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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  November 4, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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with some new leaders. the results from yesterday's election. firing off... the strong words clinton has for iowa gun advocates. and why experts say what she says.. may not matter speaking out... the student assaulted by his school bus driver in johnston is telling his version of what happened. it's wednesday november 4th. today in iowa starts now. first on 13... we're learning
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what led a bus ride to turn violent in johnston. it happened last week... a student knocked to the floor by his school bus driver... the whole thing... caught on tape. 382105 :20 - :29 nats screaming stop! stop! hit me again police say the video shows 15-year old christian suarez being attacked by his bus driver...61-year old robert scarbrough. but what led up to that is what people will be talking about
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today... the boy now admitting he wasn't following directions... and when the driver stopped the bus... and approached... he threw the first punch... "i threw a book at him. then he came. he pulled me by my ear and i punched him. he told me punch me again. i dare you. and i didn't want to. i told him no. and then he just lost his temper for some reason." initially the school said they'd had no other problems with scarbrough... now they say they were wrong. another parent did file a complaint about a week earlier. but the boy says it wasn't directed toward him. "has he been mean to you before? no but he's been mean to...he's
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been mean to other students." scarbrough is charged with child endangerment and assault. he was released from polk county jail this week and remains on administrative leave. a waterloo police officer is on leave this morning after shooting a wanted drug suspect... investigators say 24-year old brandon seeley refused to pull over... instead trying to ram his van into an officer. another officer then fired... hitting seeley. he was arrested shortly after and hospitalized with a gunshot wound. police say seeley was wanted on a parole violation for marijuana possession. as in all officer-involved shootings.. the officer was placed on paid administrative leave. the results are in this morning... and it looks like des moines' mayor will stick around for another term. frank cownie ruled about 80 percent of yesterday's votes. just over 6-thousand showed up to re-elect him. his only competitor... anthony taylor... pulled just 19
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... and council members chris coleman and joe gatto each won another term... the one new face joining the city council is linda westergaard... according to unofficial results she defeated marty mauk by 2-hundred votes. she will replace bob mahaffey in the second ward. mahaffey decided not to run for re-election. hillary clinton drew cheers yesterday in iowa...but some of her words quickly hushed the crowd... 382198 1:01 - 1:11 when 33,000 people a year die from something, shame on us we don't respond. about 500 people packed into cowles hall on grinnell's campus yesterday to hear her sak... when focus shifted to ending gun violence.... the crowd went quiet. clinton ared stories from her meeting with mothers who lost their children to it. part of her aggressive plan to stop it... taking away liability
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from gun manufacturers. but political experts say the strong stance won't do much for her... they say that's because her views don't differ enough from bernie sanders' to make a difference. the two will meet up, along with martin o-malley later this week. that's for the next democratic debate... moderated by rachel maddow. it starts at seven o-clock friday... on msnbc. theyve been towering over the state for as long as we've been here, but this iowa native has officially begun its swan song. its one that no one is happy to hear. 101440 'its hard to be the bearer of bad news.' 095408 'you know its no small thing to have an entire species perhaps totally eradicated from the landscape.' 104737 'this is not a cheap thing to do.' 102918 'its just one of those trees that has fit every need that we needed in an urban or community setting.' for iowas 26-million ash trees, there will never be
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that compares to this one. from here, theyll fade from the landscape each year, taking public and private budgets with them. its a giant problem with no good solution. experts say we not only caused it, were in danger of making it even worse. 'unfortunately, we didnt learn when all of the elms died. we planted a lot of ash. and now that the ash are dying, were seeing a lot of folks plant a lot of maple trees, and thats...a problem in the making.' 'you could be looking at eab times three, ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road.' tonight on the channel 13 news at ten, well take a special look at this...'the fall of the ash'... and tell you how the tree that once solved many of our problems is now causing many more if its own. keeping warm this winter is
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in need. central iowa's "fill the truck" event gets underway today. channel 13's josh nguyen is live in west des moines... where the event will start in just a few hours... good morning! the winter warmth drive, in partnership with two men and a truck, chick-fil-a in ankeny and west des moines on mills civic parkway, pulse 101.7, vital signs display graphics and valley community center present the 2nd annual fill the truck event. the fill the truck event is a two day community event in support of the winter warmth drive. on november 4th and 5th the winter warmth drive will collect new or gently used winter outerwear; coats, hats, gloves, blankets, snow boots and snow pants - all sizes - at the ankeny and west des moines chick-fil-a on mills civic parkway. items collected will be provided to several local non-profit organizations and to 37 schools around the des moines metro that have a need to provide items to students who come from families that are not able to provide the proper winter outerwear for the cold iowa winters. we are in need of about 12,000 items: 3,000 coats, 2700 gloves, 2500 hats, 1200 blankets, 1200 snow boots
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the hawks are ditching number 10
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morning... the college football playoff rankings now putting iowa in at number nine. florida's loss dropped them down to ten. coach kirk ferentz says he wasn't even watching the rankings reveal... but says it's nice to be included in the national discussion.
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the 8 and oh hawkeyes take on 4 and 4 indiana saturday. if the hawks win there, they'll school
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coming up next, david geiger
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report. then... new information.. we're expecting to learn more about the death of an illinois police officer who investigators originally thought was shot during a chase. what police now say happened. plus... sea of blue. what kansas city looked like yesterday for the parade celebrating the royals and their
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you may remember the stories we've done on the farmer who lost 600 acres to flooding this year. then he replanted soybeans at the end of july. well last week and this week they've been harvesting that crop and have been getting something out of what they thought would be a total loss. corey goodhue farms in carlisle, he says, "it's kind of nice to see a gamble pay off, you know, we originally were looking for just a cheap ground cover and to replant soybeans this late in the year we've negotiated where you get them at very low cost. and they typically throw away beans anyway. so, we felt good about the gamble there. so, nice to see something pay off after the adversity." they were worried when the ground flooded because it's low laying ground, "some of that ground is fairly high risk so you don't have a very high aph so when you do have a total failure your crop insurance payment is fairly small, so that extra benefit really helps a lot. it will definitely make it a little bit easier going into winter." but late planted beans, means a late harvest. soybeans need specific timing to be able to harvest, they have to d out during the day, and get harvested before the dewts in the rn november normally isn't
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a good time for th. t if the conditions are right odhue says, " we get a few od y uow, with the equipment we have today, we can really knock oute acres."this year, the weather oks fantastic, goodhuea it holds up ey can finish as early as the end of this week. new information on its way this morning in the death of an illinois police officer... authorities set to reveal a huge development in the case. but if the conditions are right goodhue says, " we get a few good days, you know, with the equipment we have today, we can really knock out the acres."this year, the weather looks fantastic, goodhue says if it holds up
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our top story... the student behind a violent johnston bus ride is speaking out this morning... police say this video shows the 15-
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year old special needs student being attacked by his bus driver... the boy now admitting when the driver approached him... he threw a book and a punch at him. the school also now saying they did get a complaint about the driver about a week before. new information on its way this morning from illinois in the death of an illinois police officer... authorities set to reveal a huge development in the case. lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz died in september. police thought he was shot because gliniewicz radioed for help. but today authorities are expected to announce he killed himself. his death sparked a manhunt involving 400 officers, helicopters and canines. hundreds skipped work in kansas city yesterday... an estimated 800 thousand turned out for the royals world series championship rally. it's been
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were won. they beat the new york mets to win the title sunday. coming up, it's one of the biggest food companies in the world.. and now it has plans to make some of that food in iowa.. where kraft wants to build a facility... and how many people it would employ. winter warmth... an event wants
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