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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we need to find out exactly about the mother season son relationship, for it to end this way, it's terrible, it's tragic. >> reporter: for mary though she said after she called for help she didn't walk through this front door. >> he came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out there and said you're not going in. i just kept pulling her away from the house until we were down the street here. he reporter: and some neighbors saying that she helped and possibly saved that grandmother that she called 911 for. crime scene investigators here still on scene and again that son is in custody being questioned by police. police say he's not been charged with any crime. in brockton tonight, kelli o'hara, 7news. also on 7, another round of rain. we knew it was coming, and yes, it is falling right in the middle of the evening commute. never a beautiful thing. but let's go to chief
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>> yeah, here is the rain right now. basically you pick out a road, you've got rain on it and some of it will be steady to occasionally heavy, especially later on tonight. we've got the rain across southern new england. it does terribly wind down toward metro new york city but there is more rain farther south down toward the virginias as well as carolina. it's this plume of rain right here, this will work up across southern new england later on tonight and there could be a burst of steady rainfall about midnight tonight. as we advance our timeline, you notice the colors, warmer and warmer. yellows, oranges, even some reds, kind of like a christmas tree, around midnight tonight and then it moves off to the north of boston before the morning commute tomorrow so several hours of rain overnight tonight. brief heavy rain overnight. most towns will pick up an inch of rain on top of what we picked up yesterday, and then we can focus on the sunshine coming back tomorrow and a bit of a warm-up, as well. forecast up next. a water main wrecked and leading to more trouble. clean-up underway at chinatown
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sparking flooding and manhole fires. it caused a messy commute for drivers coming into the city. the usually busy street is under nearly a foot of water today. steve cooper is live now to show us how things are out there right now. >> well, it was a rough morning commute around here, turned into a rough evening commute, as well. you can see some of the lanes here on neyland street are still taken up. work crews still trying to clean up the mess. it all began with flooding this morning ask then there was fire. >> i went up to my room and a firefighter hit the door, and we just left. >> reporter: thick, acrid smoke spewing from multiple manhole covers here on neyland street in chinatown just after 9:00 this morning, forcing as many as 100 people staying at the boston youth hostel out into the streets, bundled new blankets. >> i just got here yesterday on a red eye flight so i was trying to get a bit of shut-eye and suddenly told to get out. >> reporter: fire officials say the manhole fires were sparked
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sending thousands and thousands of gallons of water cascading down washington street, flooding the basements of several businesses and buildings. >> we're talking about the pipes that have been in the ground for decades. it's certainly something that we're working on. >> reporter: roads in the area sealed off for hours while firefighters used a special foam to knock down the stubborn flames. it was especially designed for manholes, so hopefully the product works. it's a very far as containing the fire. >> reporter: crews work to pump flooded-out basements before digging up the road to repair the broken water main. meanwhile health inspectors from the city are working with businesses to assess the damage done. >> a voluntary closure of about 12 businesses. we're working with them to assess what the actual damage is to product and to their spaces. >> right now a spokesman for the boston water sewer commission telling us homes ago that the
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repaired, but there's still a lot of work to do out here. and so you see this stretch of the intersection is still closed down. the hope is that they'll be able to re-open it by tomorrow morning's commute. live in chinatown tonight, steve cooper, 7news. a cruiser crash in rockland. a plymouth county sheriff's deputy has to go to the hospital after the cruiser collides with a car. his k-9 and the other driver were also hurt. 7's dan hausle joins us live from rockland with everything w >> well, kim, beach street here is straight. but neighbors tell us they've still seen a lot of accidents, usually followed by sirens. but in this case there was a siren before the accident. >> reporter: investigators say the plymouth county sheriff's deputy had his lights and siren on when he crashed into the side of a small sedan that had turned in front of him. >> and i heard this bang, and i'm familiar with that noise.
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our street is one that's very busy, you know. there are always accidents. the cruisers always flying up the street. >> reporter: rosemary williams not the only resident who hurt the crash. diane lasant came out and tax these pictures as first responders worked to free the driver from the wreckage. diane says the deputy and his k-9 partner didn't appear as badly hurt. >> the sheriff got out of the car. he wouldn't get on the stretcher. he walked and ambulance. >> reporter: rockland police say the car that was hit was one of three cars traveling the same direction as the cruiser, coming up fast with lights and sirens. two cars pulled over, but the third car in front of the line didn't, and instead turned left, then was hit by the sheriffs cruiser. >> i really don't know if the radio was up or whatever distractions may have been going on at the time. we do know the lights and sirens were on. there were witnesses in the two vehicles that did pull over to the right. they did stop. >> reporter: the driver of the
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crews worked to free him. they eventually got him out and rushed him to the hospital with serious injuries. >> and we're now told that that driver is in serious but stable condition. the sheriff's department and the rockland pd have yet to be able to say exactly what kind of emergency or situation the officer was responding to when he was involved in the crash. we're live in rockland, dan hausle, 7news. a car slams into a bar in avington. you can see when we get to the video thes car smashed right through the brick wall. that's jp ryan's pub on rockland avenue. nobody was hurt there. no word on what caused the crash. a chief under fire. the chef of the dighton fire department now suspended without pay accused of using taxpayer money to buy women's clothing for himself, and then lying about it when questioned. this case came to light after an investigation into the fire department's finances. 7's jonathan hall live at dighton fire department with
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kim. his lawyer says dighton's fire chief has been serving this town well for more than 25 years, 11 of them as chief, and feels sad this is happening. but a town found evidence he had been changing expense reports to buy workout clothes, ladies workout clothes for somebody else, likely his girlfriend. >> chief tony roderick is in trouble, off the job without pay >> we trusted, we believed. i feel betraded. >> reporter: the chief admits he bought ladies clothing on a police and fire gear website called galls and filed paperwork to be reimbursed, including a make capri workout pants, a tube top and more. a state trooper's report says roddick was embarrassed to be buying women's clothing but claimed he had lost 30 pounds and they fit him better.
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demanded that he try the clothing on for the trooper to prove it fit him. it did, but tightly. chief roderick has been splitting time between his parents' house and his girlfriend's home. she was also interviewed and admitted one item, the capri pants, had been in her closet. investigators claim roddic used white-out to alter invoices, changing the clothing descriptions to read men's rather than women's. he denies using the white-out. >> he has done an outstanding job for chief. >> reporter: the board of selectmen suspended chief roddic without pay. it says he likely misappropriated thousands of dollars and an internal oddity is ongoing. >> me offended not only this board but the taxpayers of this town. >> reporter: the chief's lawyers says, quote, he is saddened by the allegations made against him and strongly denies them. chief roddick maintains his innocence, awaits his day in court and has no further comment at this time. >> there is history here. chief roddick previously sued
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amid a contract dispute. the state has a strong chief's law which prevents his ouster, unless it's proven he's done something wrong. we're live in dighton, jonathan hall, 7news. governor charlie baker getting a big award in washington d.c. tonight. governor baker chosen as governing magazine's public official of the year. while in d.c., the governor also will be meeting with federal officials to talk about transportation and military task force >> coming up as we continue at 6:00, a medicine mix-up at a local elementary school. why the school nurse caused a scare for a little girl and her family and how the school is
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it's a medicine mix-up. the family of this little girl says she was begin the wrong medication when she went to the school nurse for a bump and a bruise. it happened at a blackstone elementary school. >> we should tell you first of all the girl is doing just fine but her parents want to spread the word so it doesn't happen to
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7's byron barnett with the story. >> reporter: practicing her gymnastics moves, 7-year-old madison young says she's feeling great today but she and her family had a big scare tuesday, when the nurse at the john f. kennedy elementary school in blackstone gave madison the wrong medicine. >> i was pretty upset. i was crying. i couldn't get there fast enough. it was raining out, and it was scary. i'm glad she's okay today. >> reporter: madison says she went to the school nurse she hurt her elbow during lunch. >> and then i fell backwards because there's a pole where you hang your jacket and i fell right there. >> reporter: madison's mom says the nurse was supposed to give madison motrin, but gave her ritalin instead. >> apparently another -- i know a little girl who's given ritalin at the school and she thought that mad coven was the little girl. >> because they looked alike? >> because they looked alike, yes. >> reporter: school officials
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her mistake right away. in a statement the school superintendent says the nurse immediately called poison control, notified the principals and called the patients. he says they reviewed all protocols and procedure so that this mistake never happens again. >> we're told the school nurse is very upset and remorseful. madison's mom says the nurse apologized to her. school fishes say the nurse will not be facing any discipline. in blackstone, i'm byron barnett, 7news. all right, if you're on the couch or the kitchen or anywhere inside getting caught u sports, you're in a good place. >> is standing by to let us know how much longer we'll have to have the umbrellas. >> yeah, overnight tonight.
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>> the rain is coming and we need the rain. but still makes it a little yucky to navigate, especially when it's during the commute and ifou zakim bridge, which is pretty busy, but not as bad as we saw it earlier. so hopefully things are winding down a little bit. >> jairm prix me from this shot it doesn't look like it's pouring although could be protected by something, who knows. >> right. no, yeah, not as heavy as it was once about a half-hour ago. you notice the yellow shade that's now out in the harbor moving away. so it is backing off in intensity a little bit. and as you work toward the 95
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connecticut river valley, the colors go back to greens and yellows. i think that's how it will go tonight where we'll have the lulls in the activity and then you'll get a burst of steadier rainfall, even briefly heavy rain later on tonight, and then it all winds down early tomorrow morning. thankfully you don't need the rain gear for your thursday morning commute. rainfall total, yesterday a lot of the rain was focused in the green shading here, over an inch of rain north of town, in town included. about a half an inch of rain. dut now more rain is occurring does extend all the way down through the carolinas, and so it's this down here, this has to work across new england, and once that happens, then we can close the books on this rain event. that's still seven or eight hours away from happening. as we head to around midnight tonight, you notice the colors are rather warm here on the screen. those are the pockets of the heavier rainfall. it's likely to pick up in intensity for a short time, perhaps a few hours around midnight tonight up until about 3:00 tomorrow morning and after that time it will really shut down.
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place, but in terms of the rain, there might be a couple of showers in the seacoast, cape ann, as well as the cape itself. but even in those locations, quickly moving away. so how much additional rain? i think widespread probably gonna be advertising an inch of rain, especially boston north. a little bit reverse from what it was last night where there was over an inch on the cape. i think tonight the numbers might be a little lower. cool and raw. temps in the upper 40s, norwood 48. unlike last night the numbers actually jumped to around 60. i don't think that happens tonight, and then winds will be out of the east around 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning clouds, sun in the afternoon, breezy, mild temps between 52 and 58. boston 57, lakeville at 60. north of town, manchester at 50. into the worcester hills, fitchburg at 52. worcester at 49, and out on to the cape, partly sunny skies. chatham at 55. your 7 on 7 forecast, after tomorrow, it does cool off,
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weekend the temps in the 40s, monday cloudy skies, maybe a few snow flurries monday morning. highs only in the upper 30s. a kicking game and a tremendous weapon, this guy's as good a player as i've ever seen in that position. >> when bill belichick starts off his weekly news conferenc punter, it's pretty easy to see why the patriots opened up as 13 and a half point favorites for sunday's game against the rams. even with tom brady wobbling and rob gronkowski' status up in the air. and edelman missing from practice today while slater returned after sitting out all last week with a foot injury. ber seth also present for the team's practice participating for the first time since he was placed on injured reserve back
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trey daerr has more from foxboro on the ailing patriots. >> i think that's what december means, it's almost over, you know. we got five games left in the regular season and it's here and now, and that's it. >> reporter: the rigors of an nfl season beginning to take their toll. no brady, gronkowski or edelman at practice wednesday is the focus for the patriots intensifies in the calendar's final month. >> it rings a bell for all teams. you gotta really try to play your best so you're not s there four or five weeks in, i wish i had this week back, i wish i had that week back. you just want to put it all out there. >> reporter: playing through the pain may be a little bit more difficult late in the year. >> i'm all right. i can take it. i'm a big guy. >> reporter: dionne louis, a mere 5'8" has only played two games the last 12 months... with others on the medical, he'll need to emerge, an even bigger threat, finding a way to thrive and maybe even survive. >> survival for them.
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going to try to do that. try using my low center of gravity to my advantage. >> the l.a. rams may be struggling to score some points but the patriots defense really with a lot of respect for some of the weapons these guys have. jaryd govern going to make his third start as a rookie quarterback. austin and brilt some of the more explosive receivers in the nfl. trey daerr, be 7sports. one day after being honored by the sports museum, drew bledsoe was back in foxboro rein home for 9 sentence. the first overall pick in the 1993 draft will be part of another ceremony during halftime of sunday's game, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the 2001 super bowl championship team. >> it was probably the mark the organization and all -- in all of professional sports, at least in the united states, and -- but we were part of -- kind that have transition are where it went from being kind of a doormat to being a fairly perfect organization.
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>> the red sox could be turning to a familiar face to help replace the retired david ortiz mike napoli is reporting drawing interest from multiple teams including the red sox. the 35-year-old napoli is coming off a great season. one of his best seasons, hitting 34 home runs and driving in 101 runs, both career highs. >> michigan state in an big ten challenge. it's spartan's miles showing off the hawks, scoring over 2 for a huge put-back dump. the freshman follow-up slam good for our play of the day. and the celtics looking to make it two wins in a row, taking on the pistons in the opener of a quick two-game home stand. that's sports. >> all right, joe. thank you.
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he had. good idea to keep an eye on the radar tonight. you can download the 7news weather app or join us again at 7:00, 10:00 and 11:00. but it looks like the rain is moving out. so things are getting better. perhaps some sunshine tomorrow. >> yes, i think i heard j.r. say we're gonna need sunglasses instead of umbrellas. have a good evening, everybody. we're back here for 7 nightly
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tonight, double disaster -- a rising death toll as wildfires, then tornadoes explode across the south. new threats, new warnings as a big part of the country gets hit with wild extremes. no charges in a fatal police shooting that sparked days of protests. why prosecutors say justified. in using deadly force. frantic final words from the pilot of that doomed jetliner, repeatedly telling air traffic control his plane was rapidly running out of fuel. how could this have happened? art of the deal? donald trump turns a campaign rallying cry into action, saving jobs at carrier, from moving to mexico. what did it take? and making it work -- the big american company where every day is take your child to work day.


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