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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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including attempted kidnapping. the suspect will be in court tomorrow. in the newsrooms, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: more breaking news. boston police are investigating a shooting on cottage street in dorchester. police tell us someone has been shot and that person has life-threatening wounds. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. >> adam: moving on to a developing story, we're learning that former massachusetts governor mitt romney is being considered for a position in cabinet. he is expected to meet with the president-elect this weekend. >> kim: ryan schulteis joins us with the latest on the trump transition. >> reporter: this is a surprising move. trump called romney a lose hoar choke and romney led the never trump movement. romney was at odds with trump refusing to endorse him.
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nicky haily is also under consideration for the job. michael flynn now reportedly his pick for national security advisor. >> president-elect is open -- >> reporter: he is controversial afterring on russian t.v.and with vladimir putin. president obama stood with angela merkel urging that nato not be questioned. after trump questioned if the u.s. would defend nato al lies. >> our nato commit has been to be reenforced. >> reporter: the current intentle chief james clapper quit today as planned. >> i got 64 days left. >> reporter: v.p.elect mike pence urged quick action on the trump agenda. >> going to rebuild our military. >> reporter: trump promised to put people to work. democrats like the sounds of that. >> we hope that we can have
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>> reporter: but a requests for big spending could wipe the smiles off republican faces. just in, newt gingrich confirming that he will not be in president elect trump's manning. i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> adam: stay with us for more on trump's transition to the white house. head to or download our moby and tablet apps. >> kim: also on 7 it's early release for a former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi, today a judge o.k.ed that relee, he has been in prison and served parts of his corruption
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circumbattling cancer -- dimasi is battling cancer. kimberly bookman has the latest. >> reporter: you know, we talked to people who know dimasi and they say his cancer is in remission at this point, but he needs to be around family and get the proper medical care. granted a compassionate release days before thanksgiving a judge ruled former massachusetts speaker of the house sal dimasi can leave a federal ris fromon and he had home to the bay state. >> i'm pleased especially the timing of it were thanksgiving and the holidays coming up. i think that due to his unfortunate illness that made this a case where such a decision was warranted. >> reporter: dimasi is searching time for corruption. while incarcerated he was diagnosed with throat and prostate cancer. he underwent treatment in prison but his chief of staff says that got the best of him. permanent scarring of his esatisfy gas and throat area so i think it's the maintenance of his healths that has been bothering him. >> reporter: at 71 dimasi's family felt his age and the fact that he served five years of his eight-year sentence was enough but the judge wanted
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getting special treatment. >> take his name out. put the exact same circumstances and put joe smith's name in that. if he met those standards he is entitled. he should not be punished because he was an elengthsed official. >> reporter: demissy will be combined to his home for six months, she will be able to leave for medical care and religious observances. kim khazei, 7 news. >> kim: a box truck goes up in flames in westminster black smoke. this happened earlier today at the mbta layover station. took crew boston five minutes to bring it under control and police say no one was hurt. >> adam: 7 news turning to a train crash under investigation out in revere. the driver of this car drove around a barrier then was hit by a train. the car clearly destroyed. police say the driver and his passenger walked away from the scene and it turns out police say that wasn't the only crash they were involved in last night.
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all of this, steve? >> reporter: pieces of the car, what is left behind still here at the railroad crossing tonight including this mirror and some lights as well and tonight, transit police are telling us that that driver is now facing several charges. >> it was like a mini explosion, it was really loud. >> reporter: the images captured are chilling. a car ripped in half here at the oak island road railroad crossing in 10:00 last night. two people in the car got out and walk aid way from the scene. >> two people walked away after i got. there i was like, you got to be kidding me. >> reporter: police say the 25-year-old driver from lynn had been involved in an earlier fender bender and for some reason won't stop to change information with the other driver. moments later ignoring the red blinking lights at the crossing he drove around the gate and was struck by a commuter train.
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if you are from here you know. there is a train coming obviously, no. >> reporter: the crash brings back tough memories of a young life lot of here. >> i know that a little boy has died on the tracks before. years ago. >> reporter: the driver who turned himself in to transit police overnight is facing multiple charges now. including leaving the scene of an accident and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. most are just surprised no one was hurt here. >> it was a miracle. li hurt. i can't believe how close the train got to the two seats and inches away from death. it's no joke. >> reporter: as of this hour, traps it police are not releasing the driver's name but they do tell us that by the time he heads to court, he could be facing even more charges in connection with what happened here. live in revere tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> adam: crews rush to a hazardous gas lank at a
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america on wall nut streete. bat crews shut down pow and are running test to make sure there is no more danger. >> we're taking readings every 15, 20 minutes so make sure it's, we remain isolated to the origin and we're taking precautions. >> adam: officials say gas below the explosive range. streets around the bank were closed down but have reopened. >> kim: three men accused of using counterfeit money in burlington called to court. all three are from new york city. they all face charges of possession of counterfit money, conspiracy and larceny. police say the men tried to use a fake $100 rat bed, bat and beyond and the paper store on wednesday afternoon. police confronted them and took three of the men into custody. a fourth man they say got
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>> adam: following more news today. national intelligence director james clapper calling it quits. he submitted his letter of resignation. the first of many resignations expected. he is not leaving right away. he has 64 days left still. hillary clinton back in the spotlight. one week after her concession speech. she speak at a children's defense fund dinner telling americans to keepig >> i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this: america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values and
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>> adam: went on to say she is disappointed in the leaks results clearly but overall had a positive message. the c.d.f.honored clinton for her life-long work on behalf of children's issues. >> kim: a federal appeals court has blocked the release of this wisconsin inmate featured in "making a murder." a judge overturned the brendon's kassi's conviction and ordered he be relead filed an emergency motion to block his release until his overturned conviction is timized. an investigators releasing new information on the deadly new jersey train accident. a medical problem led to the commuter crash. the train conductor they say thomas gallagher diagnosed with sleep appear kneia. the 48-year-old was diagnosed after the crash according to his attorney. new jersey transit says it does screen operators for sleep apnea and that gallon
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after a physical in july. this is the train that crashed into the station in september, slammed into the terminal during the morning commute killing a woman standing on the platform, injured more than 100 other people. officials saying the conductor suddenly accelerated before the crash. >> adam: patriots holding crash today and the gronk was not there. we looked but couldn't find him. the patriots put him on the injured list yesterday but the 49'ers and san francisco. that has a lot people wondering where is gronk. trey daerr is live with the latest. >> reporter: certainly a big question and still no sign of rob gronkowski at practice. his size, toughness and ability to take hits a big part of the reason why he was able to stay in the game and finish it but with the way the patriots have been cautious with him in the past, there is reason to believe he will be sitting out the rest of the week and
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49'ers. >> any time you see a guy like that you know, who takes a big hit like that or wants to stay in the game -- >> reporter: it can energize a team to want to play a little more. or want to play for whoever it is. >> reporter: not many players in the league can take a hit like gronk. toughed it out against the' hawkes but remains questionable for sunday. >> we have different injuries at different times, if it's something that doctors say you can'tla with it. >> reporter: the potential absence of gronk crowsski would be a lot. >> we are not thinking about last week. we're just looking to win in game, focus on this game. so we know we got to win more and improve more. >> you hate losing. you just wash it away. spilled milk.
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pour yourself nour ball. >> reporter: finding a way to contain a style of quarterback that has given the patriot fits all year long. >> some of them may be looking to run or some of them may escape the pocket but look to pass, they probably are going to be different something like that but you know, there are similarities to being able to make plays. >> reporter:ment benette could be seeing an expanded role if the gronk is not able to go. he was effective in the of the year. three of them without rob gronkowski. as for the injury report, perfect attend answer, only one other practice didn't play. that was' nate solder and it's not injury related. trey daerr, 7 news. >> kim: thank you. two patriots players could feel right at home when they hit to california. both tom brady and julian edelman are from the bay area. yet to be determined whether it will be a happy homecoming. dan hausle is live with more
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dan? >> reporter: kim, the stadium changed but the stadium and team are very familiar to the two players making it a very special weekend. tom blaredy and julian edelman practicing for a special home coming game. for the pats teammates it will be the first time playing near where they grew up and against the team they cheered for as kids. >> it's going to be pretty exciting. i mean, new place is no candlistic but it will be to play in front of some friends and family and, you know, santa clara going to the great america my whole life so it will be cool. >> reporter: it's surprising brady has gone this long without playing in san francisco but the one time the pats played there in 2008 brady was out with injuries. >> i've never had a chance to play in front of my familiar i will and friends. and you know, being glowing up in the bay area, loving
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for me to grow up. i always remember being all the super bowl rallies and my mom taking me out of school and banging pots and pans on the el camino after they would win superbowls. and you know, those memories never go away. >> reporter: brady and edelman say they have a been swamped by ticket requests from friends and relatives. >> i think he is from this place called s no, but i'm sure it will be fun for him, too. you know, but to get home and play the san francisco 49'ers, a team that i grew up loving and, you know, it's going to be exciting. >> reporter: brady says he may get a chance to see some of his idols as he was growing up because there is going to be an event to
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forward to that opportunity. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news. >> adam: still to come as we continue at 5:00 packing a punch. >> kim: an officer under investigation after an attack caught on camera in the state of arizona. >> adam: then at 5:30, a chilling confession the jury hearing gary lee some samson's confession. >> kim: a close call on a georgia highway. an offduty firefighter racing in to save a famil trapped in a burning car. >> adam: a man accused of killing his childhood friend in a drunk driving accident learns his sentence. >> kim: hank investigates a dangerous intersection that many of you probably use all the time in boston. it's causing concern, confusing pedestrians and drivers. we'll have those stories and much more coming up on the news station. >> announcer: tonight the jewelry stole lost her ring but they only offered cut
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than that. >> announcer: see how we solved other lost jewelry
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>> adam: an officer's actions under investigation today after this video surfaces on-line. it shows the officer punching a woman in the face during an arrest. the officer was trying to serve a warrant at the time. >> kim: now he has been i placed oned a m leaving a
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launches an investigation. >> reporter: the police department saying it became aware of the video last night and they've acted quickly already taking the officer off the job. an arizona police officer seen on video punching a woman in the face. officers jeff boner was at the victim's house because of an eviction notice. the situation ease cal eighted convictly why i'm as concerned with what is depicted in the video as i know many others are. i've heard your concerns and >> reporter: his police report the officer says the woman became uncooperative and kicked him when he tried to air rest her. he has been placed oned a m leave. the department's chief saying he is disturbed by the video and is working to figure out exactly what happened. >> as always we're truth seekers and fact finders, there a will be the focus of this investigation. we follow the public trust. our community has in our department and it's my signier hope that this process will retain the
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>> reporter: he was arrested -- police say the officer is a three-year vit ran on the force. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: next on 7 news, adele showing off new dance moves. what caused this commotion onstage at a concert. >> reporter: sunshine back with us tomorrow. a mild day.
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or visit us at ? >> kim: we want to update
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we've sky 7 over the scene as we've a yew on the ground as we check out the situation. boston police obviously have a heavy presence on cottage street after a shooting. we've been told by police that one person was shot and has life-threatening wounds. you see the crime tape there and a number of officers obviously investigating. we will keep you updated on this and share more with you as soon as we get it. >> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: in the city at 53. nashua 49. jaffrey 46. had a lot of clouds this morning, finally they broke apart. packed their bags and headed out. that is the case, hold on to mostly clear sky. a few clouds around the south coast and the cape. a big batch of clouds well offshore but it stays offshore thanks to high pressure over pennsylvania. that works up into new england during the day tomorrow. farther west this becomes our next weather system. this will wind up to become
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the high plains. dakotas as well as portion was minnesota. 6-12 inches of snow. there are signs switz beginning to reveal. in terms of what this means for us, this portion of the storm, a cool front, which then becomes a cold front, that will swing up into new england for the second part of the weekend but out ahead of that system it'll push another bubble of mild air up into new england tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow into the upper 50s to around 60 degrees, looks good. cool, lows 34-42. tomorrow lots of sunshine. a few afternoon clouds around. but it's mild. 56-62. north wind at 5-10 miles-an-hour. at times the wind may bend over to the northeast f. that were to happen coastal locations, boston, south shore upper 50s and farther inland the norwood 62, attleboro, 62. north of town much the same. the sea coves capian, you could be exposed to a north,
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worcester hill, lots of sun. no wind, great day for yardwork or one last round of golf for the year. lots of sun tomorrow and mash pee in the mid 50s, high pressure is with us again on saturday. again that is another great day for outdoor activities but this blue h. overhead, that means no wind. and that will change as that powerhouse storm moves up to canada and what that will do is fling this cold front up to southern f. think on sunday morning and you notice the purple coloring in further new england. the rain showers will flip over to snow showers. not for you, but up north and west of us, the berkshires then the green mountains of vermont and perhaps white mountains as well. cold air coming into new england in time ahead of the holiday ski week so the ski areas will get a kick with accumulating snow likely sunday. for us a couple of rain showers, blust terry and
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>> adam: singer adele going batty on stage in mexico. it's not a new dance move. she and her fans were apparently dive bombed by a bat. that's what got her moving around. after a few homes of the distraction which included the bat zooming over adele went on with the show. dramatic. good stuff. >> kim: makes it personal. ahead on 7 news it's a shocking scene. the moment of impacts caught on cama rocks central illinois. >> adam: ahead at 6:00, in the running red sox out fielder mookie betts could soon have to his name. >> kim: following breaking news in dorchester where there has been a shooting and a person has life-threatening injuries. stay with us for news on
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>> adam: still a lot more to get to including breaking news in dorchester. i'm dame williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> ryan: now breaking news. police in bourne arresting a man for an attack on a teenaged girl near a bus stop. >> jadiann: also developing at 5:30 mitt romney a candidate for trump's cabinet. >> ryan: family members of samson take the stand. >> jadiann: a fearless firefighters jumps into action to save a man trapped inside his burning car. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: now breaking news. police on the scene of a shooting in dorchester. sky 7 over west cottage street right now. there is a major police presence at the location right now and boston police say the victim is suffering from life-threatening injuries. >> jadiann: we're going


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