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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 1, 2016 1:08am-2:08am EST

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with a stick. >> seth: i'm sorry, sheriff, but i'm a married man with a kid. >> oh, yeah i was married once. didn't work out too well. >> seth: okay. >> yeah, it was no good in the marriage department, if you catch my drift. >> seth: yeah i think we do. >> do you? [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, we do. >> i had sex with a woman who was not my wife. >> seth: okay, you know what? [ laughter ] sheriff, look, you know, the live ad is done now. we've done what we're contracted to move on with the show. >> oh no, seth. i'm sorry, man. i don't know where my head was at. >> seth: no, it's okay. >> hey, remember the jingle? for an awesome low rate you can get online, come to the sheriff and same some dimes. >> seth: okay, thank you, sheriff. all right. so moving on with the show. there's this brand new thing where -- >> hey seth, what are you doing this weekend. >> seth: i don't know. i was just going to hang around the house. >> why don't you come up to my lake house? >> seth: yeah, no, i told you i have a family. >> ditch 'em, bro.
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can't. >> hey, to sweeten the deal, i know some chicks that would love to get down and dirty for a celebrity like you if you know what i mean, seth. >> seth: yeah, i do. >> do you? >> seth: yes. [ laughter ] yeah, we all know. please don't explain it. >> they want to have sex with you because you're on tv. >> seth: that's enough, sheriff. >> come on, seth. cheat on your wife. be somebody. [ laughter ] >> seth: just d sex stuff. >> oh, i see, seth. maybe you want to have sex with my horse. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's disgusting. >> what do you think, seth? you like what you see? >> seth: all right, that's it. sheriff, you and your gross horse, get out of here. >> for an awesome low rate you can get online, anonymous sex is divine. >> seth: get out of here! >> let's book it. yeehaw!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is the lead singer of tonight's fantastic punk band, against me! her new memoir "tranny: confessions of punk rock's most infamous anarchist sellout" is in stores now. please welcome back to the show laura jane grace, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: as you know, i'm a huge fan. and thank you for doing double duty and both talking to me and then playing with the band later. >> i appreciate it, yeah. >> seth: so this book is fantastic. it's -- because you used tons of your old journals. >> i did. >> seth: you've been someone who has saved journals your whole life. when was your first journal entry? >> when i was 8 years old. i -- my father was in the army and was stationed in italy, and he had to do a training exercise in germany, so my schoolteacher gave me the assignment of keeping a journal.
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impressionable trip and i got a really good grade on the journal that i kept. and i just kept keeping journals from there. >> seth: it's impressive because that was a thing -- there were so many points in my life where i said, "i'm going to start keeping a journal." and when i look back, all those journals have one and a half entries and then just tons of blank pages. and so -- but there's really no real major gap in your life when you weren't doing this. >> no, i mean i definitely lost a couple journals along the way when i was younger. but from when i was, like, 16 until now, you know, like, i boxes sitting around that i've had to haul around with me everywhere i've moved. >> seth: as you -- so was this nice, like, getting your journals on paper in a book that now people can own? now are you getting rid of those journals, or are you still saving them all? >> i plan on burning them. >> seth: okay, yeah. >> a nice big bonfire. >> seth: a nice big bonfire. so this book both charts your career as a musician, but also about being a transgender woman and transitioning. what was very fascinating to me --
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which is why the journals you have are so great -- is this is something that you are identifying as at a very young age. >> right. well, i mean, you know, at a young age i didn't have the words for it. >> seth: right. >> i didn't probably hear the word "transgender" until i was like, i don't know, 19 or 20 or something like that. so it's really like -- it took me a long time to come to understanding, you know, things about myself. >> seth: and going back, was it -- did you find it helpful, or -- what did you feel as you realized, "oh this is something. this is a joy >> i mean, you can't help but see it all just laid out there for you. you know, 'cause it's plain to see. and you see the cycles you were locked in. you see the coping mechanisms you used. and you can't deny it, just 'cause it's all there on paper. >> seth: now obviously you live in this punk community. and you write that like, there was sort of a great awareness of queer culture but not really of the transgender -- not like gender identity. do you feel like now because of
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>> well, not just because of myself but because of so many other people doing that work to raise awareness. but it really is a problem of a lack of education. i mean if you think back to school and what sex ed was and how much of a joke that class was. there was no genders studies class or anything like that, and people have a hard time still understanding the difference between sexual identity and gender identity. >> seth: yeah, sex ed was a huge waste of time. >> yeah, pretty much. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i remember them showing us how to put a condom on, on like a wooden dowel that was like 18 inches, and i just remember everybody thinking, "oh no. is that what normal is? because we all have a huge problem." [ laughter ] you also, as i mentioned, you write about this very thrilling and exciting career being in a punk band. you have obviously played some very dodgy venues over the years. do you have a personal least favorite? >> you know, we have, like, played every type of venue from stadiums to -- we played a subway restaurant one time, to like barns on a farm. >> seth: wait, when you play a
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subs expecting to see a punk band? [ light laughter ] >> no, but it's a nice surprise with their meal. >> seth: i do want everyone who might not be familiar with against me!'s music, when they're playing a couple minutes from now, think of yourself at a subway and hearing it and not expecting it. [ laughter ] >> smell the bread. smell the bread. >> seth: yeah. >> but you know, i think one remarkable place we played in our early days, especially touring in europe, we played a lot of squats. and i remember one tour we were touring in poland and played in gdansk. and before we went there we had been warned by a band a week befoha so we were a little sketched out going into it. >> seth: sure. >> and like, you know, driving up to it, it was just -- it looked like a bomb went off, and there's all these bombed out buildings and then there's the squat standing in the center of it all. and there was no electricity, the show was run by a generator. no running water or anything like that. and they're showing us around the squat, and they take us up on to the root and there's like crates of rotten eggs and crates of empty bottles, and we're like "okay, well what are those for?" and they're like, "well every once in awhile the junkies in these surrounding buildings will
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we have to defend our squat." [ laughter ] >> seth: you realize what the level is at where the nice squat has rotten eggs. >> right. but i mean those are the shows you remember. no one wants to hear about the time you played at the house of blues in south carolina. [ cheers ] >> seth: well also -- although they did. [ laughter ] we didn't hear from our polish fans earlier. gdansk must not be in the house tonight. so, but it's interesting -- and i guess being -- there's a sense to me -- seems to me, i should say. e' punk fans want authenticity from their punk bands. and punk bands must want the authenticity of rooms that feel punk. and it seems like your career has like so many of those. >> well, it teaches you. you have to transcend the room. >> seth: right. >> it's about a connection with the audience. and some of those shows where there's the gnarliest venues, those are the best shows because kids go off. and that's what you want. >> seth: and did you -- did you find that after you came out, did your fan base change at all?
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>> for sure. i mean, like, coming out was a real, like, line in the sand. where after that anyone who is at an agains me! show, it was safe to assume, was on the same page as me. and was accepting of that. so it really lended itself to creating a safe space. and i mean it was like, you could tell it like after the show where you'd see like venue staff in a good mood. where usually the venue staff's like, "all right, you're done, get out of here." you know? >> seth: right. >> and they're like, "that was great. your fans are great. that was so much fun." >> seth: oh, that's fantastic. i want to ask about the title because obviously "tranny" is not a term that i feel is embraced by the community at all. what made you choose a term like that to be the title of your book? >> i mean, you know, i hate that word. i definitely don't identify with that word. i don't like hearing it used for other people. it's almost mentally taxing to look at my book in ways. but it captures a lot of what the book is about. and a lot of what the book is about is about internalized transphobia and self-hate. and that's an experience that i had and i went through. so it's an apt title for the
1:23 am
there's a certain amount of reclamation with that. there's a certain amount even with the subtitle of, you know, saying the thing about yourself that you fear the most or you hate the most before anyone else can say it. but again you know, it's -- don't judge a book by its cover. just read the book, and hopefully you'll see why it fits. >> seth: i certainly hope people do. i also want to ask, you have a seven-year-old daughter. is she seven? >> i do, yeah. >> seth: and so i'm wondering, a 7-year-old daughter of lead singer, creator of this fantastic punk band. is she a fan our >> um, you know, she likes it enough but she's definitely over the show experience. >> seth: okay. >> she's not very interested. >> seth: just jaded by being backstage at a punk show. >> yeah, you know. being on a tour bus does not impress her. not at all. >> seth: i just feel so bad for the rest of her life that people will try to impress her and she'll say, "yeah, no, i have been in places where they throw eggs off buildings." [ laughter ] >> but how cool is that? >> seth: it is pretty cool that she's already over that sort of thing. >> and she can say like, "oh yeah, the first tour i did, it was with the cult."
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so this album -- we were talking backstage. so your book coming out now. album came out two months ago. you've been touring with it. how does it feel to tour with a new album for the first time? is that an exciting thing? >> i mean, it's great. you know what i love though? is that like, i have a book out. i have a record out. and it's like i'll do these interviews, and the journalists will be like "so you got a book, you got a record, what else have you been up to?" >> seth: right? >> it's like, jesus. i'm working so hard. please. et i don't know what to tell you guys. i did two things. it's true. you always get "what else are you up to?" >> yeah. >> seth: i'll do interviews, and people will say, "so with the talk show, are you doing any movies?" i'm like, "no. i'm not doing any movies." also nobody wants to see me in a movie. [ light laughter ] >> i'd watch. i'd watch. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. thank you for sticking around. can't wait. it's always a pleasure to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] laura jane grace, everybody. "tranny" is in stores now. we'll be right back with a performance from her band against me!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: back to perform "333," give it up for against me! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? feeling like i need to fall down some stairs maybe lay face down in the river and float ? ? perfect weather for a head wound or studying sophisticated nuances ? ? of putting holes in your lungs ?
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the bomb all reasons to be fearful but every new to wake up ? ? 333 say that they knew me 333 bring it all back to me ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? all the devils that you don't know for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? ? ? ? ? i saw the renowned orders of the night in person why would i ever meet that
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? planned views and elevations walking through your tarot garden ? ? visible mutations fading right before your eyes cycles of death and regeneration sensations of ? ? absence and loss wish you had been there by my side to see it all ? ? 333 say that they knew me 333 bring your love back to me ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? ?
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? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? all the devils that you don't know can all come along for the ride ? ? i wanna be as close as i can get to you ? ? >> seth: against me!, everyone. the new album, "shape shift with me" is out now. we'll be right back.
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crack under pressure
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to kathy bates, laura jane grace, against me!, everybody. atom willard, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we ?
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? >> carson: what's up guys and gals, you're watching "last call" from skylark right here in new york city. tonight we've got a little something for everybody. including hard rock, courtesy of our friends "band of skulls."
1:38 am
california. right now it's time for mekhi phifer to talk about all things "frequency" in our last call spotlight, have a look. ? >> you're wearing sweatpants mekhi, what's going on here? >> well, you know, i learned from the best. you know, from news broadcasters, you know, you see them sitting behind a desk reporting the news and in serious stuff, but most of them, they just dress from here up. most of them if they're smart, they just have boxers on. know -- that i'm told, so i've learned to be strategic in my planning. see, i could have taken more time, i could've put on the shoes and the jeans and the this and the that and the belt, didn't need to do that. ? my name is mekhi phifer i play satch on the wonderful show "frequency", on the cw. and uh, life is good. >> some things i've never told
1:39 am
he was a bad man. ? they found his body in the east river two days after my eighth birthday. and all my life i hated him for it, leaving us for going back. now i don't know what to think. last night i spoke to him. hello? >> hello. >> hey. ? >> "frequency" is based off of the premise of the movie, with dennis quaid and jim caviezel. that's just ba show, that you're able to talk to someone and transcend time through this radio. but then our show goes off into a whole other thing. >> can i ask you a question? >> shoot. >> you remember when we talked back in the day, about my dad arranging a sting the night he got killed? >> no, that's news to me. >> i was thinking about running down some of the guys from his old operation. >> why? >> this was your idea. just looking for a little closure of my own.
1:40 am
you want names. ? >> satch, is sort of the current do it, between both the worlds. when i'm 2016 satch, i think he's a little bit more jaded if you will as anyone would probably be. there's a been there done that kind of energy. where when you're 1996 and you're still on the case, you're in the street out there, dedicated, you know. it's the same way i'm wearing sweatpants. if this was my first interview, armani suit, i you know, i have everybody all, i know what this is, the shot is from here to here. i got it. you know, i could have on my nike air maxes and my sweatpants and i don't have to go through the song and dance. i think satch is the same kind of way. >> armani to sweatpants, your memoir title right? [ laughter ] >> exactly, from armani to sweatpants, that's a good title of a book. that'd be a bestseller. don't worry i'll seat you a couple of dollars, don't worry.
1:41 am
? >> my father wasn't murdered. i remember it both ways. life when he was murdered, life when he wasn't. ? >> as far as the endless possibilities of the show, when you think about the butterfly effect, you change one thing it effects the other thing. you know, you make a left instead of making a right. sliding doors, you know what i mean? it's that whole type of thing. >> when you break it down that's what any like scientist would say, just gwyneth paltrow. >> exactly, just think gwyneth. when in doubt think gwyneth. ? the back drop is this ham radio, that's always gonna be there. we haven't gotten to the scientific aspect of how the hell this thing works in the first place yet. but this hopefully we will fill. you know, we'll have guest star steven hawking. you know, he'll be here to explain this whole thing. >> it's fair to say this isn't just some propaganda piece to try to increase sales of ham radios, right? >> no, it's not a marketing ploy, to increase sales of ham radios.
1:42 am
? right after i did this movie "sole food", the director, his next film was a film called "men of honor", with robert deniro and cuba gooding jr. i was up for that role and um, i came in and i killed it, crying and all this other [ bleep ] stuff. but the politics of the game was that, well we have robert deniro and then cu bear just won the academy award for "jerry maguire." so i didn't get the role because i was told to politics and that kind of thing, but the beautiful thing was my manager agents called me, like robert deniro wants to meet with you. i said really? for what? you know, i didn't get the movie. he said, well, no he just liked your stuff. so i went and met with him and he didn't have to do that. that gave me an extra strength and i carried that story and that experience with me to this day. ? i love doing what i do, but it's
1:43 am
you know, just keeping that mentality, um not taking myself so seriously. i'm good at what i do, that's it. you know, let's do it, let's shoot the thing and let's have some fun doing it. don't sweat the small stuff. >> subtitle to your book right there. >> that's the subtitle, right. sweatpants to armani, don't sweat the small stuff. [ laughter ] ? >> carson: that was mekhi phifer. "frequency" airs wednesdays at we'll be right back with the music tonight, band of skulls from live nations wiltern. ? remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker.
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? >> carson: welcome back, "band of skulls" is an english rock band that has been tearing your face off since 2004.
1:47 am
consistently put out some of the ballsiest music on either side of the pond. they're back on the show. they got a new record and you're going to check them out right now. so, let's go over to livenation's wiltern, here's "band of skulls." ? ? i'm sorry to start but i really wanted something and you play the part but my life ain't ? ? seen no change i threw down my heart maybe now i'll raise the question ? ? will you be there
1:48 am
your body is nothing without mine and nobody could compare ? ? i carry the weight of the world upon my shoulders ? if this fate ? ? tell where did i go wrong ? i breathe in the sound of your light as it's reflecting ? ? so when you're alone let me know ? your body is nothing without mine ?
1:49 am
your body is nothing without mine and nobody could compare ? ? i'm sorry to start but i really wanted something ? will you be there ? until the end yeah yeah yeah ? your body is nothing without mine ? ? and nobody could compare
1:50 am
without mine and nobody could compare ? i'm sorry to start but i really wanted something ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> carson: that was "band of skulls," "by default" is the name of that new record, enjoy it. stto spotlight coming up after this. ? ? ? is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in.
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>> carson: welcome back. jen d'angelo is an actress, writer, and comedian on the rise, whose work has been seen on "workaholics," "loosely exactly nicole," and most recently on the ice house stage. for more here's tonight's "last call comedy spotlight." ? >> i am not great at physical comedy. like anytime i try to act something out people are just like, what are you doing? and i think it comes from the fact that i have like zero athletic aty there's a joke that i keep doing on stage now that has literally never gotten a laugh, but i'm like, i think it's funny. >> when you're putting on skinny jeans do you ever just pretend like you're force feeding yourself to a snake? [ light laughter ] just like -- [ yelling ] that might just not be a funny joke at all. ? hey, i'm jen d'angelo and i am a writer and standup comedian.
1:55 am
i grew up a very weird kid, then moved out here right after college and started doing comedy. >> i look so safe, don't i? i could literally be in the middle of murdering someone and people would still be like, hey, do you babysit? [ light laughter ] ? i was always like growing up, like, the friend that parents would want their kids to have. i was like very responsible. and always like, guys, we shouldn't get in trouble. like, i was very much like the type. >> you might notice that i currently have the hair of a junior varsity field hockey captain. [ laughter ] i found that it's fun to have a crazy hairstyle, because it distracts people from seeing that you're dead inside. the same thing goes for a nice bold red lip. if you ever see a woman in like bold lipstick she's struggling. [ laughter ] ? my parents were pretty much just like done raising kids by the time i came around. it was like, the other ones will like kind of help her figure out
1:56 am
raised by, like, tv. my parents were great. this makes them sound terrible. so, like, every sunday my family would like sit down to eat dinner and watch "the simpsons," which growing up with that gives you like a very weird sense of humor immediately. >> it's not a fun time to be engaged. we're too woke. you know what i mean? like anytime i tell someone i'm engaged they're just like, oh, yeah? a man bought the blood diamond? [ light laughter ] and then i feel like the need the overcompensate for my feminism. i'm like, i make more money and i'm not taking his name. oh, you walked away? ? my first standup gig -- my improv team in college, we were supposed to open for an a capella group. i mean, it was the easiest crowd in the world, 'cause it was all people who knew me. it was a small college. i still think it like might the best i've ever done. it must have been like winter break right after, 'cause i went home and i was like, i'm gonna go do an open mic in philadelphia and i just bombed so horrifically and i was like, oh, man, it's way harder than i thought.
1:57 am
and then finally i did one where i got like one laugh and it was like the best, like, just as good a feeling as like crushing in that like weird low stakes not a real show. i was like, yes! i've made someone laugh. >> but we're planning a wedding right now. it's awful. i went to go to our wedding venue and the woman that came out told me how much it costs to rent it and i was like, that's way too much. and she goes, well, you know, it's cheaper if you wanna do it on a sunday and i don't know if this would interest you, but 9/ i and i went, go on. [ laughter ] ? like i do a lot of animal jokes, but they're all i think like very weird and a lot of people are like, what are these? but they're still dumb animal jokes. i just think animals are so dumb and also our relationship with them is so weird where like sometimes they're like our prisoner and sometimes they're our friend. and sometimes we just kill them and sometimes we really care about them.
1:58 am
there was like a dog in the movie or whatever, do you notice like in the credits they're always like, and playing the role of happy was sparky. like, it's just so dumb, like, that dog was not pretending to be different dog. well, sparky would probably not lick his but right now. [ light laughter ] ? i remember like a very distinct turning point in my standup career was like, figuring out that that was the best way for me to deliver my jokes was to just be like excited all the time. 'c temper that down to try to actually cool so that i wouldn't seem nervous, 'cause i was really nervous and so i was like i have to pretend like i'm cool. and that manifested in like a slightly lower energy and then i was like, you know, i should just like unleash the energy that is inside of me, which is just a smiling, yelling woman. >> do you guys ever think about the fact that whoever invented mr. potato head was like 100% for sure a murderer? [ light laughter ] like, who else is just like,
1:59 am
you get a bunch of loose body parts in a bag -- [ light laughter ] you stick 'em on a potato -- [ light laughter ] and you make yourself a friend. [ light laughter ] and you find another potato, you make him a wife. [ light laughter ] thank you guys so much. i'm jen d'angelo. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> carson: that was jen d'angelo. our thanks to our friends at the ice house in pasadena, who are always so nice to have us and of more music from live nation's wiltern. ? ? ?
2:00 am
? ? ? special k nourish. apples, almonds, and raspberries. devour something different. special k nourish. ziploc presents: cafeteria chaos. school lunch can be difficult. can lead to one monumental mishap. not with ziploc easy open tabs. because life needs ziploc. sc johnson. start boldly... with the apple that bites back. redd's wicked apple.
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? >> carson: that's going to about wrap it up for tonight's show. as we go, let me say a quick thank you to skylark and throw things back over to the livenation wiltern theater where "band of skulls" is going to play us out. we'll see you soon. ? ? ? ? never had it before
2:03 am
then you walked ? ? through the door it was always a haze something new to pass the days ? ? i was all liquored and blind then you blew my mind you're so good ? ? you're so good for me now so good for me you're so good you're so good for me now ? ? tried to find the way looking up and all around now you turn the lights up bright ? ? it's you that i've found
2:04 am
and the water over-flows and no matter what ? ? comes and goes this will never die you're so good you're so good for me now ? ? so good for me you're so good you're so good for me now ? you're so good you're so good for me now so good for me you're so good ? ? you're so good for me now lonely rogue never thought that i would find it ?
2:05 am
only one in the world who knows me like that ? ? only one in the world who knows it you're so good you're so good for me now ? ? you're so good for me you're so good for me now so so so good for me ? ? you're so good you're so good for me now so good for me you're so good ? ? you're so good for me now ? [ cheers and applause ]
2:06 am
2:07 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. > wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know -- >> christmas special, hoda is a part of tonight.
2:08 am
i got galoshes and we are ready. >> and drink and eat and be merry today. a band of merry makers. >> mark mcgrath and all kinds of celebs. look closely. oh, my gosh is that lisa -- oh, my, is that the guy from -- anyway, they're all there. mark's playing a game of "who knew?" with us. >> somehow we let jill martin talk us into getting into a >> did we? >> yes. revealing best skin-care products. that's been a big hit all week. >> been awesome. >> so affordable. >> drug store brands. >> if you're in search of a wonderful recipe, award-winning chef michel nischan is in the kitchen. >> rubbing a raw chicken in your face is also good for your complexion. >> is that what he said? >> if you kiss somebody they get salmonella. >> do you recognize those two


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