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tv   Today  NBC  December 15, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. i don't know. >> oh. have yourself a merry little christmas >> this is a good version. oh, no! >> all right. i won't. >> no, it is beautiful and you know what i will say something that you don't hear me saying everyday to a kathie lee song --
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>> this is my favorite. have yourself a merry little christmas >> listen to the pipes. listen to those pipes. what? oh, dance? good. from now on our troubles will be miles away >> i'm ready for the dip. >> wow! >> wow! frank! frank has got some moves. >> yes. thank you, thank you. >> that was awesome. >> all righty, it is boozeday tuesday, december 15th, and only ten days left until christmas. >> that is just the start of the show. and now we we are sitting with the queen of comedy and me, and not you -- >> tina fey. >> and her movie "sisters" opens up in three days, and we will share some laughs with her. >> and we are decking or teching
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>> look at that sweater. >> i have a fire in my belly. >> don't burn yourself, steve. >> i'm hot. >> and he is going to show us how the to make the perfect cocktail every time. >> it is the gadget. >> he is mr. gadget. >> and sugar ray's mark mcgrath is here, and they call themselves the merrymakers, and so we will have a little performance later to put you in the holiday spirit. >> yes. >> we started a little earlier last night with the new year's celebration. >> we whooped it up, kathie lee and i. look at the special for nbc and the party pals. >> this is the third time, right, hode? >> this is por ra raucous than the rest of them. >> and we are not mellowing at all. >> no, we are turning on the volume. and andy cohen has a special and then carson. >> and it is a toast to 2015. well, we made a toast today to
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willard scott after 65 years at nbc, and he is our uncle willard. he is. he retired today. and he started out as an nbc page just like regis did, but look, he was in 1950. >> wow. he is one of the people who just seem to represent america. when you saw him, you felt that everything would be okay. >> he is a completely joyful man. >> he has done 400,000 birthday announcements. >> on a personal note, we want to say, willard, thank you for caring for all of us, and the first one who has welcomed all of us to the show in our first days and also for being there with a hug or the pat on the back when times were good or bad. so willard, every time we are have seen each other over the past 20 years plus, we have always greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. while i am not there today, as i raise the glass to you, i want
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to ask al to be my surrogate hugger and kisser and say it is with a huge hug and kiss that we a all say, willard, thank you and god bless you. >> here, here. >> and don't you love that? >> and matt has the perfect tone. >> and al, too. al said that willard is like a second dad to him, and it just shows how close they are. >> and everybody has a willard story around here, but mine goes back the furthest? >> really? >> yes, i went to raise $10.52 for muscular dystrophy and the kid who won the most got to go into washington, d.c., to give the money to captain tug. captain tug was willard scott. and i sat on willard scott, his lap, when i was 10 years old, baby. and a it is a memory, and that's the good news. the bad news is that now that willard has retired, hoda, i am officially the oldest person here at the today show. live strong, willard. >> i hope he enjoys that reretirement in florida.
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>> this is fun, they did an unveiling and rere-named the plaza willard scott way. perfect. >> perfect. >> and if you were up until # 10:00 and a lot of people were with, and we aired the live in new york city adele concert. it is the first concert in four years and the first time boyfriend simon was in the audience. >> first time he had ever seen her sing. >> and she opened up with the song "hello" which everybody like "someone like you" and she asked the crowd to sing along. and so i'm so mad i'm get old it makes me reckless it was just like a movie
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we were young >> she sang that "when we were young" and got the sanding o. and check out the rek action. just watch. oh. >> there was some love in that room. >> i am so relieved. that is so her. >> i certainly missed you. and i just wanted to come back to surprise you. >> oh, that is so sweet. >> i did stay up to see quite a bit of it, and you had been there and you raved and you haven't stopped. she is the real deal. >> and the thing that you love about it is that they could not show everything in the special obviously, but there was a beautiful moment where there was a kid who was one of her fan, and the fans got like the first 30 rows, and it is all fans and not like high roller, and so everybody was packed in, and one
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she said to radio city, should we sing? and so the entire radio city sang to the kid, and i remember thinking, how cool is that. when she left the stage she ran to the elevator and you know when you run to the el vaevator and you can't control it, because it is all over? anyway, she was just sobbing, and the guy is trying to close the door. and she didn't know the person. [ laughter ] >> all right. we still don't know who has won but they have all sung and here they are, and we want to know what you think, and here we are. from team blake, emily ann robert s and
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jordan smith and austin. if i never get to see the eiffel tower at night i wish that we could go back in time and i'd be the one that you thought that you'd find till you tell me why don't you get down on my knees i'm so tired of being lonely don't give you what you need >> isn't it amazing how the world never runs out of incredible talent. >> incredible. so, of those? >> of those four, it is magnificent and i was moved by the --? jordan?
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>> emily ann and jordan. >> if you had to pick between emily ann who is blake's guy, and jordan, the giuy with the fwlaszs, who would you pick? >> i would go with emily ann. >> i am going with jordan smith, and they are all credible and i love the song that barrett sang thomas rhett song. >> who told you about that? >> cassidy told cody and cody told me, but then he was mad from cassidy who was mad that he took kredcredit. >> welcome to my world. >> and fantastic. >> all star wars all over the world, but the premier was in hollywood last night. >> they shut down three blocks last night and to give you an idea, when they do the oscars they shut down one plok, but they shut down three. and in twitter, the reviews were overwhel overwhelmingly two thumbs up, and glenn witt from the "l.a. times" said, this is the "star wars" movie that you were
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and one said rest easy, the force awakening is 100% "star wars" and something new. so we will get to meet the stars. >> yes, stars as of thursday. >> crazy to the think they are unknowns today. >> and nin this business you are always one phone call away. >> and carrie fisher was all over the place. >> and she did not bring gary, the dog. >> i will never forget that tongue. >> hard to forget. >> and look at gordon left who dressed up like yoda. >> i heard a rumor that yoda is not in that and somebody told
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and sophia veagara and joe look at the hair. place. >> and she is one of those cgi people. >> and how about chewbacca? >> he sis there with the light saber saber cane. this sis the girl that you need to know, and she is gorgeous and who is that? it is is daisy redley. this is her first major film. as of tomorrow, everybody will know her. >> and it is expected to be the biggest grossing movie of all, all time. >> and "sisters" is also opening the movie with tina fey and amy poehler, and so there is buzz buzzfeed quiz, a and it is who are you more like, tina or amy and you answer a bunch of questions and some of them are weird and some of them are pick a historical era that you would live in, et cetera, et cetera. should we go through? >> yes.
10:12 am
playing, no, don't do that, just pick, more choices. who are we like? >> we are both amy! >> that means that we are both # 100% comfortable with who we are, and never afraid to follow our heart and enjoy being the center of attention, and people are drawn to our infectious laugh and wicked sense of humor and we make other people feel better just being around us. we are not that great, but nice. >> and if you are tina, you are a creative leader, and a natural force to to be reckoned with. >> i want to be tina. >> but we are both amy. and so this is why we always talk about it [ laughter ] >> and now, the ladies who strike comedy gold together,
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she has won eight emmy awards and two golden globes and new york times best selling author and mo ether of two. >> we are talking about comedian actor-writer-producer teeina fey. >> she is always one half of the team of the comedy team with a amy poehler ark and they are teaming up for "sisters" but they are not ladies. >> they decide to throw an epic last party when her parents decide to sell their childhood home, and you can't have an epic par party without an outfit. >> wa do you think in. >> that is looking amazing on you. >> i have never met a braila before? >> there are like three. >> oh, you are trending. >> it is like underneath -- but think it is working. >> i think it is on backwards. >> there she is, first time miss faye has come the party with these girls.
10:17 am
>> well, i was at home watching and getting people ready for school, and thank you for having me though. >> how old are the kids though? >> 10 and 4. >> are they all right? >> they are good. they are good. >> and so you are switching it around this time, and you are playing the wild and crazy one. >> yes. >> and amy plays the good girl, but in reality, you are both good girls? >> in reality we are both good girls, and all of the girls in comedy are good students and mildly rebellion, and very good the at comedy. >> and their parents would be horrified. >> yes, i love the concept of this movie that you are very, very upset as grown women that your parents are selling the childhood home, and including your bedroom and all of those things. >> and our parents are james brolin and diane weiss are our parents, and they say to come get your junk out of the house, and we are selling the house. i was planning to move back into
10:18 am
so, i am up isset. so we -- i am upset by that, and so we decide to have one more big party. and it is like a big high school party, but everybody is like 45. >> and you didn't write this script? >> no, our friend paula pel who used to write all of the hits at "saturday night live" when will and sherry were the cheerlead er s ers ers, and all of the things with justin and jimmy are like omeletville, and all of that, and so she is the funniest person, and this is the first screen play with her name wholly on it. >> and were you able to ad-lib? >> well, we know each other so well, and paula wrote the script which is really funny, and she would sit at the director's mon monitor and then write new joke, and so then the jason moore the director would give us new joke s s. because you have maya rudolphf there who know ss what she is doing. >> yes. >> and so would you like to play a game? >> yes.
10:19 am
>> it is how well you know your comedy movies. okay. ready. kath, you do the first one. >> okay. name the movie, this very famous line is from. put the candle back. >> from young frankenstein. >> okay. put the candle back! and from what movie is this quote, a relationship is like a shark, it has to constantly move forward or it dice and i think that we have our hands on a dead shark. >> "annie hall." >> you were going along with the exact words. >> how many times have you seen the movies? >> h a lot. >> in what infliction did the cowboy at the camp site suffer from, headaches, psoriasis or gas? >> it has to be gas. >> in what movie did he ed aadmit that na na takes the wig off when she has had too much to drink. >> "mean girls." i wrote that movie. >> that is something that i
10:20 am
and what can is used for off label purposes. >> a can of cooking spray. >> bridesmaids, baby mountain or blazing trails -- >> "baby mama." >> yes. >> a clean sweep for tina fey. >> and we wish you a big opening even though you are opposite of "star wars." >> a lay-up. >> and so people will find you. >> and hopefully the "star wars" is sold out and you can come see "sisters" with your popcorn and ticket. >> and now, coming up, we wil i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity.
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it is time for brain teaser tuesday where we put your minds to work with a fun riddle courtesy of buzz feed. >> here it is. you leave home, make three left turns and return home. where where you find two men wearing masks. who are they? >> oh. please. i'm tired. you let us know when you figure it out and we will have the answer after the break >> and the his and her gadgets hitting the right note nor the holidays. >> and no half-baked ideas here when we show you how to make the perfect christmas cookie. >> per snekt?
10:25 am
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hello, everybody, it is boozeday tuesday, and before the break -- >> we broke for the break. >> we gave you this riddle. left turns and return home with where you find two men wearing masks, who are they? we asked. >> do you know? >> no clue. >> the answer is the catcher and the umpire. >> and now, with all of the presents, you sure can work up an appetite. >> and so from a all of the found
10:28 am
york city, we have the founders with us. >> and how to order at an italian restaurant. >> how are you guys? >> today, we we want to make the linzer cookies. >> are those german? >> yes, it is like a raspberry cookie. >> and we will eat them. >> we like that. >> and now, we have some almonds, and a half a cup of sugar -- >> you pulse. >> yes, i will see if i can get this right. >> it is not looking good. >> no. no. >> okay, here we go. >> it is very -- >> okay. let's pretend. >> pretend that we pulsed. >> okay. then we go into the butter and the sugar already in, and we have e whipped it up, and we were taking the dry ingredients. >> and what are those dry ingredients? >> coecoa powder, and baking soda, and to that we will add some almond extract. >> he found it!
10:29 am
>> keep pulsing, i figured it out. >> keep pulsing, and i'm mixing, and what is different about the recipe is that it has a little bit of the cocoa powder in it, so it is a darker cookie, and so we want to et get it to the coarse sand level. this is amazing. >> did you practice this pfr? >> well, yes, i did, but not on this particular machine though. anyway. we are now going to be alternating between the flour and the almond mixture. >> why such a mess? >> well, it is otherwise, out of the bowl, you will get more almond flower on yourself. >> okay. >> and so alter ter nate,nate. mix. we have the dough coming togeer like this, and chi e dough f ahour or more and you cafreeze it for up to a month if you want. and then we have rolled it out or somebody did. did u? >> no, it is santa's elves. >> yes, aka bianca. >> and you c make the cookie
10:30 am
cutter any size or ape, and what you wt to do i you want to help out is to go for it like that. >> okay. come on, kathie lee. >> and now shgs, the center there. >> oh. >> perfect. >> and you put it in the the middle? >> right in the middle. >> like a christmas e tree. >> i am doing a heart. >> la, la, la. >> and pull it out. >> and now, look, you have a couple of cookies. >> look at that hody. >> perfect. >> as usual. >> and then what do you do? >> pop mitt the oven. >> for 350 degrees for eight to ten minutes and rotate halfway. >> and you can bake the scraps, too. >> and the bayby heart there. >> yes, of course. >> and now, the little treat here. here. >> yes. >> and how do you feel about putting the jam on the backside of the cookie? >> not good. >> here, you like to do it on neat.
10:31 am
you put on the backside of the cookie. >> and the more the merrier. to the top. and then sandwich it up. >> sandwich it up. >> and hoda cracked it in two >> no, i didn't! >> you did. you see, fine. >> beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> it is a true hoda cookie. >> and what are the other ones? >> chocolate crinkle cookies. >> you are going to eat it anyway. >> and the classic holiday cookie and ginger snap with lemon sugar on it which is delish. >> you know what i like about that? it is not too sweet, and it is very, very good. >> that is delicious. >> wait. what is this again? >> it is the chocolate crinkle. >> oh, that is so good. >> it is for the holidays. >> this is work. >> hmm. >> right? >> and you can find the recipes on
10:32 am
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if you are not there yet, we are about to get you in the spirit with some mewusic from the band of mer are rimakers. >> they are made up of a-lister musicians with classic songs. >> and they rare out with the debut album called "welcome to our christmas party." >> and here is the band of music merrymakers with the band leader mcgrath.
10:37 am
whoa oh oh oh it's the greatest holiday goodwill and peace on earth, and finally they don't seem so far away stuffing stockings with candy canes, and old friends are are back in town and the ones at home are like nothing has changed and so santa stop that sleigh it is only merry in your heart and you'll be there more than you want when the day is made of wishes it must be christmas
10:38 am
it must be christmas whoa oh oh oh colored lights are all aglow last-minute shopping lists you barely make the mall before it closed wrapped in paper tie and bows seekcret crush to kiss beneath the bough of mistletoe we will make angels in the snow when there is only merry in your heart and you're feeling nicer than you ought and when the day is made of wishes
10:39 am
oh ooh ooh ooh ho ho ho it must be christmas oh ho ho ho it must be christmas to which you are feeling like a scrooge and remembering those less fortunate than you you wish that you could be the someone who makes someone's dreams come true ooh ooh yeah yeah when there's only merry in your heart and you're feeling nicer than you are when the day is made of wishes it must be christmas
10:40 am
ooh it must beb christmas baby oh oh oh oh it must be christmas whoa oh oh it must be christmas oh oh oh oh it is the christmas time again my friends oh whoa ooh >> all right. the band of merrymakers. >> they rocked it. >> and gift and gadgets for big kids. >> and steve greenberg is going to check all of the boxes on the christmas wish list. >> we love that steve. >> look at him. before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering.
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have your next burger with a side of awesome. the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. at kraft we start with quality ingredients. all expertly blended to make our mayo. so you can take whatever you're making from good to amazing. and now some holiday toys for big girls and boys with our dad jet guy steve greenberg. >> he is the author of "gadget
10:45 am
and he is about to deck the halls. >> i never get over it. it is so clever >> when you walked in, it is a big day for us, because willard retired today and you pulled out the phone, and there is a foe ito of you. how old were you in this picture? >> i was in rio and thaey were doing the "today show with jane pauley and bryant gumbel" and he ripped off the toupee and pointed to my head. he was such a nice guy. i loved him. >> and look at the sweater there with the fire in your belly. >> yes. >> is that a warm sweater? >> it is fashion. and this is at for $30. and the folks from ham ker and slemer. this is a mistletoe droem and high-tech romance, and so if it flies. well, you know, it fly perfectly in rehearsal and perfectly it is working and fly over here, and you is are to give me a kiss. okay okay. or whoever.
10:46 am
>> okay. >> and now, that is the mistletoe from ham ker shalemiker. >> and these are the gloves that have piano e keys in there. >> that is neat. >> kids would love that. >> that is great. i love it. >> cool idea. >> and i should take some lessons with the piano. and this is are from the folks at, and it is $26, so it is reasonably priced, and you have it turned on and it makes tons of noise. if the gloves don't fit you ---le well, something. and these are the toy tas any parent who has kids, you know that the little screws in the bottom of the toys are impossible, and you never have a screwdriver, and this is the toy driver.
10:47 am
you put it right in there and you can take it right out. and it is $10. >> okay. >> and this is for all of the break breaks at the christmas time and it is called the bond-it. it is amazing, and you put a little drop here, and you just zap it with the light for four seconds and one, two, three, four, and this is going to be imitations out there, but this is the original invented by a dentist for bonding the teeth, and you can fix the iphone cables there, and the pipe, and this little guy with the leg missing and the bell, and you can replace it simple. >> and you can fix everything but a broken heart. >> and here we go. >> so this is the drone. so it is still here. and okay. everybody. i am going to give the drone a kiss. this is called perfect drink,
10:48 am
a cosmo, so you add some vodka, and it lwill tell you when to stop. if i overfill, it are will the tell me what to do. >> it is cocktails for dummies. >> yes, this is it. >> and that ta is the perfect cocktail. and lime juice. >> this is so cute. >> and if you don't have enough, it will just tell you how to adjust all of the other things accordingly, and look at the stuff in your refrigerator or lickquor cabinet. add some ice. and there you go. >> what do you do there? >> it times it off of the scale for how long, and pour it there, and take the drink, ladies. >> we will run out of time. >> and we have wraps right here, and they are warm are from the
10:49 am
and so you turn it onned a it is going to be right on the couch. look at that. >> oh, nighty night. >> hody is so happy right now. >> and i love that. >> and it is great. and the lower back. >> and the drone. >> isn't that cool? >> i am not leaving. i love the blanky and the massage. >> and really, what you need is really a perfect drink. >> and the drone works. >> that is the only place i don't mind them, nin the house. >> and this is what i call celebrating the holidays. >> thank you, steve. >> happy holidays.
10:50 am
>> oh, the drone is stuck, we are in the final stretch of the 22nd annual toy drive and so happy to report that we sent out more than $27 million of toys and gifts to children so far and thank you to all of you
10:51 am
who have contributed. >> that is right. thank you. and for a generous contribution of books for children of all age ages is our own mary cullinane from am our favorite book company. >> and this is the tugboat storey that gets the christmas tree on time. >> and remember that you have until 22nd of december to donate so go to to donate. >> and tomorrow, we will have glam ideas.
10:52 am
>> and we will have a some special things. >> have a great boozeday tuesday, everybody. >> why is it over? >> praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
10:53 am
good morning, i'm andy fales... metro flood waters have crept up overnight... the surge has fleur drive closed this morning... and several trails throughout the metro. the raccoon and des moines rivers will crest tomorrow. we could soon learn when the "iowa utilities board" will make its decision on the bakken oil pipeline... the pipeline would run through 18 iowa
10:54 am
counties... carrying oil from
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