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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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plane reported moments before the crash that killed the brazilian soccer team. >> and an army vet shares his story of the attack at the ohio state university and how he helped stop the violence. >> and santa isn't coming to town. why school fishes are banning jolly old st. nick from classrooms. >> a woman was stabbed to death at a home in brockton. her 18-year-old son is in custody, brought in for home on merit ave. let get over to adam williams in the newsroom with all the details. >> ryan and jadiann, what we know is the 18-year-old son has not been charged at this point but state police are interviewing him as you mentioned. police and the d.a.'s office are on the scene at 34 merit avenue in brockton. the d.a. says a mother was stabbed fatally. neighbors say just after noon the grandmother was waving them down, screaming for them to call 911. the d.a. says they're trying to figure out exactly what happened.
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happen. a mother-son relationship and for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic and we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> police are still on the scene there in brockton. we have a crew there and will bring you the latest live coming up on 7news at 6:00. in the newsroom, i'm adam williams, 7news. we are following a developing story on the soccer team tragedy in brazil. officials say the recording shows the pilot of that brazilian charter plane ran out of fuel before nate. the pilot repeatedly asked air traffic control permission to land because of total failure and lack of fuel. he went silent after saying he's flying about 9,000 feet off the ground. >> a memorial will be held tonight at the stadium where the teams were set to play and a
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the attack at ohio state university, investigators believe, was inspired by isis. investigators say posts on abdul artan's facebook page referenced the terror group, and yesterday isis claimed responsibility for the attack. today we're hearing from one of the victims in the attack. andy pain is a student at ohio state university and happens to be an army veteran and says his instinct was to grab the attacker's weapon.
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people. attacked to my right person and attacked me and i grabbed the knife with my hand. >> andy's friend watched from the other side of the car. >> he was just swinging his arms around with it. >> i feel like i should have done something but at the same time, i don't know what i could have done. >> reporter: both andy and jeff ran back through watts hall and out the other side. >> that's when i heard the gunshots. >> as quickly as it all started, the terror was over. andy had immediate surgery to repair damaged nerves and tendons in his hand. he's focused now on recoverin investigators say artan bought a knife from a walmart before the attack and now they're looking into if the same one was used in the attack. 7news in salem where officials at salem state university decided to re-open a controversial art exhibit. the art installation was shut down after complaints about a painting that depicted members of the kkk. school officials say they'll
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curtain over the particular painting. >> the overall outcome offers gains for both those concerned about the exhibit and those concerned about the freedom of expression and builds on what has been our approach all along. creating dialogue. >> school officials also plan to expand the artist descriptions of each work and provide guided tours. several medford police officers demonstrating outside city hall last night. they are voicing their frustrations about the conditions inside their police station. it comes after the department found the and broken windows and dirty showers. >> a decision no not fly the american flag on campus. some students burned the flag
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half-staff following the presidential election. hampshire college president made the controversial decision to take down the flag after the incident in order to maintain peace on campus. >> officials have improved a plan to expand regular commute rail service to foxboro. the foxboro board of selectmen voting 4 to 1 last night in favor of a pilot program for a commuter rail station in town. reporters say the mbta wants to include four roundtrips from the gillette stadium platform to south station. services set to begin in late 2017 or early also on 7, the clock is ticking for pipeline protestors in north dakota. officials issued a december 5th deadline for protestors to leave the site. after five months of protesting, demonstrators and members of the tribe say they're not budging. meanwhile, pipeline officials ensure the pipeline will be safe. >> water is sacred, but it's also good business to protect your water resource. >> this pipeline is being built where two existing pipelines
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1982. we have not disturbed any historical sites. >> reporter: the remains of fidel castro returning to where his communist revolution began. castro's ashes will be taken across the island on a journey and it will end with castro's funeral in santiago in cuba on sunday. many world leaders are planning to attend including spain's former king. we are here today. a mother attacked in her own home. two women waiting for her to come home. now police in georgia scray are looking for the men responsible while the mother continues to fear for the safety of her family. >> it was a very violent attack from the moment she walked in that house for about 10 minutes. >> reporter: georgia police released this surveillance video from inside this apartment showing the homes two men attacked a mother back on november 9th. >> i'm scared they'll come back again and do something to my
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>> reporter: the victim's identity has been concealed because she is still living in fear. while one man beat her for 10 minutes with a metal pipe and a gun the other ransacked the apartment. >> everything has changed here because my sense of security and stability is not the same. the fear is always following me, even when i'm home. >> the victim fought very, very courageously against those attackers and possibly could have prevented something severe. >> reporter: police are hoping that someone who lives nearby can recognize these men. >> we're hoping with the video footage that we've just released, it's a little clear, they're a little clearer and in more detail and we're hoping someone out there can help identify these two and help get them off the street very quickly. >> if someone identifies them, call police. help me get justice. >> police say the men got away with cash, jewelry and other penalty items. wild weather in parts of the south. a dozen people are dead after
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of the southeast. suspected tornadoes ravaged parts of alabama and tennessee. the twisters leveled dozens of buildings. we're told at least a dozen other people are hospitalized after the storms. in tennessee, officials say three more bodies have been recovered after the wildfires in the great smoky mountains. bringing the death toll there to 7. authorities say the wildfires preed embers and flames into gatlinburg igniting new fires and forcing thousands to evacuate. county officials say more than 400 buildings hav even with significant rainfall hitting the state fire officials say the wildfire threat is not over. >> a home explodes in new york trapping a mom and her dog inside. police say the woman was waiting for her three kids to get home from school when her home blew up. the mom was trapped in the rubble but somehow managed to escape with the family's dog. she's expected to be okay. police aren't sure what caused that explosion. one of two inmates who escaped from a california jail has been captured. authorities say they arrested one of the convicts today. the inmates escaped thanksgiving
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bars, covering a window, and used bed sheets to repel down to the ground. one is still out there. a plea deal for the truck driver in the deadly crash that left comedian tracy morgan seriously hurt. he was convicted of killing who was well morgan, he will do community service and fines and be on probation, in a meeting morgan says he has forgiven roper and no a police chase. investigators say a man crashed his pickup truck and then took someone else's car before he slammed into a pole. police did catch him. he's facing several charges, including driving under the influence. a man with a serious case of road rage, got into a fight with another man. he then reversed his truck and rammed it right into the car. after ramming the car several times, the driver of the pickup truck got out and then smashed the window. now police in new york city on the hunt for this man who
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dollars in gold flakes. the man stole the goal from an armored car. police say it weighs around 86 pounds and not sure if the robber knew exactly what he was doing. ahead here on 7news at 5:30, santa isn't coming to one school district in oregon. the man in red banned from the classroom. then at 6:00, manhole fires possibly triggered by a water main break causing major traffic problems in chinatown all day to the hospital after a cruiser crashed in rockland. another driver and a police dog also hurt. a mother stabbed in her home in brockton and her son now held foruestioning. much more in a live report
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>> santa claus quintessential to the holiday season and america. you see him in stores like jeff nelson's antique shop. >> it's just part of the traditional holiday spirit, i guess. we have always embraced it. >> reporter: but santa is not welcome in hillsborough oregon schools. the district telling staff, who wish to decorate offices or doors, to refrain from religious themed decorations or images like santa. >> it really went out as a notification to staff, not even to parents, jus sure that they were being sensitive and thoughtful as they kind of enter the holiday season. >> reporter: beth grazer, communications director for the school district, says this is to make sure all cultures and backgrounds are comfortable at school. some parents say that's bogus. >> i'm from the generation where we believe in santa. and my kids believe in santa ask they should be able to celebrate it. >> reporter: jason ramirez understands why the districts does, this but santa never bothered him. >> if you're gonna put, you
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window that's one then but i think that santa claus is more folklore and american history as opposed to a religious symbol at this point in time. >> reporter: nelson says a santa ban might be going a little too far. on the other hand grazer says they understand the frustrations, but... >> it's not met to be that at all. again, it's just really a reminder in trying to get people to be sensitive. >> for parents like ramirez, he's used to this idea in schools. santa or no santa, it makes no difference to him. >> the kids still get the same effect out of i districts in the area have similar holiday decoration policies. coming up on 7news at 5:30, a hollywood film premiering in a holy place. pope francis welcoming director martin scorsese to the vatican. >> rain for tonight and sun for tomorrow. weekend forecast up next. at 6:00, a fire chief in trouble after he's accused of using town money to buy women's clothing. >> and a school nurse accused of giving a child the wrong
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>> nbc is hosting the christmas tree lighting event live from rockefeller center tonight. it will feature tony bennett, garth books, and tritia yearwood. the hour long special will be broadcast tonight at 8:00 right here on 7 nbc. it's gonna there, no snowflakes, some raindrops. >> yes, for now. >> we may have snow around the corner. j.r., how are things looking? a lot of rain? yeah, raindrops overnight tonight and the timing, the placement of the rain, i mean, look at this, this plume of green and yellow, the steadier rainfall right on the masspike moving east, north and southshore, as well. second day in a row where the
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followed -- the kind of fouled up with the rain. we picked up over an inch of rain in the shaded green and the shaded blue around the metro and up to the merrimack, not quite as much, but about a half an inch of rain, with more on the way now, of course, as well as later this evening. that rain has shut down hartford and new york city. for the tree lighting they might be okay and the only concern would be there is more rain on the horizon. pennsylvania, west virginia, and down through carolina. this is on the move. this will wor new york and then into new england and later on tonight. i do think there will be a burst of heavier rainfall coming at us, probably around midnight. here we go, we stop the future radar, what we think it will look like at midnight, and there's this yellow and orange, even some red. those are showers and downpours working up through connecticut and rhode island. across the metro, just after midnight. by 7:00 a.m., we've moved the
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store, but i don't think we have to worry about a raining morning mute. how much rain is on the way? again, this is just with the rain now and overnight tonight. this is not factoring what we already picked up. but an additional inch of rain on tap. upper fowrpts right now... if you're out andbo cool, raw feel to the air. for tomorrow, morning clouds, and then sunshine comes back at us during the morning hours. it'll be warm with temps between 52 and 58. a little bit windy at times out of the west between 15 and 25 miles per hour. normal high, we should be in the upper 40s on the 1st of december. we'll be in the upper 50s, even close to 60 degrees. the city around 67, north of town, the numbers in the low to middle 50s. ansbury at four.
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fitchburg 52. worcester at 49, and out on the cape, windy at times, but a nice one for the 1st of december. temps running in the 50s. so there you go, that's tomorrow. then as we work into friday, less wind. although, oddly enough, it's colder on friday, so it will be -- temps on friday will actually be in the lower to middle 40s, and as we work into the weekend, looks like saturday and sunday features sunshine both days with temps in the 40s. monday cloudy skind snow flurries monday morning. i don't think you need to get your bread and milk just yet. not for that. maybe? back to you. >> all right. we'll let you know when that's necessary. a legendary film director paying a visit to the vatican. pope francis visits martin scorsese today, one day before the film "silence" premiers at the vatican.
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century japan. next at 5:30, a local singer coming back to boston after she's eliminated from "the voice." >> and good evening, everyone. i'm kim khazei. >> i'm adam williams. here's a look at the stories we're following at 6:00. breaking news from brockton. a mother stabbed to death, and her son is being questioned by police. also, a water main break causing a mess in boston's chinatown. look at that. it also sparked manhole fires. we have the latest on the clean-up there. >> and dighton's fire chief is accused of using department money to buy himself clothing. now city officials are taking action. >> we'll have those stories and more coming up here on the news station. >> on our newscast tonight, the recording that captures the final heroing minutes of the doomed plane that carried a brazilian soccer team. donald trump delivers on his pledge to save jobs that were about to head to mexico. what was the trade-off? and a visit to the workplace where every day is "take your child to work" day when we see
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. >> a local woman's run on "the voice" coming to an end. courtney horell was eliminated last night. >> the dorchester native thanking her fans to help her make it that far. she says that being on the show was one of the best experiences of her life and that it helped her find her voice. she gave a special shout-out to
5:57 pm
her the entire time. >> yes, we did, and we still do. the new england based manchester by the sea is receiving early honors, named best film by a national board of review. the star casey affleck also got an award earlier this week. >> i want to say how excited i am that we're adding a second night to gillette stadium. >> kenny chesney surprising country music fans with the second show at gillette this august. the country star alrdy the last friday in august for his only stadium show of the year. tickets for both shows go on sale on friday. and the force is strong with rogue 1, the star wars story, according to the hollywood reporter, the movie has just broken the record for the biggest number of ticket presales in 2016 for both fandango and movie variety says it's predicted to open above the $130 mark by it
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>> another 30 minutes of 7news straight ahead. i'm ryan schulteis. >> and i'm jadiann thompson. 7news at 6:00 with kim and adam starts right now. >> reporter: a mother found stabbed to death inside of a brockton home, police are now questioning her son. a blood of trouble followed by a smoky situation in chinatown. all making for a chaotic morning commute. s new england. i'll let you know when the rain moves out of here. >> reporter: and a trip to the school nurse, leads to a medicine mix-up, a mom and dad shaken up after their daughter is given the wrong pill. the mother-son relationship and for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic and we need to make sure we find out what happened. >> reporter: breaking news at 6:00. a brockton mother found stabbed
5:59 pm
taken her tamed son into custody. police are now questioning that 18-year-old. >> 7's kelli o'hara joins us live on the scene with the latest information at 6:00. kelli. >> crime scene investigators are still inside of this home. they've been here for hours. you can see crime scene tape surrounding this house, state police parked outside and the d.a. is calling this a tragedy. >> she was wailing and screaming andid >> reporter: when mary called 911 she did know what she was calling for help for but knew it was bad. >> i saw her hollering and i didn't know what was going on. and then when she started coming to the house, i came outside and she just grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the house. >> reporter: the district attorney says brockton police got that 911 call around 1:00 this afternoon for a woman needing help. what they found inside this home, though, was a mother lying dead, stabbed multiple times and her son inside.
6:00 pm
we need to find out exactly about the mother season son relationship, for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic. >> reporter: for mary though she said after she called for help she didn't walk through this front door. >> he came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out there and said you're not going in. i just kept pulling her away from the house until we were down the street here. he reporter: and some neighbors saying that she helped and possibly saved that grandmother that she called 911 for. crime scene investigators here still on scene and again that son is in custody being questioned by police. police say he's not been charged with any crime. in brockton tonight, kelli o'hara, 7news. also on 7, another round of rain. we knew it was coming, and yes, it is falling right in the middle of the evening commute. never a beautiful thing. but let's go to chief


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