struggling or they drop out because they can't compete. >> reporter: opponents say the schools are privately run but publicly financed draining resources from district schools. >> how can anybody expect public schools to be improved when you are
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illion has been lost to charter schools which in the future would lead to larger class sizes and cut science, math, music and physical education. >> everyone is very concerned about what this means for the fiscal health of our city. all academic heavy weights have come down on the side of this does not impact district schools. >> reporter: the most recent poll from western new england university has 39% of voters that support question 2 and 52% that we've seen a strong amount of voters from both sides turn out. we'll have to wait for the final numbers. live in back bay, amaka ubaka, 7 news. >> jadiann: there are also three other ballot questions being decided in massachusetts. in addition to what amaca was talking about. let's look at ballot question 1. a yes vote would allow the state's gambling commission to issue an additional slots
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downs, question 3 proposes to prevent farm owners to confining animals in small spaces. question four very controversial. a very vote on 4 would legalize recreational main use in the state for people 21 and older. people would be up to have up to once ounce on them and >> ryan: we'll explain the scary sight, on a plane in middlesex cothat looks -- middlesex cothat looks -- mexico that looks like something from out of a movie. >> jadiann: we're watching the polls as the results start to come in on this historic day. stay with us.
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: fantastic right now. lots of sunshine. tomorrow more clouds around. there may be a few sprinkles tomorrow afternoon as a cool front but overall, we're in a mild pattern for several days. going back the last several presidential elections here in the city of boston, the city this afternoon had a high of then in 2008, 66, and in 2000 and 2004 similar numbers. fitchburg right now at 66. bedford at 62. plymouth at 55. city of boston sea breeze. 53. we'll bid adieu to the sun. clouds will begin to show up overnight tonight. this weather system here, here is the cool front.
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of generating clouds. sometime you can find rains and thunderstorms. other times just the clouds. i think that's what we're tracking for you tomorrow. there is not a lot of cold air. i mean it's academically, it's a cool front but you go from the 50s to the 50s. so there is not real' stark contrast in the air. about ready to come back into new england. clouds are on the increase, 39-51. wide range of temperature, boston lower 50s tomorrow morning, tomorrow mostly cloudy.a afternoon. i don't think anything significant but you want the rain gear on stand by, i won't be offended by that. here comes the cool front in the afternoon. you see the gray, those are the clouds but not much in the way of rain. there is a sprinkle there. one up to the sea coast. cape ann so hit and miss sprinkle, could be a spot shower tomorrow evening into new mexico tomorrow night. but even down in those locations less than .1 of an inch of rain. upper 50s to around 60
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through. thursday is the cool air. around 50 degrees, friday we warm it up for veterans day, upper 50s and saturday chilly. just a one-day thing. see you at 4:30. >> jadiann: time for traffic. here is matt fitzgerald with a check of the roads on this election day. >> reporter: not a good situation on the expressway south. broken down vehicle in the h.o.v.lane. the h.o.v.lane has been shut. state police and mass heavy on the leverett connector both connections. heavy on the zakim, slow moving up to 128. southbound side is crawling. also heavy on the lower deck back near sullivan square. zakim bridge to route 128, a 31 minute drive. >> ryan: chaos in cambridge. what happened at an event at the cambridgeside galleria mall. >> jadiann: a plane
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figure out what went wrong. >> ryan: we're staying on top of voice your choice coverage. this is a live look from denver. you can see people voting here. colorado a very important state tonight. keep an eye on that and we'll have complete coverage on that one. we'll have complete coverage on 7 news.
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