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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> adam: neither of the injuries is being classified as life-threatening. damage to the home could be around $400,000. adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: following more news today. an accused gift card -- grinch. it happened yesterday. >> ryan: police are on the lookout for the suspect. byron barnett has more. >> reporter: in falmouth outrained over this. a woman getting her purse stolen while she was' shopping in a store. this was caught on video and police are hoping that someone out there can tell them who this suspect is. a brazen theft. snatching a purse right out of someone else's shopping cart. >> can't believe somebody would do that this time of the year especially. it's awful. >> reporter: police want you to take a good look at the woman. so she is suspected of stealing a woman's purse
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hundred in cash and gift cards. it happened at this wal-mart in falmouth shortly after 5:00 pm monday. video shows the suspect entering the wal-mart and walking past the victim's shopping cart. second later you see the woman return and make the grab. >> that's ridiculous. you got to work for your stuff. you don't take somebody's hard earned stuff. >> people are desperate. they get desperate. >> scum of the earth. >> reporter: when the victim returned her stolen there it was plain as day. police posted the video on their website and facebook page. they hope someone recognizes the woman and speaks up. >> somebody will recognize her and get it back, for sure, yes, definitely. keephost posting it on social media. >> somebody will recognize her. >> reporter: you glad police are putting it out there like this? >> absolutely. >> reporter: falmouth police say they've gotten a few tips.
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they urge anyone with information to come forward. the latest live in falmouth i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> ryan: parents at a boston charter school speaking out how the school hajed allegations of sexual abuse on a school bus. officials held a meeting last night. parents expressed their outrage after they found out about molestation allegations about a facebook post and not from the school. many are demanding answer boston how the situation was handled. >> we got no answers from the people here. no one's child is safe here. >> they need to let the parents know what is going on with the kid. what they're going to do moving forward. why wasn't we notified? >> ryan: bus monitors have been added where the alleged incident occurred. >> jadiann: the town of ashland banning marijuana shops. the residents voting at monday's meeting to put a ban on accepting applications for marijuana shop licenses until zoning
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the decision gives the town more than a year to look at zoning and this is about local control and local decision making. police are investigating a deadly crash in east boston. it happened on mcclairy highway last night. a driver was killed when his car rolled over on route 1 a. crews closed off the road for several hours to clear the scene. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> ryan: heroes hed massachusetts. governor baker presented the 27th annual firefighter of the year award. it was a day to honor firefighters from around the state for their bravery. >> jadiann: it was also a day to remember those lost in the line of duty. john cuoco has more from the ceremony in worcester. ? >> reporter: in the face of dangers they're some of the brave few who not only run towards it but into it. firefighters from across massachusetts being honored tuesday at the 27th
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to the and recognize and honor their work and tell them how much we appreciate what they've donned and say it in front of their colleagues and families for boat the lieutenant governor and me it was a tremendous honor. >> reporter: firefighters in lynn were recognized for their work in 2015's deadliest fire at a house where more than 20 people were living. two women were pulled out from the flames. four people were killed. members of the watertown fire comfort were also honored for their work in disease of 2016. trapped under a car at a construction site. >> they all represent i think in some respects special moments where pem had to make difficult decisions and put themselves in harm's way. they did so immediately and without hesitation. in many cases saved other peoples' lives as a result. >> reporter: all the honorees in one way or another were called into action. laying their lives on the line for others. so far this year 48 people have rost their lives in
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firefighters like those honored are needed. in worcester, john cuoco 7 news. >> ryan: also a california mom who went missing and fast found far from her home spoke with investigators for the first time time. officials have yet to release details, police say she disappeared jogging earlier this month. he was found on thanksgiving day on the side of a freeway changed and kuffered with bruises and the 140 miles from her home. investigators are looking for two women and a dark s.u.v. in connection to the kidnapping. >> jadiann: a man in north carolina is recovering after getting stuck in a sink hole. someone heard him screaming for help and crews were able to get him out. christa del camp has more on the rescue efforts. >> where is your emergency. >> reporter: the 911 call came in before 8:00 sunday morning. >> no one is around. down in the hole. he is screaming.
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shake reaches the chief and other volunteers showed up at the scene to find a man trapped an trembling at the bottom of a 12 foot deep sink hole. >> he was cold for a long period. he was shaking uncontrollably and you know, couldn't really verbal other than he kept says he was owe okay. >> reporter: firefighters claimed in the hole and lowered a backboard and basket. >> we placed it on top of the ladder tied in, tied the patient in and tak and slide him up. but whoever heard him most likely saved his life. >> reporter: the victim taken to hospital with undisclosed injuries. the road remains roped off for now, christa del camp, 7 news. >> ryan: two thieves ransacking a house in las vegas. the other than of the house was out of the country. there have been several break ins in the area in the past few months.
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for home break ins. connecticut police are searching for a group of teenagers robbing a convenience store. investigators say teens burst into the store and stole candy. police are looking at the video and the trying to vied use picts. -- identify suspects. >> jadiann: a layings potato chain truck goes up in flames. the chips on the way to the store shelves were destroyed because the truck was burned no one was injured in the fire. a woman is under going a medical evaluation after officials say she pulled open the emergency exist door of the plane she was on, jumped out shoredly after landing. you can see it. the woman started rinning from the plane towards the terminal in houston. the plane was waiting to arrive when the woman jumped out. witnesses department realize what happened. -- didn't realize what happened. >> there was no noise, there
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alarm the door had even been opened. >> jadiann: very unclear why the woman jumped from the plane in the first place. >> ryan: three people are dead after getting sick at a large thanksgiving dinner. 800 people went to a holiday dinner. eight people were hospitalized with food poisoning and three died. authorities say a food bourne illness is mothers likely to blame but they're investigating. >> we're interviewing people also trying to find people who may have been, had some symptoms and maybe didn't seek health care. >> reporter: investigators are looking into that. >> jadiann: a new jersey teen reaching for the sky taking an adrenaline rush to knew heights as he climbs new york high-rises in his freedom. although he has been in
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past time, he is refusing to stop. >> no idea how beautiful this is. >> reporter: yeah, at first glance the images that justin captures are beautiful. they're just incredibly dangerous. one wrong move and it all be over. just look at how high he is as he runs along a slanted roof top high above manhattan. one of his latest videos shows the teen breaking into a construction climbing to the roof with a friend and then, yes, dangle from the crane hoisted high above with just one arm. across the river you get an idea of just how high it really is. you may remember he was arrested in 2014 for breaking into a fence at one world trade and then climbing to the top of that building. he received 30 days community service and was ordered to undergo counselling as well as write a 1200 word essay about the
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teen say there is no stopping him. >> it's dangerous for you to do this without the proper gear. he said, i don't do it this way. i don't do good. >> reporter: after the world trade center incident he was arrested two weeks after for climbing a water tower. since then he has gotten nearly 30,000 followers on instagram and climbed dozens of structures including the government washington bridge. makes me dizzy looking at it. police are developmentings his latest stunt trespassing and reckless endangerment. >> ryan: patagonia made a record breaking $10 mountain and they're donating all of it. they're donating sales to environmental groups even after making five times when it expected to. americans spend $3.45 billion on cybermonday. the almost $4 billion is 12% more than last year.
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sewn i play station 4, legos and of course barbie. >> jadiann: speaking of patagonia donating this is giving tuesday so it's a good time to find some place to donate to. at 5:30 a special delivery made there on the side of the road. a police officer helps a mom give birth after being flagged down while on duty. >> ryan: a story you will see on just one station. a father in everett called to court after trying to pick up his child from school while he was this investigation in lynn. >> ryan: house fire in lawrence injures a firefighter and someone who lives there. dozens left homeless. we'll continue to bring you
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>> ryan: police officer making a special delivery after what started as a typical day quickly became anything but. she was driving her cruiser >> jadiann: that's when the fer wept above and beyond the call of document nicole oliverio has the story. >> reporter: it started off as a normal shift for alicia thomson. >> you never done anything like this before. >> reporter: but it turned out to be her most memorable day on the job. she was' driving down a kentucky street when a driver flagged her down. the driver's passenger was in dead operate need. >> latey started flashing her high beams and honking
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delivering a baby. >> reporter: there was no time to think. only to react. >> i pill to the side of the road. opened the car door and there is a partial head sticking out woop we went from there. you know. push and there came the joy of life. >> reporter: thomson called for e. m. s. but the baby girl wouldn't wait. >> it's already come. i've got to do something, cradle the head. she started pushing. out it came. >> reporter: once other officers arrived they wrapped the baby in a s rushed the baby and mom to the hospital. >> the whole ordeal was no more than 14 minutes from here flagging me down, child coming out and echt m. s. leaving the scene. >> reporter: she continued working her shift. >> i went on to my next round which happened to be a noninjury accident. >> reporter: she managed to make a quick phone call to her mom. >> i told her to watch the news. >> reporter: a first for
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her oath to serve and protect. >> hope mom and baby are going to do well and name it alicia. >> reporter: in the right place at the right time. both mom and babe redoing well as far as she knows, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> ryan: coming up at 5:30 serving up competition with bri able to beat troy brown? you voted. who did it bert coming up. >> reporter: we have a batch of rain o you, timeline up next. >> jadiann: then at 6:00 the driver in a deadly hit-and-run accident facing a judge after he turns himself in. >> ryan: sailen state university discussing the future of this controversial art exhibit. after some students called
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have been strung. christmas is coming early to the white house. michelle obama unveils the decorations for mill fare families. this year's theme is the gift of the holidays. a highlight the gingerbread white house made from 150 pounds of pure gingerbread. that looks phenomenal. >> ryan: a good night to stay in your own house and decorate and get ready because it's not nice out there. >> jadiann: drink hot chocolates if you can, a rainy day out tre tough to have a fraser fir on top of the roof with more rain out there and another batch of rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. sunshine comes back mid day thirst and thursday afternoon. a chilly pattern unfolds and presents itself. into the weekend and early next week, we've rain and for some of of you have the rain is persistent and heavy especially south of town. north of town you were into the heavy stuff for a while then it backed away and you can see that over here.
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lighter shades of blow. the intensity has picked up down to carlisle, mass pike it backs off and there is steady rain south of town with the rain and yellow. you see the yellow, that is where we have pockets of heavy rain. no flood watches are in effect. but with that said some of these bursts of rain overwhelm storm drains that have leaves in them there may be localized street flooding. most towns when this 9:00 this evening will have finished with about a half inch to maybe in some locations upwards of an inch. beneficial rain. the rain is trying to dislong the cold air. sometimes you need a crowbar to get it out of the way. nashua 36. fitchburg 39. that is a sign of winter. the colds air, that is disturbon in the hills. as you know. lunenburg also in the middle 30s. bedford 51. city at 51. south coast and on the
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50s, where the air is warmer, the air is churned up. so that mixing of the air aloud wind to work itself down to the ground. gusting around 25. 30 miles an hour. once the rain moves offshore that will shut down the wind as well. the back edge of the rain not that far away. here it is now into western new england. then you can travel farther west and skies are clearing. the clearing works up to new england overnight tonight. patchy fog will lows 40-48. then we wait for round 2 which is right here now. through portions of louisiana as well as mississippi. unfortunately tornado out break occurring this evening. tornadoes are not heading our way but this weather will evolve into a batch of rain that does work up into new england tomorrow afternoon but you notice the gap between round 1 know and round two down through mississippi so there is a
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falling. tomorrow morning we'll have a few peeks of sun otherwise clouds close back in and rain develops lunchtime and through the afternoon tomorrow. very similar to today's timeline. evening commute with the rain and an additional half inch to an inch of rain possible tomorrow and thursday we're into the sun by afternoon. first day of winter and fancy that mid 50s. >> jadiann: very cool. >> ryan: it's time to find out who did it better. >> jadiann: this week's challeng brown. they went head-to-head in a restaurant server challenge. bri and troy headed to hingham. they checked tickets to see if the food matched the orders. if the orders were going out right. troy ms.ed five different things. when orders were being sent out. bri missed four. so here are the results. it was close but troy takes home the title here. he got 53% of the vote. bri finished with 47%.
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vote. >> ryan: maybe. >> jadiann: next week bri takes on dominic moore. they'll load up holiday meal kits for the salvation army. you'll have to decide who the final champion will be. >> ryan: next on 7 news at 5:30 a local woman making it to the top 10 on "the voice" but will she make it to the next level. >> kgo khazei. >> adam: here are some of the stories we're working on for 7 news at 6:00. continuing to follow breaking news up in lawrence. a fire injures two people including a firefighter. we're live on the scene. >> kim: also a father accused of trying to pick up his 10-year-old son from school while becomes coat and that is not first time he faced accusations of drunk driving. >> adam: tom brady gets interrupted by a special guest during an interview. his six-year-old son makes a
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radio interview. you will want to hear it. >> kim: he talks about donkeys and horses comparing them. those stories and more on 7
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>> rain. a local star with another big performance on "the voice." >> jadiann: she took on a khmer classic.
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? -- cher classic. ? that was cher's hit "if i could turn back time." results will be revealed tonight. >> ryan: great voice. that is adam williams' favorite karaoke song. i could hear him singing that. >> jadiann: he agreed. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson, 7 news at starts right now. >> announcer: breaking news at 6:00. a firefighter and a resident hurt. as a massive fire tears through a home in lawrence. an altercation at an elementary school. after police say a drunk drive tried picking up his son. >> reporter: rain tapers later this evening. more rain for tomorrow evening. >> announcer: he flipped his chest. >> and tripped, too.
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the darnest things. tom brady's son weighs in on his dad's perform answer against the new york jets. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> adam: we start with breaking news. a massive fire tears through a home in lawrence. a firefighter and a woman living inside were injured. the woman had to be rescued from inside the building. >> kim: it's an apartment building and there are a lot of people without a place to call home. let's go to steve cooper live in lawrence. >> reporter: we can tell you that t are talking about that was rescued. the chief says she was' rescued from a third floor apartment here of a burning building this afternoon. the flames are out tonight. firefighters are still here on the scene, but people had pretty dramatic movements this afternoon. >> still looking. still put it in my head. it's actually happening right now. >> we got fire out there. >> reporter: dramatic cell phone video captures the terrifying moments where
6:00 pm
thick smoke that began raising through this five unit apparent building at east haverhill and prospect streets in lawrence just after 1:00, sabrina morgueon was taking a nap. >> it was so fast. so fast. as soon as we got out, there was the third floor blew up on that side. >> reporter: the fire went to three alarms as firefighters rushed into the burning building to reach a woman who couldn't get out. the resident plus a firefighter were transported to the hospital. the right side third floor of the building. our crews helped her evacuate. >> i saw a ton of people, smoke is getting deeper. >> reporter: jose lives across the street and jumped into action to help to make sure everyone inside goes out. >> i was paying attention for the people who lived. there they're neighbors and i know it's a bunch of kids there. little kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: the area scene remained sealed for hours but residents were


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