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tv   Today  NBC  December 18, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, it's thirsty thursday, december 17th. >> you know what's happening right now? we're streaming live. >> we're live on facebook. >> yes! >> we're live. say hi to bre. >> hi, bre. >> hi, ber. >> you're going the watch our show on facebook, but for everybody who ask at home -- >> kyle's going to be streaming us. kyle is young and hot and available, too, by the way. >> it's true. >> say it on facebook, too. >> great show for you today. first of all, if you're bffs like us, we're going to celebrate best friends today. we'll introduce you to two ladies who became friends after just a knock on the door. everybody has a story. plus, two lucky ladies came
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out early to beat the rain and they got their ambush makeovers. we're going to show their big reveal just minutes away. >> and fresh from l.a., the newly crowned champion of "the voice" and the whole world, jordan smith's with us. we're going to catch up on what's going on, how he's feeling about everything, what he has planned for the future. >> that was bobbi dancing. i know it was funny. she's with alex. anyway, we've got christmas music. by the way, wait, i want that. they're the only two people who can hear the music and they're dancing. >> and looking ridiculous. >> it's a great song. >> that's trouble if you're the only one hearing it. people think you look weird. >> you're right. >> but alex looks weird all the time. >> we're going to try this thing. it's called a face swap. >> so if you're tired of look at yourself in selfies, you can swap yourself with this app. >> face swap. >> it allows us to swap faces with the person sitting next to you in real time. >> okay. >> i don't think it's going to
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>> okay, ready. >> oh, my god. wait, what just happened? i like yours better. wow. >> that's strangely exciting. >> can we do the whole show like this. >> how big can your mouth get, hoda? much bigger. >> oh, my god. >> imagine that at cocktail parties, how fun that would be? we'll take it to the party today. >> i love this thing. >> i know. we could do it all day. but sadly, we've got other thanks to talk about. >> what is it called? face swap? >> face swap live. >> i'm so into that. it's so fun. >> it's only 99 cents. >> well, it's an app.
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kimmel. you know, he really is sweet. and his side kick guillermo temporarily turn into elves to help out santa. >> they interview kids. they want to find out if they've been naughty or nice so they can tell santa. they sat down with a little girl named elin. jimmy began wondering if she realized she has the same name as tiger woods' ex. that's weird. let's listen. >> now, have you been naughty or nice? >> nice. >> tell me about the nice things you've done. >> i've been really sweet to my friends at preschool. >> now, what are some of the naughty things you've done this year? >> i've done nothing naughty. >> nothing? >> nothing naughty. >> santa's been watching you. he says you're having a few -- there's been a few little naughty things you've done. >> well. i really don't want to tell them.
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okay? >> just teeny, teeny bit. >> teeny little things. they're not even big things. they're nothing. >> just teeny tiny. >> they're tiny things. you're a child. why would anyone even care done? are there any bad kids at school you can tell us about? >> gracy has been bad. >> gracy, okay, now we're getting to the good stuff. she should get no toys, right? >> right. i love that. >> that was so smart and funny. >> yeah, i love him. all right, "star wars" is everywhere, you can't get away from it, unless you've been living under a rock, in that case, we're sorry. it look looks a meteorologist in the uk is very excited about the movie. in her 38-second weather forecast, she fits in ten "star wars" references. >> we're going to try -- we won't know them. i saw the movie but i still won't know them. but we're going to ring the bell every time a "star wars" reference happens. let's see if we can do it. here we go.
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s weather unusually mild day today, but the layer of cloud covering the uk. but if you look further west, you will be seeing a glimmer of sunshine if you're wokki, fairly light breeze. the force is strong for northern scotland. strikes back. there's a deep area of low west, creating storm-like conditions for northern island don't be a trooper, please take care on the road, it could be difficult driving conditions. if you're forced to awaken early tomorrow morning, as you can see, fairly mild, with temperatures in double digit. far, far away to the southeast of england is sunshine developing in the afternoon. >> 38? we missed three? whatever. >> that was pretty good. >> oh, a leia of cloud cover. >> leia. >> luke farther west, you'll be seeing sunshine if you're a wookie. the weather strikes back. we heard that. >> we did pretty well. >> i wonder if she memorized that whole thing. >> on prompter, don't you think? >> yeah.
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>> would you like to hear a great song? the good news is, no one really knows all the words to this song. it's by somebody named shi carter. al roker introduced it to me. you don't need the words. just whoop it up. it's a little old school funk, a little rapper's delight. wait, wait, it gets to the good part. ooh ooh baby baby bring it back it's got like a little bounce to it, right? >> yes. who are you? baby baby bring it back >> see, it's easy to learn. baby baby bring it back >> yes, it's easy to learn. it's very easy to learn. i love this thing. all right. just a reminder.
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>> please. >> she's begging. you can find us on sirius xm channel -- >> 108. hoda every monday and wednesday at 2:00. all righty. is it okay or not okay for teens to dress older? >> yes, sometimes seem to dress a little beyond their years with red carpet outfits. >> here's what we said about it. >> i'll take that any day over trashy, hoda. >> i thought you liked trashy. >> only on you. >> here's what i have to say. you have your whole life to dress older so why rush it? >> what do you mean actually? >> i'm stunned. >> stop saying actually. >> all righty. one has never colored her hair, the other does not own any makeup. >> they're in for a big shock when they see their glammed up >> ambush makeovers coming up >> a wonderful everyone has a story. >> hi, facebook. >> isn't that crazy? i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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our plaza was packed this morning with women hoping to get chosen for ambush makeovers. >> our glam squad was out bright and early scouring the crowd for two lucky ladies who deserved a brand-new look. >> courtesy of today's contributor and celebrity hairstylist of the stars -- louis licari, la, la, la >> "today" style contributor and author jill martin. >> hi, kids. >> interesting, two ladies you perfect. we found these ladies, again, they're excited to be here. it's the holiday season. yourself look a little bit more glamorous. robin's been married for 25 years. she works as a dental assistant but took a few days off to come to new york and see the sites. she says her wardrobe consists of two things, black clothing and scrubs.
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let's take a listen. >> i'm very excited because my alma mater, you're from michigan, go blue. >> go blue! >> but i know you're even more excited because you really want this for mom. >> yes, because she's never done anything with her hair or colored it or dyed it so i'm really excited to see what color it's going to be and turn out overall. >> you're going to be very surprised. and so you'll let us do whatever you want? >> yes, i will. i will. i'm very excited about it. don't do a whole lot with it because it's naturally curly. i don't really know what to do with it. >> she's her with her friend alexis and her daughter. all right, kids. are you guys ready? keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is robin before. come on in, robin. see the new you. wow! all right, girls, ready? take off your blindfolds.
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>> i would never recognize you. >> robin, take a spin. >> here we go. >> look how beautiful you are. >> i don't know who that is. >> look right here at camera 12, robin, if you wouldn't mind. wow. >> that's a wow. >> that's a wow, seriously, it is. great hair cut. good job. >> with the hair swept to side, it's modern, it's easy. and by the way, with her curly hair, she could wear it either straight or just wash and wear. >> a lot of body. >> your fan club over there is dying. >> very shocked. >> they're shocked i'm in shoes. >> in heels. >> i also made her hair color a little richer and added highlights. >> pretty. very pretty. >> what do you guys think? >> beautiful. >> i love the dress. >> jill, that dress fits like a glove. >> she said, i only wear black.
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>> big round of applause for robin. now we have kim. she's 39. she's turning 40 in two weeks. she's from oregon. she's married. a stay at home, work at home mom for her two kids. she's here in new york on a girl's trip. before today she'd never worn heels in her life. also says she doesn't own a stitch of makeup. let's hear her story. >> this is going to be good. >> just whispered to me, i'm going to pass out. you're a little bit freaked out. >> a little bit, yes. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> tell me how you feel right now. >> like i'm going to pass out. >> you guys are super excited for her. >> we're excited. >> she deserves this. >> why? >> because she doesn't pay enough attention to herself and she's always putting other people first. >> aw. >> okay, ready? >> yes. >> those are the girls you would love to hang out with. >> i know, i want to be their friends. >> here they are. let's take one last look. kim before.
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and bring her out! kim rutledge! >> keep your blindfold on. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> ladies, take off your blindfolds. >> it's amazing. >> kim, you want to look? >> yeah. >> turn around, sweetheart. >> oh, my gosh. >> you look hot. your eyes totally pop out, right? very adelish. >> look right there at that camera. >> wow. >> the one thing we did that actually i did, i made her hair a little bit redder. she put in highlights. beautiful red color is her natural color away. this all works so well together. her one request was her hair be a little bit left long. so i kept it a little bit on the long side which mean she's going to have to frequently style it but you look fabulous. >> look at her friends.
2:22 am
don't you love looking at the friends? >> the friends are the best. >> tell us about this outfit. you need it, ladies. >> i'm into this whole -- >> i know, right? >> sort of like -- so many pieces to layer. so the jacket is faux leather, white house black market. and nydj jeans. >> and a beautiful statement necklace. >> let's bring robin out. robin, come on out. that was great. you guys look so beautiful. tuesday night he definitely had the voice. >> newest star jordan smith right after this. hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast!
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from the moment he stepped on the stage and belted out his first fought in blind auditions, blake, adam, gwen and pharrell all knew a star was born. ed >> jordan smith! >> on tuesday night jordan's dream came true when he was crowned in season nine champ of nbc's hit singing competition "the voice." >> and it's his powerhouse vocals that actually dethroned adele from the top spot on itunes with this rendition of queen's "somebody to love."
2:25 am
somebody to ooh ooh ooh ooh oh oh oh love yeah >> jordan, unbelievable. >> so happy you're here. >> it's fun to watch you watching you. >> yeah. >> it's interesting to watch myself. >> what do you think when you're watching yourself because that was extraordinary. >> that particular performance, i'm like, watching it, who is that person? i don't fully understand. it was so crazy. i was like, where am i? what happened? why am i on the ground? >> were you expressing something you'd never expressed before? gutterally? >> yeah, it was so crazy. i see that it was like a moment we were building up to all season. adam was slowly sneaking into something like that and bringing out this like beast in me i guess. it just came out all of a sudden. it was such a surprise to me. >> what was that moment like when it's down to the last day and you're wondering if your name's going to get called?
2:26 am
is that like for you, what did that feel like on stage? >> i cannot even describe it in words. it's so crazy. i've been a fan of the show for a long time. i'm sure you love the show, but i've been a fan of the show for such a long time and i always, like, had conversations about if i was going to be on the show what i would sing and, like, three years ago, i would talk about stuff like this. so to be standing at the end and hear them call my name as the winner. it was so surreal and incredible. >> this is the favorite part of this whole story. you tried out the year before and didn't make it. >> yeah, yeah, i actually tried out in february of 2014. >> and, but -- a lot of people stay defeated. >> yeah. >> not everybody say, i learned from this, i'm going to go back there and i'm going to get it this sometime. >> right, and that's exactly what happened. i did it and i didn't feel like, you know -- i didn't feel like it was the right time. i felt like that was part of it, you know, it just wasn't my time. then a year later, you know, auditions came back around and i got a call, they asked me to come back and sing for a spot.
2:27 am
then just kind of got the ball rolling from there and got on the show and now i'm here. >> king of kentucky and all the world now. >> why did you pick adam, of all the coaches? >> well, obviously, he's adam, so he's, like, incredible. i don't know, just the things he said to me, you know, during the audition right there on stage. he said some pretty heavy stuff. i connected with him immediately. i knew that because of that connection, we'd be able to cultivate a good working relationship later on and that was really important to me. and, too, he's just someone i would love the chance to learn from. >> it's incredible, the sales, though. the single sales. >> hello, adele. >> adele is jealous of you. >> it's so crazy. >> she'd be happy for him, wouldn't she? >> i like to think she would. >> i want to meet her but then again i'm like afraid to see her. i don't exactly know what's going to happen. >> we're so happy for you. >> we're thrilled. >> you are awesome. >> thank you so much. >> take a much needed and deserved wonderful holiday break with your family down in harlan,
2:28 am
>> all right. >> there he is, everybody, "the voice." >> jordan. everyone has a story.
2:29 am
tell theirs. it's thirsty thursday. if you're packing your bags for the holiday break, you'll want to check out what we've got for you in bobbie's buzz. >> bobbie thomas has the travel goodies to keep you comfortable and stress free. >> she surely do. >> we have a few minutes, let's get onboard. we're on the airplane. >> oh, we're on the plane. >> these are some of my best secrets. at the airport i never can find my bag. i forget which one i packed. this palm ids are called pom chis. this is just my favorite color of course. they snap on to your luggage. they also look great on wine
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yours. >> so smart. >> they can't be very costly, right? >> no, they're like $5. two different colors at bed bath and beyond. but you can find the best colors. and alex is going to model. they have a sole but they're like wearing socks. what i love about these, they were so popular for women, they now make for men and kids. they're only 17 bucks. you don't have to debate, do i bring my tennis shoes, do i not bring my tennis shoes. you can do yoga, exercise. >> you can't run in them. >> no, you can't run in them, but you can do all kinds -- >> alex. >> when you're at a guest house, you don't want to wear socks. then alex has on the next thing. belkin's five-way splitter. the only challenge he had is not getting tangled. this is great because when you're on the airplane and you want the whole family -- candy canes it's beginning to look a lot >> i've heard it before.
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hoda is always trying to share her music. if you have a funny youtube video, holding up the bass. family involved when you're hanging out. >> she's obsessed. we're all together. >> take that with you on your trip. >> next, jewelry. how many of you have a little bag like this that you tangle everything up when you travel? just like this. this is at the drugstore. look at this, eight different size compartments. and in the center, your big one. >> you do, hoda, because everything's in the bottom your purse. >> this is amazing. this is great. it's called tag along. it's at the drugstore. last but not least, everything is online, guys, but bling brush, i'm obsessed. this cleans your jewelry. it's like a pen you keep in your purse. don't leave the rings on the counter when you're traveling. >> just do it right there. >> this evaporates and it makes
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the best shine. love the bling brush. great stocking stuffer for your girlfriends, too. >> where's our face swap? >> let's do that. >> we don't know where it is. >> somebody stole it already. >> okay. the knock at the door that
2:33 am
>> everyone has a story. the holiday season is all about kindness and giving. today, we are honoring a woman who gives back all year long. >> susan wrote us about her extraordinary friend stacy lotus. we're going to talk to them. i'm so happy i got her name
2:34 am
right. first, let's listen to her letter to me and to david. >> in january 2010, my ex-husband, the father of my daughter, passed away suddenly. i had to put together a funeral and clear out his home. i was completely overwhelmed when suddenly there was a knock at the door. stacey, a woman from my church, just showed up and said, what can i do? being a new member of the church and not knowing stacey well, this act of kindness left me dumfounded. she wanted to come and help me and my family with anything we needed. wow, who is this angel? i, of course, was extremely grateful for this kind gesture. and it has changed my life for the better. god blessed me with an amazing, caring, and loving friend. she is always giving of her time and talent. selflessly and unconditionally. stacey's list of kindnesses doesn't stop there.
2:35 am
she just returned from a missions trip in chile where she helped build a new church. through the years, i have seen her be a blessing to many. she is always ready, willing, and able to help. i can never repay her for what she did that day, nor would she want me to. she has taught me the true meaning of christian community in action. god's love isn't just something we feel, it is something we act upon. >> oh, i love that. >> isn't that sweet? >> here they are, the lovely stacey louidice and suzanne. >> hi, ladies. >> it's so great to see the friendship between you that's developed. >> did you not know about this other day? you kept a good secret. >> you said you were going to laugh through the whole thing. >> i'm sorry. the whole thing but this is a nice change. >> that day was such an
2:36 am
you asked such a simple question, didn't you, of this women, what can i do to help? did you realize it was going to be so transformative for suzanne? >> i never knew i'd get a friend like this out of it. >> how long ago was it that you showed up at the door? >> it was 2004. >> 2004, okay. no, 2010, i'm sorry! >> 2010. >> yes, 2010. >> did you know right away? sometimes when you meet a friend, you know right away you're going to be friends for life. did you feel that when you first met? >> it grew. it grew. we answer each other's questions. we think the same. it gets a little scary sometime. but she's just been such a blessing to me. you know, i wish i could do what she's done for me, i wish i could pay her back. >> there are times in life when we're just overwhelmed and we think, lord, how am i going to get through this? knock, knock at the door, an angel shows up. >> right? great. >> to go to chile and do all these other thing, what motivates you to do all of that?
2:37 am
>> god motivates me. >> yeah. >> i think of him as the creator of the universe, and he's not too busy to know about every hair on my head and yet sometimes he'll ask me to go help somebody or reach out to somebody. it's my complete honor. i'm just so happy to be able to. >> wow. >> there's a wonderful scripture that says, we love because he first loved us, right? >> beautiful, beautiful. >> that's great, you guys. we have a surprise for you. she's appeared on broadway. >> everything from "beauty and the beast." >> the fabulous carrie butler getting ready for a special performance david and i wrote
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we're back celebrating our
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everyone has a story winners. >> we honor the winners are a special song, so it is now time for you to hear the song that david and i wrote just for you, stacey. here to perform it is tony nominee carrie butler. it's called, "i'm here, what can i do?" >> aw! this world keeps spinning the losing against the winning it's hard to know what is false and what is true enough to say out of the blue this world keeps turning people learning people yearning for something they can give their whole hearts too and then one day way out of the blue with i'm here what can i do
2:41 am
mystical or magic they're real and often have a human face intersecting and connecting time and space they come from out of nowhere making triumph out of tragic by asking this and nothing else of you i'm here what can i do this world keeps changing it keeps on rearranging it's hard to know what's false and what is true until one day someone clears the clouds away out of the blue with i'm here what can i do angels aren't just mythical or mystical or magic they're real and often have a human face intersecting and connecting time and space they come from out of nowhere
2:42 am
making triumph out of tragic asking this and nothing else of you one simple question that can pull you through that can change your life and make your dreams come true and that one question may i make a small suggestion is one that always can be s asked by you you have that power every moment every hour to get somebody through to make a dream come true to help to light the way to make somebody's day to chase the blues away if you will only say i'm here what can i do i'm here what can i do i'm here what can i do [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! >> carrie. >> come on over. >> david, david. >> that was so good. >> this is carrie. >> that was beautiful.
2:43 am
>> that was fantastic. you were the perfect person to sing this, carrie. >> what did you guys think your song? >> it's like a disney song. >> right, so simple, but beautiful. >> there goes jake. the composer. he made it. >> thank you. >> that was so great. >> you enjoyed? >> beautiful. >> carrie, perfect. just beautiful. >> thank you. such a great song. such a great story. so inspirational. >> beautiful. >> really beautiful. >> people think i'm just one person, what can i do? you can show up. that's what you can do. >> we want to give you a little something. >> yes. >> how about that? all right, since you're always serving other, we wanted you to get pampered and spend some quality time with your besty. where better to do it than a spa? so seawater spa out on long island. >> frank and i went there on our honeymoon. >> we're treating you two to a girlfriend's weekend getaway. >> what? >> you're going to get three days, two nights,
2:44 am
accommodations, ocean front room, you get a pair of 90-minute deep tissue massages. >> what? >> a beautiful private beach, an ocean-fed seawater pool, roman baths. you guys are going to have a ball. >> should they wait for summer though? >> you should wait for summer. >> she says no, she wants to go now. >> your family's over there. who's there? >> my daughter. >> and some friends of yours? >> yes, claudia and judy from my church. >> well, they're not going with you, just you two. >> they can pay their own way. >> we're so happy you wrote in to us. thank you so much. thank you for putting all the light into the world that you do. looks gorgeous. what did you want to say? >> i just want to say what a great friend suzanne is, and she acts like i'm all that and she's actually the one that's all that. >> wow. >> thank you. >> she's the one that wrote the letter, sorry. >> she always -- sorry. >> no, it's okay, we got to go,
2:45 am
dave. what's going on? >> december 30th, i'm at the metropolitan room with my partner doing his comedy act. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's going to do it again on the 25th. >> okay. how about carrie, in the musical comedy. >> "disaster." >> yay. >> that will be good. >> and dave? >> i just finished a record with patty smythe, christmas record, all the proceeds go to the wounded warriors. >> fantastic. >> what an awesome group of people. all right, everybody. god bless. we're back with some food for the soul. first, this is "today" on nbc. the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours, but did you know there's a product that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, delsym lasts three times longer than the leading cough liquid.
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ef. the 22nd annual toy drive is heading into home stretch. you have until next tuesday to donate a toy. >> today one of our longtime partners is back with another generous donation to help families in need. sara is the executive vice president of corporate affairs for tyson foods. hey. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> what do you have? >> well, we have for the tenth year in a row a food donation to charities across the country for the "today" show holiday toy drive. it's $200,000 worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods. everybody wants to eat at the holidays, especially those in need. >> that is so great. >> we think about toys but people need sustenance. >> they need fun and family and food, and hunger relief is one of our biggest programs at tyson foods. >> huge problem. >> we're happy to pitch in. >> thank you. >> we really appreciate it. >> thanks so much, enjoy. >> if you'd like to donate, come on down to the plaza by next
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tuesday, december 22nd. stop by the "today" pop-up store on go online. >> now for a shoutout to a couple facebook fans who spotted regis. >> amanda set this picture of little victoria posing with regis. >> carrie sent in a pic of trey spotting regis. she says, we may live in north dakota, it's snowy and 20 degrees, but he still wants to wear shorts. >> finally, richie from tennessee found regis. he says he watches the show every day. >> keep your pictures coming in to us, everybody. tomorrow from the new movie, kurt russell will be here. >> and last-minute gifts you can get in time for christmas. >> tomorrow is try day friday. >> got bless you. >> bye-bye. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market
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