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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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with the news station for more on this breaking story. >> anchor: we are also following breaking news out of boston where a large group of protestors have gathered on boston common to protest the results of the presidential election. it has been peaceful in sharp contrast is passionate protest in portland, oregon. the demonstration turning violent. many upset after donald trump was elected. complete at first calling out demonstrators saying they were being unfair but changed his tune calling them passionate. >> anchor: let's go live where the e on the common behind him right now. kim, the night may have fallen here but the protest is only growing here on boston common. it started at about 2:00 now at the 5:00 hour. plenty of people are still here. you can see that they are protesting, they are shouting anti-trump messages and they are not only concerned about the election, but they are also
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sense of unity after the election. sky 7 was over the scene earlier. you will be able to see just how many people were here. back live you can see plenty of people standing around. they are talking and just angry over some of this election. i want to bring in val from watertown, you are here, what is the message here? i came because it's a love an instrument of peace and i really want to have america take personal responsibility for their choices as i am and i want there to be kindness in the country and that we live up to the values that we stand for. >> reporter: thank you very much. that's the basic message here not only upset about the election, but also a sense of unity after this in terms of how the country can come together
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alex deprato, 7 news. >> anchor: just in to the 7 newsroom, president oh electricity donald trump may be shifting his position on the affordable care act that. is according to the wall street journal since meeting with president obama this week, president-elect trump says he favors keeping two aspects, banning the denial of coverage due to patient's preeexisting conditions and allowing depends to remain on their parents insurance policy until the age of 26. donald trump will pick to help him run our country. today the president elect said he was in new york making decisions and we've learned there has already been a shake up within trump's transition team. amaka ubaka live with details on that. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie had been the head of the transition team but has now been bumped down by president elect trump putting his running mate, mike pence, in control. vice president elect mike pence
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some of the future first family, members of congress and campaign loyalists like former new york mayor rudy guiliani. i can see already how he is going to be a great president and i'm glad i can play a small role. >> reporter: it's the first in a flood of personnel announcements twitter teased by president elect trump. we, together, are going to drain the swamp. the candidate who ran against washington's elite is now lookin g.o.p. chair prievu is on the short list to the chief of staff the president's gatekeeper. it is somebody that can speak truth to power. >> reporter: how representative will the new administration be? there is a lot of great women out there and the same can be said with hispanic, muslim. he will have a diverse cabinet. >> anchor: for now, mr. trump is hard at work in trump tower in new york city.
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evaluating candidates for the 4,000 positions he needs to fill. in the control room, amaka ubaka 7 news. >> anchor: roger goodell talking trump today. he said the president-elect's comments about women will make it more difficult for the nfl to reduce domestic violence by the athletes. the league has been the center of controversy for its handling of domestic violence cases including former new york giants kicker josh brown. stay with 7 news for the latest on trump's transition to the white house. we'll have coverage on air and an line and tablet apps. >> anchor: we are following more news today. we're hearing from a family member following a deadly discovery inside that home in marlborough. a baby found dead with two unconscious adults nearby. those adults sent to the hospital and police are working to figure out what happened in that home. byron barnett is live with some new information on the adults tonight. byron? >> reporter: we've just learned from sources that 7 news sources tell us that emergency
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administered narcan, those a drug that reverses drug overdes, to one or both of the two adults found not responsive here at this home. but it's the death of a little baby that's breaking so much hearts. we're told it was a two-month-old little boy. we're devastated obviously. >> reporter: family members struggling with the tragedy that took place inside this marlborough home. yesterday around noon, police responding to a 911 call here found a baby and unresponsive. list say the baby was later pronounced dead and that the two adults, a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man were hospitalized. >> reporter: does anybody know what happened to the bobby? nobody knows yet. we're still waiting. how is the mom doing in. she is doing better. >> reporter: man says they were the babies parents. she was excited to be a mother. she loved her baby. that's all i know.
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family had a baby shower two months ago and that everyone on the street was invited. it's pretty sad because again we knew they were happy about this baby so it's sad a little baby died and it's not fair. we just kind of want to know what happened because it was a happy, she was expecting that baby with joy. we believe it was an accident. until i guess we hear otherwise. >> reporter: the middlesex more information after it learns more from the medical examiner's office. the state department of children and family says it is also involved in this case. that's the latest live from marlborough. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: in the case against bill cosby the comedian's attorney making a bold statement saying when her client is cleared, he expects to resume his career in show business. cosby is facing a defamation lawsuit filed here in massachusetts against him by 7 women who accused him of sexual impropriety. in that suit, cosby's attorney
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documents about his compensation for performances. >> anchor: new at 5:00, a dump truck hits a bridge and flips over on route 9 in framingham. another driver right in front of this truck says the operate headed up the left and that's what hit the bridge an caused the truck to roll. the driver in front said he did try to stop the trucker before he got to the bridge and once the crash happened he raced into help. i knew he would hit the bridge so i just stayed back, he hit the started leaguing out of the line into the road and the truck was still running so it went around the front and then he became conscious. i told him to shut the truck off and the window was kind of loose. i pulled a window out and he got out of the truck and this is what we get here. >> anchor: and luckily the truck driver appears to be okay. >> anchor: it is moving day for the f.b.i. the f.b.i.'s boston headquarters relocating to chelsea. the new 268,000 square foot building is 8 stories high and
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of land. a formal dedication ceremony will take place early next year. the division spent 2 years at its previous location in downtown boston at 1 center plaza. >> anchor: also on 7, millions of people across our country honoring those who have made a special sacrifice and served. the governor and other massachusetts leaders holding a service at the statehouse, also that big parade through the streets of boston happened today. 7's jonathan hall live in boston at the fallen heroes memorial with more on today's john? >> reporter: kim, it's not just a kay off. it's a day to remember. it was a brilliant but cold and blustery day in boston. yet some folks did pause to remember veterans. here in south boston representatives of the various armed services placed floral wreaths at the massachusetts fallen heros memorial. it honors those who died serving this nation in afghanistan and
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it's a large hole that's left unfilled so daze like today are a way to kind of if ilthat hole in a little even if it's temporary. there were parades too, these men and women march proclaiming themselves veterans for peace. veterans day started in 1938. it was called armiss day. the 20th anniversary then of the end of world war i. november 11, 1918. at a statehouse ceremony governor bake red a letter from a new york mom who lost her son in vietnam. he is thinking about parents today who sent their children off to the military. the kids and the men and women who serve in our military these days are among the very best we have and they are putting themselves in serious harm's way. >> anchor: gold star families placed roses in a glass wall to honor loved ones and they heard from a green berra nate boyer, a
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if i don't have that in my life every day at left a little bit i am completely empty and i'm lost. >> anchor: and nate noted he saw people out protesting today. he admitted that kind of bothers him on veteran's day. he said those people should remember that their right to protest comes from the veterans who fought for that right. live in south boston, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: president obama honoring our veterans past and present heave took place in the relaying arlington national cement. it's a tradition on veteran's day. president obama spoke on what we can do to recognize those who serve and have served our country. we can pay it forward, we can volunteer, we can serve. we can respect one another. we can always get each other's backs. that is what veterans day asks all of us to think about. >> anchor: the president's address focused on veterans but
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election encouraging citizens to continue to forge unity. in our nation's cap it will a ceremony at the world war ii memorial paid tribute to the 16 million americans who served. each veteran in atenance was recognized for his or her service. each receiving an american flag. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. we are dealing with some whipping winds today plus it look like things are going to get cooler tonight as we take a live look over the city of boston. let's check in with meteorologist breakers for your weekend forecast. >> reporter: the two of those things typically the winds bring in mary poppins, right, but this time bringing in much cooler temperatures. we still have a wind advisory in effect and that stays into effect even into the overnight hours. things staying pretty windy, even gusty from time to time. gusts right now anywhere between 25 to 35 miles per hour. those strongest gusts out there for the cape and islands. gusting around 29 to 30 miles per hour in boston right now but there is the potential for winds to strengthen as we get into the next few hours of this evening
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off until you make it indoors i will tell you. that's my biggest tip. you can see some of the this white stuff that's draining in from the north and northwest. we will not be getting any of this snow but that does give you an idea of the chillier air that is ushering in, being ushered in i should say by the winds. we have really dropped significantly in temperatures. our high today in boston with 60 now we're saying at 46 so just how cold does it get and how long does the chill stay with us? we'll get to the extended forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> anchor: patriots ready for a super bowl rematch in foxboro which the first time the patriots and sea hawks will meet since the 2015 super bowl and we all remember the wild ending to that game and interception that sealed the deal for a patriots win. the sea hawks will fly into foxboro with revenge on their mind. chelsea mcdonald live at gillette with a preview of sunday note's big game. chelsea? patriots are focused on disrupting a very mobile russel willson who is getting over those ankle and knee injuries
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now that seattle's russel wise son is getting healthy the patriots pass rush must improve. he is one of the top quarterbacks that's been playing in the last five years or so i think he has been playing. we have a lot on our plate. >> anchor: known for his mobility, wilson is coming off one of his best performances of the season against buffalo containing the dual threat will be a top priority for the patriots defense. he is good on defense. never takes his eyes off down field so you have to always try to my his biggest give gift is trying to get rid of it whether it be on the move or in the pocket once he makes that decision that goes and it gets there. >> reporter: despite being average and yards allowed a game the patriots rank second right above seattle and points per game and at home, the pats defense has dominated, giving up just 14.3 points per game. it will take a team effort. everybody has to do their job, whoever they are on that play or
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lot of intensity really. >> anchor: the patriots biggest challenge will be stopping the run and shutting down seattle's big play capabilities. reporting at gillette stadium, chelsea mcdonald, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news is your home for the pats super bowl rematch on sunday. we get things starred with 7 on the sidelines starting at 6:30. that's followed by kick off at 8:30. >> anchor: still to come on the news station this evening. reliving the terrifying scene inside the pulse nightclub as we get a new look at how poli responding to the deadly shooting in orlando. >> anchor: at 5:30 a carjacking leads to a wild ride through multiple states as we hear from the woman who was attacked during a get away attempt. >> anchor: drama at the dentist caught on camera. not the kind you might think. a car plows right into the office. >> anchor: then in just one hour, a century salute it a world war ii veteran. how his family was able to pull off a surprise of a lifetime. >> anchor: plus, on just one station, you will hear from a passenger who called 911 after
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bus. >> anchor: we continue to follow that breaks news from lynn. a huge brush fire burning in the lynn woods there. this is individual oh from sky 7 actually this is live pictures from sky 7. you can see here so far no evacuations are needed but flames continue to burn. we'll continue to follow this story right here on the news
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>> anchor: i went to update you on the break news that's happening in lynn right now. look at the size of that brush fire. sky 7 hd over the scene this. is a lynn woods and in fact we just learned that the fire department is monitoring the flames, but not actively fighting it because it is so deep into the the closest neighborhood is ridge street. fire fighters aren't evacuating anyone right now but it's windy out there and the fire is pretty substantial so we'll keep an eye on it. stay with the news station for developments on the breaking story. >> anchor: we're getting a chilling look at the aftermath of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. new body camera video shows tense and horrifying moments when police arrived there on scene. 49 people mr. killed after gunman opened fire inside back in june. >> anchor: we're seeing exactly what officers saw as people
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horror and chaos. body cameras show officers rushing in with girny after girny as they try to pull out the massive amount of victims that came pouring out of pulse nightclub on june 12. officers running inal directions with weapons drawn. panic inside the club during ther iting moments when shooter alomar in a teen went rampage. you can see brave first responders and officers take quick action as they escort victims to safety and those tense moments near the bathroom where mateen held hostages near this intense shooter situation. of curse we know that number rose to 49 victims who were killed by matee and 53 others wounded. some of those videos we're told
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victims. investigators are still waving those body cam videos like the one you saw to learn more about the horror that happened that night. >> anchor: next on 7 news going viral. the first lady and lebron james and defending nba champion teaming up to take on a very special challenge. >> anchor: some chilly temperatures already knocking on our door but they don't stick around through the entire weekend. we'll get to the forecast next. >> anchor: then at 5:30, a shocking scene after a deer runs
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>> anchor: a large brush fire continues to burn in lynn woods. this is a pretty far into the woods and so the fire department says they are monitoring the situation. they are not fighting the fire because it's so deep in there but you can see a lot of flames there as it goes through the trees and other kind of situations going on out here in the woods. but it is deep out there and it is windy out there so that is one big concern with this situationi >> anchor: i guess that they are saying they are just keeping a watch on it. they think it will burn itself out. i'm not sure. we'll continue to watch it but definitely we knew the wind was coming and it's still an issue right now. let's check in with bri. what are we talking in term of wind right now. >> reporter: we do still have a very persistent breeze with us that's gusty from time to time but sustained winds meaning a wind that's just with us and not going anywhere, anywhere from
5:24 pm
per hour as you get to the strongest winds out near cape cod and the islands. the gusts have been stronger earlier today, almost near 50 miles per hour for cambridge, rockport, getting close to that as well and we do still have that wind advisory in effect with us until the overnight hours. that doesn't expire until 1:00 a.m. tonight and remains fairly breezy and even gusty into the evening hours, even into the overnight hours. here are your peak wind gusts at this time right around 30 miles per hour, boston stretching area as well and stronger gusts for cape cod and the islands anywhere from 30 to 40 mile-per-hour gusts. still could gust up to 50 miles per hour and those strong winds could potentially be damaging, especially with drought conditions. we know those branches can snap a little more easily so something we need to monitor as we head through the overnight hours. current temperatures are a dropping because that wind is not only very persistent and a
5:25 pm
mass for us. this is an arctic front that's moving in our direction. so even though our highs today were quite mild, almost ten degrees above normal for this time of year, we have dropped significantly through the last few hours sitting in the low to mid 40's at this point. 40 degrees in worcester, 46 in boston, norwood as well. 44 in beverly. overnight tonight things do get very chilly despite the windy conditions, typically when you have winds to keep things mixed your temperatures can drop back a whole t. would even see temperatures in the teens. 27 to 34 looks to be our lows overnight into early tomorrow morning so if you are an early riser for saturday morning, this is what you can expect bundling up. boston logan hasn't seen a 32 degree temperature yet this season. we will get very close to it for tomorrow morning. possibly even making it there. then tomorrow while we get the bright sunshine around temperatures don't warm up a whole lot. it looks like mid to upper 40's for most of us. touching 50 degrees in the
5:26 pm
however, that's just one and done with the cool day. we warm temperatures back up for us sunday into monday, to do even have another 60 degree day for us and we stay dry as well so clear skies expected for that cool, but again dry patriots forecast for sunday and bright full moon on the way for us for tuesday as well. here a look at your 7 on 7 forecast. watching a potential storm system heading up the coastline late tuesday into wednesday, stay tuned for more detail on that. >> anchor: challenge accepted. the reigning nba champion cleveland caviliers posting for the man ken challenge with first lady michelle obama. lebron james and company took time to pose during their trip to the white house to celebrate their win and cavs tweeted the photo captioning it freezing our white house visit in time forever with the flotus. >> anchor: in the kitchen
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>> anchor: thing soap for joining us. another 60 minutes of 7 news state ashed. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: a police chase takes a violent turn. we're hearing from a woman who was caught in the middle of this dangerous drive. >> anchor: and caught on camera. dental drama has a car slams into a dentist's office. >> anchor: meeting melania. we're learning more about the future first lady. inspirational tory punching its way to the big screen. >> anchor: we have are following breaking news. sky 7 h overnight a raging bush fire if lynn. the fire has been burning for a couple hours now. >> anchor: let's go to kim khazei in the newsroom for details. >> anchor: pretty impressive brush fire in the lynn woods as you talk a look at these live pictures we can tell you the closest neighborhood is on ridge street and it's fairly far away. this is it deep in the woods


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