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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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we love you. 7 news with ryan and jadiann thompson starts now. >> anchor: a shooting standoff comes it i a peaceful end. what caused the chaos. >> anchor: new dna developments that might be able to put a face to the killer a princeton jogge. >> reporter: students hospitalized after their school bus flips in nashville. >> anchor: a birthday miracle. how one mother's big day is now much more special. >> anchor: break zig-zagging news. gronk is out. will not be playing in sunday's game against the 49ers. there is a report he is not even on the patriots flight heading west. we'll bring you an update on all of this at 7 news at 0 clock. >> anchor: also on 7, shots fired during a standoff in norton before finally coming to an end. a police cruiser hit by bullets as the suspect barricaded himself inside his home. >> anchor: assault taking place last night as officers were responding to a domestic dispute. kimberly bookman is live with the very latest in norton. kimberly? >> reporter: ryan, police tell
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three of them hit a cruiser. police were able to get the situation under control without having to fire back standing before a judge was heath mullet who served for 7 years and did a tour overseas. police say his norton home was filled with guns, ammo and military style fives and on thursday night he used some of it to shoot up police officers surrounding the house. 7 shots were fired from inside the home. the round skipped off the under the officers and they also heard the rounds go over their head. police say they were called to the home by mullet's girlfriend. she accused him of throwing a fireplace screen at her and purr zig-zagging her with her child in her arm. officers were able to get her and the child out of the house, but mullet barricaded himself inside causing danger to the entire neighborhood. woe got a call from the police saying get in the basement or get in the far end of the build zig-zagging. there was a problem next door and you might be gunfire.
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and a negotiate try tried to get mull tote come out. they say instead he fired several rounds hitting a cruiser. he did surrender and is now in serious trouble. the plaintiff has been charged with nine counts of assault and murder as well as assault and battery on a family household member. >> reporter: a sigh does who met with mullet before his arraignment said he has a history of alcohol abuse, suffered a head injury and is dealing with paranoia and suicidal thoughts. he says i don't even remember doing any of this. he started to cry. he said i can't believe i did this. >> reporter: the suspect will get mental health evaluation at bridgewater state hospital. he will be back here in at el about or for a dangerousness hear zig-zagging december 7. report zig-zagging live, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> reporter: a nine-year-old hit by a car happened around 3:00 this afternoon near the corner of the metropolitan and kit ridge. police say the boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries and expected to make a full recovery. >> anchor: worcester police are sezig-zagging for a suspect and three arm robberies.
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he is described a skinny, wild male approximately 5'5" and anyone with information should use worcester pd's tip line authorities across the state on look out for a man the f.b.i. nickname the spelling bee bandit. the man is accused of robbing a number of banks giving him his nickname. police say he robbed banks in arlington, and reading. each time he has gotten more aggressive they say. ridiculous. i never seen seen anything like that be right down the street not far from here is the peabody police station. it's not far so plenty of cops in this area. >> anchor: the suspect is on the state's post wanted list. police are asking anyone with information about these crimes to give them a call. >> anchor: a house in tewksbury goes up in flames. the home on chandler street caught fire last night. the video here you can see the flames engulfing the home. in that photo. according to neighbors the hole was vacant at the time of the
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over in stoughton this morning it. happened on route 24. fire fighters say the truck driver was taken to the hospital. no other vehicles were involved in the crash. >> anchor: now through a story you will see on just one station. dna developments. that is what officials are work zig-zagging on to help identify the killer of a jogger in princeton. the key clue may be a new form of technology. sheryl fiandacca has the story. it has been more than three months since police found vanessa marcotte's body in the woods of princeton. dna found at the scene hasn't matched anyone database. now 7 news has learned investigators are turning to new dna technology that could little real show them the killer's face. we focus on externally visible traits so we do eye cooler, hair , skin color, frequentling, the shape of the face and also the person's by oh we traffic ancestry so where their ancestors are from. >> reporter: using dna gathered at a crime scene, a
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generates a composite sketch like this. sources tell 7 news they will use dna from the princeton scene to crow quit a profile of the suspect. scientists there created a dna database with physical traits typically associated with specific genes. working with police, the company takes crime scene dna samples, runs them through their data base and is able to identify the outward characteristics of that person and create a composite sk it is. >>been used by the federal government in many different respects over the last year or so. so we know this has been investigated. we know the technology is solid. >> reporter: hampton district attorney anthony galuni said his office was first law enforcement agency in massachusetts to use the technology. it's led us into new places it's generated hundreds of tips from the public from all over the country, it's been very productive for us. >> reporter: this past september he released a composite dna sketch of the
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zegert. she was abducted nearly 25 years ago and her killer never found. lisa is a mother said this could be the break they have been looking for. it would mean that we were all of us working on it together. we were able to bring justice for lisa. >> reporter: justice that vanessa marcotte's family is also hoping to get now that investigators will have more information to go on. so now they have something new, some new police to st information we give them. try to get new tips or they can use it internally and try to reinvigorate that investigation. there were limits though to the technology so far it's not possible to predict height and weight. still the testing helps police eliminate suspects that don't fit the dna profile. in the control room, cher fiandacca. >> anchor: a two-year-old's birthday party turns deadly in tennessee when a man opens fire on a hole. one women was killed and 7
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all were shot while celebrating last night. police say a man walked up to the porch and shot at the crowd. no word yet on a motive. >> anchor: at least 20 people were injured in a school bus accident in nashville this morning. two students are in critical but stable condition. most of the other injuries are not serious. the high school students were headed to tennessee to the state convention for national beta club. another bus was september to pick up the uninjured students. no word yet on what led to that crash. one person is in custody and another in hospital after a crash. the car crashes right into the aptm you can see that big hole that happened late this morning. the build zig-zagging was right there, take a look the car went through there. big hole in the side of the build zig-zagging there. >> reporter: and ohio teen arrested for shooting at his neighbor's house all captured on facebook live. so the 15-year-old boy waived around a rifle and hand gun shooting at his neighbor's house out that window.
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was inside at the him and she was terrified. it's awful that, that's being an idiot. it's scary. you can't be if your own home andy lacks. police are now trying to figure out how the teen got those guns. >> anchor: a california company is working on a breathalyzer that could be useful for spotting someone under the influence of marijuana. the berklee based company has been working chemist to develop a way to detect if someone has evenly could help prosecutors prove someone was under the influence in that moment. we have tremendous interests from not only law enforcement and employers who are struggling with this problem but also the cannabis industry who knows you can't be driving stoned. everybody really accepts that. >> anchor: the company says the breathalyzer could become available some time next year with a price tag of under $1,00. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, a birthday miracle. >> anchor: what one surprise,
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day. >> anchor: new at 6:00 the search is on in chelsea for the driver who shot an elderly womans she was crossing the street. >> anchor: a scary situation today at boston university ends up being a hoax what caused all of that chaos? >> anchor: there is a drug so deadly, state police won't even thank their drugs to detect it. the dog could die. >> reporter: correct, the dog could die. >> reporter: what if their partners are exposed. sheryl fiandacca reveals the new way they are in monday at 11:00. ? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body.
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d, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> anchor: a birthday miracle. a kenen mother giving birth to quintuplets on a very special day although born prematurely the five babies are healthy and happy. >> anchor: that's right. they can all celebrate birth days together with their mom. from two to seven. we're overjoyed. we have never been happier becaus have gone wrong, but they are so stable and so healthy. katie and like as welcomed savannah, sadie, sophie, scarlet and loan little boy lucas born last week on november 11. katie gave birth at almost 30 weeks and although born prematurely, all five babies are healthy. sadie is the smallest and whenever she was in my belly she would move and that's huh she is right now. she cannot sit still. >> reporter: november 11 is already a special day for the family. it's also the new mom's birthda.
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gift cards to go by some presents next year. that's going to be a very special day. >> anchor: the newborns are in the uk's nicu and should be able to go home in six weeks. a da us these two are prepared for. it's just like taking care of one baby times five. >> anchor: still those babies wanted to share a birthday with their mother. they were all born just before midnight on the 11th. >> anchor: coming you on 7 news we have turkey tips you wouldn't want to miss during this week's what's cooking. we have the you itty day forecast as well. up next. >> anchor: and then at 0 clock, gronk is out, who else won't be suiting up for sunday's big game as patriots take on the san francisco 49ers. >> anchor: children are finding their forever homes in honor of
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>> anchor: a lot of clouds
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sunday. tomorrow though it's if you ever out and about it's manage will. there is no wind tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 50's although at the coastline boston plymouth, cape ann, near 50. so noticeably cooler tomorrow compared to what we had today and for everyone colder next week, but traveling across the nation next week it does look good. now if you are traveling tomorrow you bounce out of new england again we've got a lot of clouds and metro boston but no significant weather. there will be rain and snow showers through the great lake states. pittsburgh, detritt in particular. th i day on sunday. through the southeast it's warm in florida, close to 80 degrees. now you notice atlanta 5 . there is that cold front down there and on the west coast seattle at 56. you head out wet for the game on sunday. tomorrow in san francisco low 60's and i think sunday too will feature showers so pack your rain gear. here is that weather system this evening i'm lot of snow in minnesota now heading up into southern canada and we are on the mild side of that weather system at this time.
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plymouth at 51. we have to contend with a weather system out over the ocean right now generating clouds and those clouds actually will start to back up and head ashore later on tonight with temperatures between 35 and 43 at the coast with the increase in clouds. tomorrow mainly acloudy day. there may be a few peeks of sunshine tomorrow morning along the coastline but essentially it will close in fast. i do think you will have some sun out toward 495 corridor in the worcester hills. some sun out west and in those locations that's where mildest, upper 50's. they coast it will be the low 50's. sunday mostly cloudy skies and that's i windy day on sunday as the cold front comes ripping through southern new england. very early in the i did on sunday there could be a couple of showers before 7:00 a.m. essentially sunday adry day. temperatures will fall out of 50's and into the 40's by sunday afternoon from this cold front right here and you do notice the rain showers actually flip over to snow through much of new york state and i do think western and northern new england will have
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so if you are heading up north or west for the holiday for some skiing they get off to a head start this year. unlike last year with their ski areas through vermont and northern new england, should make out like bandits, 6 to 12 inches of snow likely in western new england. there could be a couple of flurries in the worcester hills sunday afternoon but i think that would just be it. flurries, nothing more than that. monday much of the same. tuesday lots of sunshine but it's chilly, test on tuesday into the mid 40's and of course middle of next week. in new england looking a okay that would also apply to the wednesday forecast as well. thanksgiving right now a chilly rain. temperature in the mid 40's. >> reporter: thanks so much. as you saw during the 7 day less then a week to go before thanksgiving. >> reporter: that's right. a little turkey on there and today we head to plymouth for a squash dish that sort of adds some spice to that holiday turkey. here is sara french with what's
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flash to plymouth, massachusetts to remember the first thanksgiving. after checking out the historic sites local restaurant alden park seals the deal with a memorable meal. when you go out to seat eat there is an entertainment value. did you out and part of it is being intersprained by the food, part of it is being isn't taped by the service, the atmosphere and what alden park is for me is culmination of all of those things. executive chef stephanie morris entertains in the kitchen wh roasted squash and brussels sprouts with a cranberry glaze. good for thanksgiving day side but a good fall weather, especially in new england where squashes are in such a good season. >> reporter: so let's get kick cooking. you want to run your knife along that so the brustle sprout quarter stays hole. oil a shallow baking pan, add chopped sweet potato, diced butternut, acorn and delicata squash. add quartered brussels sprouts.
5:51 pm
season with salt and fresh time. ready to go in the oven. the oven is at 5350 degrees, it will go in for 20 that 25 minutes depending on how big we cut it. while that cooks, chef stephanie creates some crunch. so this these are shelled pumpkin seeds. i will mix them with honey and melted butter. stir well. we go right on a baking sheet and you will bake those into 300 degree oven for about 20 minutes. you are going to keep an eye on them though because with the sugar from next, prepare the baked squash for serving. chef stephanie tops it off with a sweet cranberry glaze toasted pepitas and dried cranberries. a beautiful edition to any thanksgiving table. happy thanksgiving. that's what's cooking. i'm sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: next on 7 news we'll introduce you to one group of students that are bridging the gap inside the classroom. >> anchor: and we also have
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new england patriots. it's a tough blow. they their star tight end will be sitting out this sunday. >> anchor: then a man facing kidnapping charges on the cape. what police say they found in his car that tied him to the attack with a 14-year-old. >> anchor: a scare at boston university today. the phone call that sent swat teams and the bomb squad to campus. >> anchor: those stories and more coming up next on 7 news at 6:00. on this friday evening trump team build zig-zagging. some big picks announced today. who they are and what they bring to the table. millions under winter advisories wi bracing for the first blizzard of the season and with sports injuries on the rise a promising new way of treat zig-zagging concussions in kids. we see you back here tonight. this year, i want the best bird for my family and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving.
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r budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my stop & shop. >> anchor: a group of teenager from haverhill making new friends and making a big difference. >> reporter: think wanted to reach out to some of their classmates who were just learning english so they start everyone. crust a delcamp has their story during this woke's class act. you will give us a card no. >> reporter: reaching a cross cultural divides might sound difficult but these student are making it work. today all three of you are the class act for this week. very an can lewis morgan johnson, ariel kim all live in
5:56 pm
found the group value for all over a year ago. it's a spanish english club where students play games, make friends and learn from even other. we made so many new friends i learned so much in spanish and my conversational skills have advanced so far. it's like we're not even volunteering since we both get something if return. the group meets two or three times a month at constantino middle school in haverhill. and while it's carefree and spontaneous now, the founders say it wasn't like first. kind of awkward sometimes. it was a little bit tricky because we didn't really know people and i could tell from them that they were a little bit nervous. jumps out of their comfort zones, their determination paid off. they want to learn more about us and that makes me feel like they care about spanish. we're learning both. we talked eaccomplish and they
5:57 pm
learning because they don't judge us. >> reporter: we can teach them different american traditions. they teach us spanish songs. in the end, success that knows no end. hoping that i can keep more friend ships, learn more spanish and stay connected with the people. so you cannot only help other people in the community, but you can also strengthen relationships and improve other people's lives. christa delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: so the girls have big plans they are making kits for other students from around the country to set up clubs to learn from their classmates. very cool. so if you know a student between 6 and 12th grade doing something outstanding either in sports, in school, in the community you can nominate them on-line at >> anchor: another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. i am ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i'm jadiann thompsonment thanks for hang zig-zagging out with us on this friday afternoon, everyone. 7 news at 0 clock starts right now. >> anchor: break zig-zagging news now at 6:00, gronk is out
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lining the pats tight end. a woman hit in a chelsea crosswalk, clue police are hoping will lead them to the driver. a threat at a boston university build zig-zagging evacuated. the bomb squad called in. the call that prompted the scare on campus. >> reporter: this cold front comes barrels into new england. i will let you know when. >> reporter: and dozens of massachusetts families getting a little bit bigger break zig-zagging news. the patriots ruling out rob gronkowski for sunday's game against the 49ers. of course the tide end took that hard hit to the chest during last web's game against seattle. and he is not the only player who wasn't on the flight to san francisco. let's go to dan hausle live at gillette for us this evening. dan? well, the patriots made the announcement just as the players were getting on that plane to head to san francisco. rob gronkowski out for the game. also chris hogan out for this
5:59 pm
been looking all along like gronkowski might not make the flight, now it is another player and the players and coach didn't want to talk about it today. no rob gronkowski at practice today, his third straight day missing from action after this brutal hit last sunday. despite the obvious signs he would soon be declared out for this weekend's game, tom brady wouldn't even talk about the possibility. are you worried about no gronk this weekend? is he out? no, t maybe there is something i don't know. i don't know. if you don't are him people are stuck, if you don't have him how much will that hurt? i don't know if we we'll have him or not i don't want to speculate on something i don't know about yet. we'll see. >> reporter: coach bill belichick similarly silent on the subject after 20 minutes plus of long answers on a variety variety of subjects this is how he reacted when we asked about gronk. is that the last question? thank you.
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back in to play. brady credit you his fundamental and fitness away from the stadium with helping him stay on the field. i believe you put a although of those things in advance, i don't think you wait to have a problem then try to fix it so i think you have to try to be proactive with how you take care of yourself so you can withstand those type of hits. with gronk out expect bennett to get more action. he said he is ready for it and brady said he has a lot of both in practices and in games all year long. live in foxboro, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: and also on 7, an older woman run down in a chelsea crosswalk. a van that hit her never stopped. the woman is expected to be okay. police of course trying to find that driver now. >> anchor: and they are hope tag surveillance video in the area could lead to an arrest. jonathan hall live this chelsea with the latest on the search for the driver.


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