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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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former massachusetts scott could be back in loin for a donald trump cabinet post. what is the president-elect can go him for. now police are searching for that vehicle. an action packed gronkowski enact tive for tomorrow's game with an injury. we are getting the first blizzard the season. thankfully not here just yet. >> yeah, not here. >> all right, good saturday morning, thank you for joining us for 7 news today new england. i'm nancy chen. >> first we are going to get to meteorologist chris lambert with a first look at the weekend. chris. >> reporter: it's amazing
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the minneapolis averages are the november 1st. first inch of snow. different story against our neck of the woods. gorgeous day. and then you watch the sunset with the clear skies, the temperatures did tumble in the suburbs. we start on the frosty side from norwood to bedford. and mild here in boston. notice a huge difference down in the back we will see more clouds backing in from the east to the west during the day. this is the blizzard conditions to the portions of the midwest. that is going to bring rainshowers to us for tomorrow. it will also bring much colder weather behind it. in fact, it will be cold enough where we transition to a bust of snow across western mass. you get from west to east. we're not expecting any accumulation tomorrow, but t a sign of things to change. things are changing here in
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fall back into a colder pattern. we will caulk more about the winter forecast. >> chris, thank you. we come back with the trump transition. he has spoken with president-elect trump about a possible cabinet position. in addition to the time as senator, senator scott served more than 30 years in the army national guard. now he is being considered for secretary of veterans affairs. we spoke with the former senator >> reporter: former massachusetts senator scott brown may have a new job come january, a secretary of veterans affairs, part of president-ele president-elect's trumps new cabinet. i have his number locked in. i said, good evening mr. president-elect, how are you? i want to congratulate you sir. >> reporter: and then president-elect got town to business. >> what is your passion.
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recommendation to may team that you be recommended. >> reporter: he had a distinguished career in the national guard reached the rank of colonel before retiring in 2014, after serving almost 35ersia. he has served in the senate arms services and veterans affairs committee. a secretary of veterans affairs he would be responsible for managing the benefits, and healthcare of millions of veterans. >> there's angels at work at the va, but there's real system problems. you need somebody who understands the issues which i do. >> reporter: the first order of business. >> will set a 24-7, 365 hotline for suicide call inns for people who feel like they're going to kill themselves. i think it's the toughest job in the cabinet, because people's lives are at stake. >> reporter: he has gotten calls of support from the senate colleagues. he expects to hear back from
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final decision some time next week. president-elect trump has named three cabinet choices tapping, senator jeff sessions and representative mike pompeyo for key roles, the presidential key as mr. trump agreed to settle a controversial court case. >> a stunning about-face as donald trump's team tries to tie up headache that would not go away. a settlement on students. the president-elect a agreeing to pay $25 million even though during the campaign he promised that would never happen. >> i don't want to settle cases when we're right, i don't belief in it. when you start settling cases, you know what happens, everybody sues you because you get known as a settler.
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beautiful. >> reporter: now he can focus on picking his cabinet. he has made decisions for national security adviser, retired 3 star general mike flynn. he rose quickly within millionaire intelligence before being fired by president obama. he is out spoke against islam. >> it's like cancer. >> reporter: for attorney general, jeff sessions, a hard-liner in immigration, reje b federal judgeship after comments he made racist comments. >> trump's choice for cia, mike pompeyo, and key party republican who went hard against hillary clinton over benghazi. tonight. senator warren speaking against trump's picks. >> let's talk about the elephant in the room, the large orange
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a campaign that was filled with bigotry, so let me say this as clearly as i can, there can be no compromise with racism, there can be no negotiation with bigotry. >> reporter: trump will spend the weekend at his golf course at new jersey, where he will meet candidates for his team, including mitt romney. and 7 news turning to a scary of a hit-and-run. it was caught on camera. the white minivan hit her in the crosswalk and then it drove away. tim caputo has more. she almost made it all the way across the street. the 72-year-old woman tries to jump out of the way but is hit by a minivan while she was crossing the street in chelsea. the drive doesn't stop, leaving
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on the crosswalk. >> people are horrible in chelsea. >> in broad daylight. a busy road for both cars and serious car wreck just a block away. >> that is kind of crazy, this area is really congested, all the time there's a lot of pedestrians. >> the woman didn't know what hit her, and neither would police except for a camera that captured the whole thing. in the video c there's a front tire that is without a hub cab or a spare. on the back there appears to be a note taped to the window. the woman was helped off the ground by a good samaritan that walked her to the sidewalk. >> at least there's some good people. >> the driver i'm not sure that -- >> also this morning an 18-year-old facing kidnapping charges, john allen was in court yesterday. police say he attacked a 14-year-old girl in born last
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he tackled her, choked her and tried putting her in his car, but after he took off, another girl screamed. he is being held without bail, spending a dangerous hearing. things are quiet after a chemical scare at a high school in manchester, new hampshire. firefighters rushed to the high school after reports of a strong chemical order. several student reported feeling sick. firecrews showed up and helped evacuate nearly 1,000 student found the fumes were from a cleaning product. 30 people were checked out by medics, sometime students and were taken to the hospital. >> some the students had headaches, and symptoms they were being checked up. one student went to the hospital with chest pains. upon checking with them, she is in stable condition. >> the school was ventilated taking more than an hour, before
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>> the patriots will be in california without one of their star players. gronkowski missed the practice all week with an injury and he did not travel with the team against the game with the 49ers. it leaves the pats with two healthy tiedend on the roster. >> worried about gronk this weekend. >> it would have been news to tom brady and now we can make official, and ron gron course key is out against the 49ers. the chest injury is enough to prevent him from flying to san francisco. bill belichick offering some insight into what the decision making proses might be like. >> we were playing at home, it would be a little bit of a different situation. if we feel like it's a longshot, if you will, and do we really want to, you know put him on the
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>> brady is used to going coast to coast. the northern california native getting a chance to play at the home of his native childhood team first to time this in his illustrious career. >> it will be nice to see my parents and sisters, hopefully we can go out there and win. >> even with the proud brady crowd on the stands, don't expect him to steer away n it's easy to compartmental ice in my 17 year. i have different places, traveling with friends, and everybody knows that we're there to play a game. >> 7 news today in new england. covering more news, holiday driver are getting a break in next week's, construction on the pike is going to be put on road. road crews will be off the pike by 5:00 in the morning. the crews were going to be on the road until noon, but officials changed the time to limit the disruption on a busy
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the launch of all electronic tolling. winter officially arrives, how that will affect our weather here at home. >> parts of western, northern new england picking up snow over the weekend. all of us seeing cold air over the weekend. an alarming phone call warning of danger in the boston university campus and it turns
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here is a sure sign the holidays are just around the conner. the boston christmas tree november a scottio, including santa claus. they were there to see the tree. the tree lighting is set for tuesday, december first. yesterday i went to the post office to send off some packages, heard the christmas music, and went, wow it really it. >> they started even before holy win these days. but thousand we're bet -- halloween these days, and now we can start talking about
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west. we had plenty of snow out in minnesota. still too early to see some snow. parts of the new england will see snow just not here in boston. 31 in nord, and 31 in bedford. it's a frosty start. as we transition to the christmas season, eventual will he we will turn cold. mainly clear skies for a lost us so far this morning. we do have increase in clouds, down to the eastern mass, the the cape and the islands and this is the storm where all the portions of snow. this now providing a little bit of snow across wisconsin, up of michigan, this front is the front that means business, because that is the dividing line between temperatures at this hour, in the upper 50s, in buffalo stretching to pittsburgh, and much colder air on the other side of it. 35 in chicago, 30 in the twin cities, that is the air mass that is cold enough to support snow. what happens tomorrow, especially early in the morning,
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hours, it starts to turn colder across western portions of new england. in terms of today, we not track any precipitation, there may be a patchy drizzle or a sprinkle or two as the clouds back in. it's a big breakdown in terms of cloudy at the coastline to sunny inland. a lost sunny throughout much of the day out in 45 through worcester county. in the meantime we will get the clouds to back in off the ocean. typically where you see the most sunshine, you will see the and the clouds coming along the coastline. overnight tonight, a patch of drizzle or maybe a sprinkle out there as the clouds thicken up. better chance of some showers, and perhaps even a line of showers briefly tomorrow morning for about an hour or so, right around 5:00, or 6:00 in the morning. as the colder air moves in, you watch the change to some snow, and this could come down heavy at times, it could a big burst into the berkshires into
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worcester hills. after that, 7:00, or 8:00 in the morning. maybe a passing left over rainshower, and we will see breaks into the over catchment of the accumulating snow. we are talking about it across the portions of the green mountains, a half an inch of show. even into the berkshires a few inches of snow is possible. worcester hills you may catch a passing coating or two here and there. otherwise, i don't expect much. taking us through the weekend, into t didn't read there. yes, thanksgiving is on a thursday not a wednesday. we will fix that coming up. nicely done. the wild weather in the midwest, the strong storm system bring the first blizzard, this is the video from minnesota, like chris was talking b the cars and the trucks truck ling on slick roads. >> in all nearly 6 million people were under winter weather advisories overnight.
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>> a deadly blizzard sweeping the upper midwest. here in minnesota, wind gusts of over 70 miles per hour. as many get their first stoke of winter weather. >> we're not talking about the light flurries, we're talking about the backbreaking snow. >> road conditions are treacherous. >> expecting a 2 hour and 15-minute drive to turn into a 5 hour drive. >> friday more than 300 crashes on the roads and two deaths on minnesota are blamed on the storm. cell phone video shows the winds. winds. >> and sioux fall, south dakota, they checked out, schools were canceled. in colorado a 20 car pile up on tuesday shutdown part of i-70, two people were killed there. the storm has intensified as it moves east. 5.2 million americans under some sort of warning for advisory with more than a foot of snow in some areas. >> it is pay back for last year.
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season. >> the storm is bringing behind it a burst of cold air, a message that winter is on the way. in the newsroom, 7 news today in new england. coming up on today in new england. a major announcement regarding the zika virus, why they're saying it's no longer a global public emergency. more than think children joining their forever family on
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let's take a look at that space. there's one of many on national adoption day. officially it was friday, but with many children in the area still look for a family, the entire month of november is focused to finding them homes. and dozens of kids meeting their forever brockton. 7's nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: 20-month-old amaya may not have her daddy's eyes, but she has their hearts. >> she is a part of the family. >> reporter: christian joe and amaya officially became family. heir adoption finalized. >> we were an unprobable adopter, they thought it was nice to line it up with national adoption day.
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other children at the brockton courthouse who found their forever family. little justin is the 8th child for the mcclouds. they have adopted four children, three from the same family. >> we adopted, smolani first, and then justin was born and they asked us, and we would never say no. it's been such a gift to ep coup them together. >> reporter: and for new parents, they quickly learned what life is like with the toddler. >> that terrible two thing is a real thing, change it for the world. he has been such a blessing for us. >> reporter: 11-year-old, joey has waited to be adopted. >> i'm always mom but this really puts the clencher on it. >> reporter: now he is forever connected to his 5 brothers and sisters. the group adoption happening in worcester and boston today. in total 125 children are adopted into 95 families making
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adoption days here in massachusetts. in brock ton, nicole ole varyio. 7 news. it feels complete. >> yes, so many great individual stories. you hear each little one ask their gems. >> what a fantastic day for everyone involved there. it looks a lot like christmas in santa clara, california, here it one thing, it's not snow, how firefighter foam got out of control. the celtics getting a glimpse of kevin durant with his team the highlights on 7 sports. and brady talks his commercial, a commercial a not
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tom brady showing off his comedic in a commercial for foot locker. >> just because something is great, doesn't mean this anything is going on. why c great. >> is it starts with questions. >> it starts with questions, and it goes to assumptions and assumptions go to vacation. why would you punish. >> sound like there's subtext, brady making fun of the deflate gate. i asked him about his decision to team up with foot locker for that spot. >> i grew up watching a lot of being at foot locker when i was growing up.
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thought it was a humor idea. >> he didn't think about how anybody else would react to the commercial. everybody thought it was funny. nobody has complained about it. at the time you might think he is in the middle of his suspension, it might be a sensitive subject. now that the team is winning, despite last weekend's game. >> everybody can yuck it up about it. in the next hour, with thanksgiving looming, workers at the chico hair airport threatening to go on strike. what they they would like to see improved. >> reporter: 60s today, 40s tomorrow, a downhill slide continues into next week. the forecast ahead. plus a disturbing video of a new hampshire mother passed out from an apparent overdose with her young child right there
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alarming allegations at a daycare in beginning ham, why one teacher is off the job and another has been played on leave. a 15-year-old boy facing charges after police say he fired shots into a neighbor's home while broadcasting it live on facebook. and several students shaken up after their school bus
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saturday morning. thanks for staying with us. i'm nancy chen? >> i am dan hausle. let take a live look outside on this saturday morning. it's shaping up to be another nice one but you might brace yourself for what lies ahead. >> colder is moving on the second half the weekend. 44 in boston right now. not bad at all. it's a froesty start in the suburbs. you will notice how plymouth is 45 dees, and high an us is 50. this is where the low clouds back off the ocean. what we of low clouds work its way off to west. it's to the east of boston. it slides through the city and gets hung up across eastern mass this morning, and pushes farther inland this afternoon. the folks see the sunshine the longest will be the farther inland you go away from the coastline. this is a ban of -- a band of rain here through the ohio valley. it doesn't last that long, maybe one or two hours, but it's a big difference maker in terms of the temperatures, because behind
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the coast, cloud yesterday at the coast this afternoon, and into this evening. and temperatures running into the 50s, windy and colder tomorrow, temperatures running into the 40s. the weekend pick will be today, not as cold and not as warm as yesterday, still cold out there. colder pattern continues until next week. showers by thanksgiving and the forecast ahead. 70s now, turning to some alarming allegations at a local daycare. police investigating the allegations of abuse. one teacher is on of the job, and another on administrative leave. 7's john cocoa has the latest. >> reporter: a serious investigation now underway involving state, and local authorities. the department of children and families along with the hung gam police department are looking into allegations that children were mistreated. one worker has been fired, and
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the department of children and families received the report on the situation, and we're investigating. in a statement of their own, bright horizon says our most important responsibility is to ensure that all children are safe, well cared for and treated with respect at all times. as soon as the situation was brought to our attention, we communicated directly with all the families who have children at the center. the teacher involved has been terminated. we are supporting the authorities as they review in anyway we can. john cocoa, 7 news today in new england. and lawrence police have now issued a warrant for a mother who at the believe overdosed right next to her child. investigators are looking for this woman from say less than, new hampshire because she missed her court date. you may remember this video from back in september. it raised a lot of eyebrows much you can see mandy passed out from an apparent heroin overdose. with her small child crying next to her.
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into state custody. boston police university is search for a suspect after a disturbing phone call was found to be a hoax. they got a call early friday morning from someone claiming they had shot a hostage, and bobby trapped a room inside of the campus. police have no choice but to take threats like these serious. >> it was methodical. you can't sake these hoaxes without checking them out thoroughly. >> yes, it's fine, there's all never seen before. we have friends who have been hassled on the street for their race in boston. you never know. the call was determined to be a hoax after police searched all six floors of that building. ? ? ? ? [bleep] a 15-year-old boy accused of a disturbing crime. police say he fired shots into his neighborhood's homes and
6:36 am
on facebook. thankfully no one was hurt. >> that teenager face multiple charges as investigators try to figure out how he got his hand on those guns much 7 adam williams has more. [ laughter ] >> during several long and disturbing long facebook videos this 15-year-old boy waves around a rifle and a 9-millimeter handgun, points toward an open window and fires, first the rifle. laugh. >> and then the handgun, pulling that trigger knock him off of his feet. >> oh! >> [bleep] >> the teen seemed to find the indiscriminant gun fire amusing and covers the window with a curtain. >> we can try depend later. >> it was no laughing matter to tonya watts. >> i heard the shots and i hopped up. >> who was stunned bit sound of bullets hitting her home. >> if you're sitting in your
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something like that, that will freak you out because i'm not used to hearing that. >> the teen lives with his grandma and was home alone. the fact that he recorded the shooting on facebook live. she says is outrageous and callus. >> that is being an idiot. >> the boy was arrested on weapons charges. >> the serial number will be ored. they will be checked for stolen and if indeed it is stolen, he stolen property. >> it's scary. you can't be in your own home, and relax. police are still trying to figure out where the teen got those guns. adam williams today in new england. one person is dead after a small plane crashes into a home in northern california. it happened on friday morning. two people were on board. the man believed to be the pilot was killed. the injured passenger was flown to a hospital. no one was inside the home whether the crash happened. investigators are now trying to figure out the cause.
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23 high school students had to be rushed to the hospital on friday morning after their bus slammed into a guardrail and toppled over to the side. this happened as the bus was getting on to a highway. police say the students were obviously shaken up, no word on what led to that accident. on 7, good news here regarding the zika virus outbreak. it's no longer considered a public health emergency, that is considered to a world h zika is still a problem across the world but on a local level. employees at chico o'hare international airport threatening to strike for the week of thanksgiving. they have been fighting for better wages and human rights. the chicago department of transportation say they do not anticipate any -- out of an industrial building next to an airplane. the mystery foam spreading
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and how to stop it. here is 7's tim casey. >> reporter: at first glance at sunny santa clara, california, it's beginning to see look a lot like christmas. that's not snow, but a sea of foam. >> i'm like, what is going, it's like the largest bubble bath ever. >> the suds began spreading out a fire retardant foam that discharged accidentally from the >> it functioned as it has to in the event of a fire and filled the building with foam. that foam is now floating out to the street. foam is not not hazardous to people, but dangerous to the environment. and nearly those enough to peddle through it. >> it looked inviting. >> soon it had its own hashtag, foam nato.
6:40 am
local reporters describing the scene. >> i used to work in boston, it looks like a blizzard a little bit. we are talking to the fire chief, and he says, there's nothing like this. >> reporter: the suds are on the street, but the party is closed. the clean up now, but the situation is still fluid. people who work in the area said the foam was a welcome distraction, in their week. in the newsroom, i'm kim casey. that is quite a there, something people will be talking about for years to come. it seems pretty fun i like that, foam nato. coming up in new england, a perfect recipe for the holiday, what is cooking heads to plymouth for a squash dish sure to add some spice to your thanksgiving turkey. it feels more like the end of november next week. ale core pattern ahead.
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6:43 on this saturday, taking a live look over the city of boston. yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. walked around that foliage still hanging on and looking vibrant out there. >> a chilly morning, and you get thinking there's going to a cold day. but as you said, sometimes it
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yesterday. not today, dan, but 10 degrees cooler. it's not going to be the low to mid-60s. a bounce back here. we start off on a frosty side. 31 in bedford. 44 in boston. 49 in plymouth. you notice that it's warmer down to the coastline and especially the came and the islands. it's where we have clouds backing in off the ocean. satellite, if you look real, real close you can see a shade of difference over the ocean, from the east of the line, to the west line, and going to be backing in. i do expect sunshine to yield the cloud cover. and closest southeastern mass, and eventually a that backs its way inland from mid-to way afternoon. this is front across the ohio valley. this is going to be the change for the temperatures, as the front swings on through. not only will it create a band of showers, working for a couple of showers, but cold air starts to work on in, and that will change rain over to snow across western new england and they
6:45 am
vermont and even a few inches of snow into the berkshires and it's going to be a consistently northwesterly wind that going to consistently push any left over moisture across the higher terrain, across vermont is back to, berkshires. for us from the worcester hills eastbound, we may see a passing flurry or snow shower at times tomorrow. and earlier in the morning there could be a little bit of a slushy coating in the hr up in new hampshire. i don't expect it to be much of an issue on eastern mass. gusty wind will continue not only tomorrow afternoon, but as we get into monday, and tuesday as well as the chill will he air settles on -- chilly air settle on in. how about ski country getting some snow. yeah, they will, specially the higher terrain, and southern vermont back in the berkshires, they're expecting snow, a little bit of a blue coating into western, and northwestern,
6:46 am
places like wiggington. and a little bit of a coating that should be about it. onshore wind, it's going to turn out of the southwest tomorrow and look at the gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. going to be a gusty day with temperatures dropping. we're only holding in the 40s for tomorrow afternoon. cooler weather a ed half us today. enjoy today, it's going -- cooler weather, and today, and enjoy today. chillier pattern by thanksgiving, a couple swe on wednesday, right now wednesday does look good for travel. speaking of thanksgiving. there's less than a week to go before the big day. >> it's not about the food, it's about people getting together. it's still about the food. today we're headed to plymouth for a squash dish that is sure to add some spice to your holiday. >> reporter: it's that time of year when many flock to plymouth, massachusetts to
6:47 am
after checking out the historic site, local restaurant seals the deal with a memorable meal. >> when you go out to eat, there's an entertainment value. you go out, and part of it is being entertained by the food, the service, the atmosphere, and what all the park is for me, a culmination of all of those things. >> executive chef, stephanie morris, entertain in the kitchen which includes this dish, roasted squash and brussels sprouts with a >> good for a fall weather especially in new england where quashes are in such a good season. >> let's get cooking. quarter brussels sprouts. >> you want to run your brush off the course. >> add acorns, and the delacata squash, and then add the sprouts. >> and ready to go in the oven.
6:48 am
350 degrees, it's going to in for 20 to 5 minutes. >> reporter: while that cooks, chef stephanie creates? crunch. >> these are shelled pumpkin seeds. i'm going to mix them with honey and melted butter. >> stir well. >> they're going to go on a baking dish, and you are going to stir those, and at 350, you will keep an eye on them, because with the sugar from the honey, they can burn fairly easily. >> reporter: toasted peitas and dried cranberries. a beautiful edition to any thanksgiving table. happy thanksgiving, that is what is cooking, i'm sarah french. that's a different take. something i haven't seen before and it brightens up your holiday table. >> i can't wait, we're less than a week away. my favorite holiday. >> you are getting hungry. >> i have the stretchy pants
6:49 am
ahead the celtic, trying to contend with kevin durant, and seth curry and the rest of the tri-state warriors. >> we have the latest on the pats fans, without ron gronkowski who is out for
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
coming in at 6-foot 6 and tipping the scale at 270 pounds. ron gronkowski as unstoppable as he may in the nffl. the 5-10 safety packing a powerful crunch, not enough to move h him, it's still unknown if he gronkowski suffered a punctured lung, and enough to keep him out of game for the whole week. thankfully bennett not a bad plan as a backup. 545 yards and a touch down so far this year, and most importantly the respect of one tom brady. >> he has been so productive for us. i enjoy playing with him.
6:53 am
year being out there and trying to get better and improve. it's showing up with his ability to produce on the field. he has been tremendous. >> on the hardwood, durant rolling into the garden as a member of the warriors for the first time. seas were the at the 7 at the break, all warriors, clay thompson, not just kevin durant. he drops 28, and kay, seth curry getting it back to the big scoring the celtics, 39-9. that is a beat down. warriors rolling 104-108. and boston college, honoring matt ryan at half time, today's game against yukon retiring his number 12. that is it for sports, have a great day. still ahead on today in new england. a come back of sorts. after taking last week off,
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ke a closer look at geico. great savings.
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well, it looks like alelectric baldwin isn't quite finished with being donald trump. he may have another four years to go at least. he will be to play the president-elect on today live. that is according to the sources close to the show. he takes on trump, got rave
6:57 am
donald trump himself. trump himself tweeted that he thought baldwin's portrayal stunk. >> i know the election is now over, but i hope they bring back kay mccannon as hillary clinton. >> i'm sure she will be there to spoil them together. >> thehave plenty of material to g together. >> alec baldwin, that is job security right there. 52 in boston. 56 in framingham. increasing cloud from the coast to >> that is will do to for us now. >> the it today show is next.
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good morning. not throwing away his shot. the actor who plays aaron burr in the show "hamilton" delivers a stern message to vice president mike pence who was in the audience. >> w america and an alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. >> as president-elect trump gets set for an awkward meeting today with mitt romney who once called him a phony and fraud. will he offer romney a cabinet spot or like aaron burr so long ago. is it time for a duel? dangerous storm. the powerful system rolls across


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