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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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streets are blocked off and police are asking people to stay away from the area at all costs. we are going to continue to follow the story as we get more information throughout the afternoon. >> ryan: we're also following breaking news here in boston. an accident involving a silver line bus that happened in the south end. alexis collide being with the bus. police believe there are minor injuries as a result of the crash. the driver of the lexus will be cited for ailure to yield. >> jadiann: a king tide causing minor flooding along the coast. this was the scene in beverly. all of this happening because of the big supermoon. >> ryan: add in the main and it's making for one wet day. chief meteorologist jeremy reiner is here. >> reporter: we have the rain and there is a batch of steady rainfall back through the 495 corridor, worcester hills, merrimack valley, raining at this time and we'll have this rain occurring during the evening commute so that's going to
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locations where you have leaves in the storm drains it's possible there could be localized street flooding. there are no flash floods in effect. even that king tide we've come out of the high tide cycle and we're working into low tide so that is the good news where we catch a break because the winds have been beginning to increase out of the east and northeast between 10-20 miles an hour. but when you have the storm surge of about a half foot with a low tide it shouldn't be an issue. it's a compact little storm. it's ours for the next several hours but this will scoot up to northern new england just after mid night. how much rain? city of boston about a quarter of an inch of rain. worcester about half inch. we're in a drought. the timing stinks because fease the commute but we'll take what we can get and that will wind down. we'll talk more about rest of the week in a few minutes. >> reporter: the north shore feeling the effects of the high tide. you can see several streets
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>> jadiann: boston's withoutfront impacketsed. byron barnett is live for us with more on this. and boy, still coming down out there. >> reporter: definitely. we're at long wharf park along boston harbor. this was the place to be earlier this morning during high tide. if you wanted to see the results of the supermoon everyone has been talking about. where i'm standing you don't see much here but water was about a foo mother nature this morning didn't disappoint. scrolling through the tidal waters in mid november. some people just couldn't resist. >> it's wild. it's very unexpected. >> it's loom like ice but it feels great. it's refreshing. >> reporter: nature lovers out to see the coastal flooding at long wharf park in boston harbor. snapping pictures enjoying the experience. >> it's exciting.
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unique opportunity to experience nature in a different environment. >> reporter: at 11:06 it wasn't just high tide. it was a king tide. result of the gravitational pull from the supermoon many witnessed earlier this week. a moon that hasn't passed this close to the early in nearly 70 years. >> i saw the moon last night through my window so i wanted to see the high tide. >> reporter: what fascinates you about this? >> fact this is supposed to be where people walk. >> hearing about the supermoonand seeing the results of it. >> reporter: water rushing up the stone steps of the park, lifting trash barrels and causing them to sway with the waves. the gravitational pull of the moon today pulling curious onlookers to win one of mother nature's rare displays. what fascinates you -- >> rising water. rising water i think is very fascinating and to see it like this when usually it
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that sledge. >> reporter: back here live this is a good example of what we've been talking about. look at that 12 feet down at low. the water came all the way up the stairs, up here and flooded into the park area. this is how high that tide was today. now the next time we're going to see a supermoon and all of this that goes along will be 2034. that's the latest live from long wharf park, barnett, 7 news. >> ryan: stay with 7 news for extreme weather coverage. also check out for upto date information when we aren't on on the air. also use our mobile and tablet apps. >> the truck jackknife and hit the guard rail. no word if there is injuries. >> jadiann: police in weston looking for a man accused of suspicious behavior over the weekend.
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this sketch. they say he pulled up next to a 0-year-old poy on brook road, got out of his car then stipulated to the child. the boy ran away and the man drove off. >> reporter: to the latest on gronk's injury. he took a pretty good hit on sunday so everyone is wondering if he will be on the practice field. >> reporter: the tight end has a chest injury for sure after that hit he took from the sea hawks early thomas. the question is how serious is the injury? there are c the nfl network reporting gronk suffered a punctured lunge by espn turned it into a chest injure andy not a punctured lung. the nfl network results have been connected back to gronk's camp. one thing is for sure bill belichick not slayering any details -- sharing any details. >> i don't have anything to
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so we'll, put our report out wednesday after we practice and see what happens on wednesday. >> he has had some pretty tough injuries to deal with. he keeps coming back. rehab. is hart and his play never falls off so i think that shows the credit he deserves for the time he puts in taking care of his body being ready to go. >> reporter: gronk license -- cancelled an appearance. he was advised against flying. we'll see if that jet across for sunday's game in san fran. joe amorosino, 7 news. >> ryan: at 5:00 much more on gronk's injury and reaction from his team mates about the big hawaii for all your patriots news check out the >> jadiann: getting ready for a trump transition. it's just 65 days until the trumps move into the white house. steve handelsman has today's latest developments. >> reporter: vice
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trump transition amid speculation the president-elect will name his secretary of stayed. to deal with russia. the fight against isis, nato and new trade deals. conservative former u.n. ambassador john bolton is said to be a candidate. >> i think trump will be a far stronger leader. >> reporter: touted last night by rudy giuliani. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me. >> reporter: the former mayor justice department. >> i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be attorney general. >> i won't have to decide that one, thank god. >> reporter: democrats are in disappointment nancey plows -- >> we just got our butts kicked. >> reporter: don't blame me. >> president-elect trump tapped into the strain and was able to broaden that enough and get enough votes. >> reporter: for capitol hill republicans today --
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hats are the fashion. house speaker paul ryan who fretted for a year trump is not conservative vowed quick action on the trump agenda. >> we're on the same page. i talk with donald trump virtually every single day. >> reporter: ryan was renominated speaker by a unian miscellaneous vote of house republicans. it's a dramatic show of unity that many thought had been badly divided and damaged by donald trump. i'm steve nbc news, capitol hill. >> jadiann: stay with 7 news for more on the trump transition to the white house. when we're not on air you can always get updates on and also on the apps. >> ryan: president obama arrives in greece as part of his last overseas journaly in office. the president took on questions about the leaks outcome saying that donald trump tapped into a troubling rhetoric and american fears of
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rhetoric among republican elected officials and activists and media. some of it pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts, but being used effectively to mobilize people. and obviously, president-elect trump tapped into t within the republican party then was able to broaden that enough and get enough votes to win the election. >> ryan: president obama's final international trip will take him to germany and peru where questions about president-elect trump are expected to dominate his conversation. >> jadiann: song getting back to work for the first time since the election of donald trump. they're on the steps of the
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photograph. the new congress won't begin until january. house members elect are already in washington. the current congress will start the lame duck session before the new congress begins in january. the results are in. hillary clinton has won new hampshire's four electoral college votes. trump's campaign didn't seek a resound count which sealed clinton's victory in new hampshire. she won there by 2700 votes. marry walsh doesn't agree with plans to deport millions of americans. he has no plans of changing the city's policy. officials in many communities are calling for boston to become a sanctuary city but the mayor says he does not intend to do that. >> ryan: ahead here first at 4:00 a cancer patient gets the chance of a lifetime singing her song with country music's biggest star. >> jadiann: we have our installment this week of who did it better. we have the results, did
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bog challenge? >> ryan: attacked for his politics. the man claiming he was assaulted for talking trump. >> jadiann: milford issues found issues of the k.k.k.'s quarterly newspaper found on their door step. all that and more coming up. >> reporter: the countdown to thanksgiving is only. >> don't let it wreck your big meal. >> we'lll truths behind some of the
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>> ryan: a virginia college student is getting to live out her dream to perform with some of music's great. she is a cancer survivor whose dream of hitting it big was sidelined by the disease. >> jadiann: one of country stars helped change all much that. sarah french has more. >> a meet and greet to a local radio station. she told them her story and added she a huge kerry underwood man. when garth her her story he invited her to song are sing during her sound check. ? >> i sing with tricia and was singing one of her songs and i had the lyrics. she wasn't feeling well. she had a little about the of a cold.
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tonight? >> reporter: she was' really impressing the entertainer of ther year. >> since you are a huge kerry underwood fan you must know the song "i told you u." sing for me the chorus in fouree and i started singing a cappella, and the band comings in blind me in my key. it was perfect. wow that is like a movie right now. >> reporter: danielle's movie was just getting started. after the sound check garth invited her and hernt >> he sits down at the table next to me and says let's do "i told you so" tonight ott the 3:30 show. he said are youner view, you don't have to do it? i said are you kidding me? i would love do it. >> reporter: she brought the house down. ?
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thing is going to bring me down, i can sit on my butt and do nothing or i can make something of myself and that's what i decided to do is make something of myself. >> reporter: danielle says she is healthy but her doctors recently found a spot near her liver. she is staying positive and her performance earned her an invite to nashville to meet with garth and tricia's manager. sarah french, 7 news. >> reporter: the ryan is with us this >> ryan: a boston man says he was attacked after discussing his support for
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>> reporter: it's time to find out who did it better. in the latest challenge brie went up against patriots running back james white. >> jadiann: they competed
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more cranberries. it appeared brie had actually collected more cranberries, even james said he thought she won but the final decision comes down to the vote. here is the results. roll that. >> ryan: waiting for it. look at that. >> jadiann: cranberries but -- brie won it. that was by a long shop. she got 75% of the vote. james ended one 25%. both great sports doing that. it was fun t next week brie is taking on chris lamson so he wanted a who did it better rematch after losing last year to me. [laughter.] >> ryan: oh! >> jadiann: in the firehouse challenge. >> ryan: so from cranberries to garbage. >> jadiann: he has been talking trash on twitter, get it. >> ryan: i know you were
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extra arms to -- taking a live look outside. a dreary night out there and the rain moves through, it's flaggy and do we know when this is going to push out. >> reporter: i think later n and it will be a step down ramped down process where we'll have the rain then it's a few scattered showers then some drizzle. that is an all night thing. we have the rain through this evening. if you are out and about you need the rain gear. then tomorrow, we're back to the sunshine. partly sunny skiesut with noon tomorrow. similar to what byron barnett was showing you in the video where it was up that high. i think it will be close to that tomorrow. the king tide today was not tied to the storm. that is all by itself with the supermoon and when the sun comes back so do the mild temperature. cool and raw at this time. you can see that we've wide spread rains and there are pockets of warm colors here. the yellow and oranges and
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rainfall. as we look south of town we still have another batch of steady rain through the coast soft and on to the cape this. will work up through southern new england for the remainder of the evening commute. but here is where the air slowly begins to dry out south of connecticut and rhode island. but with that say, still a lot of clouds in those locations and pockets of drizzle and mist from. a storm system, it's a small storm but it's wound up something fierce so that is the brief shot of intense rain with most towns already a quarter to a half inch. by do, probably a half to upwards of an inch. beneficial rain. we go back to the first of september, and we were doing already in october. but september was a bit dry for boston. november has been dry for everybody. so this rain it's good. we're still in the drought. cool and raw. east-northeast winds shifting to the east and the southeast. between 10-20 miles so windy conditions at the coastline. not enough nor a wind advisory but enough to add
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air. here is your timeline. 10:00 tonight the rain is more showers. hit and miss in nature versus wide spread. then as we continue on with the timeline at 7:00 tomorrow morning, cloudy skies tomorrow morning. so the commute will feature puddle there, could be pockets of drizzle and mist but i doesn't think you need the rain gear as the storm system scoots up to northern new england. temperature itself 40s and 50s, it does warm as you head down to the south coast and the cape near 60 degrees, that's where we're going to be tomorrow. morning clouds, sun in the afternoon. breezy. temperatures tomorrow 5-60. see you at 4:30. >> jadiann: a rainy commute for a lot of people. let's get a check of the roads with matt fitzgerald. >> reporter: dealing with this left lane breakdown. you will be jammed out of the tunnel up past commerce way then from dascomb road up past route 110 in methuen. the southbound side is crawling into the southbound tunnel opinion the expressway is a mess,
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then back into the tum to the split. northbound you have a crash in the car poole lane to the airport with the box truck. over the median barrier, elsewhere heavy as you approach the tunnel and from the o'neil tunnel to the braintree split being looking at a 33-minute drive. i'm matt fids gerald 7 news. >> jadiann: it's almost here. the most wonderful time of the year that is and that means, fun, family plenty of travel. >> ryan: triple a. is estimating more than 48 the roads to travel to gran mah's house. >> reporter: turkey, trimmings and travel. according to triple a. this thanksgiving roads, rails and air will be as crowded as they've been in nearly a decade. >> we're expecting nearly 49 million americans to be travelling more than 50 miles away from home. and majority of those individuals tell us they're going to drive. >> reporter: that is
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prices at the pump. the cost of gas is at historically low levels fueling the surge in holiday road trips. air travel sup as well. 1.6%. tickets are up a lot more, 21% over a year ago. the averages fare for the holiday is $205. so where is everybody going? the top five thanksgiving destinations are las vegas, san francisco, san diego, orlando and new york. >> i think it's people taking the time they have they're actually planning out their vacation maybe for the year. also we see a lot of people make the trip home to visit family during this time. >> reporter: anywhere they can get away and gobble up some good times for the holidays. jay gray, nbc news. >> ryan: next here at 4:30, we continue to following follow breaking news from the south end. eight people hurt when a car collides with a silver line
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milford waking up to controversial mail. the k.k.k.quarterly founded on -- found on their
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scene with alex who is live with updates at this hour, what can you tell us? >> reporter: eight reported injuries in this collision between a silver line bus and a lexus. take you to video. you will be able to see the aftermath. this happened on washington street a short time ago and mullens way in the south end. eight minor injury, that is the headline at this hour. the driver according to mbta police will be c failure to yield to oncoming traffic. they go out to tell us these eight injuries are not serious and the driver of the lexus was able to drive away after this accident. live here in the south end, i'm alex, 7 news. >> jadiann: to a story you will see on just one station. >> they told me i took a wrong turn. you know. you are in massachusetts. >> reporter: a night out
4:30 pm
he was discussing his support for donald trump. >> ryan: that was before he was attacked for his politics, jennifer egan has details. >> they said i had nerve damage. >> reporter: it happened while cameron maisy was out with friends talking about politics and why he voted for donald trump. >> just our reasoning on why, you know, what i liked about trump. what i didn't like about hillary. the normal talk really and from both sides. >> reporter: cameron says there was a group of when he went to leave around 2:00 he says thingses -- escalated. >> one of the guys called my mom names. they said i took a wrong turn. i took a wrung turn. you are in massachusetts. >> reporter: cameron took a hit to the back of his head. >> i got sucker punched. >> reporter: he ended up with a fractured eye socket. broken nose and busted lip. arm of his jacket almost ripped off from the fight.


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