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tv   Today  NBC  December 10, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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sell them but only industry. from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, you have headmade it. it is wines day wednesday, and that is one of my kids' new favorite artist, "crash and burn." >> all right. anyway, he's going to be performing right here in a few weeks. he's got a bunch of great new songs. >> and guess who's here today. >> andy cohen. >> and she gave me a cookie. >> he's an entrepreneur. >> he doesn't stop.
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the man -- >> he looks fine. >> he has a whole new series of specials he's going to talk about and maybe give us a little gossip. and if you're excited for the new amy poehler, tina fey "sisters" to help us with "who knew", toe at that divas. >> and wait until you hear tyler ward, 450 million views on youtube. almost as much as "daddy" by psy. >> and if you want to sit baxck and relax and feel good. >> these are words of wisdom for andy cohen. here they are. i can't decide if i need a hug, a large coffee, six shots of
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source a non. >> why didn't you call me? >> you should have. i get off the air at 11:30 and i'm all wired and it screws things up. and in the morning, i'm so excited about your show, and then i can't sleep. >> i want to you enjoy that cookie. i'll briefly tell you. i tell you about my friend ann kneelson. she was at a fundraiser. her art and everything, and she handed me a check for $5,000 for cassidy's place here in new york. >> how great is she? >> i always want to give people their due. so here's your cookie. and the money's for cassidy's place. last night jimmy kimmel had some fun. for once, not at our expense. >> so he showed some pictures, tight shots of a screaming child's face, and you had to guess if the kid was sitting on santa's lap or getting a flu shot. take a look.
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getting a flu shot. audience? audience says flu shot. and it is a flu shot. >> ooh, ooh, ooh. >> this is -- >> flu shot! >> you feel very strongly that this is a flu shot. and it is -- santa! all right. oh, this is more of a stink eye she's giving. is this sad because of santa or the flu shot? and it is. >> filled with attitude. [ laughter ] >> i have seen that look from women so many times. >> were you afraid of santa when you were little? >> i was not afraid of santa, but you're talking about taking
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>> joanne would do it. >> if you are a "star wars" fan, it's almost time. >> i can't believe what some people do. it's unbelievable. >> they're waiting outside waiting for the opening of this movie that's opening a week from thursday. they're already outside. may i ask? >> maybe they're going in shifts. >> i don't know. into that's an incredible amount of time. >> people are camped outside the chinese theater. more than 1600 opening screenings were sold out. are you going to see it? >> i'm not going to lay out on the sidewalk. i'm already losing sleep. >> i can't wait for this movie. and i actually kind of love it that these idiots are sleeping outside of the theepater. we're waiting in line, as opposed to the people who get the tickets online, it feels
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first "star wars" came out. i'm nostalgic, as you know. >> we didn't know this, that when it first came out, the executives didn't think it was going to make any money, so they only put it in -- >> 32 theaters at the time. >> isn't that crazy? >> how about billions later. >> if you washtched "the voice" last night, it was brutal. they first named the top three that would move into the competition. they are from team adam, jordan smith. blake's singers, emily ann roberts and barrett baber. >> okay. so then -- >> those were the three that were champions. now three singers were immediately sent home. and then there were three left who were competing for one final slot.
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figure out who we think america voted for. take a look. live like you are are diein' hey now, hey, now the world comes in there's a wall between us make it rain make it rain make it rain >> i'm going with maddie, the girl in between. >> she was good. >> what do you think? >> she sounded a little like shania twain, aidi'd go with the last one. >> the one before was from team pharrell.
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and the time has come. is jeffrey austin! >> you know what, just from the little snippet that we saw, he is the one that just showed so much passion. >> wow. it's team blake against team gwen. >> ooh. >> ooh. i liky. >> see if their relationship can sustain this type of tension and competition. okay? >> pharrell doesn't have a singer in it. >> he's got enough. he's fine. and by the way, this year's front runner has been jordan smith. >> you know how adele was number one with her song "hello." his song, that guy's song. he sang queen's "somebody to love", dethroned adele for the top spot.
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can anybody >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm going to go out on a very thin limb and say he's going to take it home. it surprised us hoda. >> there's a new movie coming out called "joy." you guys have maybe heard of it. melissa rivers has a role in this movie, and she's playing the role of her mother. >> yes. >> qvc. in the movie, jennifer lawrence plays a real life entrepreneur named joy mangano. so melissa, we get to see a little bit of this, right? >> this is a taping from it, this is from "entertainment tonight." let's watch. >> cindy, say good luck.
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she should be in a skirt. she's got nice long legs. show her legs. >> wow. you look so much like her there. >> i know. >> and you sound just like her. >> i worked hard on her speech pattern. but not so much the accent. i didn't want it to be an imitation. >> yeah. >> or a caricature. >> am i wrong, but are your eyes tearing up a little? >> a little. i can't watch myself, and especially like that. i think i was so focussed on the details and trying to do a good job that it never hit me that i took this crazy emotional risk until i got home and went what did i just do. >> yeah. >> well, she had to be talked into it by david o. russell, the director. it is an uncanny, what do you think? >> you know what?
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jennifer lawrence are working to the -- together. >> she looks just like her, i will say. she sounded to me nothing like her. but she, she looked exactly like her. >> wow, people magnificent seen"people" magazine did release this photo so you can sew. the film opens on christmas day. >> "concussion" opens that day. >> we and the to give a shout out to our cover woman. >> donna langley. >> she's on the cover. they have this annual power 100 listed executives. last year it was bonnie hamel. she's responsible for the biggest box office year in hollywood history $6.7 billion. "pitch perfect 2." cha ching.
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>> and robert redford's going to be there. >> then shawn poenean penn's going to be there. >> and remember when we had clara sun woo? our fans crashed their website trying to order their clothes. we're happy to report that the website is back up and ready for orders. bless them! they are wonderful ladies. >> we've watched "watch what happens live."
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memory lane, right after this. this. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo!
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as the charismatic host of bravo's "watch what happens live", andy cohen has made his mark in pop culture history. >> now with some of his
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his entertainment with journal journalism roots with "then and now with andy cohen." >> and you talk to newsmakers like connie cho. take a look. >> were you surprised when you heard the verdict that o.j. was not guilty? >> i think everyone was shocked. the trial was such a circus, that all of us were expecting something ridiculous. >> this is cool. >> it's really fun. i love looking back at, at things that happened in the past. every episode is a different year. we premiere with 1994. o.j. was a huge story. and we talk to people who were there, who covered it, who were involved. and we juxtaposed it and look at how that affected what's happening today in the world. >> do you catch up with people like o.j.'s in prison, i know you didn't interview him, but
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>> yeah. >> how do you pick your years? >> you know what, every year has a frothy mix of pop culture. we pick things that i personally was really interested in. that bravo was. '94, i was at the olympics for cbs. nancy kerrigan and tonya harding, that was the year that "friends" premiered. >> a lot of people don't know you have the news background. >> i was at cbs news for ten years, actually. so i have front row seats for the '90s, really. i could kick anybody's butt in a '90s game offof trivia pursuit. i bet you could, too. >> yes. >> do you miss the news? >> no. it's all bad news. news has changed. when i left in 2000, we competing against entertainment
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everything had changed. and or not j..j., getting back to 1994, that was one of the things that killed soap operas. i talked to kelly ripa, she remembered thinking this is the end for us. this is more interesting. >> what about the internet? >> '94 is when chat rooms, i was spending hours. i was like, what? you can get porn on this machine? that's what it's for, right? >> oh, my god, we look back at those old machines. >> it's hilarious. >> we're going to play a game. it's a game you're familiar with, we're calling it who's creepin' on cohen. we're going to give you 30 seconds. you're going to guess the clues of the celebrities behind you. we're going to give you some clues. >> we don't know who they are either. >> we get to see it and then -- okay.
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go. we're ready. oh, oh, oh. >> this side, right here, right here. >> which, 1989. >> 1989. oh, taylor swift. >> okay. >> i have a big crush on him from the voice. >> blake shelton. >> oh, she's in everything. and she's. >> jennifer lawrence. >> no. >> melissa rivers. >> no. >> she's latina. >> j. lo. >> she's in everything. >> best friends. >> oprah. >> oh, she just got married to joe manganiello. >> oh, sofia vergara. >> oh, my favorite. he's in the boy from oz. >> hugh jackman. >> oh, she's your favorite. >> madonna. >> hello.
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>> and oh, late night with -- >> andy cohen. jimmy fallon. >> the other one. >> the other one. >> regis. >> and this guy's a star, your best friend. >> i made this guy a star? anderson! oh, we're on tour. >> you're on tour. tell everybody. anderson, come see us, columbus, ohio. oakland, california. >> you sit and talk. >> it's like a great night out. >> we have a present. >> it's an etch-a-sketch. this is fun! >> that is so thoughtful. >> we love cohen. >> and what were you yelling the whole time? >> it's a game. >> from the minute came out.
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>> you're not the quietest shrinking violet. >> on our sister network bravo. >> we wrestled up a couple of twin beauties. sisterly love. >> for a sister version of --
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here's a question. you want to know who the next big music star is? >> look no further than elvis duran's artist of the month. and this time it's tyler ward who emerged from youtube to
2:29 am
>> his album is called "yellow boxes." >> tyler, sweetest guy you'll ever meet, first of all. >> darn cute, too. >> when he started out in his parents' house -- >> most of us do. >> he moved from pop to acoustic country sound. now he's got a great sound that all of america will enjoy. >> how quickly did you catch on. you were on june. did people just find you right away. >> i was working in my dad's basement, i was like, i've got to work with people. i put out songs, and all of a sudden people were like, we like this, we like this. and now i'm here. >> 450 million? >> who are you? >> he's had that many views on his june. >> . >> you're going to sing for us in a little bit. >> yes.
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oh. it's wines day wednesday. we're ready to play a trivia game we call "who knew", honoring "sisters" with some famous siblings. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the answer right.
2:33 am
>> we showed a little bit of "sisters "sisters." the movie with john seecina in it. >> it's hilarious. >> and you two are besties? >> yes, besties. >> we are ready to roll. >> look at this lovely lady from charlton, south carolina. the movie "hold on" was featured in "brides maids". what sister group sang it? >> i'm going to say a. >> she wanted my cd so badly. >> all right, ladies. the right answer, carney and wendy wilson. >> nikki's always a brides maid. >> i'm a sister.
2:34 am
>> that's what sisters are for. >> another south carolinaen. the 1990, oh, that was for this lady. what are the names of the separated twins played by lindsay lohan in the "parent trap". >> i'm going to say b, annie and hallie. >> he guessed right, kids. >> what a huge hit for lindsay lohan. and that's the last time we saw her innocent, right? >> look at you two, you don't mess around. >> i'm a little scared. >> from minnesota, finish the lyrics please from the pointers sisters song "i'm so excited." i'm so excited and i just can't hide it i'm about to lose control and
2:35 am
>> that's a great song. >> i think that should be our entrance music. would you be our manager? >> if i get to dance with you guys, yes. >> dance and a body slam? >> over to you. >> from texas, what is the age difference between serena and venus williams? serena is four months older, venus is 15 months older or they're twins? >> they're twins. >> no. but i highly recommend this cd. >> the correct answer is venus is 15 months older? >> right. we're the actual twins, and i am proud because i am 16 minutes older, so i'm officially the boss. >> but she acts 14 months older. >> you claim you are the miracle baby. >> i am. >> from chicago, what is the -- dog gone it. i have all kinds of stuff today! sorry, honey.
2:36 am
not have a twin sister? >> b, gisele. >> no. where is she? >> so gisele has a twin, linda hamilton has a 2010? >> and she has a twin, but it's a brother. >> i would hate it if gisele were my twin. >> i'm in business. >> thank you so much. what do you have coming up? >> we have "total divas" airing in january. and be sure to see our man -- not our man, my man. >> "total divas" airs january 19th. >> and we navigate sticky holiday situations after this.his. hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new.
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if you're like hoda, you're probably spending the holiday season bouncing around from one party to another. >> and you can be sure there will always be a sticky situation that pops up. so we thought it would be a good idea to bring back mr. manners to handle those awkward moments. >> and just like we did at thanksgiving, which was a disaster, we're getting a little help from our "today" family. >> we have different scenarios, an office party, an in law party, who do we have here? >> boozy bob. >> what do you do when he's around? >> we all know that taking off the edge when you go to the
2:39 am
a nice thing to do. but one can turn into two can turn into five. as the employee, you have to be careful. as the employer, you have to watch out for him. >> he achee's taking suck-up -- >> can we try the red. >> he's taking suck-up sandy. >> i come to the party saying you have been doing so much of a good job. i give myself some credit. the ratings have been going. here's this wine. >> what do you do about sandy? >> we give sandy for being at the party, show some face time. but you don't want to be a suck-up. i would say thank you so much for having me. >> we're not threeingowing it. bye-bye. >> we have a couple of people. what is andrew doing here? >> who are you? >> i'm hovering hal. >> what do you do?
2:40 am
conversation, doesn't matter if i was invited or not. >> we've heard of hovering hal. >> hovering hal will not leave the host alone. he follows you almost everywhere. >> oh, no. >> so you have to task hal with things to do to get him away from you to give you time to be the host. >> he looks like andrew, actually. >> i think i know her. camera happy cindy. >> she drives me the craziest. >> what do you do with camera happy cindy? >> she's periscoping, broadcasting the entire party. there may be privacy concerns, so you don't want to be tagged. >> i don't like selfies. >> so what should you do? >> cindy needs to do something also, give her charge of the play list. she won't be all about the photos. >> use a lot of kathie lee cds. >> so we're coming to our
2:41 am
>> i heard erma's hear. >> are those wedding bells i hear? how much did you spend on christmas presents this year? >> she never stops asking questions. >> and the questions are awkward and it can be when are you getting married? when are you having a baby? you know erma. >> what happened here? >> you're going to bring a deputy along with you to defuse the questions. >> i got hodi. >> so hoda's going to say, erma, why would you ask a question like that? >> what would she say? >> i would, that would -- >> you're in it as a team. >> who is walt here? >> in my days, we didn't have uber for cars. >> uber?
2:42 am
rubber for shoes. >> war story walt. >> and he's never been in the military. >> he shaves. >> you've been hearing these stories every single holiday for the last 20 years. it brings the level of the party down. you are going to intervene and say walt, i'm so sorry, we want to hear this, but before you do, hoda has this great story. cut you off in a nice way. >> does it work for a guy like that who's really not interested in anybody else? >> he's no longer getting the attention. >> he'll go find another victim. >> i heard larry's here. >> lazy larry. >> i'd love a piece of cheese. >> oh, you want me to get you cheese? all right. >> something wrong with your legs? >> i just don't want to do it. i'm lazy larry. >> i did wrong. what's wrong with your legs? >> rather than grumble about this inside, you're going to acknowledge it and say larry,
2:43 am
the next course, we could use a hand clearing the table. >> what would lazy larry say to that? >> if you say it in front of the group, he's got no choice. >> lar, we love you. >> happy holidays. >> we're ready to sing. artist of the month, tyler ward, right after this.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. one horse open sleigh, hey, >> now it's time for him to perform. >> he is a multi-talented
2:47 am
with a brand-new cd called "yellow boxes." >> and we are disappointed we didn't get invited to that party a while ago. this is tyler ward. >> here he is. spend your whole life chasin' dreams sidelined major league now they say you finally made it you must be happy but on dark nights when you're counting sheep and the good times are fast asleep you think i'm okay just maintain i should be happy but when five years pass the same things don't make you laugh and now ten years go by alone
2:48 am
pack it up and leave them a note you've got those yellow boxes you made your way home and everything's out of control you feel like you traded your soul for gold pack those yellow boxes make your way home pack'em up, pack'em up, pack'em up, pack'em up pack those yellow boxes so you can say your whole life i'm supposed to love unconditionally now they say you've got your "today" show family don't let five years pass and waste time pass you'll
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or let ten years go by alone so maybe it's time to go home pack it up and leave them a note saying i don't want to do this alone so go and pack those yellow boxes and make your way home when everything is out of control you feel like you've traded your soul so go and pack those yellow boxes make your way home [cheers and applause] >> that is music, hoda! >> that's a 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. >> isn't he great? >> that was so beautiful. >> do a youtube search for tyler ward today. >> he needs it. >> jingle ball, when, where? >> jingle ball, new york city friday night. >> you can get tickets.
2:50 am
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we're halfway through our 22nd annual toy drive, and we've already shipped millions of dollars of toys and gifts to families in need across the country. >> one of our generous partners, avon is back this year, ahrensia ricketts is here. >> who did you bring with you? >> i brought my granddaughter zoe.
2:52 am
>> this year, avon is proud to donate $200,000 worth of these gorgeous holiday bears to needy children this holiday season. >> that's beautiful. >> do you love your bear, zoe? is it soft? >> um, yes. >> what's her name? >> rosie. >> that's a good name. merry christmas. >> are you with me, zoe? >> you can donate too. our toy drive runs through december 22nd. check it out on klg and >> and our viewer erer found regis. >> oh! >> tomorrow amy poehler will be with us. >> and not sure wha buy?
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