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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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fisher, four decades after playing princess leia in the "star wars" film revealed she and harrison ford had an affair. a big chunk of the book. >> a huge chunk. >> sometimes we take a small thing and make a big deal out of it. >> he was cute. >> this was a big deal. >> yeah. she was 19. >> what she did was wrong, but i can't say i blame her. let's put it this way, i see what she did. we're all human. last night held in los angeles. all the fun fashion from the red carpet with our girl. >> lilliana is there with cam country. >> cute. >> and if you're in the mood for raunchy fun, and who isn't, check out "bad santa 2" sitting down with us, billy bob thornton. >> and hoda and i grabbed our pocketbooks and went
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support for small businesses and help two charities close to our hearts. we share that a little later. >> awesomeness. >> fun. >> how about the snow? people woke up this morning, it was crazy across -- upstate new york. and all around, opened your eyes and realized, it's here. just like that, it came. >> i wasn't expecting it. at 4:30, took the puppies out, whoa! freakin' freezing! >> it was freakin' freezing. >> we had a big weekend. didn't we, hodi? >> we went to nashville to be on the show "nashville." >> yeah. >> went and had a great behind-the-scenes visit with a lot of the stars. >> rayna jaymes. connie britton. >> deacon. >> oh, he's a doll. >> took a selfie. look at deacon. he's like everybody's guy. >> he's a man. >> no matter what type you have, deacon is t. >> we all agreed. he is fine. >> talked to the girls. >> yeah. >> so much fun. went to the bluebird cafe. >> have never been, four musicians sitting in the round, and people sit around them and nobody talks. you can eat and drink, but you listen to them tell stories and play music. >> most of them have written, you know, hits for big stars.
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they tell you how they wrote it. we were laughing and crying. >> oh, my gosh. one guy wrote a song called "i want my rib back." you know, because adam. i want my rib back. >> you had to be there. anyway -- then what did you do? you spoke. >> i spoke at an event. it's a -- it was a charity for cancer research, and it's called buying time. i want to thank everybody at the wingfoot country club. >> beautiful club. left -- that's dave. he was in charge of it. his brother actually passed away from cancer and he does this every year. they raise lots of money for research. so hats off to dave and the whole crew. >> beautiful. frank belonged to that club for 50 years. >> he did? >> uh-huh. >> they loved them some kathie lee and frank. >> fun. and the american music awards were last night. >> one of the highlights was selena gomez, she won favorite female pop artist and that wasn't really why it was so
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>> she's been kind of out of the spotlight a little bit. people were saying she was undergoing personal issues. a tough few years. diagnosed with lupus, she said. anyway, got up and spoke. it was so moving to a lot of people. i think we have that. let's take a look. >> i had to stop, because i -- i had everything. and i was absolutely broken inside. and i kept it all together enough to where i would never much together to where i let myself down. i don't want to see your bodies on instagram. i want to see what's in here. i'm not trying to get validation nor do i need it anymore. if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. and if that's anything, whether you've respected me or not, that's one thing you should know about me. i care about people, and thank you so much for this. this is for you. thank you.
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she's a lovely young girl. >> she really is. >> i'm happy for her. yeah. i spoke -- when judith smith was here smith was here, how is justin bieber? great. talks to him twice a day. keeping his act together. these kids, we can't imagine how their lives change. before maturity they have all this responsibility and opportunity. >> yes. >> and the mix of that is -- so, and then justin performed from his concert in zurich, switzerland. >> they kept cutting away to girls in the audience sobbing taking away from justin's singing. oh, my god. oh, oh. >> did you ever do that over an artist. i don't think i ever did. did you? >> i did. >> who? >> paul. the beatles. i went to the movie "hard day's night" and i wasn't going to, because he's not
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he can't be -- >> it was a scream. >> but everybody else was and so i went -- >> ah, paul. >> then i really got into it. you're so crazy. >> so stupid. bruno mars performed. that famous, new song "24 karat." let's listen. ? yeah ? >> go. ? head to toe so play it ? ah. >> did you notice who it was next to tim mcgraw in the audience. his daughter, maggie. 18 years old. she was not thrilled that daddy was dancing. >> nobody wants to see their dad dancing to bruno mars. nobody. tim mcgraw won favorite country song "humble and kind," a great song if you want something to download. >> our favorite, sting performed a medley of his hits before performing his award for lifetime achievement. definitely hot. >> he's sexiest man alive as far as i'm concerned. >> definitely hot. >> lilliana will have all the news from the red carpet coming up there. >> all righty. do you ever accidentally dress
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taraji p. henson, octavia spencer and janelle monae starring in the upcoming film "hidden figures," arrived and it looked like they planned it perfectly. guess what? none said what they were going to wear. octavia tweeted that it was just a coincidence. >> what's funny? joann says in our morning meetings. the crew walks in to talk about what we're going to talk about. there are always people wearing the exact same color scheme. just the way it works, the way life unfolds. we do it on purpose. sometimes we wear the exact same color and people go, did you know you're wearing the exact same color? we like that. don't we. >> well, yeah, because you don't want to fight. you know? >> i like -- >> you don't want your outfits to be fighting. >> that's what i said. >> this is what chrissy teigen wore and i don't know how she kept it -- >> oh, my word! >> shall we say, we had 50 mile-an-hour wind -- you know,
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i don't know, but -- >> she looks great, anyway. doesn't she? >> yeah, but you better hope -- >> how do you walk in that? >> carefully. >> uh-huh. >> all right. so looks like oprah went home for the thanksgiving holiday. shared pictures from a house in milwaukee. we don't know why. >> this is our favorite thing. there's one where one she was sleeping on a mattress. it looks like. with two kids. this is captioned, you know you're home when there's a pallet on the floor, men are making breakfast and jesus is watching from the wall. happy holidays. >> that's a good thanksgiving. >> got to love that. >> drew barrymore posted a group selfie that had people playing "spot the celebrity." see if anyone else is famous besides her. >> drew. >> i see cameron diaz. >> nicole richie. on the right corner. i see gwyneth paltrow. >> yeah. >> who are the other two? >> i don't know. cameron and -- who else?
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>> yeah. >> she captioned it, hold on to those you love and climb a mountain together. when i am most in need i hold on tighter. it is when they need me i know i have done something right. to earn their trust, share kindness. >> so true, and the color of the color -- what do you see? in that dress? >> when you showed it to me in the makeup room, it looked white. oyster color. >> n i over the flip-flops. >> that's what you showed me. >> those are flipflops. what do you see? >> i see oyster. >> gray and -- >> what's oyster? like a bone white? >> i see great and blue. some people see blue and white. >> who cares? >> raise your hand if you see white. joann? you're the only one? >> no, no. it's not -- >> who sees white? you see gold? >> oh, wow. >> wait. so jerry and joann --
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white clearly. not a little. that's what color they see. >> who cares? >> nobody. it's weird. [ laughter ] >> okay. let's see it again. look at the picture again. hold on. that's -- gray and light blue. oh, my gosh! lots of gold and whites. tina says gold and white. >> all right. >> what's wrong with everybody? >> let's see what tina's wearing today. what color are you wearing? red? are you sure? >> the brazilian company -- they have confirmed that the shoes are actually blue and dark blue. >> all right. now, that one -- >> wait. that looks -- does look blue and dark blue. >> no. it looks charcoal gray. on the outside. who cares? don't get off that couch. you'll miss our "favorite things" a little later. >> and carrie fisher drops a bombshell about an affair with harrison ford on the set of "star wars." >> wonder if she's sorry now?
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? as the daughter of debbie reynolds and eddie fisher born into hollywood royalty. >> but carrie fisher needed no help making a name for herself.
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of the biggest icons of the world landing the role of princess leia in "star wars." >> nearly four years after the first film released carrie's revealed she had an fair with her co-star harrison ford. >> what? >> during the making of the movie. >> that experience is just one of many stories carrie shares in her new book called "the princess diarist." and she's here with us again with -- >> both: gary. >> what does gary think of the book? no. he did encourage me and now i think he's sorry. >> carrie, why did you think this was the right time to tell this story? >> because i think it's time to distract from the whole trump thing and so it does that. i did that as a favor. people wanted to talk about something else. >> something else to talk about. >> you gave them something to talk about. >> because it's 40 years later. i actually didn't sort of find these diaries, you know, seven years ago and think, i'm going to wait seven more years.
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>> then it will be the right time. >> you just came upon your diaries. >> i found these diaries like a year and a half ago. >> you said you had forgotten that you had even written them. >> yes, i had. they're very intense. that's what i said was intense. now this word intense follows you around. >> they think the relationship was intense. >> i think everything's intense at 19. >> yes, yes. >> or when you're bipolar. >> that, too. >> did he kiss you first? did he make the first move? >> he -- >> well, it's in the book. isn't it? >> if it's in the book, you have to read it. >> he made the first move, carrie, right? >> no. >> weren't you both a little tipsy? it was you then? you were in the back of a car, right? >> i didn't make the first move. no, i didn't. >> that's what she's asking. >> i didn't. no, it's in there. i have film. no, i don't. i don't. no. >> this is before that. >> i was tipsy, and i was surprised. >> oh, okay. >> you're going to get me to say things i don't like that i'm going to say.
2:23 am
>> never! >> angelic girls. you would never do that to me. >> this wasn't a one-night stand. this went on for three months, you say? >> it was a three-month one-night stand. >> did you think you were in love, carrie, at that time . >> i think eventually i did think i -- yeah. >> you were 19. >> furiously infatuated. you're not going to say you were not. >> it was before his superstardom. >> he looked like he was already a movie star. >> he did. >> he's still a great looking guy. back then you forget he was drop dead gorgeous. >> you don't forget. >> do you think anybody else knew about it? >> nobody did. that's what shocks me. i think maybe because it was improbable. i don't know, but certainly it wasn't like we were holding hands on the set or anything. >> you don't think anyone sensed it? because those kind of things people pick up. >> people are shocked now. mark didn't know. >> mark who?
2:24 am
i assumed you meant mark hamill. >> well, mark schwartz. >> did chewbacca know, come on because animals can -- >> chewbacca knows everything and he didn't know so -- >> so i guess before you decided to publish this book you called harrison ford up and asked him. >> no, we were -- around each other, because we promoting, again. that's what we do together is promote. and i was probably going to publish them, and he sort of just said, lawyer. >> being funny. >> he was being funny. yes. i'm sure he doesn't like it. i'm quite sure by now he really doesn't like it. i'm liking it less now. [ laughter ] it's just way too much. it's just way too much and then -- i don't know. it's too much! >> all right. we didn't write it. [ laughter ]
2:25 am
i think if i'd known it was going to be -- i don't know. i knew it would have attention. >> pandora's box you opened up, missy. >> yes, you have. >> is something else going to come out afterwards? >> i don't know. >> who else did i sleep with? >> that's the next book, i suppose, because i hear it's quite the list! [ laughter ] >> i was not a slut. >> i didn't say slut. i just said long list. >> you implied "slut" as per usual. >> that's great. >> we love you, carrie and especially gary and his little backpack. >> the book is called "the princess diarist." if this wasn't enough celebrity scoop or poop for you, wait until you see what's in "today's buzz" including a big milestone for amy schumer. >> and superstars to models who's who of celebrities rocking the red carpet with our girl lilliana vazquez. >> you've got your vip pass to all the action after this. [ chanting, "carrie! carrie!" ]
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our rainy sunday was the setting for one of the biggest nights, the american music awards. red carpet. lilliana vasquez was there. >> take a look. >> not even rainy skies or a soggy red carpet -- >> oh! >> reporter: could keep musical biggest stars from shining bright here at the american music awards. ? >> reporter: oh, my gosh. you look so cute. >> thank you. you look beautiful.
2:30 am
you have a little bit of a red carpet tradition. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what is it? >> i wear yellow all the time. like my sunshine, take with me everywhere. >> reporter: you look absolutely stunning. what are you wearing? >> thank you. her name is nuan. >> reporter: love it. sheer detail and body suit, the trend for the night. >> i guess so. i wanted to be in the club. ? >> reporter: what are you wearing underneath? >> so, my girl hooked up a situation where it's like an exact, like an exact brown version liner of this, and then like a very creative undergarment situation. >> reporter: looks good. >> thank you. >> reporter: is this a family affair tonight? >> always. every awards show i bring them. >> reporter: this is kind of your signature, sleeveless shirts. do you cut them yourself or have someone that cuts them for you?
2:31 am
>> reporter: gigi's red carpet look was just the first of many fashion hits. you look gorgeous this evening. who are you wearing? >> elie saab. one of my favorite designers. so excited to be wearing this gown. >> reporter: seems like sheer is in. >> when has it ever been out? i mean, listen, it's a night of crazy outfits, crazy hair, you know? >> reporter: you guys are big collaborators and some of the biggest songs of this year's big collaborations. who is a dream collaboration with? who would you love to make a song with? >> two people. drake and bruno mars. >> drake and bruno. >> reporter: an invitation. >> make it happen. >> put it out there in the universe. >> reporter: they're going to do and then they're going to debut the song on the "today" show is
2:32 am
>> it's happening. >> manifesting right here right now. >> oh, she's right. good job, lilliana. and janet jackson speaks out about her pregnancy, and a lot more scoop. >> and we go out and spread some cheer. all after your holiday news. just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool. actually, checking your credit score with credit karma doesn't affect it at all. are you sure? positive. score then? oooh "check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit." sorry about that. meta appetite control... it helps put some distance between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals.
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your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care it's fun day monday. and we're ready to turn out hollywood headlines from our rumor mill in "today's buzz." >> here with the juicy celebrity scoop you missed this weekend, our good friend from, brian baltazar. >> hello, brian. >> the celebrities were busy this saturday. >> celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend. one-year anniversary, celebrated together and posted about it in twitter in very different ways. as you might expect. ben is a sweetheart, and he posted this photo in black and white. a year ago i met the love of my life. something felt right, we spent six days together since.
2:35 am
expression that i can't use because it's vulgar and then said, i want to see other people. she's joking! actually posted another photo saying here's my anniversary with my real soul mate, pasta. >> i had some of that yesterday. boy. >> beautiful thing they both started out with a year ago i met the love of my life. the one thing in common. also in her book "girl with the lower back tattoo," i don't know if you know it, she talks about they met on an app for creatives. i believe one that's super exclusive, mostly for celebrities or very creative professional people, and it's the first guy she saw on the app ever, and he -- >> dating app? >> it's a dating app for creative people? >> not the ones you're thinking of, unless you're thinking of the one i'm thinking of, and then it is. >> all right. so goldie hawn, happy birthday to goldie. >> today is her birthday. this is what 71 looks like. let's show you what 71 looks like. >> golden girl. she looks amazing. first of all --
2:36 am
wearing a little black dress and overcoat. apparently her shoulders are very slippery. all draping off her. they went to catch l.a. on saturday night a big celebration. a picture kate put on her instagram. all the girls that night and she also then posted a photo. >> anyone else we would know in the picture. >> a bunch of people we don't know. this is the boys, we have it up. kurt, wyatt, oliver and austin. earlier in the day, kate posted a picture of a fireplace. i want to show it to you because it's special. one kurt built. look closely, four hearts on it for all the kids. this is love you're looking at. >> been together a long, long time. >> exactly. yes. >> can we talk about kanye? what happened? what is happening? >> a question thousands of people are asking themselves who went to his concert saturday night in sacramento. first of all, he shows up, doesn't perform like until 90 minutes in. he's 90 minutes late to the performance then he only
2:37 am
let's get it -- i'll give you the part we could not -- we could show you. take a look. >> beyonce, i was hurt -- because i heard that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won video of the year over me, and over that and i've been sent here to give y'all the truth. ain't called me! >> it seems a strange place to vent. beyonce and jay-z are not there to hear this. >> exactly. >> i don't know if anybody told him. >> sorry. just dozed off a second. because we're so used to this. he's the consummate cry baby. by the way, what we don't show him doing is ranting a little bit about hillary clinton then dropping the mike and walking off so -- >> yeah. a lot of people wanted their money back. rightfully so. >> they got it. you can pay up to $170 for a
2:38 am
night. >> last night he canceled another one. coming to new york in about a week. we'll see. >> he has a lot of odd behavior. this cancelling -- >> expiration date how much you're willing to put up with this from a performer, especially if you're investing your time and money. you get tickets to a kanye west, you're not sure if he's performing, putting on performance art or just rant like that. >> call it performance art, a stretch. >> talk about janet jackson. >> she has laid low a ng we have not seen much of her but she just tweeted this weekend. she did not tweet a photo but just a statement saying she is okay. okay, you guys. been a while, i'm still listening. i feel your love and prayers and doing well. then she wrote arabic for praise to be god. suspicions correct, may be due in late december or january. >> around savannah and dylan time. >> everyone is --
2:39 am
>> good to know she's doing well. she's 50. wants to be super careful and said that from the start. wanted to focus on building this family. >> thank you for all you do. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> happy thanksgiving, honey. oscar winner billy bob thornton is on the naughty list this christmas. i bet he always is. he's going to tell us why. >> and kathie and i spent the afternoon together for a shopping spree to spread holiday cheer to special people who could use it, coming up right after this. my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
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>> announcer: shop small with kathie lee and hoda is sponsored by our sponsor american expression. founding partner of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. and this saturday is small business saturday.
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annual event co-founded by american express encouraging you to shop at local small businesses in your area. >> shopping is a lot more fun with a buddy. i grabbed hoda woman and she grabbed me, we shopped family small owned business. here in new york city and donate what had we found to two deserving charities close to our heart. >> take a look. >> hoda, i'm not kidding around. >> what? you're not? >> no. small business saturday is coming soon. we're going to go in to this darling little store. for kids at cassidy's place and then we're going to go and buy stuff at another place for yours. >> let's get in here. >> ah. oh, well, why wouldn't we? why wouldn't we? >> thank you. >> well, things are looking up. >> just a little -- it will help us as we shop. don't you think? >> right. >> what did you say? >> i'm sleepy. >> "i'm sleepy"? let's take a nap. >> we're getting this. >> these are precious. >> try these.
2:44 am
oh, my gosh. it's old school. >> it's old school. that's the best. this little xylophone is great and a little double drum, and one more. people want more than that. okay. there you go. >> oh, this is fun. >> all righty. let's do -- okay. >> i can't even -- >> yee-ha! ? >> i'm in love with these little girls who groove with me, my groove. it's a dance s they need shoes, outfits and leotards, all kinds of stuff. and this is a family-owned place. third generation i think can provide some goodies for them. >> let's see. >> okay. a little tutu. oh, you can put it on top of your -- >> little skirt's on top. >> oh. hold the phone. we hit the mother load. >> oh, wait. >> tutus. oh, my gosh. >> stop it! >> how cute that looks on her. look at mine. >> okay.
2:45 am
>> what about leotards to go with them, hoda woman. >> we should. >> yeah. can't just wear that. >> oh, the little ones! start ringing this up. see what we have. >> it's so much fun to be in the small businesses. isn't it? our world's gotten so fast and so big and so technical. >> yeah. these are so cozy and sweet and now we get to take our goodies, and give them to the -- >> make everybody happy. >> i feel like a little christmas elf. >> let's do it! ? >> nice and easy, guys. >> hey! [ screams ]
2:46 am
>> ah! ? >> all: thank you! >> all: thank you! >> oh, my god. we can't take it. >> that's what it's all about. >> how cute, cassidy's place, those kids are precious. >> that's been open 20 years now taking care of 200 little kids a day. >> the kids at groove with me too. >> better watch out. santa claus is coming to town. >> billy bob thornton is back and so is brett kelly. >> they tell us what's in store for "bad santa 2" after this. >> uh-oh. >> ooh! "it's amazing out there" means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. >> it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what does "it's amazing out there" mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired, even if it's just
2:47 am
that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to another. >> the role of thunder, it's just -- it's just one of the most amazing things. >> that's what "it's amazing out there" is and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather and how that absolutely affects our lives, our day-to-day. what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we going to eat, what is everything going to cost? to me all those interactions. on. that's why "it's amazing out there." >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists. we know what is going on with the weather and that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the field and says, thanks for being there. we're so glad that you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge, we have a
2:48 am
we have a drive to provide information to people to help them, help their communities, help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science of the data, it makes a real connection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and, you know, i love working with people who love the weather and this is it what we love to do. >> every single day is going to it is truly amazing out there. when it's time to move to underwear, toddlers see things... a bit differently. thanks to pampers easy ups... while they see their first underwear... you see the best way to potty train. introducing new pampers easy ups. our first and only training underwear... with an all-around stretchy waistband. and pampers' superior protection. so you'll see fewer leaks.
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if you're looking for a fuzzy feel-good holiday movie to watch with the kids, this is not it. >> but if you want grownup irreverent fun, one of your favorite christmas films is back, "bad santa 2." >> hoda and i had a chance to sit down with oscar winner billy bob thornton,
2:51 am
willie, hard hustling. >> and thurman tries to find willie's soft spot. >> i know you're not my real family. then you don't have real family you have to make a new one. it's actually better because you get to pick your family and you're the family i picked. so can you come? and then maybe after we can go to santa com or -- >> look, i'll try to make it. okay. >> okay. i'll look for you, willie. i'll look for you and i'll wave like this. okay? >> okay. good deal. i'll see ya. >> bye, willie. >> this place is going to be crowded. he won't even know i'm not there. >> ah, welcome, guys. >> look at you two. ? reunited ? ? and it feels so good ? after 13 years? >> yeah. >> a long time. >> were you jonesing for another one of these, a whack at this? >> oh, god.
2:52 am
we'd do, a sequel, but the studio changed hands a couple of times so there's some red tape and all that, and then when they finally gave us the go ahead, it took three, four years to get the right story, right script and we went through a few of them, and it was really -- i think it helped us a lot really because you get to see brett and 21 now. and willie at -- >> how much weight did you have to gain? >> i had to gain 40. probably gained 55 by the end of it. it was winter in montreal shooting. once we got there saw how cold it was, i thought i needed to bump it up an extra 10, 15 pounds. >> you'd taken quite a break? right? went to college. >> went to college. yep. took four years off. i always knew i would take time off to go and figured do it sooner rather than later. >> how old were you in the first one? >> 8 years old when they shot. >> oh, yeah. did you think he would come back for this one, billy bob? >> i insisted.
2:53 am
sort of -- sort of the zz top of christmas movies. you know? me, tony and brett. no, we had to have thurman in it, and it was really -- i mean, i'm totally serious about this. i'd seen brett a couple times over the years, but when he came down to meet with the studio people, the director and myself, when we started to get ready for restaurant, and he -- i saw him, and he was like, saw hair on his chest, that creeped me out. come on. you know? because i know him as "the kid" and, you know, then he ordered a beer, and it was just -- i couldn't stand it. [ laughter ] couldn't take it. >> what happened to our guy? >> what did you get your degree in? >> business. >> wow. >> smart.
2:54 am
it and realized, i started counting down the days to get back to the whole acting thing. enjoyed it, but realize i'm not exactly the businessman i thought i was. >> in reality, you love christmas. >> i do. >> favorite time? >> yes. >> that surprises me. >> when i heard that i thought, wow. >> i love christmas. >> what do you love about it? >> like everybody, reminds you of your childhood, and a more innocent time, or we thought it was. but -- i don't know. there'st on their houses. >> celebrating. >> yeah. it's a nice thing. i love the fireplace and the turkey and the whole deal. >> billy bob's a softy. >> i know! >> i know. >> we learned something. >> kind of disappointing, isn't it? >> no. we like it. thank you very much. >> all the best in the film. and "bad santa 2" hits theaters on wednesday. >> don't go away, our "favorite things" are next, but first --
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time for our "favorite things." mine? i was leaving the studio, a lady these are called potty mints. >> are we in the bathroom? >> these are dissolvable air freshener tablets. after flushing, drop the mint into the toilet to give off a subtle fragrance. lasts between two and three flushes. >> how much is it? >> $48 for this whole thing. >> that would be a cute little gift. mine is this,
2:59 am
i'll say her name in a second. called the echo. watch what it does. alexa, what's the weather in new york? >> in new york, it's 39 degrees with cloudy skies. >> alexa, play kathie lee gifford music. >> yes! >> playing kathie lee gifford from spotify. ? then never ? >> alexa volume 10! ? >> i love it! ? forever isn't long at all ? >> that's from an old, old, old "winnie the pooh." >> alexa, tell me a joke. >> what is brown and sounds like a bell? dong. [ laughter ] >> awesome. amazon, $179. ? always answer ? >> go, girl. tomorrow, curtis stone whips up a thanksgiving dish you don't want to miss. speaking of dishes, the lovely
3:00 am
splendid holiday with an italian spin. spin. >> and alexa, volume 12! >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the minimax charger. cellphone or tablet dead again? your car won't start and you're late and alone. if you're out of power, you're not out of luck. introducing the minimax, the most innovative portable charger ever made. it's taking the world by storm and quickly becoming everyone's favorite portable charger because of its minimum size and maximum power. use the minimax every day to charge all of your devices. best of all, this tiny little device can actually instantly jump-start cars, trucks, boats, and more. the secret is the advanced, new technology of the lithium cobalt battery that enables this tiny charger to jump-start dead car batteries. the minimax even works in cold weather when your car battery won't. it's also a high-powered l.e.d. flashlight. smaller than a cellphone, fits


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