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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> police officers ambushed in several shooting across the country and now officers are on the hunt for at least one gunmen in texas. where one attack happenened. brutally beaten a mother attacked outside of a party. speaking out against the trump protestor taking to the streeted as the president-elect carries out several high profile interviews over the weekend. good morning to you. it's 9:00. as we get our week started. i'm kris anderson. i'm christa delcamp. i think december is a little bit overeager to get here. hold off we need to enjoy turkey first. you don't enjoy the white stuff this morning. you were scraping off your windshield. some had to brush it off.
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west actually some lake-effect over in new york and we're looking at actually pretty quiet day when it comes to moisture. most that pulled through. i think most of the snow showers that we could see as we make our way through today should stay to our northwest. slight chance for an isolated spotty snow shower in terms of aaccumulated. we have wind advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. that's throughout the state of massachusetts and we look at wius hour. sustained wind to 35 miles per hour. feeling like 12 degrees in worcester. low 20s in boston. make sure to bundle up today. we need to get a check of the road waist. there's been all sort of issues. >> it's a messy monday morning commute. here's a look at the zakim bridge. still really slow. it's slick especially over the bridges andover passes this morning. let's go to maps.
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northwest of boston. we have crash on 128 at routed 3. another 128 southbound at route 2-5. emergency vehicles are scene there. another accident on 128 southbound at tripello road. slow going out there. 93 southbound a crash at purchase. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. 31 minutes this morning. accident on 24 northbound at exit 20. the pike slowing down and stop and let's look at the drive times. if you get ready to head tout door. 26 minutes to half an hour on the expressway. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. you're longest drive this morning. 36 minutes if you are taking the commuter rail we also have some delays on the fitchburg line. back to you. breaking story from overnight. police officers are on alert after officers were ambushed in several different cities. the latest attack taking place
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st. louis. santa belle florida and san antonio, texas. that's where a huge manhunt under way for a suspect. three of the four shooting happened while the officer was doing a traffic stop. one of the shootings the officer was just sitting in traffic. and st. louis a suspect dead after shooting a police sergeant last night. investigators say the officer was sitting in traffic when another car pulled up and the driver opened fire. after an hour's long pan hunt the s shootout with officers in downtown st. louis. officials say the wounded officer is in critical condition but is expected to survive. rest than 300 miles away in gladstone missouri which is suburb of kansas city a police officer was shot during a traffic stop late last night. police say the officer and two suspects were shot one of the suspects is dead. that police officer is expected to survive as well. in texas the manhunt continues after a police detective ambushed and killed.
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detective riding a traffic ticket in the patrol car outside the city's police department. police say another car pulled up driver got out and shot the detective. detective ben marcoi a threat iran of the police force. the 50-year-old was a father of two. the city's police chief said he will do whatever it takes to capture the killer. most families will be celebrating the holiday. sapd will beur act of callwardness. >> police are released this photo of the man they are searching for. authorities in sanibel suspect arrested the suspect that shot a police officer on shoulder sundayment. official stays officer was he had a car pulled of when someone else driving by opened fire. the officer was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. in the newsroom.
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new england." thanks. right now police on the lookout for two people after a chase came to a wild end when their car crashed right into this house. you can see the extent of all the damage in the people inside of that vehicle hopped out and ran away from scene where the two people were narrowly hit as well. john cocoa following this story. live in northborough with more. john? pretty wild ride there? >> the impact from this suvs so strong that this family couldn't home. now contractors are supposed to be coming by that home today. that's why we had to move away. as for this family they will be hotel for a while now. >> i heard screeches. then i heard more. >> a sudden shock on sunday when this suv plowed through a two-story home in northborough. it hit the house. i cleared out all the shrubs. right before the crash trooper
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route 290 with speeds between 80 and 110 miles per hour. >> it's a living room right there. my grandma is in her chair. brick went through the window. that's pretty close to chair. >> two suspects jumped out and took off. >> i heard two people arguing saying should we go, should we stay william i was more worried about the car in my yard in police continue to search for is this family will now spend thanksgiving and possibly christmas in a hotel. >> own up to it. be a man. you ruined our holidays you know. >> right now investigators are still looking for those suspects. if you have any information you are asked to call police. live in northborough john cocoa. 7news "today in new england." john. thank you. also happening with a family in mourning searching for answer after a mother was beaten to
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out right outside of a party. let's go to victoria warren in lowell where this happened. it's so sad to hear this women's won witnessed this attack. that's right. her son is special needs. they say this fight that ended with this women dying broke after she left a party. >> a grieving family holding on to each other mourning the of 44-year-old glorbelle. she died saturday night after an argument at party turned violent. her family said she was beaten to death right in front of her special needs son. very angry. that someone would stoop that low -- don't know whether three o five or eight people.
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much. >> trying to track the suspects down. glorbell family with a message for whoever did or anyone who knows what happened. >> sometimes stepping up and stepping this is what you need to do. you never knows who life you saved. >> i hope you realized how bad you did. you destroyed so many people's lives including your own. >> lowellol the party and that's when the fight broke out. their investigation continues and they are asking anyone who may have any information that could help in their investigation to contact them. live this morning in lowell, victoria warren 7news "today in new england." happening today the driver accused of hitting a women in a crosswalk in chelsea. you see it here in this video. is going to face a judge. police say 25-year-old arnold hernandez hit the 72-year-old women on friday.
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broadway and was caught on this surveillance camera. they arrested hernandez saturday. the women fortunately will be okay. federal prosecutors are expected to rest their case in the execution convicted murderer gary lee sansom. then it will be up to sansom's attorney to present their case to try to save his life. sansom convicted of killing three people and was sentenced to death. that death sentence howevers overturned because of juror misconduct. . >> and hundreds of people protesting the team. this as trump's cabinet continued to take shape. hundreds rallying against the selection of steve bannon as the president elect's chief strategist. and today the president-elect will be meeting with some more candidatings for that transition team. former texas governor rick scott reportedly has been added to the list. he will be meeting with the president-elect today to
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more meeting to fill, the rest of the vacancies. he met with familiar faces including mayor rudy giuliani and chris christi. president-elect meeting with former mitt romney potential pick for secretary of state. as trump continues to build his team. the trumped decided against relocating their -y another win in san francisco. and it was homecoming of sorts for couple of patriots stars returning to california to take on the 49ers. and it was the pat whose finished strong behind another steller performance by one of those california nay actives tb twelve. tray dare has more. 7news "today in new england" coming from santa clara. they failed to close things out one week ago against seattle. a bit of sluggish start for tom brady and the pats.
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13-10 into the fourth quarter that's where brady took control. making sure his return home to the bay area would be a triumphant one. first chance to do that was special. it felt in pregame warm up and carried back to last play of the game. a 17-year career bay area native tom brady felt at home. >> i got a great organization. they inentired a lot of kids here in bay my time growing up and i was one of them. i've always loved the team organization until 2000 when i loved another team and another organization. and that's the way it goes. brady known for arm but his feel kept several plays alive allowing the pats to separate the second half. >> i try not to do that. truthfully i think they were pretty good in coverage today. they took away early reads and then held on to it. there's a lot of opportunity to be made when you do that. you know out guys can spring.
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one of the patriots most dynamic playmakers backen the field for the first time in nearly 13 months. i get used to playing the game. my body feels good. i feel the same as i felt. i got to get back in the rhythm. the more i get the more comfortable i will be. deion lewis back on the field. playing without chris hogan and rob grownkowski it's malcouncilman mitchell leading the way with 98 yards receiving capping the day with first inside levi stadium. tray dare. 7news "today in new england." still ahead. struck. the street. a woman hit struck with serious injuries. now the family hopes the driver will be tracked down. a winter wonderland flurry and snow showers right here in the baystate coming down pretty hard at time, it absolutely has been. it's been a jolting monday forecast especially after above-average temperatures the last couple of weeks.
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>> all righty. you saw some last night and again this morning at home many people seeing their first snowflakes of the season. this is video from lowell where the snow started to stick overnight. and sticking to trees and those car someone had to find their ice scraper. >> never fun at 3:00 in the morning. you on the other hand waited it out used credit card and defrost. it wasn't that bad. there's a time when you will need a whole slew of credit cards. i think some of us were out scraping the windshield. it's a cold start to work week. what makes cool tran decision
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weather. we will be windy into tomorrow as snell more sunshine tomorrow. peeks of sunshine into today. here's what it feels like. we really transitioned into winter like weather rather quickly. feeling like 26. definitely a cool start and it will be cool dayen into tonight. to our west that's where most of the snow is still. low pressure actually further to our north. you can see lake-effeno massachusetts most of that snow is staying further to the west. we did grab a dusting here in boston. and you can see couple of flakes still flying through the air. we have slight chance for isolated snow showerod. best chance to northwest. our main concern here today will be the winds. wind advisory in effect until 10:00ment. for the high pro file vehicle driving especially on the north southbound highways is going to be difficult. and especially as you drive on bridges and overpasses. i would expect to take a little
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today. we're also looking at the risk for some isolated power outages as wind gust up to 50 miles per hour. already seeing wind gust up to around 45 miles per hour. take a look at sustained wind. close to 30 miles per hour in boston. sustain wind up to 35 even 3 miles per hour today. some downed tree limbs also definitely a possibility especially with the dry condition. they are definitely compromised. moisture. temperature mid 30s in worcester and we're at 40 degrees in terms of highs today. but this is what it will feel like when you factor in the wind. feeling like the upper 20s low 20s so down right chilly. certainly feeling like we arrived at winter here today. wind gust hold tonight as we head into the overnight however it's still pretty breezy wind gust up to 30 or 40 miles per hour.
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stay breezy tomorrow but a little bit more sunshine. >> thanks so much. a fishing boat running into trouble. racing out to rescue them when water started pouring in. still ahead rematch this week of who did it better. bri taking on imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season
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>> can we get one more guy off of here. this was rescue alternate sea off the coast of new bedford. the coast guard has to rush in to help out. a fishing boat started to take on water and then it started to sink. it wasn't an easy rescue. choppy waves making it harder to reach the vote. jennifer eagan has more on this story. coast guard boat raced to the scene. they got critical help too from another crew that was rough waters and rescue at sea. coast guard helicopter crew sent a swimmer into the ocean to safe six people. give me about five more minute. >> captain jeff got into trouble about 9:30 sunday morning. crewmembers reported it was sinking five mile off the coast of new bedford. the coast guard credited the crew forgetting on sight quickly. >> they sprung a leak. they are not sure where the leak originalnated.
9:22 am
floating a bit they have a diver go down and look to see where the leak may be to bring into it the dock. the coast guard rescue swimmer tied to control the flooding with pump but the effort was too little too late. then it was time for the diver to jump ship >> i've got one, two, three four, five, six. salvage crew towed them where the investigation is under way.> homeport in north carolina. the coast guard said everyone on that boat was checked out onshore. no one was injured. in the control room. jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england." fireworks could be on the move here. why the display over boston harbor could see a change of plan as new year is rung in. >> up next you will decide who did it better. see if bri eggers can out shine
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monday morning 9:25 it's time for who did it beer. bri rounding up rubbish. this week. she has hdtv star along for the ride on the back of the garbage truck. you are going to this week hdtv star and i are getting our hands dirty to keep plymouth clean. >> you asked for rematch who did it better. >> i lost last year. i'm not happy about it. i'm back. you're going down. the challenge see how fast we can empty several trash bins into the garbage truck.
9:26 am
come see what is happening. >> i took out the trash this morning. i think i got this. 3, 2, 1. go. this is actually pretty fun. you don't have to wait until the truck stops to get off the truck. the whole barrel. oh, that's nasty. go. there's a pizza box. see if there's any left. i'm kind of hungry. >> nothing. >> no. slow it up a little. >> i just saw cleanup after the dog and put in the barrel over there. that's really great form. >> pretty good talking crash. i'm complimenting you. you're looking great. something is dripping tout back. get back on the truck. get back on the truck.
9:27 am
you jump off too early. look at her. pretty strong. put the lid on. to the next. >> pace yourself. >> will you hold this for me? >> i shouldn't be helping you. kentucky fried chicken. nothing like fried chicken on a monday morning. go, go, go, go. >> you are cruising. that one smelled fresh. >> where is >> shy went alongside the truck now. >> where the other barrel. it's stuck. that's one. you're a very noisy trash lady. >> you know it. >> that's it. kris came in 4.01. i finish d at 3.50. it's not an easy job for sure. i got to leave this one up to professional. >> now we have to let them
9:28 am
better. >> who won? as bri said it's up to you. you get to vote. head to we'll have your results for you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> bri gets our vote for best faces. and and for no more caffeine for bri. >> i dream about her energy. she just go, go, go. >> she's like my 8-year-old. a new sight for the streets of boston when self-driving cars will be >> i will take a closer look alternate your thanksgiving forecast. will we wake up to some snow
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i'll have at goat cheesearden sd and i ll pay f your moeanone sn. yoget cashack on pchases with '. >> police chase ending with this wild crash. a house hit and now officers are trying to find the people in the vehicle. >> a family pleading for help this more morning after she was
9:31 am
driver just taking on. tagged with graffiti. now those who knew a member of the beasty boys are coming together to call for change. just after 9:30. welcome back. it's kris anderson. i'm christa delcamp. a little bit of snow out there. first one of the season. are you ready for it? >> i am. >> i say that because we don't really have a coys. i do have to dig out my ice scraper that you found quickly this morning, i haven't found y through the summer. it's a habit. this is not high car. this photo sent from viewer. this kind of what we woke up to if you got up early enough. we brush off the car this morning. some of us scraping off the car. showers further to west. we have slight chance for spotty snow shower but, again, just couple of flurries possible today. our main concern are the winds. wind gust up to around 50 miles per hour possible today. making for more difficult travel
9:32 am
roadway. count on slower commute and breezy conditions. we could look at couple of power outages today. winds hold on into tonight. here's what it feels like out there. it's cold. make sure to bundle up. back to you guys >> right now police still searching for suspects after a car crashes right into a northborough home. you see the wall there boarded up. police say they were actually casing that vehicle. it was close call for the two people living inside of the home. they say they are pretty shaken up. suspect fled but they left the on the investigation with more from northborough. i heard screeches and then i heard more. a sudden shock on sunday. when this suv plowed through two story home in northborough. it hit the house. it cleared out all the shrub. right before the crash trooper were pursuing the suv from route 495 on to route 290 with speed 1
9:33 am
>> it's a living room right there. trooper say two suspect jumped out and took off. . >> heard two people arguing saying should we go, should we stay? >> police continue to search for those suspect as for the home the extent of the damage is so bad this family will now spend thanksgiving and possibly christmas in a hotel. own up to basically. be a man. you ruins our hole dade. investigators are still looking for the suspects. if you have any information that might help police give them a call. >> new this morning the globe is reporting a crews have painted over a swastika that appeared on the sign of an old elementary school. a women spotted graffiti on the elementary school friday. the building has been closed
9:34 am
hold a rally to speak out against hate. in response to although cent number of hate crimes in here in mast marrs and around the country. today's rally will be held at the statehouse at 11:00 this morning. man due in court after police say he assaulted pair of boston police officers. officers say they spotted a man smoking in the con which violates a municipal or fangs. and that's when they learned the suspect was wanted on outstanding warrant in connecticut when they tried to arrest him he allegedly started to struggle. both injuries. >> they will be fine. they will be okay. anothers a tough job. anytime an officer goes out there. it's a tough job. i this i that they seem to have gotten a lot of control. suspect facing charges of assault and battery. book line mother recoffering after getting struck in the street. police say the women was hit by a car while she was in the crosswalk and now they are trying to track down the driver. let's go back to jennifer eagan with more from the women's
9:35 am
jen? >> they are very skwup internet. their mother was hit by car and left badly hurt in the road a family pleading for help and praying for their mother i thought she's dead. on friday the sister say their mother kim longmores taking her morning walk before heading to work when she was hit by a car. she looked both ways. and she didn't see anyone so she crossed. so just hit h i didn't know if she was alive. it wasn't very clear as to what had happened. she's just found unconscious. and she was in the hospital. driver took off longnorth left on washington street in brookline. we talked to an investigator and i talked to them this morning. and he said that someone was walking by and he found her lying in the street. lawnmore who lives in weymouth will survive she has severe injuries.
9:36 am
and ruptured spleen. it. >> was probably one of the scariest days of my entire life. >> longmore is the secretary out of brookline elementary school. boston police work with brookline police in the case. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." also this morning some student in lawrence returning to school today. and about half of the children in the butler street school are back in class after fire ripped through that classroom last monday. grades 3 to 5 back today. grades # through 8 have to wait until next year to return. self-driving car in boston are set to be in city streets by the end of next month. according to herald the company will start testing one car before possibly moving on to others. boston's first night fireworks could be on the move according to the globe organizer say the fireworks show could be moved from the waterfront to copley
9:37 am
money. it cost about $300,000 to put on the event. organizer say they need to raise another 100,000 in order to move forward. new this morning pope francis speaking out on abortion. the pope said he allowing all priest to absolve the grave sin of women who have abortions. extending the permission he had granted them in 20 # 15 for the holy year of mercy which ended yesterday. also on 7. friends and fan after a park names for a member of the bealesy boys was vandal izeing. now a former band member hopes to spread peace. ? ? hundreds of people of all races and religion coming together in peace and song at the brookline of the late bealesy boys member to stand up again hate. i was very disheartened.
9:38 am
especially in such kind of liberal type of bureau. rally and band made for 30 years was prompted by incident that happened friday. which swastikas and go trump were painted on the playground. grew up in brooklyn. grew up as part of the jewish faith. the fact that this this playground named for him is particularly tragic. and vile. >> this is more about someone in new york city linking nazi germany to donald trump in a hell yea kind of way. a park where children play. fyi. >> another key figure using celebrity to speak out against hate actor ben stiller.
9:39 am
when he's about peace and nonviolence. it's just a really horrible thing. i think we need to say this is not okay in america. the swastika have been covered over with painted a positive messages. happening now law enforcement stepping in as those pipeline protest in north dakota turn violent. nearly 400 protestors were lighting cars and orobjects on fire overnight. police began firing tear gas and rubber bullets. fire officials say they were using the hoses to put out the fire. official say one person been arrested. protestor fight against that pipeline pro scombrekt saying it will hurt the environment and destroy some historic native american sites >> happening today in chicago worker will announce when they plan to go on strike. it was last week that about 500 employee voted to not show up for work at some point during the thanksgiving holiday.
9:40 am
on higher pay. airport officials say the strike will not be shutting down the airport but will create a disruption in service. be prepared for that. also boston mayor marty walsh giving thanks and giving back to those in need during day of thanks. mayor teaming up with boston rescue mission to serve up hundreds of thanks giving meals to the homeless and the less fortunate. he calls on all people to pitch in and help out throughout the holiday season. we should be grateful for who we have. i faux help over the next few days. doesn't have to be thanksgiving. there's a lot of need in the city. the boston rescue mission said they've served more than 28,000 thanks giving meals since the day of thank started. great to see that. there's some trouble in toyland with the holidays just around the corner. toys "r" us forced to pull this off of store shelvings after one of them burst into flame. he's been known to rock out and gillette. now this country star announcing
9:41 am
. >> it feels like we start out the work week with the dead of winter. will that stick around into your weekend forecast.
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a country music fans are rejoicing. kenney khesnes added surprise concert at gillette for next summer. the fan favorite said this will be his only show at a stadium this year. he last played at gillette for two sold out shows. next year's show end of august and willav rett and old dominion. >> kind of nice to see these scenes and think act august on a day like today. is it good or does it make you just a little bit of frustration there. >> i think it's okay to think about snow a little bit. we are not talking about impressive snow total. it sure feels like winter. cold start to work week. we grabbed a dusting of snow here in boston.
9:45 am
of snow for us. it's a windy day as well. it will be windy today and tomorrow. the good new we see more sunshine as we head into tomorrow. here's a look what it's feeling like. 22 portsmouth. 24 doug in low 20 woriest cold all morning they are low teens in terms of what it is feeling like. this low pressure brought us moisture yesterday and last fight. that's camp to the north. we're seeing our winds in association with this of the west. and even some snowfall to the west and still lake-effect snow actual new york. we're rapping up snow showers. cloud cover. we will see gradual clearing. you can see the cloud cover breaking up a little bit. mixture of cloud and sun throughout the day. more cloud cover as you head further to our west. that's also who stands a better shot today.
9:46 am
snow showers here in boston. those flake really not going to stick to ground. our main concern today are the winds. we're currently under wind advisory until this evening. and in terms of sustained wind they get close to around 40 miles per hour sustained wind are possible for us today. wind gust have already reached the mid 40s and day will peek in the low 50s here. that's certainly could cause some power outages. and it definitely will make difficult driving. especially on those north to southbound highways if you a high profile vehicle or if you on overpass or bridge. you can see the winds out of the west at already close to 30 miles per hour in worcester and 25-mile-an-hour winds in boston. a look at gust i'm just showing you this because this really is our main concern throughout the day today. wind gust close to 40 miles per hour. wind gust that have already reached fort miles per hour across the kip and island. this will be in play really all day today. this is what we're looking at. in addition to coolest weather
9:47 am
below average temperature. in addition we deal with the winds. while we could reach into the low 40s which i think will be a push for some us. here's what it will feel like throughout the day today. it's just kind of jolting as you step out the door. feeling like two. mid-to-upper 20s in boston. a little bit more piled across the cape and the low 30s. but still pretty cool throughout the state and throughout the region today. highs for many of us will stay in the upper 30s with mixture of sun and cloud. a lile western massachusetts. into tonight mostly couldy sigh. we stay windy into tight night and tomorrow. we'll see more sunshine for tuesday forecast. temperature moderate a little bit by wednesday. as high pressure returns. a good travelling day by wednesday. into your thanksgiving forecast. >> we could being throughing at a little bit of snow in the more ang then some showers into the day. also on 7 this morning. popular toy pulled off of store shelves. toys "r" us make thing call. after one of them burst into flames.
9:48 am
caught on fire right in back of their pickup truck. and the new toy is causing some trouble this holiday season as peel ready to let out to the store. >> sparks and smoke coming from inside of the box. like fire. like it was hot. fire erupted in the bed of roxanne's pickup truck in washington state friday night. she and her husband were on their way home from the toys "r" us when they realized the 12 volt flame start shooting. the flame so intense and so stubbornen the fire extinguisher the washington state trooper had couldn't put out the fire. >> the officer when he looked on he said the flame appeared to be 15 or 20 feet high. it was pretty shocking. >> so i went to go -- they told me to get what i needed out of the car. and i'm in the back grabbing my purse and stuff.
9:49 am
pop. then all this glass shattered from the -- then there was smoke and dust inside. they had to call the fire department to just put the flames out. all that's left of their truck. based on this toys "r" us said it won't sell the toy truck to anyone else while it investigates. >> that's the way to go. good for toys "r" us. that's perfect. the biggest shopping day of the year is coming up. >> fortunately no one was injured in that fire. a appears to be an isolated ice incident. >> you have wonder how many are there. >> they did take them off store shelves while they investigate. who won big and who stirred up some controversy at the big show. she's wowed with performs for weeks to night. it's do or die once again for
9:50 am
can voice." agine a world ere instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
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>> some of music's biggest star coming out for the american music award. its actually super model who stole the headlines this morning. >> president barack obama. and our children sasha space and malia. making fun of trump's speech at the rnc over the weekend. pop star taking home a big
9:53 am
and salina gomez delivering a heartfelt speech. and i had to stop. because i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram. i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation nor do i need it anymore. >> this was her first public appearance since taking a break from the spotlight. she seems like place. a lot saying she was best dressed last night as well. rave reviews all around. >> tonight on "the voice." courtney will take the stage. dorchester native just one of three singers left on team blake. she wowed the judges and crowd last week. now she is ready to take that next step. >> i'm in awe.
9:54 am
ready to go home. and i'm in awe. like and i just -- i can't believe it. >> tonight the top 11 artist will take to the stage. this evening 7 nbc, followed by timeless and then all of the day's headlines and big stories on 7news at 11:00. remember that dress that took the internet by storm. >> i do. couple of years ago. >> i don't know if it's dress. it's a debate. we'll show you the latest optical illusion. >> remember the color quandary. we have some very unruly weather to deal with. i'll take a final look after the
9:55 am
energy costs go up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you is changing. but we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. and as the number-one provider of energy-efficiency programs in the nation, we're committed to helping you manage the energy you use.
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>> let's take a look what's
9:57 am
that everybody was arguing about is it blue? is it gold. >> it's gold. >> i saw both which was strange. but this is new. now the new debate. the flip-flops. the internet is going crazy again over the color. some people see white and gold. some people see blue and black. i see gold and blue. and now i see black and blue. this weird. i saw gold and white and now black and blue. >> this the clearly. >> right there i see blue and gold. and now i see like navy blue and light blue. >> anyway. it's similar to the dress. remember this. some people were thinking that -- now i see gold and light blue. gold and white. >> it's so strange. >> i'm strange now? are you calling me strange? >> it's funny. this is going to tear us apart. big thing here. i'm with kris. i just -- i don't see what you
9:58 am
snow showers to west as we head into today. we have wind advicery in effect until 10:00 this evening. thanks for joining us.
9:59 am
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spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. this morning on "today's take," are you ready for a throw down because we've got bobby flay as our celebrity co-host. plus, delicious make-aheads your guests will gobble up on thanksgiving. and oscar beatty right now. >> announcer: from n news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on monday, november 21st, 2016. i'm al, tamron, and our good pal, jeff bobby flay, who was kind enough to join us on our "today's turkey trot." >> it was a lot of fun.


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