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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news this morning, fidel castro has pass away. need backup practice, but with tom brady play tomorrow, the injury that could keep him off the field. help as she waits for a kidney transplant. why she has been so afraid to share her story before now. good morning to you, and thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm nancy chen, we have those stories and much more straight ahead on today in new england. let's go to rob eicher for a check on the forecast. rob, how is everything out there. >> reporter: things will improve tomorrow, but today is a
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i was driving and i could bearly see down the end the block. worcester above the fog looking around. and do have a dense fog advisory for most of the area for the morning until 8:00. do think we will see a little bit of improvement by 8:00, or 9:00, but it could be more like lunchtime before it gets better. not a whole lot of rain at the moment but off to the south there's showers, we will be watching those for today, skim prompt for tomorrow. we will talk more about that coming up in a few breaking news this morning, former cuban president fiddle castro has passed away at the age of 90. his the president, his brother, made announcement. he led the island nation for more than half a century. a live look in miami, hundreds of people spilling into the streets in celebration. they have been there for hours. this news has been out for about five hours at this point and
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point. some waiving cuban flags, and others banging pots and pans. the revolutionary is known for defying u.s. president and building a communist state just 90 miles from the shore of the united states. [applause] >> reporter: for more than four decades fid el castro was antiamericannism he delied in being a constant thorn on the side of u.s. presidents. the fid el castro's revolution was born in the mountains of cuba. he swept into havana in 1945. >> havana and the people surrounded him, and prodded him. fid el our liberator.
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proclaimed his parkists believes and forged a close alliance with the soviet union that would endure during the cold war. castro personally led the resistence and the american invasion failed miserably, a major embarrassment for president kennedy. they orchestrated the greatest mu clear crisis the after a tense standoff, the soviets relented pulling their missiles from cuba. during the '70s, and '80s, he used his financial support, but his conditions worsened at home. thousands began fleeing the island, risking their lives the 90-mile trip to the u.s.
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to court the hated capitalist asking businesses to invest their western currency in cuba. as time passed, castro began to shot effect of age. he broke his knee and arm in the stumble in 2004. two years later he underwent intestinal surgery. as his health declined, he turned over power to his brother raul. with castro's death, cuba faces awn certain future. >>an will see in -- better view you will see in one station. witnesses say the car hit a woman throwing her 15 feet. that woman is expected to be okay, and 7 alex de prado has the story. >> reporter: behind the wheel of this car, charles joyce, didn't see the woman walking across route 9 in framingham, carrying bags from the nearby
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in front of my car. that was the first i knew of the accident. >> reporter: the woman who was not in a crosswalk was thrown about 15 feet. joys stopped, and feared the worst. >> i stopped and all of the police and everybody came. i hung around. i was quite relieved when i saw she was moving because i thought i had killed her. i really thought had i killed her. >> reporter: the woman was rushed to u mass worcester with serious injuries. those who it's the second crash this year near the intersection of prospect street. >> i don't know what makes this dame rusdangerous than the rest. >> reporter: the woman in this crash is expected to survive. joys is thankful it wasn't worse. >> all of a sudden she on my car. >> reporter: alex de prado, 7 news. a driver under arrest, after a cruise crashed, regional
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rear-ended the cruiser. the trooper had back and neck injuries but otherwise is in good condition. he is expected to be return to work in a few days. he was arrested and charged with operating under the influence. after pleading not guilty he was being held on $5,000 bail, and due back in court next month. the suspect in a newton robbery surrendered to police. matthew skinner turned himself in. the newton man is charged in harmed robbery, the surveillance video showed skinner robbing a gas station, last week he was held on $5,000 bail. he is due back in court in january. and saint anthony shrine in austin asking for your help identifying this man right here. he broke in and stole from the shrine early yesterday. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. president-elect donald trump making major progress in his
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members of his white house team. at the same time he is working to keep jobs from leaving the country and 7's kim casey reports. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump administration coming into clearer focus naming two staff picks, that don't require senate confirmation. anddon mcgann has white house counsel. 65-year-old mcfarland is trump's third female appointment holding nixon, ford and reagan administration. in 2006 she unsuccessfully ran for senate, trying to unseat hillary clinton. now she is a fox news analyst. she is known for hard line news, and criticism of president obama. and mcgann he is an attorney for the trump campaign, and served five years with the federal election commission. where he was instrumental in loosening on the.
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around a position yet to be filled, secretary of state. trump world divided between loyalist, rudy giuliani, and former antagonist mitt romney. >> what is unusual it's become such a public split. it wouldn't surprise me if a third name emerges. >> reporter: as the team building continues, president-elect trump is trying to keep good on a campaign promise to keep working jobs in the u.s. mike pence serving negotiator aiming to prevent carrier air-condition with his current plans to move a plant to the mexico. they -- president-elect trump has more scheduled enter rouse on monday insiinterviews onmond. pats breathing a sigh of relief after brady missed two
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concern brady may not be healthy enough to take the jets on sunday. here is an update. >> reporter: tom brady back on the practice field today after missing the last two workouts. he is officially listed as questionable for sunday, but he is keeping the facts about his knee injury a mystery. >> i don't want to get into it, much you know, so it's just a -- you know bumps and bruises like everybody else, it was a tough time of year. a lot of guys have been going for a long time a lot longer >> dangerous play. we have seen a lost quarterbacks hurt in that exact situation. >> reporter: many think it was this hit from cam, that has brady on the injury report for the first time this season, but he looked just fine last week in san francisco. the pressure, trying to escape, going to the end zone, touch down. >> reporter: and should be readily to go for the jets even with only one walk through under his belt. >> i feel like i got a lot of football stored up, not that
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prefer practicing, but if you can't practice, then you can't practice. >> reporter: ron gronkowski, also at practice limits with the chest injury for a third state day. he is listed as questionable. >> i'm happy. >> ankle okay? >> yeah, it's good. >> got both of them reporting at gillette stadium chelsea mcdonald sports. a car crashes pole, who police say was behind the wheel. got a great start to the weekend and a lot more rain in the extended forecast. we will talk about that coming up. we're following breaking news, a long time super leader fidel castro has passed away at the age of 90. his brother making that announcement overnight.
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6:13, welcome back. it's the macy's christmas tree officially lit up yesterday. and the markel bennett as hip-hop legend, e fresh. i think jojo was out there. it started the season be everybody has been shopping. some people have gotten their shopping list done. actually. i want to know did freshy beep bop.
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weekend. a soaking rain, and in the meantime fog is the word. visibility is less than a mile, plymouth, norwood. you get the idea, many, many areas dealing with dense fog. should improve a little bit between 8:00 and 9:00. by no means, does it mean it will clear out and be beautiful by 9:00. most of the day will be cloudy and dreary and kind of gray and on we're above freezing everywhere, but some spots barely the 39 in boston, 43 in plymouth. 37 in beverly and not a whole lot of rain on the radar, a lot of clouds and mist but that is about it at the moment. we got two small batches of rain coming at us from two different directions, fist coming from the south and this will kind of clip the south coast, the cape and the islands on and off throughout the day. second batch of rain coming from the west from new york and pennsylvania.
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western massachusetts and southern vermont. in between cloudy day, two batches of rain throughout the day. the best chance of rain overall be will in southeastern massachusetts. that is an area that could get a quarter of an inch, maybe half an inch total, most of the rest of us kind of cloudy, dreary the rest of the day. chance for rain comes ends overnight tonight and the cloud break out for tomorrow. a little bit of a breeze and that will keep our temperatures down. mid-40s for be about average this time of year. so just a little cooler than average, both today and for tomorrow. clear, and dry on monday, and then more significant storm system arrives here on tuesday night into wednesday, and this will be the fist of a couple of storm systems headed their way, kind of back-to-back, so it's not going to rain non-stop for three solid days. we will are going to get periods of rain, on and off into thursday, in between the two fronts here, it will be a brief
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wednesday kind of tricky. if we get into that warm pocket, we could easily be in the 60s on wednesday, if not with the clouds and the rain, we're kind of stuck in the 40s. i do think we will at least briefly break out, and maybe get at least to the 50s if not a little bit warmer for wednesday. on and off periods of rain, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and could be two inches, not out of the question. along with that gusty winds, beyond that, clearing out on friday. temperature wise back to normal for friday afternoon. handy, thank you, rob. coming up on today in new england. a surprise in the stand cape cod. a woman finds a bracelet belonging to a fallen soldier. we got i the secret behind a delicious pizza that is easy to make. stick around for what is cooking. and former president fidel castro has died at the age of 90. his brother make that announcement on television.
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve.
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discovered on the cape and now back at its rightful place. it's a bracelet of a fallen soldier in oregon. a local found it, and took it
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miles away. >> they call it the honor room. a place of the pell um home. filled with priceless memento. >> that was a gift to us from an artist in philadelphia. >> john served while serving in afghanistan if 2014. >> we officially afforded john of the gift that keeps giving. >> every once in a while, even now of one of john's friends reached tout to the bell lums. >> from all over the world. people say >> a woman named liz was walking on the beach and spotted a bracelet along the shore. >> i picked it up, and looked at it and it has a name engraved. i wiped off some the sand, and all of a sudden i notice a kia on the corner of it and i got a tear on my eye. >> reporter: bracelets of these are given to a specialist john apelum. >> this is closet to a message
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it was john sending a message hey, come find me. >> when business liz called, and started explaining what had happened, it didn't surprise me at her reaction, because i feel that often that you know, and i affectionately look out, and go, now you are just showing off. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving, they are grateful of another story of their late son. and another month then toe to add to their honor room. made. they still don't know who it belonged to, and how it ended up on the cape. tim caputo. on today in new england. a little boy in florida calls in to thank police officers. and former president fidel castro has died. he was 90 years old. make sure to stay with 7 as we
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if you're getting sick of thanksgiving left overs we go for a pizza. and we have a recipe for for pizza, and it's what is cooking. >> reporter: on boston busy atlantic avenue. is the busy tray. the bones of the building date to 1997.
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tummies that filling the book shelves. >> it's a great idea. >> reporter: they are celebrating 5 years here, and the signature flat breads are the talk the town. >> our flat breads are huge. >> reporter: including their fork and fennel so let's get cooking. >> first thing you do you got to get the dough. >> we make our own dough here. >> reporter: while it's at room temp, spread it out like >> not too thick, and we have a fennell puree. put a half a cup on there. and it has rick cot a cheese. we put pork sausage. after we have that set, it's a pickled mustard. >> reporter: i have never seen anything that looks like this. >> it's pretty fun, it has a lot of acidity and gives like a pop and a lot of texture.
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hot oven and 10-12 minutes later. >> all right. that is delicious. >> reporter: let it cool slightly. >> after it's all done, add a drizzle, extra virgin olive oil. >> reporter: it smells so good. and add cheese. >> but fresh leaves, and kind of all over the place. >> reporter: and top it off with fresh parsley leaves. >> delicious. >> reporter: all right, corey, this looks pizza like this before, i'm going to dig right in. cheers, hum! that's amazing. with all the different places, jut infused together great job n thank you. >> reporter: a flat bread for any occasion. that is what's cooking. i'm sarah french, 7 news. up next a busy friday at the garden. all the highlights from the celtics and the bruins game ahead. >> reporter: a great start to
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the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. taking a stand, protesters in boston speaking out about the
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breaking news this morning, former cuban president fidel
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an old neighborhood losing power after a teen crashes into a pole. a desperate search for a kidney woman. why a local woman is opening up about her medical condition. 6:30 on this saturday morning. i'm nancy chen. we have a lot of news to get to. first we will turn thing over to rob eicher, a foggy start. >> off to a foggy start. at this point it's turkey and wine left overs. it's the visibility, and most of the surrounding area. i do think we will see improvement between 8:00 and 9:00. don't expect the sun to suddenly break out. dense fog advisory up until 8:00, for most of the sea coast new hampshire. by no means is that the only area dealing with dense fog this morning, different areas have different standards for when the advisory is issued. either way, be warned. it's thick out there in some spots. not a whole lot of rain on the
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rain that will clip the south coast, the cape and the island, and another batch out west that will impact, western massachusetts and southern vermont. a couple of isolated shower here and there today, but cloudy sums up most of the day. 39 currently should get up to the mid-40s at best today. mostly cloudy skies tonight meaning the chance for rain comes to an end and there might be breaks in the cloud cover, more clearing for tomorrow, we will have the rest of the weekend and the seven-day forecast coming up. all and back to the breaking news, former cuban president fidel castro has died overnight. that announcement made by his brother. the nation of cuba will spend nine days in mourning holding several memorials, and he will then be buried on december 4th in did he santiago cuba. he was ruling for 49 years. in the announcement is
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thousands of cuban americans in miami were on the streets there and now this have been out there for hours at this point. make sure you stay with 7 as we follow the story all morning long. on 7:00, a wild wreck knocks out power leaving behind a trail of damage in norwood. police say a teen driver lost control, slammed into a power poll and slammed into some other cars. 7's b went on a crash course in a local neighborhood, slamming into cars, and knocking down a utility poll. >> she hit the telephone pole there, came up look like up on the curve, hit my car on the inside, spun it around, it landed in the driveway over here. >> reporter: it happened just after 2:30 on friday in norwood. you can see where the second car was hit and the utility pole was
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no one was hurt, but neighbors say the young driver was startled. >> she was shaken up when she got out of car. i think she maybe panicked. >> reporter: police are still investigating what caused the toon driver to lose control. the whole neighborhood lost power. some homes were without four toify hours? this whole street was out. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 after police find children living in squaller. 27-year-old was arrested and charged with child endangerment, after police found her two young children living in unsafe conditions. she argued that she was doing her best and her husband was to blame for the mess. >> her husband 28-year-old james was arrested after police were called to their home and found their children covered in filth and feces, the children were removed from the home and placed in the care of the grandparents.
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court in late december. local pipeline protesters blocking the entrance of the td bank, and down crossing. they blame that the bank for the primary lending for the dakota pipeline stop funding the effort. one of them chained herself to the entrance of the main entrance of that bank. police took her into custody. a jailbreak in california like something out of a hollywood real. there's a massive hunt to track down two escaped inmates. here is adam williams. >> reporter: the massive manhunt is growing more desperate. >> they're attempting an attempted escape. >> reporter: four inmates cutting their way through steel cars, squeezing through a small window, and propelling, using bed sheets to go to freedom.
6:35 am
two slipped into the night. >> the way the bars were cut. >> reporter: facing a lottery list of serious charges, rogelio have been on the run for two days, they escaped for the oldest section of the santa clara county jail, where there's no cameras. with tactical teams ready to deploy, the sheriff says the two fugitives are dangerous, desperate and now could be armed. sources from that jail said that it's possible the help getting away. adam williams. 7 news today in new england. an employee fighting back to stop a robber. minnesota police are looking for a suspect of you can see the robber sneaking into a popeye's restaurant. the employee runs back before the employee runs away. they found the clothing and sent it on a lab for dna testing. it revealed students and administrators complained about
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operating his bus. walker would stop the bus to make students moving from their seats. and another pleading we need seatbelts. police have charged walker with vehicular homicide after he drove off of the the ding a knitted car route, and crashed on a crash that killed six children. a missing california woman found alive three weeks after she was abducted. she was found shackled at the side of a the mother went to a jog earlier this month but never returned. she was found 150 miles away from where she was abducted. her family thankful to have her home safe. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> so far police have not said what she has told them. the state of wisconsin ready to recount.
6:37 am
need for an official recount of the presidential election. they say it's to ensure the integrity of elections. >> what we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. we are not doing this to the benefit of 1 candidate over the other. we are doing this for the benefit of american public so that we can trust that our votes with counted. >> the party plans to d thing -- do the same thing in pennsylvania, and michigan. 7 news turning into an unexpected invite to police that started a potential emergency. dispatcher in florida receiving a call from a young boy on thanksgiving. but the dispatchers learned that the voice wanted to share some love and some turkey. tim caputo. has the story. >> reporter: what is your emergency. >> reporter: it wasn't the typical 911 call, and not the typical emergency.
6:38 am
dilemma. he wanted somebody to play with. >> he came and invite us to see him and have thanksgiving dinner with him. all of us that weren't busy headed over there twos two deputies went to his home. they let him sit in the car, and play the sirens. >> he kept calling for his little brother. >> reporter: billy grow up to be a police officer. they gave billy a badge and happily posted pictures with him. he was very happy to have that on. when his mother went to take a picture of all three of us in front of patrol car. we did the stands first. they normally deal with people on their worst days, and this was a welcome change. and billy wasn't the only one who walked away with a hulk size smile. >> it made our day, that was the first we told them about.
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department, braced their encounter, but wrote to people that 911 is for emergencies only. while we do not encourage the use of 911 we are honored at the theinvitation. a look at the damage left behind by a deadly tropical storm. meanwhile we are tacking the chance for rain. we're talking about how much we're going to get. we're following breaking news, long fidel castro dead at the age of 90. his brother making that announcement overnight.
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hurricane oto causing major fatality in costa rica. the powerful wind and rain blowing through this nation, flooding neighborhoods leaving behind significant amounts of mud. the storm blew off the caribbean hitting central america and fading into the eastern pacific where it still continues to go at this hour. but here at home, meantime, a live look outside on the streets of natick. very foggy start to the day. rob, you're saying at this point, it's a dense fog advisory? >> reporter: yes, dense fog advisory, plenty of things to talk about. oto one of the rare cases that
6:43 am
became a storm and started and keeps going in the pacific. it will stay away from land from now on. it will keep going in the pacific for a couple days. it keeps its name. oto on the atlantic will still be oto on the pacific side. meantime we have a chance for rain today. it will be a hit or miss, and dry and then the rain chance jumps up as we head into tuesday, and wednesday, and thursday, we do have a dense fog by no means is new hampshire the only area that is dealing with dense fog. it's thick across massachusetts as well. had a dense fog advisory was extended until 9:00. do think we will see improvement between 8:00, and 9:00. by no means, does it mean that the sun breaks out at 9:00, and the it's going to be beautiful. it's going to be gray most of the day. the visibility less than a mile. there will be spots where you can't see the end of the block.
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especially for the next couple of hours. we're talking rain for the most part today. right now, not picking up anything on the radar, but just to our south, there's a batch and that is going to clip the south coast, the cape, the islands and the south shore. and just after the west, another batch that will roll into the berkshires and some of the higher elevations of the berkshires, that is where we could get a little bit of but two batches of rain coming at us from two different directions today. the best chance of rain overall will be eastern massachusetts, mainly southeastern massachusetts, and that is going to continue off and on throughout the day. we got rain to the south and east of boston. rain to the north and west of boston, in between kind of a gray, dreary day. clearing out for tomorrow and the wind starts to pick up a little. you will notice a little bit of
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temperature wise, 40s tomorrow, which is close to average but with the wind we might see a little bit on the cool side. not a whole lot of rain expected today. the best chance for rain will be in the cape and the islands. those the areas that could get a few .10, maybe a half an inch not out of the question. the rest of us, an inch or two. and on tuesday evening the chance for rain picks up and continues through wednesday and thursday, add it all up, 1 inch is two inches not out of the question. this could be a really good soaking rain, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and along with that gusty winds. we will clear out and cool off a bit as we head into friday. and now to say serial you will see in one station. a massachusetts woman fighting for her life in desperate need of a kidney transplant. she was initially afraid to ask because of her faith, but then
6:46 am
alive by something. >> reporter: she has dialysis two times i a week, and takes dozens of pills early. the autoimmune disease has attacked her kidney and she desperately needs a transplant, but she is concerned that her muslim faith may prevent people from wanting to help. >> if people didn't know that part of me. they wouldn't think twice. this is kidney. and the ones that put back that piece of information that she is muslim, i do not know how each person is going to react. >> reporter: her co-workers made a recent appeal, but were fearful that broader out reach could end up harming dania. >> in the days, i heard numerous reports of muslims being told to get of the country and the last
6:47 am
inadvertently, make dania a potential target. >> reporter: but with dialysis. >> dania is hoping love will conquer hate. >> there will be people out there that might say, hey, she is muslim, and i don't want to get tested for her, because she is muslim, but at the same time, i have faith that there are good people out there that wouldn't think like that. >> reporter: her life depends on it. >> just got married a few years ago, and i feel like i'm >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news today in new england. still ahead a close game on the corporate of celtics. all the big moments in the matchup against the spurs ahead in 7 sports. if you missed out on black friday deals, not all hope is lost. we will tell you what cyber's monday deals to watch out for. breaking news out of cube a
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90. cuba will spend 7 days in
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good morning, after missing two days of practice with a knee injury. tom brady was back on the field yesterday making all but a certainty the offensive player of the week will be good to go sunday against the jets. >> i always prefer practicing, but if you can't practice, and you can't practice, like i said, you do the best you can do, and when you get out there, you do the best. everybody is dealing with bumps and bruises. it's part of football. i'm not not only one dealing with them. there's a lot of guys dealing with a lot of them and certainly in our locker room. it's part of this game. >> no thanksgiving hang over for the seas especially, for james crowder, helping the celtics to n out to a 10-point lead. the spurs would cut that deficit at 2 at the half. and 25 points, off a nice slip,
6:52 am
lead in the 4th, off to the pick and role. and who takes it strong to the basket for the two-handed dunk. biffing giving the celtics a 1 point lead. up by 3 with under a minute left. patty mills, has a wide open to seal the deal. spurs win it 105-103. the bruins hosting calgary in the night cap, down 1-0 in the third. the bruins fight back. and the doorstep, and knocks on the rebound. ties it up at 1, but this one minute and 10 seconds later, alex, and beats antoine who dove in the former bu tearier, putting the games up, that's the final score, they drop the third straight. and bill little owe check confirmed on friday. both sebastian, and tray won't play this season. i'm chelsea mcdonald. have a great day inside the
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mannequin challenge. a live look outside, should you pack an umbrella today? we have another check of our
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divorce rates in the united states plunging to a 35 year low, that is according to the new research from the national
6:56 am
a few factors could include aging of the u.s. population changing gender roles, or those who choose to live with their partner without tying the knot. utah has the highest marriage rate, but has a higher divorce rate than in 40% of states. if you're looking to book your next vacation get away, wait until monday. slow summer travels, expected to be cheaper than usual. here is a way to lighten the mood. a group of workers at the target at jersey city, celebrating the end of one of their biggest shifts of the year, with, you guessed it, the mannequin challenge a way to let off some steam. >> did you get a chance to do some shopping. >> reporter: no, i avoided
6:57 am
if you want -- like the plague, in western mass it should be okay, just kind of gray, much better sunshine for us tomorrow. rain likely, tuesday, wednesday ask thursday. thank you, rob. that going to do it for us. the "today" show is next. we will be back with more local news and weather at 8:00.
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good morning. breaking overnight. the death of fidel castro. the long time cuban dictator dead at the age of 90. his brother raul making the late night announcement on cuban >> as celebrations spillut into the streets of miami's little havana. castro's half century reign forced thousands to flee for their lives and brought the u.s. and cuba back to war in the '60s. he presided over 11 presidents in power. now the u.s. and cuba are enjoying better relations, what


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