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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> anchor: mall madness as thousands hope to catch in on plaque friday deals. >> anchor: the rest of the holiday weekend looks like more wet than white. how much is on the way? >> adam: a family left to mourn this holiday. president-elect trump i not all fun in the sun. troops in iraq celebrate overseas. and boston mayor marty walsh serving up turkey for people in need. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: first at 5:00, we have a live look outside. it's a cloudy and cold downtown boston. you won't know it because it's dark but comfortable out there. some showers are moving through the area tonight. >> anchor: depending where you are, you could see some
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closer look for you, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, we do have this system. we're tracking it yesterday over the great lakes. it looks a lot less intimidating at this point opinion i mentioned last night it's going to weaken as it tracked closer to our area. it has done so. snow staying in the berkshires higher terrain possibly some snow flakes or flurries mixing in into the higher terrain of southern new hampshire. look at the rest of us. just talking about light showersor drizzle, patchy fog as we head into the overnight. you can see that line of light rain showers that just moved through the boston area. tracking to the east-northeast. now there is an area of yellow and even orange that you see indicating some heavier rainfall and if this holds together tracking east-northeast it could make its way into mansfield, stoughton a possibility through the next hour or so. just lightly tracking through. if you are headed out at all in the next few hours, you
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same story as well. low 40s, as you stretch from beverly, boston, down to norwood. 36 worcester, 38 film bush. you might -- fitchburg, you might be thinking is any of the wet going to freeze? but here are the lows we're in for. i really don't expect that we see any ice set up on roads or the driveway, we'll prepare for wet weather if you are heading out for black friday shopping tomorrow. heading with timeline not stormy at all. damp and dreary. friday into saturday and continuing into sunday as well. here is the friday planner for you. highs touching 50 degrees in some spots tomorrow. a closer look at the rest of the weekend plus a warm-up on the way next week, that is to come in the extended forecast. >> jadiann: looking forward to that warm-up, bri. we'll talk about the shopping. black friday just as much as part of thanksgiving as turkey. for some people. stores in new hampshire already open.
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get deals on everything. >> adam: let's get to john cuoco live in nashua, new hampshire, where some shoppers were lined up for days, hopefully worth it there. >> reporter: adam, right now we're outside the j.c.penny and earlier there was a line that started at the doors here. it stretched all the way down the sidewalk and it ended at the buffalo wild wings here behind me. all the shoppers itching for the black friday deals. stretching around j.c.penny at the pheasant lane mall in nashua. >> i thought about going home but i'm here. >> reporter: anxiously awaiting all the black friday deals too good to pass up. >> i do my thanksgiving thing early in the day. >> everybody ready to go? >> reporter: doors opened at 3:00 but people started showing up hours earlier. >> my next stop will be target. so i haven't made a plan so
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and target. this is a good complex, we find everything here. >> reporter: at best buy norman oak and his family have been camping out since monday to be first in line, a spot they've had for the last four years. >> we got tv's, some electronics. you know, whatever we can get our hands on. >> reporter: dad volunteers to play santa greeting all the light arrivals. >> the whole family comes down and spends thanksgiving day. >> reporter: for many others, it's just about not x. amount of people. >> actually texted him, showed him the deal. he is like, yo, we have to do this. >> reporter: so when can massachusetts shoppers get in on all this black friday fun? doors will open at pled night. live -- midnight. >> jadiann: one person is dead after a crash on 495 in plainville. state police stay the driver was heading the wrong way on the highway.
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with the latest. >> reporter: the call initially came in here to state police for a wrong way drivers, when troopers arrived on 495 they found a crash. blue lights and sirens. no way to ring in thanksgiving. but that was the scene around 2:00 this morning in plain vail. police say a 22-year-old norton man drove his car the wrong way down interstate 495. he crashed into a car with a 21-year-old barnstable woman at thehe anything i can imagine because it should be avoidable. >> reporter: this man is making his way flew the roadway, he is trying to understand how this could have happened when the interstates and the ramps are all clearly marked. >> i've never had any problems seeing the right way and the wrong way to go, but it's not on uncommon problem which surprises me. >> reporter: troopers say the driver was going north in the southbound lanes between exits 13 and 14.
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him to do so is still under investigation. with one person dead and another seriously hurt, it's a wakeup call for all drivers who take this responsibility lightly. >> my thoughts are when you drive here, it's no joke. you better be wide awake, don't drink. okay. and if you are not feeling well pull over. >> reporter: the victim in the case was taken to rhode island hospital. we understand she has serious injuries. kimberly new hampshire, up in flames today. you can see the smoke pouring out of this house on haverhill road. police say the home owner was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and a neighbor is also being treated for chest pains. the fire started in the back of the building and spread to the top fires. an elderly man saved from a house fire in saugus thanks to quick-acting neighbors. you can see in the video the flames that tore through that home last night. the man was trapped inside so his neighbor kicked the
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>> i knew there was an elderly man who lived in there, so i ran over and was able to knock the door in and drag him out. >> it was really overpowering, we had to walk away from the house 2 or 3 times ourselves just to catch our breath before we're able to pull him out. >> adam: the man was treated for smoke inhalation. fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire. >> jadiann: also on 7 one person is dead. three others injured in a shooting at a new york nightclub. suspect in custody. police say someone opened albany overnight. one man died at the hospital. another man and two women were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. investigators say the attack was not random and it doesn't seem to be a hate crime against the lgbt community. we're learning more about the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. a sixth child died from his injuries. 37 students were on board the pus when a driver hit a tree. the bus driver is facing vehicular homicide charges now.
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him. this is the second time in two months that walker crashed a school bus. then tennessee titans are reaching out to the families impacted by the school bus crash. the team's foundation will donate $25,000 to a fund created for the victims' families. the titans plan to wear dekals of the children's elementary school logo on their helmets to honor young victims. thanksgiving is a difficult day for the families. volunteers boxed up donations poured in from all over ten. volunteers know gifts won't take away the pain but they hope it'll save a reminder that the victim's families are not alone. >> adam: for more on the trump transition, donald trump enjoying thanksgiving with his familiar family. he shared this update today saying he is trying to get
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in the u.s. earlier carrier announced it was moving to mexico. intelligence officials say mr. trump has only received two intelligence briefers. president-elect is using his platform to share a message of unity. >> it's my prayer on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> first family enjoys time in florida, security is higher than ever. the coast guard patrolling the waters around the estate. the f.a.a.restricted the air space as long as the president-elect is in town. >> jadiann: u.s. troops celebrating thanksgiving. soldiers cooked 120 pounds of turkey for about 150 hundredsry people. while it's hard to be so far from the families they're happy to celebrate with each
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cause. >> he said happy thanksgiving, mom. i love you and i miss you. can't wait for you to come hope. then he had a @48 days on it. >> front line of defense here on camp swift. we're what everyone relies on. >> jadiann: later today it's back to business and the mission for those soldiers counting down to the days until they can be with their families. >> adam: boston mayor marty walsh getting into the thanksgiving meals to those in need at the pine street inn. he was' joined by other boston officials jackets they served thousands of meals. nancy chen has the story. >> reporter: boston mayor walsh giving thanks to the community at pine street inn and st. francis house on thursday. >> thanking people, the homeless population in our city, it's difficult. we've made some good progress in the last couple of years by coming by, letting people know we
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starting the day on boylston at st. francis house dash camping a turkey along side his girl friend lori higgins and meeting with residents as they shared their concerns. >> give us a little inspiration that about him being in the presence. should lift up our spirits. it's not just we don't feel left behind. >> reporter: joined by police commissioner bill evans the mayor made his way with the senate president to than 200 volunteers helped serve meals to the volunteers. 2,000 dinners are being served at the pine street inns, that includes 2,000 pounds of turkey and 700 bounds of mashed potatoes, this is not a meal. for some this is the first thanksgiving they've spent in a home in years. >> the character of our city is seen in how we take care of those who need a little extra help.
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better situations, it has become really too hard. >> reporter: the day about more than simply turkey and the sights but an opportunity for a community to come together. nancy chen, 7 news. >> jadiann: coming up here santa is packing more than gifts into his sleigh this holiday season. see the controversial ad causing an uproar along the california coast. >> adam: once the turkey is cleared it's time to bust out the christmas decorations but you could n decorating your tree. >> reporter: the next couple of days may not be the best for that unless you wear a hood or take the umbrella with you because we're in for some unsettled weather. all the details coming up in the forecast. >> jadiann: in one hour rivals come together on the field to honor a fallen hour. how his family helped kick off the big thanksgiving game. >> reporter: high school football on thanksgiving with our local athletes getting their chance to
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matchups across the state. join me for our football
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>> jadiann: sanda getting a makeover. a man handed the man in red. >> adam: some people are
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sarah french has more. >> reporter: drivers in california can see santa claus is coming to town and he is packing a big gun, and a.r.15 rifle. the billboard is for a california ammo store. >> promoting our sale that we're having this friday. >> reporter: own of the store's owner says he knows some people find his ad offensive. >> there is a lot of people out there when they see a pick you are too of a firearm or anything along those lines they think >> reporter: he says his co-workers and customers have a different perspective. >> when we have a firearm, my kids automaticallyically of we do that as a family. we have a lot of fun. it's a past time and a hobby. my kids also see it as a tool to be able to protect our family. >> reporter: that sentiments seemed to be shared by many commuters. >> i don't have a problem with it. >> i don't think it's offensive. everybody has their own taste. it's freedom.
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having fun. >> reporter: santa has second amendment rights, also. >> back in 2013 they were' ordered to remove a billboard from a california highway football field. sarah french, 7 news. >> adam: black friday deals start earlier and earlier every year. tonight hear from a woman who is thankful about her employer's decision to stay closed for the holiday. >> reporter: you'll want to plan ahead before heading out for the great deals, maybe an jacket with a hood would be necessary. we'll get to the timeline on
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>> adam: we've safety tips to keep in mind before doing your holiday decorating around the house. doctors treat so many people for burns, cuts, falls from ladders and children who ingest small objects this time of the year. make sure decorations before going to bed and blow out candles before leaving the room. check that the artificial tree is fire resistant and if it's a real tree water it as much as you can. place ornaments away from small children and pets. >> jadiann: it's the first november snowfall in more than 54 years. so people went outside to have a little fun. this is japan. they're just having to get
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covered in snow. so their historic snow looks a lot different than the way we look in boston. >> adam: i don't know that i've seen people use umbrellas for snow but i guess it works unless it's that side ways snow. >> reporter: it was a pret the snow that gently falls. unsettled weather for us but this is more wet than white. travel conditions not bad at least especially around our mild temperatures into next week. it could be so but it comes along with a catch. that is a whole lot of wet weather. we do need the moisture. we need the rain. taking a look at what is happening throughout new england. keeping the snowfall in the higher terrain, near the ski resorts and what you are seeing is what we get for the next couple of days. keeping the snow in the higher terrain and also some light showers in areas of drizzle that continue to
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flakes that want to mix in but i don't expect any of that action to actually stick to the roadways because temperatures are above freezing. it's mostly just this that we're dealing with that you see moving across the merrimack valley and up through cape ann, just light shower activity. however, one area that i'm watching here in southern worcester county, that is tracking to the east-northeast with more significant rain. shouldn't last too long but that could pass through southeastern massachusetts through the next couple of hours. ace mentioned before, temperatures aren't near freezing. we're in the mid 30s, in worcester the coldest spot at 36. 38 fitchburg. 43 in boston and with the clouds in place, and a whole lot of moisture in play, i don't expect those numbers are going to budge a lot overnight that. is why i say travel conditions not all that bad.
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or spotty icing on the roads will be in southern new hampshire and the more north and west that you get from 495, possibly in the worcester hills. the colder temperatures will favor the higher terrain because running through this timeline you see we're staying in the mid to upper 30s all night long and closer to the low to mid 40s for the coastline, southeastern massachusetts and again those blips of green travelling through here throughout the day tomorrow and in through saturday as it stays damp and dreary for us. lows we're staying above the freezing mark so that is good news if you have to head over the river and through the woods. if you head north be careful watching out for the road report. areas of drizzle. patchy fog will form and into tomorrow it stays damp and dreary for us. 44-52 for the afternoon highs. a look at the 7 on 7 forecast showing those filedder temperatures that i
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we go but it also comes along with some wet weather and that does look like it could be some beneficial rainfall. >> adam: so many stores might be welcoming shoppers on thanksgiving but not every mall will be opening its doors today. some malls are refusing to open up giving their workers a chance to enjoy the holiday. >> jadiann: it's a new trend putting a damper on thanksgiving shopping. danielle has more. >> reporter: for the last three years, maria has pulled double thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> reporter: preparing a feast for 30 family members before rushing off to open the small doors to shoppers on thanksgiving night. >> having to leave my thanksgiving dinner it's sad. >> reporter: but this year she has the night off because the mall she works at has chosen to close on thanksgiving day. it's one of dozens of major companies ditching the trend of opening on thanksgiving.
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are still throwing occupy their stores in some states but retail expert say thanksgiving isn't the only day to land great deals, black friday has the best deals on tv's drones and home appliances. cybermonday is also great for electronics, beauty products and kitchen ware. the best discounts on toys come during the second week of december and hold off on bying any winter clotting till the christmas. she is grateful she won't be working holts day crowds this year. >> i'm happy that i could spinned it with my family. >> reporter: you won't see stores open here in massachusetts, thanks to the blue laws retailers cannot open before midnight on black friday. i'm danielle, 7 news. >> jadiann: thanksgiving day started nearly 400 years ago today a group of researchers say they found where the first celebration
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>> reporter: happy thanksgiving, i'm joe amorosino, welcome to our annual football feast. we dedicate the next half hour to the traditional thanksgiving day matchups with highlights and scores from easternnd we start in division one. st. johns prep and dave aryan kicked off last night. hawks looking to avoid an upset and claim the catholic conference first quarter. cronin calls his own number finding daylight there and ripping it 24 yards to the
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but a missed field goal allows zavarian to happening on. everett travelling to boxford to take on massco. the crimson tide would strike first. in the back of the end zone hear from 5 yards out to put everett up 7-0. we stay in the first quarter. everett doubles their lead. mccaffey finds morsea. masco gets on the board. judge throws up a prayer for paul baker who haul it is in for a 30-yard touchdown as time expires. chieftains trailed 22-15. they'd take the lead but it's everett coming out on top 35-24 the final. eight superbowls on tap next saturday in division one. the hawks taking on everett in a rematch of the 2014 championship game. moving on to division a.1


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