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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and police say they might know a gunman's motive. >> a little girl being called a hero. the quick thinking that saved her and her family the. police are looking for a dark colored suv in connection to the death of princeton jogger vanessa marcotte. police say the car was parked on brooks station road around her she went for a jog and never came back. her body was found hours later not far from her home. police are asking anyone with information about the dark colored suv to give them a call right away. and breaking news in westborough where the search for a missing person where they've called off the search for the day. sky 7 overhead. the crews are searching for that missing person from northborough in this video and police say brian karens was reported missing yesterday and his car was found near sandra pond.
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search. again it has been called off for the day at this time. all the boats pulled out of the water a short time ago. police do not suspect any foul bay play. >> aggressive action caught on camera. prosecutors say this video shows -- sampson was back in court today in his sentencing retrial, initially sentenced to death but that was thrown out because of juror misconduct. jonathan hall live in boston with more ont >> yeah, it goes back to a 2001 killing spree here in massachusetts that caused an awful lot of sleepless nights. a hitchhiker, a vicious man killing other men who were kind enough to pick him up. they're trying to decide whether gary simpson -- sampson should live or die. >> reporter: violent when free, violent when incarcerated, that's the message from federal prosecutors. the jury saw video evidence of sampson attempting to slash a prison work we are a sharp
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ago. the target james hughes, was trying to deliver food to sampson in his cell and had to break the news that some special order come satisfactory items were not included. quote, he got very irate and started cussing at me. the video shows sampson throwing that broom handle down the hall in an attempt to hurt someone. >> i killed two people in massachusetts and another one in new hampshire the other day. >> reporter: sampson, who showed no mercy for the three men he murdered at a multistate crime spree in 2001 begged for mercy when he surrendered to police. >> i'm in a lot of trouble. i don't want to get shot. i don't want to get killed. >> reporter: in a july 200-1911 call in vermont where sampson was holed up in a ski chalet with his backpack and a remmington knife he used in the murders he decided his killing spree was over. >> i don't want your troopers to come in here and shoot me up or something. i'm sick of it. i know i'm gonna go away for the rest of my life, but it's better
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>> now, there could be light at the end of the tunnel because the judge told the jurors today that the federal prosecutors in this case could wrap their case tomorrow. in south boston, i'm jonathan hall, 7news. and the new hampshire superior court listening to arguments today in the appeal of convicted killer seth. last year he was convicted of killing lidsy marriott. marriott was a student at unh and police her in 2012 after she refused to have sex with him. her body has never been found. the suspect in court today. grace ordonez is charged with 5 counts of burning a building after being arrested last night. police say she set fire to a building that spread, causing more than $1 million in damages. and the fire started at 29 summer street in lawrence, a
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several homeless people were using for shelter. the fire ended up damaging seven buildings all together and three firefighters were hurt battling the flames. ordonez is being held on $50,000 bail. police in new hampshire searching for a suspect in a robbery. officials say the man smashed through a door at a gas station on second street this morning. money was taken from the reactor and cigarettes were stolen right off the shelf. and there's more news today. a murder mystery continues. police trying to figure out why an employee was gunned down outside an oklahoma city airport. police saying shot as he was leaving work. >> officials now saying it looks like it may have been retaliation. the airport has re-opened after the shooting yesterday that led to a complete shutdown of the airport. >> the victim has been shot on the sidewalk. >> reporter: chaos and confusion follow after a southwest airlines employee 52-year-old michael winchester was shot and killed walking to an employee parking lot. police say the shooting was premeditated. the gunman, a former employee of southwest, has been identified
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>> police say they believe he fired a rifle from a park garage 50 yards away from where the victim was walking. >> he went into the airport with the intention of shooting someone. we do not know if mr. winchester was the intended victim. >> investigators say it's possible the shooting was in retaliation for what may have led up to buoy's resignation in 2013. >> obviously the suspect knew where the employees parked and where they would be walking to and from their vehicles to the main terminal. >> the victim is a former coll father of kansas city chief's player james winchester. the relationship between michael winchester and the gunman is still unclear as the investigation continues. and police say it's not clear if the shooter was looking to harm other employees or if winchester was the loan target. wildfires burning across the southeast can be spotted from space. one of nasa's satellites captured this image on saturday showing smoke from fires in the carolinas, georgia and tennessee.
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intentionally and officials have been banned to smoke outdoors as forests continue to burn and a ban from parking off-road in fear that a taillight could start dry leaves. two trains collided in florida this morning, caused a massive fuel leak. two local operators suffered minor injuries. one train was headed to chicago, the other traveling to tampa. the cause is still under well, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and one little hero in new york helped save her family before it was too late. she woke up everyone in the house when she realized her home was in danger. >> i saw smoke all around the house -- in our bedroom. >> reporter: diana lavera says it was about 6:30 yesterday morning when she ran into her mother's bedroom to wake her up. their apartment onfy. >> i told my mom i don't feel
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breathe. she saw the entire house was filled with smoke and she told us to get out of the house as soon as possible. i was feeling a little scared. >> reporter: diana her, her mother and two younger siblings raced out of the burning apartment, the 10-year-old then called 911. >> i told them my name, how old i was, my address, and the situation. >> reporter: the fifth-grader is still a bit shaken up from yesterday's events. she says fire officials and are of her constitute, calm, and quick-thinking demeanor. >> my mom was glad that i woke her up because if i didn't we'd probably be in the hospital right now. >> reporter: the family came to the apartment to assess some of the damage today. diana's father saying he was at work when the fire broke out. he raced home as soon as his wife called. >> it was on fire. >> what's going through your mind at that point? oh, it was scary.
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suspicious. a her ohic customer stops an armed robber at a pizza place in pennsylvania. police say two men with guns tried to rob the place ordering two workers and a customer to the ground. the customer pulled out a hand gun and shot both of them. one of the suspected robbers died and the overnight is in serious condition. new cyber concerns over the spread of fake news on social media and what to do about it. new data says 62% americans get their news from social media and now facebook ceo is to keep fake stories off the site, especially during a presidential election. >> there's not skepticism among facebook employees that the top of echelons of the company are taking this seriously. when you mark something for nudity and violence and taken down immediately. facebook hasn't applied that same sort of rigorous standard to fake news. >> facebook did not comment on the existence of a special teamworking on the issue. google announced it's taking steps to ban fake news stories
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capitol hill today. they discussed racial issues and police brutality with house speaker paul ryan. one of the players told the espn they wanted to help close the gap of distrust between police and african-american communities. ahead here on 7news, a wild encounter caught on camera. a teen gets close enough to take good video of a mountain lion swimming in a lake. and new at 6:00, the state's highest court taking up the drug lab scandal. how us thats of criminal cases could be thrown out. and patriots quarterback tom brady takes little fun at deflate-gate during a new foot locker ad.
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>> caught on camera, lions in a lake. an 11-year-old boy fishing with his dad got some company when these two mountain lions decided to take a little swim there. that strange sight capturing their attention. >> the boy wasted no time taking the video and snapping pictures before the mountain lion swam away. these siblings were out fishing
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something caught their eyes. >> we seen two things in the water that we never seen before. we stopped, turned around for a quick second, and next thing we know we see two large mountain lions swimming across the lake. >> reporter: and they got pretty close. >> they weren't intimidated by us at all. they swam right past us and went all the way across to the other side, up the embankment. >> reporter: 11-year-old blake says he immediately reached for his camera. >> i was excited. i really wasn't scared because mounta get out of the water when they're swimming in the middle of the laker. >> reporter: kevin says he's seen a mountain lion before but not in the water. >> to actually see a mountain lion in the water, it really caught me by surprise. i just assumed that cats didn't like water. they seemed very, very comfortable. they were very, very strong swimmers. they were moving a lot of ground really quickly. >> reporter: and he said sure to give them space. >> back up. back up. >> we certainly respect those animals, even when we got a
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him to back up because we understand the mountain lion and what they're capable of. >> reporter: after sharing the video on facebook, they went viral. >> i'm at school and just walking along to class, and i walk in and all the people are like, so, about that mountain lion video. i'm like -- we just started talking about it, and mr. b brings the video up in class and we just watched it this morning. >> reporter: and they can both agree that it was an experience they'll never forget. >> to lee see these mnt kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and really neat that we were able to share that with each other. >> animals, bald eagles and even sometimes a bear is seen walking around that lake. coming up on 7 news, one local singer is taking "the voice" by storm. what's next for the rising star as she heads to the neck round. >> we are drying up this afternoon. continuing the drying overnight.
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. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. a local singer has made it to the next round of the voice. >> courtney horell, congratulations! you are moving on! [ cheering ] dorchester native courtney horell earned a top spot in the top 11 there. her performance of "i don't want to miss a thing" by aerosmith got her enough votes to move on and she had a special fan in the awed yens, her son. >> just having him here is just -- i want to make him proud. he flew here. i said you can't go home. it's just mom making it through. i can't wait to see him when this is over so i can just hug
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him. >> courtney will be back on the big stage next monday night. a great voice, good personality and so cool her son was able to be there. >> and i love watching the family's reactions too when they go up and sing and do a nice job and then they cry and i cry. >> it's a wholly motional big thing, right? i don't think that's a show you're supposed to cry while you watch but i get very emotional watching them do a good job. >> yeah, you get goose pumps. go courtney, go team blake, ight. westchester. the wind is the ow of the west. drying us out with the west wind. at least for now and at least for the next few days. notice the patch of clouds back through toronto and buffalo and down into central pennsylvania, i think that will work on in tomorrow morning. we'll feature a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow but i think most of that sunshine probably late in the day if not by mid afternoon. take a look at the winter weather across the one. start getting into mid to late november and start talking about snow across portions of the
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watches in affect for western minnesota and back to the eastern da coat tarring considerable south dakota for friday into friday night. for us we'll be on the milder side of the storm, at least initially, and it'll be mild the next couple of days, not record breaking or anything like, that but mid-50s to near 60 both thursday afternoon and again on friday afternoon. as the area of low pressure wobbles offshore, may get a little bit of a sea breeze coming in friday afternoon. the overall theme here through saturday is at least to be on the quiet side and even sda the clouds and there will be a breeze coming in off the ocean but we'll remain dry. here is the front, late on saturday, this is gonna work with low pressure right over into new england and that will provide us some showers and eventually colder air works in berkshires and up through the higher terrain of central and northern new england. the next couple of days, milder, behind the storm system, as it gathers strength and really strengthens just to the north of
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air in place as we get into monday and tuesday of next week. but the next few days, dry. if you have some of the leaves piled up in the yard, trying to get rid of them, pile them up and get them out of the grass there, i think saturday would be the day to do it. sunday we'll likely see more wet weather work on in. you need thursday and friday to dry out the soaked leaves that we have outside. partly cloudy overnight tonight. mild night by november standards. we're above freezing. even some of the cooler suburbs only expecting a l into the upper 30s, holding into the mid-40s in boston. mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. mild day, mid- to upper 50s. brighter skies mid to late afternoon. still think mid morning for about lunchtime. batches of clouds that may be tough to break immediately and the 7 on 7 forecast, going through the weekend into early next week. and you can see that temperature drop off by monday and tuesday. maybe 30s to near 40 on monday with a gusty wind even if temperatures are a little above that. i do expect the windchill
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30s thanks to the strong winds. we'll continue to track that. otherwise expect showers around on sunday. the rest of the seven-day forecast is dry. if you're looking long range, could have a few rain or snowshowers around by next thursday but overall at least it's quiet to start next week. guys. westford police rescue an injured hawk. they believe the hawk injured its head while trying to catch a mouse. the officer took the bird to the wildlife center and still treating the hawk before it can be released back into the wild. pretty big when you see him upclose. >> six on the injury report. will gronk play this weekend? we're talking about it live at 6:00. plus, a man is caught on camera breaking into the quincy building and getting away on a scooter. we've got the details. and we continue to follow breaking news. a new clue in the case of a jogger found dead on the side of the road in princeton earlier
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dozens of color offul floats will soon fill manhattan skyline for the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> and today we're getting a little sneak peek at what to expect. 7's chris anderson has the details. >> it's amazing. seeing all the colors and all the artwork. >> reporter: the floats and the balloons are the stars of the
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of new additions this year. the aloha spirit featuring a working waterfall, the girl scouts' building a better world, deck the halls and crazy 15 house. they're elaborate and no doubt expensive. >> we always talk about the parade as being our gift to new yorkers to the country, and when you get a gift, you never ask the price. >> reporter: building the 26 floats is the easy part but breaking them down to roll them into the city the day before the parade is no easy feat. >> all of the three story 24-foot wide, 30 to floats have to come apart and collapse and dismantle down to no more than 8 and a half feet wide and go through the lincoln tunnel. >> reporter: almost nothing can get in the way of the parade rolling through town. in 90 years the parade was only canceled for three years during world war ii and marched on after 9/11 and six days after the jfk assassination. >> the kennedy family reached out to macy's and said please
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and to do so reminds everybody just how great things can be. >> reporter: and with political protests, breaking out across the country, organizers say this parade is more important than ever. >> we are gonna move forward with the greatest country, the greatest democracy on the planet. >> now, if you're not planning on making the trek down to new york city for the parade, you can still watch it from the comfort of your couch during a special broadcast on today. in the newsroom, chris anderson, and i think he just mentioned that you can watch the parade right here on channel 7 on thanksgiving morning, and that's during a special part of the "today" show. so, yeah, it'll help you beat the crowds, right, you don't have to go out there and hassle with all the people but just sit there and listen and smell the turkey cooking. >> oh, my gosh. that'll will be nice to have that on in the background for sure. >> all right, i'm ryan schulteis. >> and i'm jadiann thompson. thanks for sticking around with
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week, everyone. 7news at 6:00 start right now. >> reporter: she was found dead on the side of the road in princeton earlier this year her killer still on the loose. >> drying out as we import some sunshine and a mild air the next couple of days. forecast ahead. >> and patriot quarterback tom brady shows off his funny side poking fun of the infamous deflate-gate scandal, in a new commercial. breaking news at 6:00, a new clue in the murder of a princeton jogger. vanessa marcotte was found dead on the side of the road back in august. her killer still out there. >> police are looking for a vehicle that was spotted near the crime scene.
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-- cheryl fiandaca, yeah, the worcester county district attorney says the car was seen parked on brooks station road around the kill of vanessa marcotte. the alumni worked for google in new york city and visiting family in princeton when she went out for a run that morning. her family reported her missing when she didn't come back from that run. her body was found in the woods not far from the family's home. search crews combed through the woods for days looking for evidence, and police and family members called on the public asking them for any her death. again, police are looking for dark colored suv seen around brooks station road in princeton on august 7th. police say they are also looking for a male suspect who may have had injuries around that time. anyone with any information is asked to give them a call. in the newsroom, i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7news. and we're following a developing story right now out of west world. police have wrapped up their search of sandra pond there. they discovered a car, a man
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the pond. they brought in dive crews to search the water, and they did not find anything during that search. police do not suspect foul play in this. also on 7, armed and dangerous, a man is now -- a manhunt is underway for the person seen in this surveillance video robbing a gas station employee at gunpoint. he was able to get away with some cash and now police are trying to track them down. >> the gas station employee was not hurt and able to call 911 after the suspect ran off. 7's tim caputo j the keen with the latest -- joins us live from the scene with the latest. >> yeah, the clerk who was robbed at gunpoint last night around 9:00 was back at work this morning, and this afternoon police released surveillance video where you both see and hear that robber. >> with the gun pointed the right at him the clerk barely had time to react. >> reporter: the man who has a bandanna covering his face grabs


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