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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 3 we're continuing to track rain that caused some major flooding across our area- 3 but first - let's take a live look in greenville at the reedy river.a lot of rushing cleveland park some roads were closed today, but they're back open tonight, as the flooding subsides. 3 and here's a look at some flooding in spartanburg county. multiple reports of cars submerged there earlier today as heavy rain moved in. in.meteorologist ted phaeton has been tracking the weather.. and ted, how's it looking now?3 3 showers will last into the evening before tapering off overnight. expect temperatures to dip into the low to mid-50s area-wide. thursday will peak in the mid-50s and mid-40s under gradually clearing skies. look to see dry conditions as the new year
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out www.foxcarolina .com/weather for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast as you head out the door--and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00
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3 greenwood county was one of those regions south of i-85 that saw the brunt of this carolina's rebecca atkins was out there today - and rebecca, what are you seeing at this hour? 3 the road behind me in the wilson creek mobile home park is still closed off after it flooded earlier today. you can even see where that water once was. 3 greenwood emergency management says at least six families were evacuated from their homes in this mobile home park. roads were washed out, cars were submerged under water and many people couldn't get to their homes. shortly after 3, the us 25 bypass at burgess drive was closed off due to flooding. and in 96 a man and two passengers were swept away in their car on paysinger road. 3 3 "i have a wife and a daughter and i can't get to them right now and it kind of scares me. i don't know what to do or how to get to them, i mean it would be nice if i could go
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can't." 3 i started rolling and the water started pushing the car sideways and into the creek and next think you known the car started filling up so we all crawled up on the top of the roof and we called for help. 3 both the phoenix and 96 fire departments responded to that rescue and all three people are okay. 3 and although we havent seen any flooded roads in the past few hours other roads like this one that were closed earlier today remain closed now. reporting live in greenwood rebecca atkins fox carolina news tonight. j 3 anderson and greenville counties also saw roads closed due to high water.officials says they will continue to keep their eyes on local rivers and creek - including the saluda river. carolina's ashley daley was out there all day and has more. 3 well this right here is a perfect example of how unpredictable floods can be... i mean we hear the term all
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because they literally come in and leave in a flashif you take a look behind me here you can see there is barely any water up into this yard...but take a look at this you can the water nearly all the way up to this house -- residents who live near the water say it's so far never come as high as the house... so right now -- they say theyre just watching and waiting to see what this afternoon's rain brings. 3 3 3 its crazy like i just be seeing all kinds of stuff rushing through here. you might see a sofa rush through the creek. this was another creek that turned into a rushing river...this is mill pond road in easley. water just missing the bridge by a foot. and on standing springs road...scdot crews and the south greenville fire department both on scene to
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water continued to rise. and in downtown greenville -- parts of the swamp rabbit trail under water...the creek that runs along the trail there near cleveland park and the zoo... it too rushing.... but of course -- nothing rushing faster than the reedy falls at falls park. heavy rains have sent the falls gushing with water.... greenville county emergency management says they'll be continuing to monitor the situation closely...and have even prepped dive teams should they need greenville county -- ashley daley -- fox carolina news tonight 3 now to a developing story- 3 the family of a man killed in a hit and run sunday night in spartanburg county...say they want his wife who's accused in the stay behind carolina's andrew reeser has been following this story, he joins us with more. 3 today, the entire family of brent tessnear packed into the courtroom at the spartanburg county jail...begging a judge
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jail. she's accused of running him down with her car sunday, killing him. the judge granted that request, turning the case over to a circuit court judge. the family says they're happy with that decision...saying angelita wright committed pre- meditated murder. they hope new evidence comes through to further prove that. police say tessnear was found near this hardees in cowpens...they tell us he had been run over. monday night, his wife angelita wright spoke to us...saying whoever did this...should face the consequences.tuesday, *she* was arrested for the crime...charged with hit and run resulting in death. today she appeared in court in a bullet proof vest, wiping tears away, as she formally heard her charge. 3 3 3 "love turned to hate, hate turned to bitterness, bitterness turned to anger and uh its uh been some time coming and i thank god she gonna get what she deserves." the family says wright and tessnear were going through a bitter divorce...just last may pacolet police tell us she had filed a domestic violence cocolaint against him...the couple had three children
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those children are in the custody of wright's grandparents. reporting in the newsroom andrew reeser fox news. 3 in a fox carolina follow up- 3 firefighters say an unattended item on the stove sparked an apartment fire in spartanburg county. happened around three o'clock this afternoon at the duncan village apartments on duncan street.a woman who lives there tells us she was taking a nap - when someone began beating on her door because of the smoke. officials say one apartment was seriously damaged-and the red cross is now assisting the person was also taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. 3 turning to fox carolina sports- 3 by this time tomorrow we'll know if clemson's going to the national championship... 3 sports director aaron cheslock's live in south florida as he has been all week... and aaron, the tigers lose some big pieces on offense right? 3 yeah, jay jay mccullough,
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out for the orange 3 bowl and the national championship if the tigers get there... lakip and mcculloughs careers at clemson are over... 3 lakip lost the starting kicker job after getting a dui and possession of cocaine charge in the summer, served a suspension. he's a senior anyway... mcculough has another year of eligibility, but if he plays college footbal again, it won't be with the tigers... the one that really hurts is cain... the freshman having a phenomenal season at wide out, breaking sammy watkins record for most games with consecutive scores for a receiver.. he's out for the rest of the season but will have an opportunity to come back next year f he quote "grows up and does the right things"... dabo swinney making no bones about it... you break the rules, you're gone... 3 3 3 3 3 "it doesn't matter who they
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if you don't do what's right, you ain't playing. didn't do whatat right, so they're not playing. it's really not any more complicated than that. love them all the same, i love those guys. they're not bad guys. those aren't bad kids. they didn't go out and rob a bank or anything like that, they're not bad guys. but they forfeited their opportunity, this is a privilege and we have rules. i don't make all the rules, but i'm going to enenrce them. we're going to do what's right. often times it's easier to do the wrong thing, but it's always best to do what's right. and that's what we're always going to do in this program." program."cain posting on instagram..."i apologize to anyang everyone i hurt or let down. i'm gonna learn from this mistake and become a better person on and off the field. i'm determined to come back stronger than ever before.. 3 coming up in sports we take a look at the matchup at quarter back with baker mayfield and deshaun watson... and
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interesting comments about an oklahoma wide receiver... tag out... 3 an ohio man facing serious consquences.. after drinking behind the wheel.he filmed himself.. and posted it on facebook!tonight - why his family is defending his actions. 3 and speaking of drinking behind the wheel..some upstate doctors are speaking out.. ahead of the new year!why they say you better think twice.. before putting your life and others at risk. 3 plus..the battle of the quarterbacks!two of the best passers in the country.. going head-to-head in the orange bowl!how will the tigers deshaun watson fair.. against the sooners' baker mayfield? 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you c c expect as you head out the door tomorrow
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3 and here's a live look in spartanburg county.this is at highway 290 near duncan.
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3 3 3 an ohio man is in hot water- after posting a video of himself taking a swig of alcohol bebend the wheel.take a look. look.deputies say dustin riggerts posted this video on his personal facebook page - with no privacy settings.a facebook friend comments, 'dude, really!" and rittgers responds 'i amam good driver don't worry.'deputies say a tipster warned them that the man was drinking and driving- and they were able to track down his car and pull him over. but his family is *defending his now actions - saying he recently suffered an unspeakable tragedy - and it may have been a cry for help. 3
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3 "he's really smart, he's just going through a lot, it's too much for him to handle." handle." 3 3 "he's got his hands full when he's trying to drive. he's drinking and he's paying attention to his phone. i mean we are i think very fortunate this didn't end with some type of tragedy." tragedy."rittgers is facing criminal charges including d-u-i and open container. 3 happening now- 3 a bon secour st francis medical director says emergency room visits rise this time of year. with new years around the corner, the doctor says alcohol impacts everyone differently. 3 dr. ryan hoffman says he sees people come into the e-r with broken bones, head injuries and a variety of health issues due to drinking in an unresponsbile way. he says there is no specific amount of alcohol experts can say is safe to get behind the wheel. 3 3 "i've had to tell too many family members, wives, children, people that have died in car accidents and,
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in the intensive care unit that are being mangaged bty the trama services. and those are some of the most difficult coversations to have, is to go out and tell someone that they're perfectly heatlhy loved one that was fine yesterday is now passed away." 3 3 dr. hoffman says alcohol can have long term efforts on the liver, stomach and cause dehyration. 3 turning now to weather- 3 meteorologist 3 ted phaeton joins us now with a look at your forecast- 3 and here's a look at mcadams road in townville.thanks to julie for sending this you can see the creek is completely flooded over its banks there. 3 rain will stick around this evening as temperatures dip
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wide. expect to see showers taper off overnight with a few lingering showers possible in the upstate early thursday morning. widespread fog will likely develop overnight as well.thursday will start off mostly cloudy with skies gradually clearing throughout the day. expect highs to peak in the mid-60s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the upper 50s.winds will be light across the upstate while western north carolina sees more of a north northeasterly flow between five and ten miles per hour.skies should clear thursday evening as we approach the new year and temperatures fall into the upper 40s across the upstate and upper 30s in the mountains. look to see plenty of sunshine to start 2016 as highs climb
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upstate and mid 40s in western north carolina. sunny skies will stick around for the weekend as temperatures settle closer to normal for this time of year.
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings fofoyour area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 fox carolina sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now--with more on tomorrow's big game...specifically the quarterbacks... quarterbacks...deshaun watson vs. baker mayfield...has a nice ring to it like a marquee
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college football heavyweights going head to head... 3 they're two of the most prolific passers in the country...a showdown between the signal-callers with tigers heisman finalist deshaun watson coming in as hot as anyone in the country... more than 35-hundred passing yards... more than 800 on the ground... coming off a record breaking acc championship performance... then there's mayfield, who's a duel threat out of the backfield too... leading the o-u offense to 50- points or more in five of their last seven games... 3 "they're very similar in that regard in that they're both great creators with the ball in their hand, but mayfield is, he's a tough guy. i mean he's not a very big guy. but he is strong, especially with his lower body. really difficult to tackle, you see a lot of people that you think have him. but they don't have him. he just extends plays. and you can't cover guys forever. so our ability to minimize that, and make him
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going to be a key part of the game." game."keep it right here with fox carolina after the game... ac and i will bring you a full recap and reaction of the orange bowl tomorrow night at 10pm 3 more on orange bowl coming up in sports...there's another mouthwatering matchup that might be just as competitive as the quarterbacks... quarterbacac...and the reason for cam newton's touchdown dance last week revealed...his big news coming up after the break stick around... 3
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3 3 well we just talked about the big quarterback battle tomorrow between deshaun watson and baker mayfield but there's another matchup you should keep an eye on... on...mackensie alexander is one of the best cover corners in the country.he's given up the fewest completions per target in the e c-c and he's only given up one touchdown. but in the college football playoffs he'll be facing the best...sterling shepard...who's 16th in the country in total receiving yards. alexander shut him down last will history repeat itself? 3 3 "he's number 3. and he's 5'10. and he plays for ou. there's nothing for me to say about the guy. he plays for ou." ou.""tough matchup. he's got his hands full. great player. really shifty. strong guy. excellent baba skills. great ability to run after the catch. he's a very talented
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the country right now. in touchdowns. so he's got his hands full." full."remeber aaron cheslock and i will bring you a full recap and reaction of the orange bowl tomorrow night at 10pm. 3 meanwhile the belk bowl earlier today at bank of america featuring nc state and mississippi state....a rain soaked field but it didn't stop dak prescott throwing for a belk bowl record 380 yards and four touchdowns. 3 he'd finish off his college career in style guiding the bulldogs to a 51-28 win. he's also now oneof only players in fbs history to throw for 9,000 yards and run for 2,500 yards in their career. 3 earlier in the day in bowl games or weather would slow down the panthers and their preparation for sunday's game against tampa bay. ron rivera and the squad practicing in the rain today...they're trying to lock up homefield advantage for the playoffs this weekend. and despite losing their first game of the season last week
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pleased with their sunny disposition today... 3 "i thought tempo was excellent. really appreciated the guys came in really well spirited. felt really good about it really did. i felt real positive about the guys attitude." attitude."and the big news from the panthers quarterback.... congrats to cam newton who announced today the birth of his son.....wton said he had been kept quiet about the news because he "didn't want to create a distraction for my team and appreciate the privacy in this joyous time." 3 the panthers now at 14 and 1 but there's an unbeaten team elsewhere in the carolinas...also on the rise...the gamecocks men's basketball team one of just four undefeated teams in the country 3 and moving up the polls as high as 20th in the usa today coaches poll.gamecocks hosting d-2 francis marion wednesday night not the greatest start from the field to start... chris silva there with the flush... he finished with a team high 13...later in the half...gamecocks finding its rhythm...duane notice knocking
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double digit night for him... finishing with 10...but too much pj dozier and company... company...gamecocks win 78-56. and move to 12 and oh on the season. they host memphis on saturday. 3 over in chapel hill the tigers facing number 8 north carolina...tigers up early but not for long...isaiah hicks with the dunkbut the tigers keeping it closejaron blossomgame goes off the glass... tigers down 2... later in the 1st half... tar heels up 8...justin jackson who goes in for the 2 handed dunk...tar heels up 7 at half...2nd half now... tigers trying to rally late in the game down 11...blossomgame goes baseline for the jam,,, but moments later... paige gets the fastbreak slam... as the... the...tar heels win it 80-69 unc beats clemson for the 58th consecutive time at hometigers drop to 7-6 3 coming heavyweight champion mike tyson gets
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opponent....we'll check it out, next. next.and we're back with one
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 and we've been talking about hoverboards causing fires-but there's also been a lot of accidents this christmas season as well.
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heavyweight champion mike tyson.tyson posting this video on twitter of himself trying out his seven-year-old daughter's pink hoverboard. adding insult to injury-the little girl can be heard saying, 'daddy i don't want you to fall off' as he twirls around on the hardwood.3 as he starts to move towards the camera, he begins to wobble.and he loses his
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3 let's get a last 3 look of the forecast with meteorologist kendra kent kentshowers will last into the evening before tapering off overnight. expect temperatures to dip into the low to mid-50s area-wide. thursday will peak in the mid-50s and mid-40s under gradually clearing skies. look to see dry conditions as the new year approaches. 3 be sure to wake up bright and early with thee morning news. we've got all the local and national headlines you'll need to weather and traffic every ten's on thee morning news...from
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