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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thick smoke that began raising through this five unit apparent building at east haverhill and prospect streets in lawrence just after 1:00, sabrina morgueon was taking a nap. >> it was so fast. so fast. as soon as we got out, there was the third floor blew up on that side. >> reporter: the fire went to three alarms as firefighters rushed into the burning building to reach a woman who couldn't get out. the resident plus a firefighter were transported to the hospital. the right side third floor of the building. our crews helped her evacuate. >> i saw a ton of people, smoke is getting deeper. >> reporter: jose lives across the street and jumped into action to help to make sure everyone inside goes out. >> i was paying attention for the people who lived. there they're neighbors and i know it's a bunch of kids there. little kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: the area scene remained sealed for hours but residents were
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seriously hurt here. as for jose -- do you feel like a hero? >> no, i'm not a hero like a normal person looking out for a neighbor. and stuff. >> reporter: fire chief says the injuries are described as nonlife threatening. damage is around $400,000. no word on a cause. the red cross is telling us that as many as 30 people have been displaced by these fast moving flames here today. live in lawrence tonight, steve coop e 7 >> anchor: one person is dead after a crash on route 495. emergency crews raced to the scene just after 2:00 today. authorities are working to determine the cause of the crash. >> kim: tonight long ride home thanks to some rain moving through the area. we need it. we're in a drought still. let's go to jeremy reiner who is tracking the weather. how long will the showers stick around? >> reporter: i think for another 2, 3 hours the brunt of the storm, round one. it's right on top of you,
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steady rain and lighter rain. met wen through lawrence, carlisle up to north shore, sea coast, deep shade of green and yellow indicating steady rain. this is where we've found most of the steddy occasionally heavy rain. the yellow blotches that you see here, plymouth and bristol county. that is where we have the heavier rain moving at a good clip. with that said some of the drains if they have leafs in them may lead to local beneficial rage. the timing stipulation. this will wind down. you can already see that happening berkshires and the connecticut river valley. that's the back edge of the steady rain and we'll focus on getting dryer air to clear things out later on tonight. so much rain, orange about .6 of appear inch. new bedford and millis about a third to a half inch of beneficial rain. worcester that is up there
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of rain. this is round 1. we talked about it last night. how this would be a 2 pronged storm. number two is just getting organized through louisiana and mississippi. that is on the move. that will be into new england tomorrow and i'll have that timeline for you in a few minutes. >> adam: to a story you will see on one station. troubling charge against a father in everett accused of trying to pick up his son from school while she was' drunk. he was released from jail hours later then again for drunk driving. cellky joins us live from -- kelli o'hara joins us live with more. >> reporter: we learn in court this was the father's 9th dui and prosecutors say when he picked his son up from cool he threatened to kill the school principal >> convicted of operating under the influence of liquor approximately nine -- excuse me, eight prior times. >> reporter: bloodied and bruised steven burns in big trouble with the law.
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accused of driving drunk for a 9th time but for also showing up to his 10-year-old's school while under the influence. >> they learned from the principal of the school that he was concerned an intoxicated parent was about to drive a child home. the defendant began yelling and swearing at officers. he clearly smelled of alcohol and slurring his speech. >> reporter: according to the police report burn's son told officers "he doesn't feel safe when his father sometimes he gets like this when he drinks. officers arrested the man but hours later, he was out of jail and that is when burn's other son called 911 saying his dad was driving drunk again. >> defendant was intoxicated. he just left the house in everett and was drunk and driving around on a yellow motorcycle. they were' able to place the defendant under arrest. they did locate three vodka
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pockets. >> reporter: burns was driving on a suspended license and he is due in front of a judge later on next week. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> kim: now to lynn where we're learning the identity of a robbery suspect shot and killed by an officer. police say this all started when the man went into a gas station claiming to have a gun. alex depratto is live with a look at what happens next. >> authorities have just identified the man who came into this gas station this morning as michael mcinish of malden. they say he struggled with the clerk, stole $150 and when police arrived, he was out here on the street. he wouldn't remove his hands from his jacket and an officer opened fire. >> crazy, i mean it's this world today. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting happened
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after police say the suspect who claimed to have a gun held up the clerk at this gulf station at the corner of the lynnway and commercial street. >> an individual claimed he was armed with a firearm. come to rob the store. violent struggle ensued. >> reporter: the chief says a short time later officers confronted the suspect on the sidewalk. not far from the gas station. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hands. he refused to do so. continued toom officers. and moved back to try to secrete distance. the officers fired their weapon. >> reporter: itself suspect was taken to mass general hospital and pronounced dead several hours later after undergoing surgery. >> it was completely shocking because i come here every morning and when i got here they were' turning me aarrests the essex county d.k.and state police are trying to determine if the shooting was justified. >> if you are going to do
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happen to you. >> reporter: it's unclear if he actually had a weapon. the essex county d.a.will handle this investigation. live in lynn i'm alex deprado, 7 news. >> adam: the man who brockton police say was behind the wheel of a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run faced a judge. he is charged in the crash that killed a 25-year-old man. dan hausle joins us live with more. >>ep man after being away from police for a couple of days after the accident tried to avoid the cameras as he faced charges in the hit-and-run death of the map whose name son the marquis of the club that he had walked out of moments before he was run down. milton gone salves as the prosecutor said he ducked responsibility for this deadly hit-and-run thanksgiving night. >> he fled from the scene of the accident.
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accident for two days and removed the license plates from the vehicle. >> reporter: 25-year-old sergio lickona had just stepped out of a brockton bar when he was hit by a dark jaguar settan that kept going. the other than came forward but said the man borrowed the car. a friend asked gone salves about the damage to the vexed. >> when asked what happened to the car the defendant reportedly said "nothing happened." >> reporter: police say the man came of the accident and hadn't slept since. >> he was honest with them as to the fear that occurred to him on that night. he indicated there was other persons around that appeared to be angry and screaming and he did panic, judge. >> reporter: licona was taken off life support and the man faces a charge of hit-and-run resulting in death.
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$10,000. supporters left court without talking. gone salves' lawyer wanted him released with no bail pointing out that he did come forward on his own. the judge wasn't buying it. the man's next court date is after christmas. dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: turnings to the trump transition, the president-elect trump plans to meet with mitt romney for dinner. this will be the sect time since the election. campaign for president in 2012. he was extremely critical of the president-elect during this campaign but still he is under consideration for secretary of state. the transition team did fill two positions. tom price will lead haled and human services department and for transportation saint, that position goes to elaine cho. she should be easy to get
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president george w. bush becoming the first asian american to serve in the cabinet. with the team working to fill these positions the president-elect trump is stirring the put on twitter tweeting about burning american flags. he says nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag, if they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court ruled that flag burning is rights. >> adam: tom brady's son crashes his weekly's -- >> he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called but they're very good care. he provided a little insight on the qb's performance against the jets. we'lling about you more
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>> adam: a cute cameo tom brady's son interrupt his dad during a weekly radio interview and just like his dad does on the field he stole the show. >> kim: he gave his input on the game performance and he also compared his dead to a certain animal. >> he laid so benny just walked in. >> put benny on. >> a surprise visitor
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his son ben, the 6-year-old giving his take on the patriots' win against the jets on sunday. >> he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called. but they're very good. >> how did you think your dad did? >> great. >> he flipped his chest and he tripped, too. >> he sure did. >> reporter: at one point dad compared his dad to a donkey. >> he got tripped a few times. >> he got even more hurt. >> well, m tell us what is wrong with him. >> i don't know. he is like a donkey. [laughter] >> in what way? >> crazy way. >> kim: ben gave his prediction for the game next month saying his dad will look more like a horse by then. >> next fight with the broncos is going to be crazy. he is going to be like a horse next time. >> when he plays the broncos. you are looking ahead. >> you can look ahead.
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i love how the ample chair quarterback. never from a six-year-old, don't you love when you kids grow up and they can talk. >> adam: i try to look up why tom brady would be compared to a donkey. >> kim: horse bronco, i get that. i think standing by to talk weather. >> reporter: i thought he was the ghost. anyway forecast for tomorrow features more ?
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>> reporter: raining now, more rain tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow evening sunshine back with us on thursday. first day of december, mild day. temperatures on thursday heading for the low to mid 50s, here is the rain. it's moving right along, you can see the back edge now out of the berkshires moving to the connecticut river valley. worceste next. probably within the next 45 minutes to an hour and i think it jumps offshore, east of boston. i would say 8:30, so the shades of green and yellow indicating where we've pockets of heavy rain. the timing which will move the rain out of here later on this evening. how much rain? most towns about a half inch to in some lobbies close to an inch. worcester up to about 3 quarters of an inch of rain
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stubon cold pockets of air. fitchburg 40. here in the city 52. norwood at 56. where the air is milder it's mixing things up and that is allowing some wind out there. wind gusting 25-30 miles an hour. so rain will taper off over the next 2-3 hours then actually partial clearing happens after midnight with patchy fog. lows mild. lows tonight only in the middle and upper 40s you notice there is a sizeable break between round 1 and round 2. here louisiana, mississippi with numerous reports of tornadoes. which for us not worried about the severe weather but this evolves into another bag of rain. that works up into new england during the day tomorrow but it do versus a lot of -- i think your morning commute tomorrow is dry. maybe even a few peeks of sunshine. it's a timeline similar to today where the rain doesn't show up until mid day. through the afternoon and evening. cool and raw. with temperatures tomorrow
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will hang out in the low to middle 40s here is your chance of rain. morning commute dry. grab the rain gear because lunchtime and tomorrow afternoon, the chance of rain does go up. how much more rain is on the way? this does not factor into what we picked up but an additional half inch to inch of beneficial rain and, yeah, drought rolls on. of course this won't end it but it'll chew away at the doubt. 7 on 7 forecast. clouds thursday morning, breezy,mild, mid 50s. the weekend lots of sunshine. monday cloudy skies, maybe a few flurries on monday. see you at 7:00. >> reporter: assuming they handle their business this sunday in foxboro patriots will hit double digits in wins for the 14th straight season. a streak that started in 2003 which happens to be the last time this week's opponent, the rams cracked
6:21 pm hoping gov will bring them back to respectabilities. he has shown flashes in two starts tossing three touchdowns to one interception and it's the ram's defense, though, that i loud 49 points to the saints. >> they're explosive. they've explosive players. they've very talented roster so one of the more talented rosters we've seen. a lot of good players so combination of the talend and number of things do, big challenge for us this week. >> reporter: taking care of offfield business locking up cannon on a five year contract extension which rappa sport worth $32.5 million and has 14.5 million guaranteed. at age 28 he lost weight and has been solid at right tackle. part of an offensive line that allowed 20 sack this is season. the celtics handled the heat
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good reason for his absence. his wife was delivering his somebody child. the big man is back and looking to help the c.'s keep on rolling. >> after early season struggles the celtics finally at full strength and they're hoping to translate their four-game road winning streak into some success at home. the celtics without horford. he was able to celebrate the birth of his daughter and he is grateful that the celtics allowed him sometime to spend with his wife ande are finally starting to click. >> i care a lot about the group and our guys. and i was explaining earlier, you know, for my family's sake it was important for me to be there. that is now. now i can put that blind me and get focused again on tomorrow night. >> i think our greatest responsibilities are sons, husbands, fathers, i think that is your number one job. and you know, we're thrilled
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thrilled so haval back at practice and being ready to go tomorrow, but you know, obviously family is really important. >> reporter: in last night's win smart receiving a flagrant and a technical foul but the coach says he appreciates the toughness he brings. 7 sports. >> reporter: no charo and lyles for the bruins in philly but the black and gold might be able to compensate on the other end especily team that is giving up a 3.30 goals per game. first he took home the cy young award today. rick pore sella can add the come back player of the year to his 2016 resume. he rebounded from a disappointing first season in boston. 22 wins and make a career high 33 starts. the guy that pores selo was
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with the mets. he is agreeing to a $110 million deal. that's sports.
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tonight, raging inferno. a massive wildfire exploding in the great smokey mountains turns deadly. wind gusts surrounding resorts, people rub running their l dollywood. survivors in the wreckage of a tragic air disaster as the plane carrying an underdog dream team goes down. revoking citizenship. president-elect trump's new threat over flag-burning that experts say is unconstitutional. tonight the subtle signs that could save your life. and best friends.


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