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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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breaking news. deadly storms rolling through part of the south. a tornado leaving several people dead in alabama. flooded streets in boston chinatown after a major water main break and its impact on the morning commute. there's a clothing controversy that a local fire chief is dealing with. what he's aus work money. >> good morning. i'm nicole oliverio. i'm kris anderson. we know ren claire is following a forecast we need to pay attention. it's been dry this morning. that's not the situation that we have as we head into the rest of the day. we're seeing moisture creep in for our southwest. that will greet us here shortly. a quick look at visibility.
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that's starting to lighten up. by and large pretty good visibility. bedford seeing a little bit of reduced visibility. most of that fog is actually still across the cape and islands. that will mix out here gradually into the day. temperatures are varied. 39 in jaffe. mid 50s in martha's vineyard. varied temperatures today. we will see upper 40s again. and we're starting to see some moisture here. than will just continue through most of this, this morning and early afternoon will be light showers for us. we do have some more heavy rain headed our way as we head into the later afternoon and your commute home from work. looking to be a bit of a soaker. breaking story that we're following now this morning. major water main break shutting down some main roads in boston's china town section. look at the water on the street continuing to pour out on to the roadways. let's get out right now to nancy chen following this story.
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are hearing? >> kris, good morning to you. the water hat stopped gushing. they are still working diligently right now to clean up the mess. i'm standing at the intersection of washington and beech street. if you know this area neeland still shutdown here. a big mess. you can see right now it's actually transmission water that broke and this was just after 5:00 this morning. they had to shut off water in this area to the residents there's two large condo building around here. that's a mess. and inconvenience for them. i'm told however that water is back for those residents they had to shut that off as they repaired this. take a look at the video from earlier today. it was just grow flowing down the street for a while. they shutdown neeland from stewart to lincoln.
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and they've been trying to clean it up ever since. at this point they are looking into what caused this water main break but the cleanup will take quite a bit of time i'm told that they are hoping to reopen the street surrounding this area relatively soon. but in the mean time if you are travelling in this area it's better to avoid it if you can. nancy chin. 7 news "today in new england." you know there's details around chinatown. you are tracking other accident. it's a busy morning out there. there heading into down on the zakim bridge. let's go to maps in boston we're also watching a crash westbound on the pike and that's right at the ted williams tunnel. then you just saw in china town that water main break past washington street closed in downtown boston. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. look at that. 35 minutes. a lot of red around the braintree split. route 3 you're crawling. northbound back to weymouth. then the pike really slow from
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we have another crash we're watching. this the 495 northbound causing some serious delays as well. 26 minutes to half an hour braintree to boston. northbound on the expressway. 15 minutes into town on the pike from 128. and then 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge half an hour this morning as well. both the t and commuter rail running on schedule. back to you guys. >> breaking story from overnight now. tedly tedly deadly tornadoes tearing through south. all of this a powerful band of storm that move through that area. >> this morning officials are getting their first look at all of the damage left behind. sarah french is live from the newsroom with more on this breaking details. the damage in alabama is extensive. one twister slamming into 24-hour day care critically injuring four children there. >> devastation.
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lightic in strike through by blinds. and i knew it was real close. i didn't know how close. but i knew it was close. mother and son pinned underneath their three bedroom trailer. that man holding up a wall to keep it from falling on his 90-year-old mother. it was chaotic. we had a lot of community members up here trying to dig them out. >> more than a dozen building destroyed including a church and shopping plaza. the tornado homes and businesses that covered half a mile. community now coming together to survey the damage. >> everybody is just pulling together as team effort. people are out here trying to help their neighbors. they don't know them. trying to work with them. the storms are expected to move southeast this morning. authorities are still going door to door looking for any other victims. back to you. thanks. tough video to look at.
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transition. >> i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15 15th to full focus on running the country in order to make america great again. trump go on to say it's important that he does not have a conflict of interest while he's serving as president. last night forme round interview with the president-elect for the job of secretary of state. this morning he is speaking out about that dinner date. >> president-electrum mitt romney and rence believus arrive in new york. i had a great evening with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about
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former massachusetts governor seemed hopeful about a spot in the cab internet. i've been impressed by what i've seen in the transition effort. the people he's selected as members of his cabinet are solid effective people. it ended a busy day for the transition team. tuesday former wall street executives steven was and the as dressy secretary. elaine chow selected as transportation secretary. chows labor secretary under george w. bush. despite naming several people to president-elect's tweets getting lots of attention. tuesday morning he tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn in american flag. if they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. a harsh punishment for act of supreme court ruled was legal and protected by the first amendment. many republicans disagreeing with the comments. i think there should be some punishment.
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the president-elect is set to appear with carrier officials in indiana on thursday to announce that, that company has struck a deal with the president-elect to keep almost 1,000 on the jobs in the united states instead of mexico. happening today down selectman set to hold an emergency meeting after clothing controversy. he's accused of using money for work to buy >> officials will be deciding what action to take here. one town selectsman believe the investigation will reveal many more discrepancies. accused of abusing a perk that comes with the job. town officials say rod rick used his clothing allowance to purchase women's workout gear and lied about it to police. according to court document he altered some reseats to say men's wear when he submitted
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rod rick told investigators he prefers a slim fit. but after a month's long investigation rodrick charged with violating standard of conduct and larceny. police believe he bought the clothing worth under $250 for someone else. the chairmen of the board of selectman calls an emergency discuss to discuss suspending or firing the chief. >> there's more to the story. >> after storm those figures it has been a substantial amount more that has shown up. and i mean substantial. >> hundreds? thousands? >> thousands. and that selectman said moving forward they will be doing a full audit of the fire department's finances. we're live in diton, jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." plates are searching for the driver involved in hit-and-run in taunton. it was on state street at 9:00
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pickup truck. dragging him then two blocks before driving off. that victim is in serious condition after suffering a severe leg injury. investigators are looking to find out what sparked the fierce flames that left 30 people homeless in lawrence. one women was trapped on the third floor when the fire started yesterday afternoon on east haveril. firefighter were able to rescue her. people who live there, though, say it was frightening to watch. that was most of my worry someone stuck in the it was so fast. as soon as we got out there was the third floor blew up on that side. >> very lucky to be alive. >> one firefighter and another women were both taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries sm. happening now tennessee officials are starting to continue to assess the damage to several resort towns in the smokey mountains. after a wildfire tore through the area. look at some of the images coming up. this morning we're getting a look at the edie station and
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acres of land more than 250 building in the ski resort towns of gatlanberg were destroyed by that fire. and soccer fans in brazil and all around are mourning after a team tragedy. 71 people were killed when a plane carrying a bra brazilian team crashed in columbia. fans and family members gathered at the team's arena to pay their respect. investigator will try to figure crashed. officials know, have already recovered the plane's black boxes. >> authorities believe the student responsible for that attack at ohio state university this week was inspired by isis. investigators say that post on abdul facebook page referenced the terror group and the former leader of al qaeda. isis previously claimed responsibility. there's no indication that artan
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plowed his car into a crowd and then slashed several other people with a knife. a university police officer shot and killed him. three victims remain in the hospital this morning. and ahead here on 7news at 9:00. a star studdedent for children battling serious illnesses. while one big star, though couldn't be there. >> this will make your mouth water here. a taste of italy available now in the prudential center. what makes up the new italian market place called italy. >> our second round of moistur that answer, ahead. local firefighters getting some top honors why they got a
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>> boston boston yoon getting their first taste of italy. the marketplace official opening up the doors in the prudential center. are you hungry yet. hundreds lie lined up to give the location a try in local official and new york chef were all at the grand opening yesterday. >> that looks pasta. i wish i cooked more. tens of thousands of square feet of food. >> you had me at that. i had some friend that checked it out and said it's absolutely amazing. 200 types of olive oil and cheeses and meats. >> let them cook, ren. >> we always go out. >> as we head into today. we look at more rain headed our way. starting to see some of that
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we'll see more and more until we head into the late afternoon hours and then we'll just continue to see widespread showers into tonight. foggy and wet. we saw that fog early this morning. it's letting up now. but we have the chance for fog again later this evening. even by the early evening hours. foggy and wet. we try out as we head into thursday forecast. temperature wise we're kind of all over the place now. boston. we're in the mid 40s and it's not terribly windy now. but it will be breezy as we head into the rest of the day. especially actually tonight and tomorrow. we see the moisture push through. showers into the launch hour remain light for us. as we head into the late arm. by 2:00 or 3:00 and onwards we will be dailying with more of what you see actually in pennsylvania and new york. it will increase in terms of
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rainfall similar to what we saw yesterday. and i also think that rainfall tote logical be similar to yesterday as well. a look ahead by the time you headed home from work 5:00 or 6:00. you can see more widespread showers starting to see pocket of yellow and gold indicating that we do have some more moderate to heavy rainfall. that continues past dinner time through the overnight hours. we're seeing this late into tomorrow morning. early into tomorrow morning 3:00, 4:00, still widespread showers and rainfall. this pushes off quickly. by 7:00, 6:00 if you do commute early. i think you could see some moisture. slight chance for that. better chance to the north. further to north. in southern new hampshire. by 8:00 or 9:00 i think we're all dry. and you can see how quickly that cloud cover moves out as well. by 10:00 we're not only dry but seeing plenty of sunshine. we'll see that for the majority of thursday forecast. not a bad start to month of december. you add in the sun and hike the
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it doesn't feel much like december. look at the rainfall totals. this is similar to yesterday. bien thing hours. by dinner time half an inch of rain possible. that was similar to what we experienced yesterday. and we continue to see the rainfall through the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning here's a ballpark look at what we could expect in terms of rainfall totals. i think most walk away with half an inch of rain to inch and a half locally more in certain spot kind of like what we saw yesterday as well. some got close to 2 inch of rain. mostly cloudy skies today. teat they don't drop too much as we inthoed the overnight hours. look at the patchy fog here. that's a part of our forecast. off and onnen into tomorrow morning. one thing i want to mention too just in time dry weather returns in time for the tree lighting tomorrow night. we're going to be cool but dry with plenty of actually warm weather. mid 50s by tomorrow. with the breezy weather it won't feel like the mid 50s. no complaint about early december and temperature in the mid 50s.
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ahead a night of fun for boston athlete and celebrities all coming together to support children battling serious illnesses. how would you like to be one of these folks here. big winner for powerball jackpot. tennessee coworker splitting the
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my guest list just tripled. titive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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>> a star studdedent in boston. all if name of helping children. legal legend helping support kid with illness. great to see them doing that. there were patriots stars celtic star and late night talk show host jay leno. sarah french has more on one big star who is missing. >> that person rob grownkowski it was night's big honoree receiving 2016 champion award. he wasn't able to attend the event do >> this is the annual champions for children's gla. a way to support boston children's hospital and the community. jay leno who grew up was a big hit with the kids. cracking joke and asking them what they wanted for christmas. this was my hometown. it's boston. it's kids. i don't know anybody that hasn't been effected by boston's children hospital. the fund-raiser has raised more
9:23 am
boston athlete attended the event. happy that i'm able to put a smile on someone's face. and know that i can't play football forever. nate is an offensive linemen for the patriots. and has been touched personally by boston children's hospital. his 1-year-old son diagnosed with cancer late last year. >> they came to us in a time of great need. and they've been there through the e through a very difficult time in our lives and our son's struggles to have a place like boston children is truly phenomenal. and the man behind the ice bucket challenge pete fradie is received 20e 16 humanitarian award. a really special night, guys. >> it's just amazing the work they do over at children's hospital. it's right in our backyard. we don't realize how fortunate we are sometimes still ahead on 7news. jackpot a group of coworkers in tennessee hitting the -- hitting
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>> you're looking at 20 lucky people there a group of tennessee coworkers hitting big in the powerball jackpot. they are called the tennessee 20 and all work company call north america stamping. they picked up their checks and they will use their money to give back. when i got into the kitchen the phone was ringing.
9:27 am
oh that's amy. i'm going to get my coffee before i answer that phone. so early in the morning many went unanswered. >> it was 5:15 in the morning. all she was we won, we won, we won. >> call me. so obviously i didn't get that message until later. >> they wouldn't answer their phone. i'm like get up. she bought the winning lottery tick in lafayette, tennessee. and that's where 20 met. >> they all come to my house. we had our meeting. everybody just screaming and just the just. that's when the group knew. >> paperwork to do. i imagine going to be bank will be roughest. this would change more than their lives >> my wife and i talked about it. you see somebody while you're checking out at wal-mart or krogers that need like they need help. go over there and swipe the
9:28 am
get them started in the life is truly a blessing. i feel god put a huge responsibility on me as far as how this money is used. >> it's going to be a blessing to have this opportunity. a blessing this group is determined to use for good. >> there's going to be a lot of people blessed through this. and i'm thankful for that. >> good for them. so thero lump sum of 254.7 million which they will split evenly so that's almost $13 million a piece which to kris anderson is still not enough money. >> i'm busy looking to see if relatives from lafayette, tennessee that may have just won the lottery. still to come on 7 news at 9:00ed. a major water main break in china town.
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deadly storms hit the south leaving multiple people dead. we learn more about the man shot and killed by lyn police. we have more on his criminal past. >> a story you will see on just one station. sun calls everett police on his own father. it isn't the first time he's accused of facing the alarming charges. >> welcome back.
9:32 am
are we in a spot where we are not seeing rain. we're in building with no windows at the moment. ren has a cheat sheet. you know what's going on outside. we've seen an interesting pattern. dealing with the first round of rain that pulled through yesterday. and second round of rain pulling through today. right now i just wanted to show you this quickly. we are mixing nicely. the cape and island warding that off. that will lighten up as we head into the late morning hours. it's very odd for us. we brought in warmer air. still in the mid 50s as well as martha's vineyard. quite the temperature difference as you head to northwest verses southeast. a little bit of moisture pushing through this is really just light rainfall some sprinkle here this morning. that's what we continue to see
9:33 am
rainfall. >> we're following breaking news this morning. we five people are dead after tornadoes tear through the south. 7 sarah french here in the newsroom with breaking details. we're just learning two people have died in tennessee because of the storms. and alabama a twister slammed into a 24-hour day care center critically injuring four people there. more than a dozen building were destroyed. three people who were killed were all in a mobile home in the northeastern alabama community. another person in the home was critically injured. the tornado effected an area of homes and businesses that covered nearly half a mile. right now authorities were searching door to door for any other damage. possible tornadoes were also reported across several county in northern alabama and southern tennessee. back to you. >> sarah, thanks. tough video to look at. >> we're throwing breaking news here at home. take a look at this video. that firefighter wading through
9:34 am
major water main break in chinatown. the water flooding several streets there. and in fact, some of those roads had to be closed while they got the water cut off this morning. it obviously disrupted part of the morning rush. there's still delays in the area. that's why because a large part of the road had to be dug up to get to the water main and get it fixed. this is at washington and beech street. be alert if you are headed to that area today. now to the latest on trump's transition. the president elect be making a major announcement next month. his tweet reads i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving. great business in tote until order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. he said it's important he does not have a conflict of interest while he's the president. now voter fraud had been a hot
9:35 am
toward a recount in wisconsin. stein sat down with 7 new to give her reasoning for recount. >> i'm not doing this because it will put me into office. i'm disinterested party here like any ordinary citizen. we want to be able to have confidence in our votes. and our democracy. stein and her party are trying to raise the money needed for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania as well. right now we're learning in lynn who police say shot and -- they shot and killed early tuesday morning. we now know that morning has a lengthy criminal history. victoria warren is live with more on this story and what el we know about this suspect. good morning, we also have been told by sources that the suspect just got out of prison. and lyn's police chief said he expected yesterday of going into the gas station here across the street demanding money saying he had a gun and it's something
9:36 am
time and time again. >> shots fired. police opening fire in lynn shooting and killing a man suspect instead violent robbery at a gas station. >> individual had his hand in the pocket. he refused to do so. he continued to come at the officers. move back try to create distance. eventually one of the officers fired his weapons. 41-year-old died at the hospital. sources telling just got out of prison and long history of robberies. back in 2010 this surveillance video went viral. showing a 75-year-old women trying to jump in to help a clerk as police say mcguiness jumped behind the counter strong arming him to hand over the money. early tuesday in lynn he was at it again struggling with the clerk at this gas station and making off with $150. an individual went in there.
9:37 am
firearm. attempted to rob the store. violent struggle ensued. the clerks okay. the district attorney's office is investigating all the events leading to the police officer opening fire. >> the two lynn in police officers were not hurt. lynn's police chief not saying whether or not they found a weapon saying that the something that is parliament of the ongoing investigation. live in lynn this morning. victoria warren,7news "today in new england." now to story you will see on just one station. after allegedly driving drunk twice in one day. 52-year-old steven burns arrested monday after picking up his child from school drunk. later that day his older son called police to them them his fathers driving under the influence again. that was burn's ninth oui charge. he will be back in court next week. >> salem state university deciding to reopen the controversial art exhibit that it closed recently. the decision made after a meeting between students and
9:38 am
the art installation was shout down last week after complaint about painting depicting members of the kkk. they will put a special kurltcu around that painting. it offers gains for both but those concerned about the exhibit and those concerned about the freedom of expression. and builds on what has been our approach all along. creating dialogue. officials plan to expand the artist descriptions a police pro test outside the medford city council meeting. several demonstrating outside of city hall last night. they voice their frustration about the conditions inside their police station. it comes after the department filed a discrimination complaint claiming they had problems with mold, broken windows and dirty showers. officers say the poor conditions effect their ability to do important police work.
9:39 am
because it's that antiquated. they are working on addressing the officer's concerns. officials have approved a plan to expand regular commuter rail service to foxboro. board of selectman voting 4-1 in favor of the pilot program. according to the foxboro the mbta wants to include four roundtrips to the platform at the south station. services set to begin in late 2017 or early hernandez suing a company that records prison phone calls for failing to keep his prison phone calls private. the former patriots tight end following a suit for invasion of privacy. unknown person accessed his calls while at the house of correction in 2014 and released the content. hernandez was convicted of killing semipro football player lloyd last year. >> some local firefighter
9:40 am
officials at a special ceremony. the firefighters were handed out in worcester on tuesday. firefighter from 11 different departments from all across the state were honored and recognized. members of the lynn fire department receiving recognition after they risked their lives to safe dozen of people that claimed four lives. and members of the fitchburg fire department take home top honor for racing to save people inside of a burning home in february. charlie baker is grateful to the firete >> they all represent in some respects special moments where people had to make difficult decisions and put themselves in harm's way. and they did so immediately and without hesitation. >> retired state fire marshall steven cohan was also recognized. >> still ahead here on 7, a
9:41 am
down the suspect. it's not a wolf in chief's clothing. it may leave your scratching your head. another soggy forecast this wednesday. when do we dry out.
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of the day. this is a special costume that calms down a goat in new jersey. it's owner said she put on a duck costume to cure this get's anxiety and it actually works. this goat is happy every time it wears the costume. maybe he always wanted to be a duck. >> this goat will have confusion at the barn yard. >> looks they both look very cute. love that story. you need a coat of some sort at least a rain coat. because i know the showers are continuing. you can probably bypass the duck coat. some of us got upward of an inch and a half of rain in freetown. you can see plymouth seeing more than an inch of rain. we grabbed half an inch of rain sort of range i expect today as well. most of us seeing half an
9:45 am
some outer liar as well. inch and a half possible. right now we see moisture push in that's largely to our north and northwest. light spotty showers. that's going to be the trend here into the late more. as we head into the afternoon more widespread showers and some pocket of more moderate to heavy rainfall especially by the midafternoon. once we start seeing that by the midafternoon we just keep seeing its through the late afternoon and evenings commute and into the overnight hours. a look ahead what to expect. as you head home from work we have some moderate tovy it will be similar to scenario to what we saw yesterday. definitely impacted evening commute. you see widespread showers pocket of orange as well as yellow indicating more moderate to heavy rainfall and into the early morning hours that's what we're still seeing. the good news this pushes out quickly. as we head into morning commutes tomorrow i think a lot of us are dealing with dry conditions. this is unless you leave early, 6:00 objection 7:00 where you
9:46 am
two. be you head out by 8:00 or 9:00 things look dry. you can see not just dry but sunny as well. similar sunshine as well. first day of december not looking bad in any way. i'll have more on that in a second. first recap on rainfall totals. by tonight at dinner time half an inch possible already on the ground. i think some of us closer to quarter of an inch. this will be similar to last night. we just keep seeing the showers all night lock into the early morning. here's what we could wake up to early tomorrow inch of rain. another thing to mention we been talking about rain. but we immediate to talk about fog as well. we're currently seeing that. that's mixing up nicely to west and north. the cape and island seeing the fog now. and while this will let into the late morning hours we'll have another round of this as we head into tonight. and the sticks around into tomorrow morning. count on fog through the next 24
9:47 am
temperature wise around atmosphering. gusty into tonight. breezy tomorrow as well. rain continues to might. you see fog is there as well. our temperature really don't plummet that much. we talk about low-to-mid to upper 40s for most. by tomorrow we actually have great weather for boston common tree lighting. mid-to-upper 40s. breezy but dry and actually not a bad first day of december either. look at the highs. high temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the mid 50s. that's about ten degrees above average high. we will see plenty of sunshine and we well. temperatures cool off into next week. >> ren . >> thanks for the update. we're following breaking news right now. all morning long we've been telling you about this water main break in chinatown. now fire crews are responding to fire in a manhole in that area. we want to get out live to nancy chin who has been following both of the stories for us. what's the latest? >> a major development since we
9:48 am
next half hour. i'm at stewart and washington. we saw a small explosion just a few moments before. but it looks like they are getting a handle on this. this entire street is blocked off. i have to tell you. this is right now at stewart and washington. this water main break just up the street at washington and beach street. of course at this point there's no confirmation that this directly related to the water main break t related to water main break. but we were here. we saw crew working here on this street. we were told they were working on reopening the streets. clearly now it's enundated with fire crews trying to get this under control. heavy smoke was here. we had a tough time breathing at some points as you can see the fire crews right there working to get all of this under control. but take a look at video from earlier this morning. this is of the street. washington street completely
9:49 am
crews working to else ka aggravate the streets around here to replace this water line transmission that i'm told that broke. and they had to shutdown water to the area residents for a little while to get it under control. we were told initially that the water was back on for the residents that things were starting to cleanup. the road had buckled. that's when of course we started seeing the fire crews awry here. we were moved down the street from where weer scene of the water main break it self because of how heavy this smokes for our own safety they've now moved everyone back. they shutdown the street here. and they are just working now. it looks like the smoke is starting to clear a little bit. but that's the latest live in china town. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." that's big developments there. >> coming up here next at 9:00 thief caught on camera stealing a women's purse. take a look that video. police need your help finding
9:50 am
price tag.
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to speak with an agent. don't wait until it's too late. >> caught on camera a purse plucked from an elderliwomen in foul mouth wal-mart. you can see the suspect take the purse out of her scooter basket. the thief stole hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards >> keep watching that video. police are now asking for your they are trying to find the person responsible for that. let's get over to sarah with more on newsroom and the search for this suspect. this is what we know right now. falmouth police are hoping someone recognizes a women from surveillance video. they say she snatched the purse that had hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards inside. a brazen theft snatching a purse right out of someone else's shopping card. i can't believe that someone would do that this time of year
9:53 am
a good look at this women. she suspected of stealing an elderly women's purse which contained several hundreds dollars in cash and gift cards. it happened at this wal-mart in falmouth shortly after 5:00 sunday evening. surveillance video shows the suspect entering the wal-mart and walking right past the victim's shopping cart. seconds later the women returns and make the grab. that's ridiculous. you have to work for your stuff. you don't someone hard earned people are desperate. police say when the victim reported her purse stolen they checked the store security camera. and there it was plain as day. falmouth police posted the video on their web site and fay book page. they hope someone recognizes the women and speaks up. somebody will recognize her and get it back. for sure. >> definitely. just keep posting on facebook. social media. >> that's the way. social media someone will recognize her. police say they have
9:54 am
posting the video on facebook. but don't have a suspect. guys back to you. police in new york city are on the hunt for this man. watch what happens here. they say he took more than 1 million dollars worth of gold flakes. there in the bucket that he's taking out of the back of the armored car. the pale weighed about 8 # pound. they are not sure if he nye exactly what he was stealing. i'll take another look at the rainfall totals in a moment. will it that answer in a bit. agine a woe holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness.
9:55 am
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country music fan rejoices because in august it's now looking even better for you. that is because kenney chesnear added a second show at gillette this summer. i just wanted to say how excited
9:57 am
>> so the country star already booked the last friday in august for only stadium show of the year. since he said it's not a summer without back-to-back shows in foxboro. fans will have the chance to see him two nightes in a row tickets for both shows go on sale on friday. and i have a feeling it will be a lot of people waiting for those tickets to go on sale. >> setting several computers up getting ready to jump on grab ticket they can. i hear it's a great show. >> today. we got until next summer to wait for that. the rain showers moving in once again. and we're going see the rain showers ramp up into the afternoon. we'll see this into the evening commute and tonight. while this will help. we chip away at the deficit the rain deficit we have for the year. we're definitely in a drought here and still falling short for the month of november as well. rain wraps up quickly early in the morning. do count on patchy fog through the next 24 hours or so.
9:58 am
straight ahead this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm crkris anderson. i'm nicole oliverio.
9:59 am
10:00 am
this morning on "today's take" get ready for double the fun with a couple of hot properties. drew and jonathan scott. then we'll celebrate a christmas of many colors with jennifer nettles and ricky schroeder. plus winter trends, all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'd rather look small and al look small. >> welcome to "today" on wednesday morning, november 30th. >> we're battling. >> so here's the deal. we've got, of course, the scott twins, the scott brothers, jonathan and drew hanging with us. >> what are the problems here? >> normally this is not the way we'd sit, tamron would be on the


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