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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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tedhealthcare. this morning on "today's take" -- "gilmore girls" and guys gather around. lauren graham is our celebrity co-host. then, could she be the next adele? she'll blow your mind. plus "rolling stone" reveals the number one album of the year coming up >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to a tuesday morning, little on the damp side here in new york city. november 29th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron. our special guest co-host, actress, writer, producer, gilmore girl lauren graham. this is so exciting! >> so exciting for me, too. >> can i fan girl over everything about you right now.
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>> you look fantastic and you smell good, too, which you at home might not know. >> she smells like cookies. >> that's really true. the fandom over "gilmore girls." the return. were you prepared for it? >> no. it is still very surprising. it is my honor to be in this show again and i just am so relieved that people largely seem to be pleased with the reboot as opposed to hideously >> that's right. the reaction's been terrific. it is four parts, kind of like a year. it's all four seasons. which is so exciting. we got a clip of your character chatting with her daughter, rory, when she moves back home. >> you remember to label my boxes because i know where nothing is. my boots, my coats, my underwear. >> you have no idea where your underwear is? >> could be at lane's. >> you've been without your underwear since you moved?
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>> i'm looking for my lucky outfit. >> i told you, low-key obsessed with lorelei. lot of people have named their child rory over the years. >> the quick clip of the dialogue which is perfect because you've got a second book out today which is called collection of essays. in the show you talk like a mile a minute. >> that's what the show is known for. it is always something i loved about it. i'm sort of a fast talker myself. so the book is a collection of essays, including one about kind of what it was like to do the show the first time, then sort of a diary behind the scenes of the latest show. i just thought what an odd thing to get to do in a career. you know. >> did you keep a journal knowing that you would want to reveal things? >> the second time i did because
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blur. there were so many episodes over so many years. when i tried to write about it i was like, the year where my hair looked weird? so i really kept a little more of a diary this time, also because it was such a special time and i was having such big moments all the time so i tried to keep track of them. >> which is kind of cool. not only did people respond to it but a lot of celebrities as well. reese witherspoon -- >> i just found this out. >> you are not on social media. >> i'm on it but el it wasn't hard to find all of these celebrities who had reaction to the show. >> wow. >> we've got the reese witherspoon with cheryl strade who wrote the book "wild." reese tweeted her love as well about this. >> my character goes on a big journey that has to do with "wild" and kind of separates the book and the movie which is a funny pop culture there.
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what could be more hilarious? >> are you a camper? >> my boyfriend's very outdoorsy so i've learned. in fact, one of the essays in the book is called "before my rei card" talking about whether i was single and some of the changes that happened in being with an outdoorsy person. >> what's the number one thing that changed being with an outdoorsy person? >> i have fleeces now. an assortment of fleeces. i have a puffy vest. of shoes for specific kinds of hivg i hiking. it was encapsulated of having this. are rei card. >> it's outdoor stuff. >> i've been camping. >> you did the bear grylls thing! you did it on the highest level. >> you only time you would get
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christian louboutin made a hiking boot. mae whitman your daughter from "parent hood" viewing the show. >> mae also has a small cameo in the show. basically if you were any of my loved ones i wanted you in the show and i put as many people as i possibly could. she never watched the show before and now has watched the whole thing. it's very gratifying. >> that's so cool. jason ritter, theth "parenthood" co-star, tweeting so funny, moving, and all-around wolf. >> aw. >> it's streaming on netflix. we're not going to say the four words that end the show which is kind of word because it is bingeing. you can watch the whole thing so you have to be careful about what you say. but it is kind of a cliffhanger. there will be any more? >> it is so funny because we spent all these years being asked if there was going to be a movie or if we were going to revisit the show. we thought, all right, we finally put that to rest and now
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i think on one hand we feel very proud of what we did and like it answered a lot of questions. on the other hand, it was such a joy for us all to do it and people -- some people seemed to be asking for more, so we'll see. >> it is like probably when you have a baby, then people say when is the next baby? like what's the next thing? but that's a good thing. well, in tv case. "rolling stone" is out with the top album of the year. right? this is their l they've come out with the top 50 albums. we don't know what it is but now i know because it is in the teleprompter. top album of the year -- "lemonade." >> that makes sense. >> i guessed that this morning in our reading. yae. never one to rest on her laurels, beyonce is also out with christmas merchandise.
10:07 am slay all day. i came to sleigh. this is beyonce's line? >> no, no, this is serious. >> now you know what you're getting. i'll get the hat. so here's the thing. my daughter, lela, is kind of a foodie. was talking about this stuff when we went shopping this holiday weekend. she wanted to get this stuff called specula. have you had this? it's basically cookie butter. like cookies you get on the delta air lines? >> we going to show it now or going to break? we're teasing. we're going to give it a taste after this. >> this is it. >> i've never heard of it. but it is at trader joe's, i hear. >> yeah. >> there is generic versions of it in other stores. we'll tell you about this. you're going to want this braus it because it is the ? happy holidays from crayola.
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we're back with more of "today's take" and our celebrity co-host, lauren graham. we've got this. lela knew about it. it is call a balanced breakfast made with over 60% gingerbread cookies. go that's right. >> that makes it a balanced break fest. . >> it's like cereal in a jar. >> a lot of waffle places use this instead of -- >> this is the new nutella, as al says. creamy. >> i'm not a big nutalnutella f.
10:12 am
what's the other 40%? >> it is kind of like a spreadable ginger cookie. >> wow. >> is that pretty good? had. >> yeah. >> that's not bad. >> it is popular in belgium? >> folks, you need to change the name. speculoos sounds like some sort of medical device. >> but as a belgium term it is less medical. oh. it's a cookie! >> by the way, here is a little tip. if you have biscopf, squeeze a little lime on it. it tastes like key lime pie. >> no, it doesn't! >> i think that as a crust would be delicious. >> especially when you are making a key lime pie. but if you don't have time,
10:13 am
this morning when i first saw lauren -- you got here about 6:30? >> i don't know. >> what's your normal wake-up time? >> left to my own devices, 8:00 or 9:00 or something. >> tell us with the lime on it if that tastes like key lime pie. >> i don't know how you guys do it. i can't go to sleep as early as you guys need to. >> last night i went to bed after midnight. then my alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. >> how do you do that every day? >> i weekends. i like do not call me before 10:00 a.m. >> you couldn't look more rests. i don't know how -- i'm not cut out for this. >> the "wall street journal" says if you want your best sleep you need to treat sleep like exercise. >> what's that mean? >> how many times do you say, i'm going to bed at 9:30. and you may be in bed at 9:30 but you don't go to sleep for like 10:30 because you are a he reading, answering e-mails, things like that.
10:14 am
procrastination. >> meaning get in the bed and go to sleep. >> if you don't have a partner, a significant other there to hold you accountable, get a friend to act like a sleep cop. >> or the sleep app. these apps tell you, go to bed now. >> i think part of it is getting rid of your phone at bedtime. anything that keeps you connected, even a sleep app, what are the chances you're going to go to something else on your phone? >> i'm telling you, this is pretty good with the lime. >> w pajamas? >> don't wear them. i'm just making that up. >> squeeze lime on them. >> key lime pie in bed. thanksgiving day usually is when all the radio stations stop playing non-stop christmas music. are you a big holiday music person? >> i love holiday music. >> you start playing it now? you do like pandora christmas mix? >> i have a play list.
10:15 am
>> class ics. billboard magazine listed the most downloaded songs in the last 15 years. "rockin' around the christmas tree." >> didn't it get a rebirth in one -- >> "home alone." drifters doing "white christmas." number four, "mistletoe" by justin bieber. >> whose list is this? >> this is "christmas eve" by sara . two do you want to build a snowman. ? >> so cute! >> and number one as long as
10:16 am
"all i want for christmas is you." >> best christmas film? >> "love actually." >> not as good as "diehard." >> that is not a christmas film. >> is that an ongoing fight? >> you get the judge's seat today. you are like judge judy, but lauren. >> i would pick "love actually." >> people on twitter say it is not christmas until hans goober falls off the nakatami tower. >> okay. >> your rem card -- >> rei. rem is the rock group. we can all agree on the weather. and it is not great out there for a lot of folks especially in the east. we've got more wet weather stretching from the gulf coast all the way up into the northeast.
10:17 am
50s in the pacific northwest but as you get into the southeast it is going to stay warm. 70s and 80s. it is warm here in the northeast, too, temperatures in the 80s. as you take a look, we've got enhanced risk of strong storms down through the south. high-surf advisories in the southwest. snow and wind in the plains and plenty of sunshine through the southwest and on into southern california. all right. you tried it. a little lime. >> tastes like key lime pie. you were right. >> al, how do you do it? >> we're finally seeing some drought relief for your tuesday forecast. and temperature-wise, we're going to warm up nicely. we head into the temperatures in the upper 40s. and we don't stop there. as we head into the evening hours, we continue to warm. especially in the mass pike and mid 50s by 8:00 this evening. we fall off into the low 40s
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sh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings if you're thinking about getting lasik eye surgery, you need to consider first. plus, big news when it comes to what age women should stop their mammogram screenings. >> here with our "medical minute," innocenbc contributor natalie aczar. >> so here is the backdrop to this. there has never been a consensus among influential medical groups about when to start mammograms, how frequently they should be
10:22 am
stopped. all groups agree, however, that they are important and that they are life sampbving. the united states preventative services is task force many years ago made the recommendation to stop mammograms at the age ever 74 but a lot of important groups including the american cancer society recommends continuing them for, for example, if the longevity or life expectancy of a woman is greater than ten years. just as an example. to kind of figure out, solve it problem, give us a little more definitive data, a group looked at basically close to mammograms and covered about 3 1/2 million women to see whether or not there was a correlation between age and how well mammograms performed in terms of cancer detection. they basically found out that beyond age 75 up to age 90 there was still cancers that were detected and still utility and usefulness of doing. basically the answer is, if you have women in your lives -- mothers or grandmothers -- over the age of 74, they should
10:23 am
provider and see whether a mammogram is still right for them. >> on a yearly basis still? >> again, there is no recommendation but many groups including the american cancer society would say yearly, yes. >> the lasik surgery. researchers at food and drug administration found many people underwent the drug procedure experienced side effects like double images and glare. i am from the old school that lacers were used to kill people in james bond movies so i won't get one. what does this mean? >> basically, al, the story her time that the study here, the headline, is not whether or not lasik is effective or safe. the studies in fact over the last couple of decades have shown that it is. the headline here is that there has not been until now what's called a validated questionnaire that doctors can actually give to their patients to follow signs and symptoms following lasik surgery. what was great about this study was that in fact they show that the vast majority of people did not have a negative outcome.
10:24 am
experienced new symptoms when they had none to start but none of them impacted their lives. again the take-home is not that there is suddenly these new and concerning symptoms following lasik surgery, but rather, there is a validated questionnaire that all doctors and health care providers can administer to their patients to better follow up outcomes following lasik. it is great because it gives the providers that much more information about the procedure. >> good advice. you're not saying avoid lasik. >> oh, no, no. absolutely not. neither are the study authors. coming up, grab a cup of joe. wait until you see what's brewing in our "coffee talk." this is a first. we've never had "coffee talk" before. lauren, tamron and i answer your questions and nothing it off-limits. >> ? ? i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment.
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we are back with guest co-host lauren graham, one of the stars of "gilmore girls" and the reboot on netflix. if there is one thing they love on that show, it is coffee. >> that's right. our fans have submitted questions we've not seen. whatever comes out of this coffee pot. my darling. you start out. >> the first one is from ray. lauren, did you take something from the "gilmore girls" set? i got asked this so much on the old show that i took something with no meaning to me because i knew it would get asked. i took a pink flamingo made of tin. it was decoration for lorelei. >> okay. >> it means so much to pea.
10:31 am
i'll put that in my sentimental things. >> mr. roker? >> just keep going. >> this is erica from dallas. lauren, what food can you not live without? >> that's a good one. sushi. >> what's your roll? what's your roll dujour? >> i just like really good regular sushi. not a fancy roll person. i like classic. >> okay. here's interesting enough. how many cups of could of fee did you consume on "gilmore >> i don't think it's countable. i actually drink a lot of coffee. it is just one of the crazy connections i have with my character. it's probably not healthy but -- >> how many cups? >> six? >> ooh! six a day? >> is that too many? >> not judging. where's natalie aczar? oh, tamron. what's your biggest phobia? we all know that. it's adult cats.
10:32 am
yes. they are unpredictable and they're scary. >> just like this ornament. >> linda from alabama, if you could change your first name, what would it be? let's see. albert's my first name. >> lancelot. >> i like that. >> you said today, pablo. >> yeah. i would. the director of the new movie "jackie." his name's pablo. >> mr. lorain >> almost sounds like a cologne. >> if you could hop on a plane right now where would you go? >> me? >> where would you go? >> i'd like a hawaiian vacation. this has been a big year and i just would like to lie down -- or the caribbean maybe and just lie down on a beach. >> nice! i like that. come on, you got one more? >> i think we've got to go. one more? okay.
10:33 am
coffee pot. >> all right. this is for you. taylor from new orleans. how many parises of shoes do you own? >> ooh! ooh, a girl doesn't tell. >> do you have a dedicated shoe closet? >> i have four. >> four shoe closets? >> but i'm 46. this is amassed over the years. >> wait. you nef gver get rid of shoes? >> no. if i kept a couple of pair of shoes from each year -- >> i don't even have four closets inhe >> 92 pairs shoes? >> two a year since i was born? clearly i kept more than two. >> somebody's opening up a shoe museum. up next, twin brothers with one mission. find out if these new jersey teens are
10:34 am
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who perform selfless acts every day. today's story comes to us from new jersey where 14-year-old brothers jake and max klein have gone the extra mile to help spread the spirit of joy and giving. >> reporter: it is a huge turnout today at this high school in new jersey as many gather to donate canned foods, turkeys and other items to help the center for hope and safety, a women's shelter foret the holidays. today's drive has been an overlping success raising enough with meals for the holidays. and that success can be attributed to the website ki jake and max klein founded the website and have been instrumental in organizing communities to give every since this were a very young age. >> when they were 4 years old we did letters to santa and the boys took all the money out of their piggy banks and we went
10:39 am
our own community might not be able to afford a praenesent. we went to target, bought all the gifts, then went to the charity who distributed it. >> that was really moving and touching just that somebody needs it more than i do. when they were 6 or 7 they decided that they wanted to have their birthdays become charitable donations and they picked the charity and every year we would send out the birthday invitation that said in lieu of gifts with be this >> reporter: over the years such birthday philanthropy included bulletproof vests for their local police department, laptops for the fire department, and cookies for kids cancer which
10:40 am
then one kitchen denied them because of their age. >> turning us down for our age was like crushing our dreams. that was the start of our website right there. >> the boys decided they wanted to put together a website for kids to find many ways to be charitable. >> reporter: max and jake created >> it launched about three months ago. it is exceeding our expectations right now. >> every month we pick a charity to support and this month the boys came to me with the idea supporting the center for hope and safety, which is a refuge center for women and children affected by domestic violence. >> they were like, mom, we have to do something for these families. like it is just not acceptable. that was it. >> four days ago we posted on our website that we wanted everyone to donate to the food drive. and the turnout was absolutely overwhelming. there's so many donations that came in today. it's really amazing what two kids can do.
10:41 am
raised. we felt that this was a big moment for us and we also felt that we helped the center very much. >> they went above and beyond, galvanized community support, inspiring so many children and families to give. >> reporter: in addition to today's drive, kids that do good has also been involved with initiatives the a the american cancer society, susan g. komen, and local small to support. >> reporter: it is through brothers max and jake that we can truly see the spirit of sharing kindness. >> i think they really embody the idea of share kindness. hopefully it is contagious and they seem to get a smile on everyone's face when they are doing it. >> i feel that share kindness means to help others and to give back to your community and help people that are less fortunate. >> every day we want to share kindness with others by making a
10:42 am
>> that is so awesome. for more on how to help makes and jake on their initiative, check out al is standing by with the weather. >> so neat to see that. let's show you what we've got going on today. we are looking at a lot of wet weather in the northeast. enhanced risk of strong storms down through the gulf. snow and wind back through the plains. plenty of sunshine out west, we we do have high surf advisories in the pacific northwest. northwest tomorrow with a fall chill tomorrow. heavy rain from new york all the way down into the southeast. plains seeing some snow. in the southeast, airplanes delays with the heavy rain. and for tomorrow's christmas tree lighting, christmas in r rockefeller center, 9:00 p.m., looking at occasional showers and a temperature of 60 degrees. >> we're finally seeing some drought relief for your tuesday forecast. and temperature-wise, we're
10:43 am
as we head into the temperatures in the upper 40s. and we don't stop there. as we head into the evening hours, we continue to warm. especially of the mass pike and mid 50s by 8:00 this evening. then we fall off into the low 40s for the lows tomorrow morning. the chance for rain looking very likely here today and into tomorrow, especially by tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. so get ready for a wet stretch of weather. >> and that is your latest weather. from the country that gave us singing sensation dua lipa, bringing her soulful sound to our studio singing her smash hit "blow your [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass.
10:44 am
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double means double. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. 21-year-old dua lipa has made a name for herself in britain with her soulful pop albums. british female artist this year behind adele. >> her debut self-titled album is already bringing up the charts. >> good morning. this is so exciting! >> it is. i'm really excited. i've been looking forward to this for a while. i'm really happy. >> is it true your primary music schoolteacher said that you probably might not make it because you can't hit the high notes? >> i guess i've had a really husky voice. when i auditioned for the choir
10:48 am
to the high notes. like, great, sing this note and nothing came out. it was just air. and he was like, okay, maybe next time and i never really got a chance to get a part in the choir which actually might have been a good thing. >> that really is. are you excited finally getting this ep out? >> yeah. i'm really excited to get the album out finally. i've been working on it for two years now. it's been my baby for a while. >> let's hear your baby ? ? i know it's hot i know we've got something that money can't buy ? fighting to the fifths biting your lip loving too late in the
10:49 am
tame me can't tame me ? tell me i have changed but i'm the same me old same me ? inside hey if you don't like the way i talk then why am i on your mind? ? if you don't like the way i rock then finish your glass of wine ? we fight and we argue you'll still love my blind ? if we don't mess this whole thing up guaranteed i can blow mwah! ant tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind ? ? and tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind mwah ? ya i'm so bad best that you've had i guess you're digging the show ? ? open the door you want some more when you wanna leave let me
10:50 am
tame me can't tame me ? tell me i have changed but i'm the same me old same me ? ? inhey! ? if you don't like the way i talk then why manial i on your mind? ? if you don't like the way i rock then finish your glass of wine ? we fight and we argue you'll still love me blind ? if we don't mess this whole thing up your mind ? ? and tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind mwah ? and tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind mwah ? ? ? tell me i'm too crazy you can't tame me can't tame me ? tell me i have changed but i'm
10:51 am
inside ? ? hey! mwah! ? [ if you don't like the way i talk then why am i on your mind? ? if you don't like the way i rock then finish your glass of wine ? we fight and we argue you'll still love me blind ? if we don't mess this whole thing up guaranteed i can blow your mind mwah ? ? and tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind ? ant tonight i'm alive ain't a dollar sign guaranteed i can blow your mind mwah ? >> dua lipa, thank you so much. thank you to your band, too, they're terrific as with el. we are back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
10:52 am
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it is the most wonderful time of the year because our
10:54 am
under way. 31 gifts is one of the very generous companies who help us reach millions disadvantaged families. with us, the founder, president and ceo, cindy monroe, and her hu husband, scott monroe, chief branding officer. i love your philosophy that giving a gift is like giving a smile. >> it is. this year we are giving over 100,000 gifts to kids all across the country and just to make them smile. in addition we get to actually -- >> we go into our current. they kind of act as elves for the drive. >> this year we are donating thermal pouchs to take their lunch in, cinch sacks, something for them to take their books or toys back and forth. it is great because it is good products for pre-teens or teens. because often they get the younger toys but we get to offer those for the teens. >> you are really about empowering women and girls. >> it is all a part of our women
10:55 am
th we think that starts with young girls and building their confidence. not too bad, scott. thank you. beginning this thursday you can donate a toy on our plaza and online. our website has all the details for us. we had an awesome co-host today. >> it was so much fun! thank you for having me. >> you were terrific. after we taste tested the speculoos, quest about it. "meanwhile, i'm drinking this kale/beet combo." >> what did you think of "gilmore girls"? that's my question. >> he's number one fan. coming up, you're on with kathie lee and hoda.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is booze day tuesday. spanky tuesday, november 29th, but also much more importantly known as giving tuesday. that is rhythm inside by callum scott. >> got a great, great show today. talking about it for months. it's finally arrived. you've been waiting. the "gilmore girls" series is on after nine years. we're going to find out what changed for three of the stars.


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