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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thanksgiving without a mention of the busiest shopping day of the year. black friday. shopping tradition has become so popular that it spill overs into thanksgiving day for a lot of people. john cuoco in the think of -- think of in this nashua, did you find anything yourself? >> reporter: nothing yet. right now we're inside the j.c.penny at the pheasant lane mall. it's a little busy. if you look behind me you can see all these people in doing their best to try to get those black friday deals. one long line stretching around j.c.penny. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: at the pheasant lain fall. >> awaiting all the black friday deals too good to pass up. >> i do my thanksgiving thick are thing early in the day. >> everybody ready to go? >> reporter: doors opened
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>> my next stop will be target so i made a lane so i'm going to stop j.c.penny and target. we find everything over. >> just down the street at best buy normon and his family have been camping out since monday to be first in line, a spot they've had for the last four years. >> we get tv's, you know, some electric -- electronics. >> reporter: dad volunteers to play santa greeting all the late va down and speans thanksgiving together. what we do is we have fun with. >> reporter: for many others it's just about not missing out. >> i feel like the only thing that is affected that makes it difficult is cold. other than that it's fine. >> reporter: bathroom? >> >> president >> we will to run to the 7,11 because everything is closed. >> reporter: so when can massachusetts shoppers get
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fun? stores open at midnight. john cuoco, 7 news. >> adam: also on 7 a wrong way crash in plainville ends in the deaths of a young man. police say it happened when the driver smashed into another car. kimberly bookman live in foxboro with the latest. >> reporter: the when police were called out to the scene they found the driver already dead. the medical examiner came out. so did accident reconstruction crews out here. by all accounts that was an lu >> 495 south. >> reporter: it began as a call to police. someone is going the wrong way down 495. when troopers arrived they found the driver had crashed into an oncoming car and died. >> it's terrible as anything i can imagine because it's, it should be avoidable. >> reporter: this connecticut man is making his way through the heavily travelled massachusetts roadways this holiday. like so many others he is trying to understand how this could have happened when the interstates and
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problems sees the right way and the wrong way to go. but it's not an uncommon problem which surprises me. >> reporter: in this situation, troopers say the 22-year-old driver from norton was going north in the southbound lane. he crashed in plainville between exits 13 and 14. where he got on the interstate and what caused him to do so is still under investigation. what is clear is that the impact was so severe it killed the driver and seriously injured the 21-year-old barnstable woman he hit. >> tragic. i feel bad for their families and wish them well. >> reporter: it's sad. it effects everyone, the community, everybody is thinking about it. you know. it's tough. >> reporter: the victim in this case was taken to rhode island hospital. she understand she has serious injuries. kimberly bookman,. news. >> adam: also a driver on a crash course in weymouth smashing into a home. this happen around 4:30 this morning on pleasant street.
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slamming into the house. no word what caused the crash. a house going up in flames in salem, new hampshire. the fire started this morning opinion the home owner was sent to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. cause of that is also under investigation. >> for my kids to see that everybody is still thinking of us so you know after this time and honoring my husband in a special way. >> jadiann: for one f of remembrance. fallen state trooper thomas clardy was honored at a high school game at his town of hurdson. more on the tribute. >> reporter: marlboro against hudson, all the fixings for a thanksgiving day matchup. the 113th for these two teams. but before the game -- >> right or left. >> reporter: everyone here paused and remembered fallen
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was from the town. he raised six children here. this morning the teamings honored his family. >> very honored to be here today. beautiful tribute for my husband. for my family. >> that's going to be the heads. that's going to be the tails. >> reporter: clardy's oldest son held his little brother, noah, he did the ceremonial coin to us. >> great for my kids to see that everybody is still thinking of us so you know after this time and honoring my husband in a special w dejesus it's hard to talk about. >> it's still rough. you know, it's still something struggling -- >> reporter: he was at the scene that day back in march after another driver hit trooper clardy in his cruiser. he served in the marines with clardy and can't say enough about him. >> he has a way with him. it tells you something when
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arrest and they come out to the barracks to pay their respect. >> this is what we do. we'll do it, we'll take care of our own. >> reporter: risa says her husband loved thanksgiving, never missed it and for a moment before the game she thought he is here for this one, too. >> that was snowing, that was a sunshine that he was maybe looking down wishing that obviously he was here to see the support from everybody. >> reporter: jennifer egan, 7 >> adam: boston mayor walsh giving things lending a hand by visiting people in our area. the mayor started the day by carving a turkey at st. francis house. he was joined by police station commissioner bill evans and together they joined more than 200 volunteers in feeding the homeless. the mayor also hearing from residents about some of their concerns. >> it can give us a little inspiration by him being here, in his presence should uplift our spirits it's not
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blind. big thing. >> adam: more than 2,000 dinners were prepared for people and for some it was their first thanksgiving meal. >> jadiann: on a holiday centered around food there is a healthier way to celebrate thanksgiving. hundreds of runners laced up sneakers to run that turkey trot in framingham. people, the police department posted this video of the event on their account. today marked the 22nd year of this holiday tradition. great way to burn off the them. >> adam: then go on another run? >> jadiann: take a nap. coming up here on 7 news historic discovery just in time for thanksgiving. >> lots of years and a lot of hard work to actually find even a small section of this that was' intact. >> adam: archaeologists may have' unearthed the home of the original pilgrims. we'll show you more and tell
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>> subby turkey. >> my mom makes mac and cheese. >> turkey. >> number two, the braid rolls. >> stuffing, gravy and cranberry, mix it all together and eat it as one big goulash.
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the patriots shared memories of high school football games on thanksgiving and said they're thankful for family time tied. yulian edelman making a touchdown with this pick. he wished everyone a happy thanksgiving. >> jadiann: a lot of people enjoying time with their families. the pilgrims landed in plymouth in 1620 but it was never known where they settled. >> adam: researchers found the exact spot the pilgrims lived after landing. >> reporter: a huge and timely thanksgiving discovery. >> we're very excited to announce this news. >> reporter: archeologists say they know where the pilgrims originally settled when they arrived in plymouth on the may flower. >> we spent time over the fall trying to work through the data that we collect and
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settlements still preserved under downtown plymouth reference the group has spent the past four summers digging in the historic town. they found ceramics, stained soil and parts of buildings foundations. >> when we found was post holes left from the actual construction of part of a wall of a building and a -- >> reporter: the key to the findings though the discovery of bones. >> what thing that is interestingbo is in the historical context of the colony cattle became important to the economic and agriculture economy for the colony. >> reporter: until now it was difficult to pinpoint exactly where the first pilgrims settled and centuries of construction and development made it even more challenging. archaeologists found objects in be a old cemetery. >> there was a general historical consensus of the
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but no one put it on the ground in this specific sense. >> reporter: historians say it will change what they understand about the way pilgrims lived. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> adam: fascinating. we're at the center of so much history. and it just keeps getting more involve and detailed. >> jadiann: have you had any turkey today. >> adam: i'm sitting next to one, that's as close as i've g the potato state, if you put us together we can make a full meal. snow stays at the ski resort and drizzle on the way for the rest of us. >> reporter: next in 7 sports a leftover portion, dessert portion of the football fiest with some more high school football highlights and the latest on tom braid hoe didn't practice or if they practiced today he would not according to their report. we'll explain next in 7
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>> reporter: unsettled weekend ahead of you, what we're seeing what we get at least through the next 24 hours, if not the next 48 hours. travel conditions though not bad. especially as temperatures warm across southern new england. we're talking more wet than white as far as the weather goes.
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a catch. could be beneficial rainfall as we wrap up the month of november and kick off december. so here is a look at new england. really throughout this hour we're seeing that snow staying in the ski resorts and the berkshires picking up a little bit of snow. this is light snowland light rain working through the area. a lot of moisture is available and we'll see patchy fog forming into this evening and overnight hours. if you take a look at northern worcester county, are seeing flakes and sleet pellets mixing in with the rainfall, but if you take a look at the temperature, 38 fitchburg we're above freezing. so as far as any icy spots to form overnight, i think your best chance will be well northwest of 495 in the higher terrain of worcester county and into southern new england. jaffrey sitting at 34. overnight tonight not really expecting those temperatures to drop to freezing.
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fog will be with you, mid 40s to low 30s and the clouds stick with us tomorrow as well. so it's a damp and dreary day ahead of you, if you are headed out black friday deals you'll need the hood or perhaps umbrella but temperatures getting closer to average for this time of year. mid who's to even low 50s that could be in store for you, as temperatures warm and we work through the timeline you will notice that the snowfall and rain/snow line is going to retreat far into central and northern new england and we're just left with the little green blobs. that would indicate late rain showers and some drizzle that stick around on again and off again throughout the day tomorrow. possibly again on saturday as well. but this is not a lot of moisture that is in the atmosphere that we can take advantage of so it's not a lot of rain on the way. .1 of an inch to a quarter of an inch wide spread is what we can counseled on. maybe better news for the
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especially the farther north you get. a possibility of 3-5 inches. travel across country tongs i think things mostly quiet for us with the exception of the pacific northwest. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. i mention the temperatures getting a before the but it comes along with wet weather and it could be beneficial rainfall on the way for us. we'll cross our fingers for that. stay tuned. >> 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> reporter: football and thanksgiving go hand in hand. even for the patriots who are pressing pause on their preparations for the jets. to enjoy some found family and hopefully heal up in sometime for sunday's kickoff at the meadowlands. whatever happened in foxboro today tom brady was not part of it. he missed a second straight practice with a knee injury. bennett also not practicing. he has an ankle injury. still too early to panic
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bill belichick loves so much he confuses its name with the sport that has become synonymous with it. >> football is a great holiday. familiar licious friends, good -- family, friend, great found football. >> be thankful for everything. enjoy good food. >> my favorite side dish my mom's stuffing is awesome. i can't wait. >> it's awesome. i can't -- i have >> that trip to phan is real. if you eat too much turkey you are sleeping all night and all night. >> not going to get any better than that. one of the all-time greats. hope everyone has a good holiday. see you friday. >> reporter: lions and viking tied. bradford wishes he had that back. he it picked off setting up
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lions rock 16 had ever 13 the final. prodoes it for show but on the high school grid iron it's all about ride. seniors strapping it up one last time and everybody who is not looking ahead to a superbowl laying everything they have on the line to end their season on top. we start in division 1 a.reading taking on stoneham. russel stepping in front of this pass taking it the other way. 60 yards on the pick. spartans run over the rockets as reading sets bowl. swampscott looking to cast the spell on marblehead but they had no answers for the magician running game. with 10, .3 of a sect before the half sam lowers the boom for another marblehead touchdown. latin academy and brighton finishing a game shy of the d.4 super bowl. 32 seconds to play, nate goes for it all.
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bengals win a wild one 28-20 over the dragons. chara staying home for the holidays while the bruins spent thanksgiving out in ottawa, big z.out with the lower body injury but the bruins could get kevin miller back on the blue line. he is a game time decision and pasternak is ready to return from the three-game absence. with big z.sidelined his partner will be without his 6' 9" security blanket. the 20-year-old has been everything the b.'s hoped for. time. now he is ready to take on more responsibility with his captain down for the count. >> i think a lot of guys are looking at it as an opportunity for themselves to show what they can do in the games and handle more minutes, things like that. so like i said, definitely just recognize that he is out but swell just step up in the areas where we can contribute in our game to help win.
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sports department. have a safe and happy thanksgiving. >> jadiann: same to you, joe. >> adam: 7 news at 6:00 will be right back. ? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food.
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and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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>> adam: turkey, stuffing, mashed poet eight orbs, there? the average american -- i know, i'm sorry, average american said to consume more than 4400 calories and 229 grams of fat. that doesn't include appetizers, and drinks. >> jadiann: drinks are the best part. can i say that on tv? >> adam: of course. >> jadiann: tea, water and juice. >> adam: it has been a pleasure spending time with
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enjoying time with your
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve.
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tonight, working holiday. donald trump tweeting about a campaign promise, as new details and questions emerge about how often he's receiving intelligence briefings. giving thanks. the celebrations and traditions at home and abroad, as retailers work shoppers off the computer and into their stores. fatal encounter. a teenager killed. a 62-year-old man charged with murder. what the suspect allegedly said that has the fbi looking into whether this was a hate crime. and virtual house call. the hi-tech health care trend that's spreading. telemedicine, even if your doctor isn't that far away. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news


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