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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  January 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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it's monday, january 4th...
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first on 13... president obama is expected to reveal more of his controversial plan
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first on 13... president obama is expected to reveal more of his controversial plan to deal with gun violence. the president telling americans this morning... it's time to get serious about gun control. :22 - :30 "my new year's resolution is to move forward on our unfinished business as much as i can. today he'll meet with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss options for tightening gun laws. at the top of his list... expanding background checks. he'll then conduct a three month review of other steps to help reduce gun violence.... to make his ideas a reality... he's expected to skip congress' approval... and take executive action. but some republican presidential candidates are already promising to reverse any action obama takes -
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sot donald trump, presidential candidate :50 - :59 "so he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast." sot gov. jeb bush, presidential candidate 1:00 - 1:04 "his first impulse is always to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, and it's wrong." overall, increased background checks has been shown to have widespread public support. that's likely to come up along the campaign trail through iowa today... republican ted cruz will have his chance to weigh in this morning... he visits boone for a stop at king's christian bookstore... the texas senator then wraps up his day with afternoon and evening stops in carroll and winterset... democratic front-runner hillary clinton also heads to central iowa... she'll speak in des moines this evening at the iowa state historical building... that's following stops in davenport and cedar rapids. her event begins at 5:45. mike huckabee made waves in iowa yesterday -- saying clinton is exactly the president vladimir putin
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"the president said there would be a red line in syria...there was no red line, even after syria violated...nothing happened. putin pretty much feels that he can get away with whatever he wants under this administration....who's policy was largely the creation from barack obama and hillary clinton." he spoke to reporters after a stop at urbandale's machine shed restaurant yesterday afternoon... huckabee remains at the bottom of the republican pile in iowa... but he said don't count him out yet... his last month leading up to the caucus will include 150 events... that's on top of visiting all 99 counties since may... five of those stops are scheduled for today... including ames, ogden and webster city. democratic contender martin o'malley is wrapping up his two day swing through the state. the presidential hopeful made phone calls to potential voters at his headquarters in des moines last
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night. according to a recent gravis poll -- o'malley is trailing in third place among the democratic field with ten percent.... however he says the number doesn't worry him. the former governor says since the christmas holiday -- he has noticed a shift in his supporters.. ive seen it time and time again. the pundits and the polls say one thing in december then on caucus night the people of iowa get their say and what the people of iowa are best at are lifting up a new leader for our country so im very excited about these next 29 days o'malley will be back campaigning in the state later this week. a metro shooting in a mcdonalds parking lot has landed one person behind bars and another in the hospital this morning... it happened around 8 saturday night at this mcdonalds near drake's campus... witnesses say a car pulled into the parking and someone started shooting. gunfire hit a 19 - year - old man in the
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leg. shortly after the shooting -- police saw a car flee from the scene and chased it into a nearby alley. they found 21-year-old antwain robinson inside with a hand gun... he is now charged with possessing and carrying a weapon as a felon... but he isn't charged with firing the gun. authorities say they're waiting to find two other possible suspects. state investigators believe they know who fatally shot a northern iowa man... the division of criminal investigation says officers found a 56- year-old man shot dead in nashua late friday afternoon. the d-c-i says it has identified and arrested the shooter... but charges have yet to be filed against them. they say it's unclear whether the killing was intentional or accidental. they'll release the victim's name once officers have notified the man's relatives. today a des moines man will be sentenced to life behind bars... 20-year-old ngor makuey is an ethiopian refugee who's been living in northeast des moines. he faces a mandatory life
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sentence for killing his 97-year-old neighbor, rupert anderson. makuey broke into anderson's home on east 46th street in july of 2014... he attacked the elderly man and his wife... rupert was killed in the attack... his wife was seriously injured. she later died in march of 2015. makuey tried unsuccessfully to use an insanity defense. this morning he'll be sentenced to life in prison. an icy search is underway this morning in eastern iowa... that's after two people capsized while canoeing in the coralville reservoir yesterday. bystanders were able to rescue one person from the icy water... he was immediately transported to the hospital. crews are still searching for the second boater... so far they've been unsuccessful. search teams in illinois have found the body of a teen who went missing during massive flooding... sunday morning search crews found the body of an 18 year old... that makes ten confirmed flood-
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related deaths in the state so far. saturday flood waters breeched levees along the mississippi river... water levels match records set back in 1993. one lucky jackpot winner is in
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that's as the powerball prize climbs to 400 million this week... saturday three-contestants each won a million dollars.... another won two-million. yet no one has bought the grand prize - winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. officials say the chances of winning the big prize is about one in 300- million. the largest powerball ticket was won in 2013. that person from florida took home more than 590-million. a local ronald mcdonald house has hit the jackpot this morning. 223114 - ive been saving all the tops for the last five years and kim and christy are surprised how many theyve had saved from the last time dan williams donated more than 186-thousand soda can tabs to the ronald mcdonald house in des moines this weekend. the pop tab donation is a long
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they're sold in bulk to be recycled and the organization gets under a dollar a pound for them. williams' donation gives 12 guests a the organization says is pretty rare.. 265209 - we have volunteers that will come in or people who will just sporadically save ziploc bags of them or we give away little cardboard houses but to see a quantity of his size is unmatchable the only person to ever beat williams' tab donations... is williams himself. five years ago he donated 200 - thousand of them. that was the largest donation in ronald mcdonald house history. a new year means new business for local gym owners... it's perhaps the most common new years get in better shape. reid chandler found some iowans who are finding new excuses to keep their blood pumping and their resolutions going. three days into 20-16 shows plenty of people sticking to
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those new years resolutions to be healthier... 8:08:47 "i would say my daughter is a big inspiration to that, as well as my son who competes in swimming in college. he's in the pool by 5:45 everyday, so he's a big inspiration." - lynn gaumer - ankeny, ia lynn gaumer of ankeny is one of those people... when her kids work out at the wellmark y-m-c-a downtown, she uses it as an excuse to work up her own sweat. 8:07:58 "my daughter trains with the tri midwest group downstairs, and so when she trains with the tri midwest group, i am up here training as well." - lynn gaumer - ankeny, ia the y-m-c-a of greater des moines says it sees a spike in membership every january. but keeping the novelty of a new workout regimen from wearing off is where the hard work really exists. 8:15:38 "i'm going to give it a couple of weeks to slow down, i know a lot of people will disappear." - edgar leguisano - des moines, ia edgar leguisano says he's not one of those "new year, new me" kind of people... and his advice to those who are trying to pick up a healthy habiito something you love. 8:16:06 "if this is your goal, come inhere, put in the wor fall in love th it. that's the number oneing, to fall in loveth it. once you fall in loveth the results you're getting, u put ine hard work, you're going to ve it, you're not going to ite afr a rtain amount of weeks." - gar leguisano - des moines, ia everyone here seems to agree...the road to a healthier festyle is filled th baby steps. 8:23:54 "havall goals to work your way up.don't just have o top goal, d have no small goals to getthere." - mohamed abdelnabi - s moines, ia and don't be afraid to mix it up 8:09:38 "i'm trying more ofthe strength part of strength d conditioning." - lynn gaumer ankeny, ia keepg it fresh will keep youterested long after the new feeling wears off the new year.
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in des moines, reid chandler, annel we wellmark y-m-c-a has nowen onor a full is the newest of the y's 11 facilities across the metro... we've been enjoying gas prices
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and if you're wondering whether they'll go up or down in the next few months.. we have some good news to report. how much analysts think
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the front that passed through has left us with a bit of cloud cover, which will remain with us through sunday night. some clouds will start to break early monday, but temperatures will remain cool and in the upper 20s. as we near the middle of the week cloud cover will increase and chances for rain and snow will begin late wednesday lasting through saturday morning. temperatures overnight will be above average and in the middle to upper 20s, so the middle of the week will be slightly warmer
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after going up to almost three dollars a gallon this year... gas after going up to almost three dollars a gallon this year... gas prices are back down. coming up... where will they go from here?
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what experts are predicting for 2016. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america,
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your first drive to work of the new year is looking a little more pleasant morning... that's because it won't cost you as much... nbc's chris clackum has the details. we already know the average consumer spent about $700 less on gasoline in 2015... "it's the savings that they incurred incrementally with fuel purchases from january through december" well, we're starting off 2016 with an even better outlook.. because the national average of about $2-a-gallon is a quarter lower than a year ago. "so even when prices go up as they always do in the 1st quarter, we don't expect them to reach the height that we have seen in 2015" gasbuddy senior analyst gregg laskoski ...a senior analyst at gasbuddy-dot-com says he does not see much change in the world-wide glut of crude oil that we have right now. "we have far more fuel than we have demand right now" others say that's expected to translate into pump prices that drop another 15-cents a gallon in the
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here in des moines... we're paying an average of 1.94 per gallon... according to gas buddy dot com... the metro's lowest gas price rings in at 1.69... that's at love's on hickman road in clive... a former hawkeye turned pro had a big play last night during
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