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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mourning mother killed. woman connected to her death facing charges in court today. >> new at 11, hate at har harvard a nasty note sent to profess are tonight message he has for person behind the threatening note. catching phony tax thieves in the act. why do you say you're the irs in you're not the irs. tonight hank investigates. and becoming fast friends with boston legends. they were so down to earth. easy to talk to tom brady shares a sce his star power entourage with him. >> 7 news at 11 starts now. >> first at 11, new england catching a serious cold. right before the holiday. people outside bundling up with puffy jackets hats and gloves. it's start to feel like thanksgiving is couple of days away. and it might look like it too. with the potential for a few flakes thanksgiving morning let's check your forecast with chief meteorologist jeremy
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right now. we will hold on to clear sky overnight tonight. tomorrow features lots of sunshine. it's a great travel day tomorrow. it will be chilly. and a bit of breeze although i think we work into afternoon we will start to lose that breeze. here's your travel through new england. dry roads all over the place. but chilly the numbers should up near 50 degrees. but only in lower 40s in southern new england. 30s across northern new england. where the ski areas are going to open up just in time for the holiday weekend. and then as you move out of down to 95 corridor. if it's an airplane tomorrow that you're dealing with, no issues at the airport. again metro mark city dry atlanta dry. perhaps a few showers new orleans. there will be rain detroit and chicago dry and dallas as well a los angeles. that's tomorrow. this enthis weather system does move up into new england for thanksgiving. but at the same time, it weakens significantly. so plan on clouds on thursday morning. this may be an a little bit of
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travel as opposed to coastline. even if it does happen through portions of western and central new england all over by noon on thursday. we'll have a lot of clouds. it's a chilly raw day temperatures only in upper 30s on thursday. people talk more about holiday weekend forecast in a few minutes. sounds good jeremy mass transportation officials urging you to get a head start on your thanksgiving commute. he had heed holiday weekend pill millions of people are hitting roads and delay are expected to longer that ever. officials say plenty way to monitor real time traffic and most importantly police are barning anyone who plans ton drinking to to be safe. >> as saying goes buses driving is drunk driving please plan on having a designated sober driver. >> if you're heading to logan this weekend official say get there at least two hours early for your domestic flight. when you're traveling to or from new england, you can get your updated forecast at any time on and 7 news phone and tablet apps.
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>> back in the baystate. after an early exit from prison. >> sal dimasi greeted by family the former massachusetts house speaker overcome with emotion seeing him outside of prison walls for first time in years. kimberly bookman was although gapt airport when dimasi arrived. kimberly is live at the airport to want. was long day for sal dimasi he was released print prison in north carolina this more than he caught fliekt here to logan talked to reports about two minutes and headed home to melrose. sitting wheel we will chair speaker house sal dimasi smiles as hugs adult children after landing in boston's logan airport with his wife debby. >> i just want to say how happy i am and grateful grateful and thanksful that i'm home in boston. noticeably thin area spokesperson says dimasi lost 70 pounds balloting throat and
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he also speaks softly. his esophagus damaged from treatment. >> for everyone that's worried about me while i was wie encouraged me to go and fight this terrible cancers that i had, i'm a fighter so i had to fight this all the way. 71-year-old is currently in remission. but on unable to eat and care for himself a judge compassionate release from the north carolina prison where he was doing time for corruption. >> i want to making this possible. it's very emotional day for me. it's been a trying and difficult experience for me. dimasi served five of eight year sentence now he's on home confinement but able to be with his family in time for holiday. this will be a very special thanksgiving for me at home with my family. thank you, guys. i hope you all have a happy thanksgiving. >> and dimasi also recognized
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champion. she has introduced a bill here in massachusetts for cam passionate release for inmates here? baystate reporting live kimberly bookman, seven news night team. also from the night team a tearful tribute to lowell mom killed outside of a party over the weekend. candlelight vigil comes hours of a woman connected to the crime was in court during an emotional hearing. tim caputo is live in lowell tonight. tim. emotional hearing in court. emotional evening out here. you see behind me the remnants of candlelight not only mourning loss of loved one but tonight still upaccept even though someone has arrested they are only charge with assault and not murder. >> watching us appreciate you will awe for come hooeg a quiet candlelight vigil ernie here still in stunned disbelief. several days after she was murder. i cannot believe she's really gone. she actually gone.
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after 23-year-old anna lease preed plead not guilty to assault and all battery with dangerous weapon pew believe perez several others assaulted her over weekend inside a house party then attack continued outside. possibly striking her with bolts as well possibly striking her with moving vehicle. prosecutors say that car which was reported stolen crashed into a house in northboro after a chase with police. >> a trooper in massachusetts state police attempted to stop that vehicle vehicle had fled reaching speeds of approximately 130 miles per hour. after the crash everyone in car took off. perez was arrested and the her mother's house in lowell her attorney says it was other woman who started fight. the deceased was the aggressor at the party. tonight family and friends of 43-year-old victim hope this arrest is first many and everyone involved in this vicious beating brought to justice. i'll more happy when they get rest of scum bags in, those
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this to my mother. >> at this point the police have not determined the exact cause of death. still unknown exactly how many people may have been involved in this assault. meanwhile perez is being held on $30,000 bail. latest live from lowell tonight kim caputo. >> a deadly discovery at pa local ski resort. it happened at new show bah valley. investigators say an employee was killed this morning while working on a snow grooming equipment. him. the da says his death is not considered suspicious. new at 11, a threatening message of hate at harvard targeted toward professor he says he just seedy a postcard like this one with some anti semitic and hateful language. and letter came from overseas jadiann thompson live in harvard tonight. he's outspoken professor constitutional law for a very
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harvard's law school. he received fair share harsh comments he says this has taken things too far. this is different obviously. this is truly, hateful. sanford says what he got in a mail at harvard university a first. a postcard with two first class stamps seemingly from the u kment. nice picture on front and on back anti semitic words too bad to say on television. it addresses him by nickname sandy goes on to say we're going law school. he has a professer of law university texas for 36 years but he's a visiting professor at harvard. >> if you want to drain the swamp at harvard, quite literally last person you'd begin with. it ends a name joerm unboard game from 1930s. the point of the game was to get jews off the board. so i think hidden rouse jews
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calling him a sociopath. he believes hate filled speech is byproduct of the election. i think the entire country is threatened by donald trump's selection. and so i've never been so worried about the country in my entire life. >> so he says he did report this to the dean of harvard and doesn't feel afraid for his safety. reporting live tonight from the had are varied law school trump transition focussing on at president-elect's relationship with the a media for a while today. mr. trump saiding up cancelling and then rescheduling a meeting with "new york times" all in couple of hours time. he was also working on that cabinet and we've learned more of the president-elect's potential picks. ryan schulteis joins us with more. kim tonight wall wall street journal is report romney mr. trump top choice for secretary of state and reports ben carson has also be offer ad job heading department of
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all this on same president-elect seemed reverse course oh major campaign pledges. she should be locked up. she should. he promise it had as candidate. but now that's looking less likely. that president-elect will lock up hillary clinton for her email server. she has to go to jail. today president-elect is saying it's just not something that i feel very strongly about. during a sit down with "new york times." he said i don't want to hurt the clintons. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in my >> bright bart quick to xhut oh headline broken promise. and their might be more. during campaign, donald trump rallied against the paris climate deal signed by nearly every nation on earth. we will cancel this deal so our companies can compete. dacey an open mind about the deal. he's clearing a legal issues propertying anew filing a violated irs rules which could require a paying tax penalties.
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business from entering officially office and brushing aside conflict of interests law is toelg on my side. president-elect is in florida he will celebrate thanksgiving. we expect more announcement on his cabinet after holiday. in newsroom ryan schulteis. coming up, they are mean and intimidating. even threaten you with jail. i'm scared to death. but those phone calls are phony. why do you say you're i rvrment s you're not irs. see what happens when hank calls them. she investigates irs imposter as dinner date that's a little slice of hooefrn. meet lucky fans that got to grab bite with tom brady, ben aflex matt damon right here. anger and outrage on college campus school leaders decide to display this controversial work
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tracking down and stopping i irs imposter investigative reporter hank phillippi ryan goes straight to the source. teaming with irs agents to try to stop this troubling trend. nasty phone calls from people claiming to for irs demanding money and scaring people. tonight hank investigates. guess who we're about to call? not the as tax collection agents. irs is filing lawsuits agains you. lawsuit filed against you. ones who leave threatening messages like these. final notice from irs. this last check. they got could knee and roslindale big time. a special irs agent told her. there was a discrepancies in my tax return. then the guy ordered connie to $15,000 in back taxes or else.
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down and to arrest you. terrified connie as instructed brought these yes, 30 gift cards worth $15,000. she had to read off each number to the scammers to pay off her tax bill. i was scared to death. these crooks are convincing. real irs told me they hit massachusetts hard. a million dollars scammed in massachusetts alone. yes. and it's, millions of and a that's when we decided let's give them a call right from irs hq with that agency official listening. who is this? this is agent victor from internal revenue service investigation department, ma'am. we told several agents where we were i'm sitting here with spokesperson for internal revenue service and she says the irs has nothing to do with these calls. one made up a new story.
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service. >> irs means indian railway service? >> yes, ma'am. what are these call callers counting on in et building somebody that's going to they are going to able to convince they are real. do you think you know about all the victims? probably not. the irs says it would never operate tht way. and would never request or accept payments in gift cards. >> you would always receive something in mail from irs before you get any contact from us. >> the feds arrested 20 people nationwide involved in a call center scam impersonating irs agents. but these schemes are still ongoing. if you have been ripped off or want to avoid t check our website for more information. in newsroom i'm hank phillippi ryan. we're following more news tonight. painting problems that salem state university. a controversial piece causing a emotional art argument.
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artists are encouraging to express their feelings about recent election. students were so outraged curator decide to temporarily shut down the exhibit. >> in a statement released tonight the curator and an art department chair said art is often intended to spark discussion about societal ills in this case it did just that. but we deeply regret the distress it has caused students. now 7 weather with chief clear cold in city 34. beverly at 33. still? wind out there right now. driving windchills into the teens and 20s. worcester feels like 17. in city it feels like 25. air is dry up and down eastern seaboard. sets table for nice travel day tomorrow. this right here, this is oh our next weather system. snow in upper midwest which become rain chicago down through the lower mississippi river valley. it's not a power house storm. it's, decent right now. but as it works up into new
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so that's why i do not think this is going to be headache for you on thursday. for tomorrow, sunny, cold. a great travel day. 30s and 40s. now normal high is about 50. so again once again numbers below normal for this time of year. city around 43 tomorrow afternoon drakut at 43. into worcester hills fitchburg 41. worcester itself 36 out on cape islands numbers in 40s. travel across new england dry roads all over the prays. leafing new england. roads are also dry corridor. new york state through odd toward buffalo and pittsburgh points west of there. roads will be dry. now on to thanksgiving, thursday. a lot of clouds that weather system comes at us from great lakes states which will weaken but still i think a few left over flurries possible thursday morning for some of us not widespread. here you go, 7 o'clock thursday morning we'll have cloudy skies. but not much in the way of precipitation. i think that's how the morning will go. so i don't want to every sell
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of light snow and flurries for short time thursday morning then i think thanksgiving afternoonist just dry. a lot of clouds kind of cold and raw. here comes rain thursday night. that will linger through the day on friday. now amount of snow you get pockets of snow to occur not to say everyone in the shadying sees the snow i don't think you willcoating possible in some locations including roads there may be slick travel n treated surfaces theirs morningperhaps worcester hills out toward western new england berkshires now for thursday afternoon lot of clouds temperature temperatures on thursday afternoon. then rain developing thursday night with tapering off to driz drizzle on friday. saturday unsettled a lot of clouds draw middle sxurp 40s have a great holiday weekend. now on 7, best friends forever. >> they were so genuine.
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just super friendly. just nice guy ever. one family's unique dinner date. >> i think most patriots fans would giver just about anything for mini pizza party with tom brady. >> add in ben he fleck and matt damon you have aun forgettable experience for lucky brother and sister. alex joins us with the story. alex. well this man brought his sister with him to big dinner date. they called experience sitting down with a tom brady and two movie >> it's a dinner date they will never forget. this brother and sister from missouri flu to boston. and sat down with tom brady, matt damon and ben afleck at oath craft pizza in chestnut hill. >> they were so down to earth and really easy it talk to. and we were with them for a couple of hours. i think originally slated for 45 minutes or so. rick says he paid ten bucks to
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dinner. it was a pro mode in a video where afleck and damon argue who is liked by brady better. >> guys, hey, hey, hey tom, hey, tom. hey, hey tom. t bone. don't touchdown tommy. sorry i am late. i just got down with some body work. yeah, me. at the dinner 5 foot eight pizza talked costa rica vacations sports and at movies. grand radar he says it was no contest brady liked him better than damon and honestly i think he likes me better than both of them i to tell you truthpretty sure. oh, yeah. really. hands down i was the winner. sitting do one tom brady, something movie stars afleck and damon seem to enjoy too. they were i think pretty excited about talking to tom brady as well. i mean think they all knew he oech refused to that night, but it looked like they were excited about catching up with him as
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that dinner. brady didn't drink. apparently he has to stay in playing shape. live in newsroom seven news night team. alex thanks sports is coming up next. joe we're talking patriots. not necessarily tom brady and a few other things. you better believe it we're also talking bruins because they've been on nice run on their home ice until tonight as they meet the blues. david's former team lose ch?ra to injury.
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david and bruins going tore fourth straight win on their home ice taking on back us's former team the st. louis blue and went in wrong direction in a hurry. ch?ra left the ice just 52 seconds into the second period. did not return beast not share
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>> former blues captain facing form team for first time of a spending ten years in st. louis midway through first period he helps his new team. power play tory unlash's blast. working ladder down low. b taking 1-0 lead. early in second period blues answer. rips a slap shot from blew line. in front tips a past tuukka rask claude julien decides to alcohol education the goal claiming goalie but you'll see from the high angle contact is minimal. call stands. game tide at one not for long blue ohs power play. watch dominic moore and fires glove side for second shorthanded goal of season 2-one. blues respond with two goals in two minutes ch?ra in dressing room. brandon on the ice without his partner for both scores. paul slams home the rebound to put st. louis up 3-2 appear
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snapping bruins three game home winning streak. i just think that in the second period, you know with 5 d's we got caught and we had some guys out there tired. and some of those guys wee obviously d's so it cost a few goals there. prurms start swirling oh weekend josh mcdaniels would not be interviewing forehead coaching position this off season because he plans on succeeding bill belichick some time down t >> today, the patriots offensive coordinator set the record straight. at the end of the day i saw that, those things that i would say are unfounded. i said it before i would say it again i definitely would love to be a head coach again. and there's only 32 of those in the world. they are opportunities that don't don't come along very often. if you would ever be so vent and blessed to have another opportunity to do t and for
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to. we'll shine spotlight on high school football this fool with our annual football feast. highlights and eastern central massachusetts thanksgiving day 5:30 right here on cespedes nbc. and nhl new las vegas franchise now has a name, get ready for at vegas golden knights beginning
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tuesday night. thank you so much for watching
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sarah jessica parker, scott patterson, liza weil, and sean gunn,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 576. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applae >> jimmy: thank you, everyone. hey! thank you very much! welcome, everybody. welcome. welcome, welcome. thank you guys. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you're here. [ cheers and applause ] you made it! thank you for being here. it's a fun show tonight, man.


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