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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this week dealing with what the team is calling a chest injury. he did not travel to san francisco is officially ruled out for sunday's game against the 49ers. gronkowski's absence leaves bennett and lango as the only two tight end on the active roster. gronk could you ski not the only player out. tom brady's arsenal tagging a major hit also rule out bennett and edelman are both questionable. live in the newsroom, trey daerr 7 news. >> anchor: we're following more break zig-zagging zig-zagging a stabbing on tremont street. police say the victim has non-live threatening injuries. sky 7 hd over that area. it appears the person was stabbed on tremont and then went into a nearby restaurant for help. >> reporter: chaos on campus. >> reporter: i saw a swat team go in and there is bets on the river. a terrify zig-zagging scene swat teams swarming the boston university library. a lot of this is going on around the country and that's
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>> reporter: it was all just a horrible hoax. >> anchor: police say they got the call this morning the caller said he had a room in the library booby trapped and that he had taken a hostage. >> anchor: police took every precaution, shutting down commonwealth avenue for a time while they search for this possible shooter but, yes, it turned out to be a false alarm. 7's steve cooper live on the bu campus with more on what happened there. kim, first of all just a huge sigh of relief here on the campus tonight if we're not just stts parent as well who are following this ordeal earlier today, but police tell us they were on the phone with this guy for about ten minutes and they had every indication that this phone call was the real deal. i was really, really nervous. sounds of sirens with a heavily armed swat team and tracking dogs all converge zig-zagging on commonwealth avenue at the mugar library on the bu campus around 8:30 this morning. right as i got to the door
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not to go inside. i was like what's going on. right behind there, thank you. right there. university police received a call from a man with a foreign accent, the who on the phone for several minutes with a dispatcher claimed to be around and inside the library. the call came from a male individual stating that he was barricaded inside room 4:20 on the fourth floor. he mentioned the room was booby trapped. a short time later there was another call that he had just shot a the build zig-zagging is sealed off. students notified to avoid the area while a tactical team swept the library floor by floor until investigators determined the call was a hoax. it was not a robocall. it was an actual person on the other end of the line answer zig-zagging questions. >> reporter: within two hours, the all clear is given. it's a relief it was a hoax i would say. >> reporter: what's your reaction someone to phoned in a call in.
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unnecessary, but there is only so much of the situation that we know. >> reporter: so it's business as usually here on the campus tonight. same too with the mugar library. that call was actually recorded by police so vetters are say still reviewing it and working with intelligence officials tonight hoping to track down the man who caused all of this earlier today. live in boston tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: a driver on a crash course in pembroke.po brockton man sped off down route 139 when they tried to pull him over. that's when they say he hit a car in traffic, kept going, crashed in a second car from behind. he will be arraigned on six charges including leaving the scene of a crash and driving with a suspended license. >> anchor: now some break zig-zagging news, a $25 million settlement reached in the trump university fraud case accord zig-zagging to the new york attorney general's office. trump has agreed to settle three lawsuits related to his real
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students claim they were lured into paying money to hear trump's invest zig-zagging secrets. now to the latest on trump transition and today trump's cabinet is filling up. his team announce zig-zagging some top picks to fill more positions including attorney general, national security advisor and head of the cia. but there are still many other positions left to be filled including secretary of state. jadiann thompson here now with the latest. adam, many are saying trump's latest picks demonstrate the president-elect values loyalty and he isn't afraid of a fight. when donald trump was fighting for the white house senator jeff sessions and general michael flynn remained at his side. now they face their own fight to stay there. the president-elect has chosen flynn as national security advisor, sessions as attorney general and kansas congressman mike pompeo as cia director. the last pick is widy praised. he has a good reputation, it looks like a good choice. >> reporter: but flynn. was known as kind of a bull in a china shop. someone who didn't work well
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general tagged by critics as anti-muslim hard liner sessions availably charged remarks decades ago cost him a federal judgeship now the congressional black caucus opposes his nomination. i am particularly pleased to offer words of congratulations to my colleague and good friend jeff sessions who is going to make an extraordinary attorney general of the united states. senator ted cruz and south carolina governor niki hayley are among republicans lining up behind donald trump and his picks. former foes now being mentioned themselves. i did vote for him and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: whether or not mitt romney feels that way, he is headed to 's golf course in new jersey this weekend to meet with the next president to talk about the future. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren talking about president-elect trump today in boston. nearly 400 women attend zig-zagging the event held at umass boston for students, activists and women leaders. warren criticized cabinet picks
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jeff sessions saying their record does not republic the country's core values. let's talk for a minute about the elephant in the room, the large orange elephant in the room. trump ran an ugly campaign. a campaign that was filled with bigotry. so let me say this as clearly as i can. there can be no compromise with negotiation with bigotry. that is where we stand. >> anchor: so warren also talked about policy solutions to address inequality and closing the way gap especially for low wage workers and minorities. in the newsroom, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> anchor: we are following more news today. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black man expected in court today. the man faces second-degree murder charges and multiple counts of dangerous discharge of
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shooting of fill and oh castile in july. his death made headlines when the aftermath of the shooting was broadcast on facebook live by his girlfriend. he said castillo told the officer he was carrying the gun and had a license. the incident sparked days of protest in minnesota. >> anchor: new at 5:00 and back here at home a major merger for two fantasy sports sites. boston based draft kings and fan duel announcing a merger today. this comes after months of scrutiny about regulations fo sites. this deal will not be timized until next year and requires federal approval. company official say the er will cut costs as they fight to stay legal in states all over the country. >> anchor: 7 news turning to construction on the mass pike and there is good news for holiday drivers. state officials now say road crews will be off the pike by 5:00 a.m. wednesday. the crews were originally going to be on the road until noon but officials change the time to limit traffic on this very, very
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the launch of all electronicking to. all right. let's switch gears turn to your forecast i'm beautiful fall day today with sunny skies, some breeze but it looks like the temperatures are going to take a dip. so what can we expect for this weekend? here is our chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. happy friday to you. >> reporter: back at you, adam. unfortunately i wish this weather would stick around for a few days, but we're going to lose the sun tomorrow. right now 50's to 60 here in the city. norwood at 49, mostly clear skies we had clouds off the cape for much of the day from a storm system that is well offshore the storm center does not bother us tomorrow but clouds will back in through the day tomorrow tomorrow is the day that offer a lot of clouds. over here this is another weather system, a cold front and this will come barrel zig-zagging into new england sunday with much colder
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in the day on sunday but sunday is about a blustery win. we'll detail that for you in a few minutes. >> anchor: also on 7, patriots quarterback tom brady addressing that foot locker ad a today. this is the commercial. it was released this week and in it brady makes light of deflategate. let's go to dan hausle. he is live at gillette so brady actually talked about this instead of just san francisco, san francisco, san francisco. >> reporter: he did talk about a that he has seen a last ads before and he always thought they were funny so this was something he wanted to participate in, make some memories. he plans to make new medical or ease this weekend in a place that he had a lot of them before. tom brady practicing for his first start ever against the team he grew up cheer zig-zagging for in the city just dunn the road interest his childhood home. it won't be legendary candlestick park where brady
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it will do. it's still great to go back there and play in the bay area. i have a lot of family and friends and i'm sure there will be a lot of support from a lot of people. i got a lot of people coming to the game. to hear them in the crowd, maybe when we warm up or something like that i'm sure i will hear a lot where i went to high school. >> reporter: his childhood heros may be there for an event hon oh ordering a former 49ers gm. the pats qb said he won't sneak out of the team meeting but would like to see them great, there are so many great players, i love them all and still do. those memories that you have growing up stick with you and sure stick with a lot of kids that grow up in the bay area at that time. i'm still fans of all of those guys and it would be cool to see him. tom brady. just because something is great doesn't mean anything is going on. >> anchor: brady talked about that new foot locker commercial taped during his deflategate suspension, brady says he liked the company's history of funny commercials and jumped at the
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week of greatness for something that never even happened. it's kind of cool. i grew up watching a lot of those being at foot locker when i was growing up and they approached us, it was pretty humorous idea. nobody said maybe you shouldn't joke about that or in the back of your mind thought maybe you shouldn't. it just felt good. i didn't think about that much. no, i thought it was kind of funny thing. >> reporter: brady happy with his homecoming this weekend playing for the first time in san francisco where he also grew up. both players say they have been swamped with ticket requests but they are concentrating on business at hand and that's the game. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: still to come this evening, a tall order in boston as a holiday tradition arrives on the common. >> anchor: and it was a star-studded night in hollywood as a major movie played right here in boston hits the big screen. >> anchor: then at 5:30 a. dr. thic shoot out in norton
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heads to court. >> anchor: ahead here in just one hour, a terrify zig-zagging attack, a young man facing a judge accused of attacking a girl near a bus stop in bourne. >> anchor: police are search zig-zagging for a suspect in chelsea after a woman is run down in a crosswalk. police need your help to identify the driver of a white van. we'll have more on those stories stay with the news station. there is a drug so deadly, state police won't even train the dog could die. correct, the dog could die. >> reporter: what if their partners are exposed. sheryl fiandacca reveals the new
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>> anchor: a dramatic i did but for the movie about the boston marathon bombings. patriots day closed out the afi film festival. the cast wa boston's own mark wahlberg who also plays a police officer in the film. >> anchor: the film is already being well-received. nancy chen has more on the big night. a star-studded premiere for patriots day. the movie about the boston marathon billion zig-zaggings say zig-zagging at the afi fest thursday night. the special cleaning closed the festival and the packed house reportedly left while wiping tears and also applaud zig-zagging loudly add
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the real survivors and first responders on stage. he says film zig-zagging the movie took an emotional toll. you see a lot on the news but when you see the movie are shock at how much how much you didn't know. there is real footage of ugly stuff. >> anchor: wahlberg said his character plays a mixture of real people who took part in the manhunt for suspect. he wanted to connect with the audience. my character is their point of view and you want to be able to track the story with somebody that you can identify with. >> reporter: the starring kevin bic on as f.b.i. special agent in charge rick delorea. it shows decision that's had to be made, how to handle release of the photographs, how to just how to break this case in five days. >> reporter: wahlberg grew up in dorchester and says he didn't have to prepare much for his role. my 18 careers growing up there, knowing what it's like tore a bostonian, having that deep rooted in who i am, where i come from and what i stand for.
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screening ended the movie got a longstanding ovation. there are now talks that patriots day could be a real contender for the oscars. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: next on 7 news, disappearing diamond causing concern for this woman on the cape. how solve it 7 stepped in to help her out of a jewelry jam. >> reporter: clear skies this evening. clouds headed our way for the weekend. details up next. the murphy law chaz talking in this better. let's won't beat me. >> reporter: hgtv star chris lampton and i will get our hands dirty to see who can grab the
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>> anchor: boston and its people getting a special delivery today. the holiday tree arrived, a gift from notify kay scotia after boston provided help white spruce, it's 47 feet long right now. high eventually. it arrived on that flat bed truck and it will be lit come december 1. >> anchor: wow. i mean, it's beautiful tree, there are four trees in my front that are already getting the light treatment. that was they after thanksgiving just flick them on. get a head star, right? >> anchor: your place is beautiful. jr, when do you put up the tree? we put it up right after thanksgiving it.
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will they hold their needles this year. that's a challenge. adam has a good point of you put those lights up now before your fingers freeze. nice and mild right now. next week it looks chilly. jet stream going to take a dip across the eastern half of the u.s. and here is where that cold air is right now. on the other side of the continent with rapid city at 33. denver 3 . chicago close to 60 so you go 60 into the 30's, you will have to go through some kind of a storm system and here you go. we've got a big storm now moving up into morning wiscons the storm today in minnesota and eventually this heads toward the up of michigan the storm center itself heads up into southern canada. for us in new england we deal with the cold front portion of the storm which will come into new england on sunday morning. temperatures right now 50's to around 60 in the city. a nice one out there today with lots of sunshine. the wrinkle with the forecast tomorrow is not from that cold front in the midwest. it's from an ocean storm and that ocean storm generating a
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the cape and islands and i think what happens is that those clouds actually begin to back up and work up into new england, especially along the coastline so clear this evening, clouds increasing overnight tonight. 35 to 43. tomorrow it's a mainly cloudy day. i think most of the clouds are at the coastline and the best chance of the sun is going to be the farther west you go. 51 to 57 so not quite as warm as today. certainly at the coastline about ten degrees cooler tomorrow with the clouds in boston. low 50's, farther town much the , cape ann the seacoast around 50 with cloudy skies. metrowest, mostly cloudy skies, mid 50's fitchburg at 5 . worcester at 5. sunday mostly cloudy skies, here comes that cold front. there could be a couple showers, rain showers before 7:00 a.m. on sunday otherwise just about the clouds and cold wind. temperatures sunday and monday in fact most of next week only in the 30's and 40's. see you at 5:30. >> anchor: thanks.
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history disappears from a jewelry store. she says the owner offered to pay for the lost stone but that's not what she really wanted. >> anchor: and when she stopped getting answers, she called solve it 7. here is kris anderson. >> reporter: they say diamonds are a girl's best friend. but meredith hudson and her precious stone were more than just friends. it was special to me. the diamond in the pendant was my mother's diamond. when left her the diamond. the sentimental stone was in this pendant that meredith didn't wear very often so she decided to make a change. i had the pendant and the setting that i wanted, the diamond put in. meredith took the pendant and the ring setting to cape cod jewelers in hyannis. he said they could do it. i wanted to know how much and he said he would call me that night with a price, which he did. the price was right, so meredith agreed to have the work done. but when she went to pick up her
5:24 pm
been misplaced. meredith says the store owner had her pendant, but couldn't find her diamond ring. what was going through your mind this. i didn't think too much of it. i just thought it would be found. it got mixed up with something el. meredith waited a week and then started calling the store. every time i contacted them there was still looking for it. >> reporter: after several months and still no ring, meredith received this letter from the store offer zig-zagging her $2,500 cash or $3,500 in store i felt the stone was worth more than that. >> reporter: she tracked dunn an old appraisal for the diamond from 1975 valuing the stone at $1,500, 41 years ago. meredith gave that information to a local appraiser who put together this hypothetical appraisal for the ring. a little more than $5,000. so i sent cape cod jewelers a letter. what did they say? i never heard from them. we never, he never responded. >> reporter: that's when
5:25 pm
appraisal carry any legal weigh. i think it does. she isen tight eto the fair market value which is the value of the diamond as we speak today not when she bought it. we reached out to the owner of cape cod jewelers over the phone and in person. he told us that he felt bad about misplacing meredith's ring and is still hoping he can find it. but he wanted to make sure that she was happy so he significantly increased his offer. oh thank you very much. very good, thank you. here is the check have you been wait-z owner agreed on $4,000 to replace the misplaced ring. before you got involved in it, we weren't communicating at all. thank you, solve it 7. >> anchor: cape cod jewelers is a reputable company and has been making its customers sparkle for more than 30 years. the store's owner is happy he was able to put asmile back on meredith's face. got a problem?
5:26 pm kris anderson, 7 news. >> anchor: still ahead, we're getting in the spirit of the season, preparing a recipe that will pair well with a thanksgiving turkey. we'll show you what's cook ahead at 6:00 tonight, welcome to the family. an annual tradition under way in brockton among other places today. all of these children go up for adoption and have a real
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>> anchor: happy you are with us, happy it's friday. i can going on and on and on. another hour 7 news. it's the hy it's your birthday. >> anchor: happy unbirthday. every day is a birthday.
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we love you. 7 news with ryan and jadiann thompson starts now. >> anchor: a shooting standoff comes it i a peaceful end. what caused the chaos. >> anchor: new dna developments that might be able to put a face to the killer a princeton jogge. >> reporter: students hospitalized after their school bus flips in nashville. >> anchor: a birthday miracle. how one mother's big day is now much more special. >> anchor: break zig-zagging news. gronk is out. will not be playing in sunday's game against the 49ers. there is a report he is not even on the patriots flight heading west. we'll bring you an update on all of this at 7 news at 0 clock. >> anchor: also on 7, shots fired during a standoff in norton before finally coming to an end. a police cruiser hit by bullets as the suspect barricaded himself inside his home. >> anchor: assault taking place last night as officers were responding to a domestic dispute. kimberly bookman is live with the very latest in norton. kimberly? >> reporter: ryan, police tell


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