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tv   7 News  NBC  November 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> now at 7 a bus crash in boston sends 8 people to the hospital. >> anchor: anend over mom charged with oui. >> reporter: rain with us this evening winds down overnight tonight. >> anchor: a newspaper problem in mill ford. police investigating a disturbing message. >> anchor: and. to tell. >> anchor: the patriots feeling the effects of gronk's injury. >> 7 news at 7:00 starts now. >> anchor: it's a wet windy evening in new england as showers move through our area. it's a raw night. good night to stay inside if that's an option for klusoup too if you can get that. how much rain are we expecting. when will it clear out of there? >> reporter: we've got the rain
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and up through rocking ham county. it does begin to wind down taper off anyway. here in the city of boston steady rain. south of town this is where we notice the back edge of the weather system. clouds and lighter showers and drizzle. one more batch across nantucket. probably clip cape ann and head up to southern maine. a potent that's the little engine that could and continue to do so. many cities up around an inch of rain. beverly an inch and a half of rain. the timing stinks because it's the evening commute. we're in this drought. we'll take the rain and welcome it. there could be localized street flooding. it does wind down overnight tonight. morning commute will feature clouds. there could be a couple pockets
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rain. >> anchor: thanks jeremy. you can track the rain or weather any time download 7 news mobile or tablet app for updates on the go. >> anchor: 2 people are hurt in a crash involving an ambulance. the 3 children patients in the ambulance not hurt. the emt treating them and the passenger in the other car. a lot of damage there. none of the injuries is life threatening. alsoon in andover after a dangerous drive. she was dropping her child off at school school administrators know something wasn't right. kimberly bookman live with the details. >> reporter: video from school security cameras that show this mother's bizarre behavior. while dropping her daughter off police say 41-year-old mary ellen shay left her car door
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login book and mumbling. >> it's terrible that they would drive endangering not only themselves not only the kids but also the people around them. >> reporter: school administrators called police. when officers got there they had shay take 3 field sobriety tests in the parking lot. she admited to having taken a muscle relaxer and medication for depression. the mother is and several other charges. >> it's heinous wherever she lives. that is your child. >> reporter: court paperwork reveals shay told police she was going through bad times. her husband filed for divorce moved to connecticut and left her and her daughter by themselves. they were about to lose their house and had nowhere to go. and i did talk to this mother by telephone. she did not want to discuss the
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allegations. kimberly bookman 7 news. >> anchor: 8 people are injured after a car crashes into a silver line bus in boston's south end. police say the driver of the car will be cited for not stopping for oncoming traffic. >> now on 7. >> throwing and that's incomplete. gronkowski gets popped. >> gronk gets rocked. >> one of the hardests i've got hit right knocked the wind out of patriots nation 2. rob gronkowski suffered a chest injury. >> anchor: tonight the players are talking about their teammates toughness. more now from 7's dan hausle. >> reporter: the pats other big tight end talking about his teammate as he reads to kids at boston's tobin's school.
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i'll see him tomorrow. see how he's doing. i give guys a day off. sometimes you need a day off from your coworkers. i try not to bother my teammates on the day off. >> reporter: expecting him to play this sunday because you don't know to expect anything else. >> that's what he does. >> reporter: caught up with other patriot players building a house in freetown for a veteran. >> you heard about gr >> huh? >> reporter: that one report said punctured lung. >> you can't say that come on now. >> reporter: guessed whatever gronk's dealing with will have a tough time slowing down the pat's star. >> you'd never be able to tell that's for sure. >> reporter: bennett says he likes it better when gronk's out there with him. >> i always prefer to play with gronk.
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better idea how gronk is doing when they see him at practice tomorrow. but even that information is probably going to be fairly limited. we're in boston dan hausle 7 news. >> anchor: also at 7:00 traffic trouble on 93 tonight after a trector trailer hits a guard rail. you see the front of the truck there hanging off the center barrier on 93 north. this is exit 20. no word on any injuries and crews have cleared that truck. >> anchor: state police investigating a hit and run crash that involved a state police cruiser. 2 other cars were also hit during the crash. no one was injured. >> anchor: a new house under construction in dartmouth destroyed by fire overnight. fire fighters responded to the house on fonts corner road 2:00 this morning. it was tough to put out the fire here.
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good. investigators have not determined what caused the fire. >> anchor: donald trump making the transition to office the president elect has a lot on the agenda. many are wondering who will be added to his cabinet next. trump's transition team has a full plate. are they on the same page? >> reporter: we did not learn who is going to be part of this trump team. he was offered the job of health and human services secretary. in the end he turned it down. president obama touched down in athens today for the first leg of last foreign trip. the refugee crisis and his successor. >> you've seen the rhetoric among elected officials president trump tapped into that strain within the republican party and was able to broaden that enough and get enough votes to win the election. >> reporter: obama called trump
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leaders won't win. >> the future of humanity and the world is defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us. >> reporter: america's post obama direction will be determined in part by the decisions in the trump tower today. a process led by vp mike pence. rudy giuliani is a leading contender for secretary of state. >> john would be a good >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me i don't know. >> reporter: according to a leaked transition memo trump's first 200 days would see the u.s. reverse decades of trade policy. a new approach to foreign affairs that's tough even for obama to sugar coat. in the newsroom i'm ryan schulteis 7 news. >> anchor: stay with 7 news for more on the trump transition to
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you can get updates on our website >> anchor: and there is more news today people in mill ford getting a disturbing delivery. someone someone ku klux klan newspapers. >> thought it was the morning paper. what's this crap. >> reporter: the rolled up kkk newspaper appeared at before dawn. he read the articles. >> they're ridiculous. they've been ridiculous. they're a fringe group. they've always been a fringe group. insulted people all over the country. >> reporter: homeowners found this racist literature a first batch a month ago. the second over the weekend. the police chief got the ku klux klan news letter personally at
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stop in one case the woman said her daughter picked it up. that's of concern. >> reporter: the first amendment protects whoever is doing this. no person was being targeted based on race religion or sexual orientation. >> no crime here? >> no crime here. >> reporter: this newspaper was published in arkansas. it dubbed itself the political voice of white christian america. this issue is more than a year old. some residents say they stand up to racial intolerance. >> i'm not a violent person i would let them know you're not welcome here. >> reporter: the chief says it's best to ignore them and trash the newspaper. >> mine went into the shredder. i don't know that the cat would like it. >> reporter: one young woman who identified herself of the lgbt community saying she found the
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family's safety was in jeopardy. >> anchor: the first medical marijuana dispensary is in newton. garden remedies medical marijuana dispensary. the company's founder says she is a breast cancer survivor and started the business to help others going through cancer treatment. >> very excited to start serving patients today. i was haunted by what i went through. no one that. i worked to help get medical marijuana on the ballot in massachusetts. helped get it passed. somewhere in the process i realized that as a physician i'm uniquely qualified to supervise the production of this medicine. >> anchor: the medical marijuana is organically produced and cultivated in nearby fitchburg. >> anchor: have you seen what the new orange line trains will look like?
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mbta releasing mock up pictures. we're told it's a bigger car. and the trains won't hit the track until 2019. >> anchor: i'm a train guy. i love trains. it looks like something out of zuric or something like that. >> anchor: modern and sleek. wider. the fabric is probably cleaner. >> anchor: up next on the news station. a new hbo documentary shedding light on the moments boston marathon bombing. >> reporter: we are back in the sunshine tomorrow. midweek forecast up next. >> anchor: and challenge accepted. pats nation striking a pose and it goes viral. >> the count down to thanksgiving is on. >> don't let the old time turkey lore wreck your meal.
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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marathon bombing documentary hitting home tonight. the film sharing stories of moments that followed the attacks. that's premiere night for hbo and this new movie. >> anchor: surveillance footage, news clips and home footage. tim caputo live in the theater district to tell us more about this movie. tim. >> reporter: that's exactly right, kim. the personal stories of these
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the vip screening getting under way. hbo documentary marathon the patriots day bombing showing here at 7:30 this night for a small crowd at the shube ert theater. they told me on the red carpet a short while ago it has been emotional for them to take part in this film. it portrays what happened that afternoon. and how they're still recovering from their intimate look at survivors and on going rehabilitation and daily life dealing with injuries they suffered 3 and a half years ago. those survivors profiled in this documentary say it was a surreal and emotional experience. important for them to see how lives have changed. >> that's more debilitating than my amputations.
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that you didn't even have to be there. you know, you could have had a loved one affected by this and hopefully you realized that in seeing this that you're part of this healing process. >> reporter: i also spoke with the directors of this film. they said it was a difficult task to capture the mood and feel in the city of boston after th bombing. they were able to do that through the individual stories of the survivors and their recoveries. latest live from boston tim caputo 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7 at 7:00 look at these high tides spilling over boston harbor. this is part of the latest king tide that was a result of that super moon we had. it lasted a few hours today.
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something that doesn't happen often. >> anchor: a royal pain in the neck that king tide if you didn't have the proper boots or shoes. >> anchor: did you almost say a bad word. >> anchor: it was supposed to be neck the whole time. >> reporter: my daughter would charge you a daughter. >> reporter: we all heard it. queue the tape. you made your mortgage payment. that's hopefully okay. one midnight high tide. the midnight high tide is about a foot lower than the high tide at noon. a foot lower than what we'll have tomorrow. 2 more to go through. the one at noon behaves similar to the one this afternoon. we saw that video along commercial street and the whatever. briefly inundated with water
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out for that tomorrow afternoon. not tied to the storm. the storm has been doing a number on the rain here many cities and towns inundated with heavy am rain. beverly for example. south of town the rain does begin to shut down. one more plume in the midcape. east of boston. likely clip cape ann and focus on the sea coast and southern maine. nonetheless. overnight tonight midnight tonight the widespread rain is done. we'll hold on to the clouds. have the clouds through the morning commute and pockets of drizzle and mist tomorrow morning. rain gear likely needed tomorrow morning. not for the rain we had for this evening's commute. just nuisance rain wafting through the air. just a sampling of what we have
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not for the evening commute. fitchburg an inch of rain out on the cape and the islands not much so far. since the first of september the city still running are a 2 inch deficit. worcester 2/10 of an inch not bad. and the temperatures actually have warmed considerably since this morning. mid and upper 50s with humidity down along the south shore. plymouth at no arctic air for the storm to tap into. that won't happen. the air is mild outside of that storm system. that's on the way for tomorrow. start with clouds tomorrow morning. developing sunshine tomorrow afternoon. breezy and mild. temps tomorrow 55 and 60. more sunshine for thursday and friday. upper 50s cooler at the coastline. weekend saturday the brighter of the 2. sunday that's the cold front.
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monday and tuesday it's chilly in new england. i think there's going to be snow showers in ski country for the first part of next week which is great as we head towards thanksgiving. >> anchor: awesome for skiers and ski resorts. >> anchor: keep it up north high and north. coming up mannequin madness. pats fans taking on the popular challenge to the next level.
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>> anchor: the patriots and fans joining in on a popular internet challenge. >> anchor: the organization posting their own version of the mannequin challenge on facebook. the video starts with a tail gate of a group of pats fans. moving to the locker rooms as cheer leaders get ready for game day. the patriot staying still for social media. some mes staff upstairs with the director giving the queue. >> anchor: i heard the morning crew did it. >> anchor: it might have been. >> anchor: that would be entertaining. >> anchor: it's cool. we'll have to give it a shot. >> anchor: maybe we'll see. >> anchor: keep it right here.
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>> anchor: that's it for 7 news
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about megyn kelly's new book. >> heated new interview in defense of fox news now on "extra." ?"extra" "extra" ? ?"extra" "extra" ? about megyn kelly's explosive new memoir. >> i'm not interested in making my network look bad at all. >> going off today about the book packed with accusations about former boss roger ailes. >> he tried to kiss me three times, so i reject thad. >> and the new president-elect. >> there's no question donald trump is thin skinned. >> "glamour's" woman of the year, gwen stefani. >> i was in a pile of tears and


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