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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the 31-year-old defensive tackle tested positive for marijuana and is appealing his punishment from the league. this is the second time he's found himself in hot water this season. he was suspended by the patriots for a week during training camp but the team never disclosed what he had done wrong. branch has 33 tackles, six shy of a career high to go along with a sack. if his suspension holds up, he'll be eligible to return week 16 >> also today, new hampshire man under arrest, his children found shivering in their home, living in filth. conditions were just terrible. >> and now the children are safe and the parents are facing some serious troubles. here is more. >> police responding here early this morning after a 911 call for a welfare check. officers on the scene told their supervisor it was one of the worst things they've ever seen
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>> i can't believe that. it's unbelievable. >> honestly, it's disgusting and makes me feel bad because it was legit on the other side of the wall. >> people in the manchester, new hampshire neighborhood horrified. they never knew what was happening behind closed doors. they didn't know the children living here were living in deplorable conditions. they removed a toddler and preschooler from the home after it was discovered they were living in feces and urine. 2-year-old and 4-year-old's father and taking the kids into state custody. their mother said she wasn't living here at the time and she tried to help. >> i care a lot about my kids. they mean the world to me and i would never do anything to harm my children. >> my son was potty training. he had accidents. my husband used the tv as a baby-sitter. >> samantha says she loves her kids and hope she's not charged
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could. >> what would you say to people in the public who say you should have known something because you were their mother. what would you say to those people? >> i would probably tell them at this point in time, you know, my kids mean everything to me and i love them and i did try to do things to protect them from what was happening to them. but no matter what i tried, he overpowered me. >> now, the baby's father will be back in court on december 20. he had a very high bond and court earlier. custody. they're now with grandparents and the state is investigating. >> well, winter weather moves in. residents in rochester, new york woke up to heavy lake-effect snow. the first snowstorm of the season causing cancellations. some areas saw 18 inches overnight. snow is expected to die down by this afternoon. and many people here at home seeing their first flakes of the season.
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the snow started to stick. people in their area brushing off their cars this morning after the flakes fell and it looks like the chilly weather will continue throughout this week. it will make for good travel weather. heading on the roads for thanks giving dinner, it will be okay. we have more on the forecast. >> right now boston at 35. bedford 34. jaffrey at 30 degrees. it's quite cold, especially when you stack it up against last week. those temps are this is the enemy today. winds out of the west examine northwest gusting 30, 35 miles an hour, gusts to 37 miles an hour in boston. worcester gusting to 30 miles an hour and the peak wind gusts through the day have been impressive. over 40 miles an hour. that's why we have the wind advisory still in effect until 6:00 this evening. this whole peak gust of 54 miles an hour. you can see the shading of tan here. that's where we have the winds anticipated to stay gusty through the he will evening
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to the teens and the 20s. look at this. feels like 17 in worcester. feels like 24 here in town. plymouth it feels like 25 all because of that powerhouse storm, that blasted portions of new york and western new england with snow yesterday. still creating the lake-effect snow today. we've seen a few flurries this afternoon. skies will be mostly clear tonight, another cold, windy day tomorrow. we'll detail that and your holiday travel forecast as well in a few minutes. >> former massachusetts senator scott brown at trump to you are poed meeting with preside he would like to be considered for secretary of veterans affairs and brown is just one of many people meeting with mr. trump about a place in his administration. here is more on the trump transition. >> the cabinet candidates parading through trump tower are selling themselves and not just to the president elect. >> listen. i'm not competing with anybody. you know, i think i'm the best person but there are some tremendous people out there. >> former massachusetts senator
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affairs. mary fallin was more low key. a bernie backer says her sit-down focused on syria and he also interviewed rick perry. every bit as stunning, the weekend get-together with mitt romney. >> went great. >> president elect trump has been doing this flurry of non stop meetings and really needs time to sort of reflect and discuss on the many different peop he's meth -- he's met the last two weeks. as donald trump prepares to take over the white house, there are growing concerns about his business empire and conflicts of interest. whether it's possible to separate the president and first family from the name that's their brand. luxurious trump hotel a few blocks from here has become an obvious example. it has become the place to stay
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favor with the new leader. >> for more on the trump transition, stay with 7 news. when we're not on the air, check out their app. >> workers in chicago o'hare announced today they will not go on strike until after the thanksgiving holiday. last week 500 geese voted to not show up for work after not reaching an agreement on higher pay. non unionized janitors, baggage handlers, wheelchair want a raise to $15 an hour plus union rights. o'hare is one of the busiest airports in the country handling 77 million passengers last year. >> the salvation army is kicking off the red kettle campaign event this afternoon. jay ash will be joining the staff and volunteers to service families in needs all across massachusetts. the event will take place at star market on huntington avenue in boston. >> garden neighborhood charities is also kicking off the annual table of friends event at city
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celtics and officials from around the city and state. event focussing on media and long-term support for boston's homeless community. i can see the mayor there. that was a police chief, that is. serving food. good for all of them. ahead here at 4:00, first of its kind, a surgery helps a man to feel through a prosthetic. >> then at 4:30, a family left to grieve after a mother is killed outside of a party. >> at 5:00, white and gol the controversy is back. oh, my. and this time it's in the shape of a shoe. we'll have all that coming up and more here on 7 news. >> tonight, there's a drug so deadly, state police won't even train their dogs to detect it. >> the dog could die. >> correct. >> what if their partners are exposed? we reveal the new way they're keeping canines safe tonight at
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>> the manhunt continues in texas after an officer was killed during an ambush.
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different states. two other officers were shot in missouri and another in florida. >> and officials are calling all attacks targeted attacks. san antonio police detective marconi was inside his vehicle writing a lieu teen traffic ticket when someone shot him twice and started a manhunt. >> the search has been going on since yesterday afternoon and has not stopped all night and to this point and it will not stop until this person is in custody. >> marconi was almost half his life on the force. san antonio police say the suspect was briefly inside police headquarters before the shooting, barely long enough to ask the clerk a question and then walk out. it's not clear what he wanted but the local police chief says it is clear who the target was. >> i think that the uniform was the target and the first person who happened along was the person that he targeted. >> in st. louis, an officer was shot twice in the face by a suspect wanted for a string of
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suspect was killed by police. >> this officer was not trying to pull this car over. this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed. >> in sanibel, florida an officer was shot and killed. the suspect was arrested but not before trading gun fire with police. in a kansas city suburb, an officer was shot. >> coming for a rematch. hgtv getting their hand dirty and you get to decide who came out on top during the trash duty. >> i'm sure there's trash talking about. we're talking about cold for the week. >> a woman is punched in the face while walking down the street. witnesses are demanding justice. >> and just one station speaks to the victim of this alarming
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her side -- hear her side of the story tonight at 5:00. >> then the controversy that shook social media is back. you tell us what color are these
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by honda. >> a first of its kind surgery may help a man missing his leg to if the successful -- if successful, the surgery will enable him to perform complex actions. >> he'll feel sensation by allowing his brain to interact with a robotic prosthetic. >> jim, a rock climbing enthusiast, so daring he was the first to scale some spots until december 2014 when he fell 50 feet during a climb in the cayman islands, shattering his ankle. >> i had extensive nerve damage
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painful, even to put on or remove my socks. walking barefoot anywhere was excruciating. >> jim, a 52-year-old engineer from maine decided to have his lower leg amputated and be the first patient to take part in an experimental procedure at brigham women's hospital. doctors preserved nerve endings. >> when the limb is amputated under the traditional model, what happens is we muscles that are normally sliding relative to one another are allowed to encase in scar such that when a traditional amputee tries to move their ankle, which no longer is there, those muscles don't act anymore. the idea behind the operation, we're just trying to restore the natural dynamic relationships. >> the decision to remove the
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he started climbing soon after the surgery this past summer. sensors implanted in his leg next week, will communicate with this prosthetic. >> in light of your courage and strength, it is fitting this procedure be forever known as the ewing amputation. >> i consider it a great honor to have this new amputation protocol bear my name. >> a man who jokes he fell into this situation, taking the first >> amazing technology and amazing doctors in this town that can do so much. >> yeah. wow. and his attitude is great. get back out there and climb again. >> so true. >> all right. let's talk about the weather. it's cold. >> definitely cold out there. you walk outside, you feel it in your face. wind blowing and that makes it worse. >> that wind is a real issue this time of year. that wind is with us overnight tonight and again tomorrow. i think it's going to fade away tomorrow afternoon and wednesday
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cold week overall. we don't have any 50s and certainly no 60s in the forecast but we don't have any monster storms, either. last week the jet stream looked like this. we were so mild. even friday and saturday. now when the cold front came through yesterday morning, that shifted things up so for this week, this is how the jet stream will look. it's done that. you can stee on this map here. wichita still at 61. dallas 73. chicago 41, boston at 35. miam we've got the sunshine so we've got lingering clouds here in the northeast. snow showers around the great lake states and another weather system that's not a powerhouse storm but eventually some moisture does work up into new england by the end of the week, including thanksgiving day. so dry tomorrow here in new england. dry again on wednesday. if you're flying out of the northeast, no real major issues but there will be some unsettled weather. rain and snow showers marching
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probably tomorrow more than wednesday and then heading down through the southeast, it's mild. temperatures in florida 70s to around 80. this right here is what we contend with. that big storm just a pinwheel of cold air dropping out of canada and the great lakes are relatively warm. we've had snow streamers that held together impressively all the way into portions of new england, even to the coastline last night and early this morning. some flurries out there this afternoon but really, it's abouh these are the temps in the 60. we're at 35. generally middle 30s. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens and 20s. feels like 17 in worcester. jaffrey21. mostly clear, temps between 24 and 31 but wind chills in the teens all night. for tomorrow, another cold day and another windy day. i don't think the wind will be quite as strong as it was today. today was gusting over 40 miles an hour. tomorrow northwest wind gusting
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air temps, lower 40s but when you talk about the wind with those temps, it will feel like the 30s through much of the afternoon. here is where the temps will be tomorrow afternoon. city around 43 which is about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. merrimack, southern new hampshire, mid and upper 30s. temps tomorrow afternoon in the upper 30s with lots of sun and out on the islands, 44. chat ham 44 as well. that's tomorrow. wednesday lots of sunshine. it's a cold day. but we won't have the wind around. 40s and on thursday, thanksgiving day itself, a weather system out of the great lake states with clouds. not much in the way of precipitation but i do think likely to be a couple of snow flurries on thanksgiving morning for the high school football games. and the feast of five, the 5k's. are you running one of those? i'm going to try on thursday morning. wish me luck. as we roll into the holiday weekend, rain showers likely on saturday. >> let's check on the ride home
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>> it's not starting off well. we'll begin flying high. we have a right lane disabled vehicle. avoid that. stay to the left. on the expressway we jammed up out of the o'neill tunnel and then hit it again. northbound scombrams up as you approach the tunnel further back from granite. route one north is moving slow and you'll be on the brablgs from route 16 up past lynn street. on the southbound side, all clear andt into downtown. tough going on the lever down ramp. moving well on the northbound side. further north, up past roosevelt circle, southbound side is crawling across the bridge. delays again -- begin on the lower deck. from 128 to river road, 19 minutes. >> all right. it is monday and that means it is time for who did it better?
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rubbish with the host that is back for the rematch. >> he may know a lot about landscaping but does he know to take out the trash? you'll decide who did it better. >> this week hgtv star and i are getting our hands dirty to help keep plymouth clean. >> isn't that cool? you asked for a rematch of who did it better. >> i lost last year. i'm not now i'm back. you're going down. >> the challenge, see how fast we can empty several trash bins from the park into a garage truck. as a child, this was my dream job, believe it or not. come see what's happening. >> i took out the trash this morning. i think i've got this. >> three, two, one, go! >> this is actually pretty fun. >> you don't have to wait until the truck stops to get off the
4:24 pm
the whole barrel. >> that's nasty. go! >> there's a pizza box! see if there's any left. i'm kind of hungry. >> nothing. >> no! throwing up a little. i just saw somebody clean up after their dog and put it into that barrel over there. that's really great form. >> pretty good talking trash. >> i'm complimenting you. you're looking great. something is back. give back on the truck. get back on the truck. >> three, two, one, trash! >> i can jump off while it's still moving. >> she jumped off too early. look at her. pretty strong. >> put the lid on. on to the next. >> pace yourself >> will you hold this for me? >> i got that. >> kentucky fried chicken.
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go, go, go, go! >> you're cruising. >> where is she going? >> running alongside the truck now. where is the heavy barrel? it's stuck. >> last one. you're a very noisy trash lady. >> you know it. >> do it pretty well. that's it. >> four minutes, one second. i finished in three minutes, 50 seconds. it's not an easy job for sure. >> no. that was tough. >> now we have to let them decide. you get to vote who did it better. >> all right. she was fast, huh? >> she was good. >> working it. that was pretty good. it's up to you to decide who did it better. we'll have the results tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> go. we're so bias. good job.
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their fishing boat when it started to go under. >> black friday is looking gray. why experts say there's less excitement behind this year's super savings. >> and we look to stomp out hate as we march on the statehouse. >> then phones, washers, hover boards and now toys going up in flames. see which tonka truck you want
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>> we start with breaking news. patriots defensive tackle allen branch has been suspended for four games for violating the league's drug policy. according to espn, branch tested positive for marijuana. branch is a key in the patriots run defense playing more than 60% of snaps on d. he's appealing that suspension. >> also following breaking news overseas. a massive 7.3 earthquake strikes off the eastern coast of japan. the epicenter is about 200 miles northeast of tokyo. reuters reporting buildings were shaken in tokyo and a tsunami warning has now been issued. there are no reports of any injuries right now. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> in lowell, a mother was beaten to death. her family left to grieve. police are searching for answers as they try to track down who
4:30 pm
outside of a party. steve coop ser live for us in lowell with the very latest. steve? >> so no arrests at this point. we checked with investigators. they've been working this case all weekend long and all day today as well. there's a lot of shock here and a lot of sadness. residents who live in this apartment complex here in lowell and also from family members as well. among those speaking out late today, the victim's husband. >> senseless. i don't even know what to i am in shock. i don't believe it. >> miguel is heart broken over the murder of his wife of lowell, a mother of four and a grandmother to three. >> she was a great person and they took her from me and i'm devastated. i don't know. i don't even know how to act, react. i'm mad. i want to do something about it but i'll let the authorities deal with that. >> he said that she was with her 28-year-old son who has down


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