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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 18, 2016 2:56am-3:02am EST

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i should go walk my cats. no. no no no. amy, get in there and fight for your life. isn't there an easier way to make a hundred k? sure. old navy's giving away a hundred k everyday through black friday. plus right now it's 40% off your entire purchase. 40% off!?! you keep in touch with me, girl. i'm going to old navy. ahh! it's 40% off your entire purchase right now.
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>> carson: that's our show. a big thanks to everybody here at 97.1 amp radio for letting us hang out. before we go, we're gonna send you over for a little more music. here are explosions in the sky, and we'll see you soon. ? ? ?
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it's -- it's embarrassing. you know, if you don't talk about it, maybe it's not happening. [ female announcer ] women with this problem feel embarrassed, frustrated, and alone. like, even with a close girlfriend, i'm embarrassed to talk about that. [ female announcer ] the condition is female hair loss. my face, it looks good with my hair pulled back. but i can never do it. i wish that it wasn't like this. deep inside, you really don't want to recognize the fact that you're losing your hair. [ voice breaking ] but it's just, like -- it's, like, what do you do? you don't know what to do. you don't talk about it. [ sniffles ] if you're one of the millions of women frustrated, stressed, or worried because you're watching your hair fall out
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