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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the pond. they brought in dive crews to search the water, and they did not find anything during that search. police do not suspect foul play in this. also on 7, armed and dangerous, a man is now -- a manhunt is underway for the person seen in this surveillance video robbing a gas station employee at gunpoint. he was able to get away with some cash and now police are trying to track them down. >> the gas station employee was not hurt and able to call 911 after the suspect ran off. 7's tim caputo j the keen with the latest -- joins us live from the scene with the latest. >> yeah, the clerk who was robbed at gunpoint last night around 9:00 was back at work this morning, and this afternoon police released surveillance video where you both see and hear that robber. >> with the gun pointed the right at him the clerk barely had time to react. >> reporter: the man who has a bandanna covering his face grabs
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quickly leaves the gas station around 9:00 last night, only inside for 20 seconds. >> yeah, i see the gun. >> the clerk wasn't hurt and back at work this morning trying to figure out just how much money was stolen. a closer look at the surveillance video from inside the gulf station on beacon street just steps away from newton center you can see the rocketer is covered nearly head to toe holding what looks like a rifle. >> he showed what appeared to be a long gun. we don't know if this is a rifle, shotgun, bb gun. >> reporter: once outside the gas station he sts heavily-armed officers searched the need area but the robber was long gone. fingerprints released this video hoping someone recognizes the armed robber. a pretty packed area, doesn't appear there were any other witnesses to that crime. again, no one was injured in this robbery, and police are asking you if you recognize that
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>> tim caputo, 7 news. and a gruesome crime in hyde park. police issue an arrest warrant for a man they say busted into his exgirlfriend's home and attacked her along with her mother. the violent crime has horrified residents and steve cooper has the details. >> it's very concerning. >> reporter: boston police searching for 26-year-old jeffrey labath wanted for a violent home invasion at his exgirlfriend's house here in hyde park. >> i was definitely shocked. happen around here. >> reporter: police arrived monday night a bloody crime scene here on huntington ave where they found a 23-year-old woman and her 43-year-old mother suffering from multiple stab wounds to the neck and face. both were rushed to women's hospital. labath was long gone but not before smashing out five first floor windows and shattering the front window this toyota parked in the victim's driveway. >> i seen him running back kind
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uncle was still chasing him and got in the car and ran off. >> the crime scene was he sealed off for hours all this leaving horrified neighbors shaken to the core. >> i really don't know what to say about it. >> as victims continue to recover, labath is facing a string of charges here including home invasion and two counts of armed assault with intent to murder. in hyde park,stien the state's highest court is taking up a drug case tonight. disgraced state chemist annie dookhan admitted to tampering with evidence. the aclu argues there is too many cases and the process is too long and negatively affecting the lives of those who were convicted. >> they are trying to mouflon and suffering every day with the
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that could be losing housing, a longer extension for other offenses because of what dookhan did. >> she served a three-year sentence. police say a thief is targeting a mosque in quincy first caught on camera last month breaking into the iman islamic center and stealing a lockbox with $350 inside and police say he came back this past sunday to break in again. kelli o'hara is live in quincy with the >> this thief making away with thousands of dollars from this mosque and it was all caught on camera. >> reporter: this is the man police say is responsible for robbing a quincy mosque, not once, but twice. >> the suspect in the case has taken donation box twice from islamic center as well as the audio equipment valued at approximately $3,000. >> reporter: investigators say what makes this burglar unique is that his getaway car is actually the blue scooter and he's caught on camera robbing
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the place of worship shortly after the latest break-in and police say this isn't the only place he's hit. the man on the bike suspected of stealing from other businesses in the area, as well, and tonight police have a warning. lots of businesses if you notice the break, please call right away and look out for the scooter. >> so again officers saying look out for the man on the and behind bars. in quincy tonight, kelli o'hara, 7news. last night the president-elect dishing the press for -- dissing the press for dinner with his family and there have been reports of hirings and firings within his team but the president-elect says it's all under control. >> candidates for top jobs in the white house visited trump tower today, chris christie is off the transition team and insiders say trump's son-in-law
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a potential position for rudy giuliani. there's disagreement about whether he has conflict of interest that disqualify him to be secretary of state and many are urging patience with the process. >> i'm confident on day 1 everything will be in good hands. >> you'd be really dumb to accelerate and start making mistakes in order to make the press happy. >> governor charlie baker shared his take on the transition process echoing the sentiment of president obama who is urging everyone to give the new administration a chance. >> i'm gonna take a page from president obama's book on this one who said the other day that he thinks that the trump administration's team should be judged by the totality of his appointments. let's see what else happens. chuck schumer issuing a warning from democrats saying the trump administration can expect a long and tough fight on issue where is they disagree. >> new leaders were elected in the senate today and mitch mcconnell was widely expected
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new york senior center charles schumer could replace the retired harry reid. schumer is adding vermont senator bernie sanders as the chair of outreach. >> a blow for the patriots in the game against the seahawks. that landed gronkowski on the injury report. the big question is, will he be benched this sunday? as you can imagine, reporters had tons of questions for coach beli trey daerr joins us now with the latest. >> playing through the pain is something every player has to deal with in the nfl, when injuries occur to your all pro players, they immediately become a bit more alarming and there is no injury situation more dire than one potentially involving tom brady and gronkowski. >> reporter: despite taking what
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managed to finish the game sunday night but did not appear in practice today and bill belichick had little to say when asked about gronk's status for sunday's game in san francisco. >> if you don't have him this week, how much is the past experience of not having him this season maybe helped your team? >> i don't know. >> reporter: what we do know is the patriots averted disaster with tomorrow to brady escaping a major injury on a low hit from bounced back from the adverse sit nothing new in their locker room. >> he's such a tough competitor, you see him get hit like, that he got hit pretty good and tom got up quick and -- as expected. >> reporter: it's the mental and physical toughness brady and gronk displayed sunday night that has the patriots crying for a rebound performance against the 49ers.
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anytime you see that, you see a guy going out there and pushing through and playing through something whatever it is, your respect level goes higher and higher for him and rob gronkowski, the only player for the patriots that did not participate in practice today. trey daerr, 7news. speaking of tom brady, he is finally addressing the whole deflate-gate thing. >> his funny response to the football tampering
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if it doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't things just be great. >> the patriots qb pokes fun at the deflate-gate scandal and he's ready to have a little laugh about it. >> foot locker, who wrote the ad, says he was all in. 7's dan hausle live for us in
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yet, dan. >> yeah. you know, if you're wondering what he was doing during his suspension, one day he was actually shooting the commercial right here at this brookline coffee shop. they've seen famous faces here before. theo epstein and larry lucino used to be regulars here and it is in tomorrow tom brady's neighborhood, but this was the first time he was here. though, with the script he was on some familiar terms. >> just because something's great here, doesn't mean why can't some things just be great. >> tom brady seething with anger at unfounded allegations in a new ad from foot locker. the word deflate-gate never spoken, but... >> starts with questions, and then questions turning into assumptions and assumptions turning into vacations. why would you punish the weak of greatness for something that never even happened. >> reporter: solid acting,
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is. >> reporter: rob also praise the tom's skills at acting upset. >> tom's a good actor. i think that's his new thing right there. >> yeah, getting in touch with emotions like that. >> i mean, he was acting really good right there, almost like it was natural for him. >> julian edelman the only one who thought brady needed some help. >> we need a little more pacino in you got there. >> reporter: a local restaurant where the commercial was shot until the final week of the operatedy suspension. liz a tom brady fan but admits she doesn't know much about football. >> when i start to move -- will i have in the united states, i already like him. but i don't understand about the game. >> so you don't even know about deflate-gate. >> no. >> but you don't get the joke but you like that he's in the commercial and he's here.
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>> slater wants to hear about what people think in this commercial. so do we. he should be in town tomorrow and we'll be here to get reaction. >> you have to think it was therapy for tom brady, sit down and have a laugh about it and almost like this is over. >> i loved it. i want to see the whole thing. >> chris, weather? yeah, the weather for us, we look good over the next few days, return with sunshine and milder temperatures. the seven-day forecast >> and ahead at 7:00, rick porcello going from disappointment to one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. tonight takes one step closer to maybe getting the highest mark of credibility and the patriots dealing with some big-time injuries. we've got the latest from down
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>> after a lot of rain yesterday, we're finally starting to dry out today and the temperatures are still up there. >> yeah, kind of take one with the other, right? always love these looks we get. sunset going down earlier this days. so we get a nice shot of the zakim there. what's in store as we start to
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temperatures and some sunshine returning, and we do take a look at the city of boston. no more drizzle, no more low clouds hanging across the city. you can see a niceview view from a couple of miles off. rain off to the north of us. still a match of showers and clouds to the west of and us a patch clouds or two working in for tomorrow morning. so not complete sunshine although the trend is better as we go through the next couple of days. look at the rain totals. most of this fell yesterday and last night. ipswich coming in peabody checking in at just under 2. bellingham out there near 495, about 1 1/2, sterling 2-inches of rain and taunton coming in just shy of an inch. so many towns between 1 and 2-inches of rain. beneficial for the drought, not beneficial for the evening commute. yes, a much nicer evening commute today as if it's not enough paddling all -- battling all the puddles and potholes.
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ohio valley. this is close to average if not well above average the farther west you go. sitting pretty at 73 degrees in nashua. maybe near 60 in d.c. that could work over the next couple of days. it will be a bit on the mild side. the average high this time of the year in the low 50s. it's not like we're smashing records or anything like that. certainly some comfortable days ahead of us and the next shower temps come in on sunday. gusty wind will likely be for sunday afternoon. so the p now stands at saturday. early tomorrow we're above freezing. there's not gonna be a cold start to tomorrow. >> tomorrow afternoon returning into the mid- to upper 50s outside. patches of clouds, i this i a better bet tomorrow versus what we'll see on friday. so i do expect increasing clearness for overnight tomorrow and into friday itself. and friday morning starting off on the cooler side, mid- to
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43 in boston. and you finish here, close to 60 along the immediate coastline. a little bit of a sea breeze along the shoreline especially across the cape and islands, keeping it cooler on friday there. we are dry thursday, friday, saturday, perhaps a couple of showers late saturday night, a better chance of working it in on sunday as the front works in and low pressure develops across new england. and as the low pressure develops across new england some colder air starts to work on in and a gusty wind develops by sunday afternoon, as well. the high temperatures could be late morning around midday and watch the temperatures fade into the 50s, back into the 40s for sunday afternoon, and certainly a chilly pattern for monday with a strong wind gusting out of the west-northwest at 30 or 40 miles per hour and temperatures only in the upper 30s to lower 40s. so a taste of winter ahead monday and tuesday will be cool and breezy days. otherwise, it is quiet, at least on this seven-day forecast with the best chance of showers coming sound.
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as expected gronkowski a no show at practice today, sitting out officially with a chest injury. tom brady meanwhile a few participate not enlisted on the injury report. good news for a patriots theme will be ready come sunday at san francisco no matter who's out on the field. >> we have to do the best with what we have, you know, and be hoping and praying that we're at full strength anytime we take the field. so we'll do the best we can and see what happens when we move forward. >> the red sox awarding rick porcello with a contract and responded by going 9 and 15 in his first campaign in boston setting the stage for one of the greatest turnarounds in red sox history. the 27-year-old porcello rebounding to one of the major league's best 22 games in 2016 finishing fifth in the american
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impressive resum? resulting in porcello being named one of three finalists for the american cy young award. major league baseball set to be announced momentarily and if he wins it he'll become the fourth pitcher in red sox history to accomplish the feat joining longbore, roger clemson and pedro martinez. kansas and duke tied at 75 when frank in the third pulls up from the elbow and ds jump we are 1.8 seconds left. >> top rank duke was upset and that's our play of the day. the celtics will be without al moreford for an eighth straight game when they host dallas tonight. that's sports.
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>> thank you for joining us. i'm ryan schulteis. >> and i'm jony ann thompson. hope you have a great evening. and if you can, come back and
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tonight, officer charged after a fatal shooting caught on camera. a diver killed while his girlfriend pleaded in the passenger seat. the four-year-old in the car. the aftermath streamed live on facebook. new emergency evagszuations as smoke blanketing big cities sending people rushing to the er. up in the air. trump tower as the president elect denies reports of chaos as a surprise name emerges for a powerful post. surprise medical bills. when a hospital takes your insurance, but the doctor who is treating you doesn't, a staggering one out of five patients paying the price in emergency. and attention poll holiday shoppers.


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