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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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i'mthe powerball jackpot just got a lot bigger... in fact... it's a record-setting amount. what it will mean for ticket sales. getting organized.. now that christmas is over... some of us have too many toys in the house. how to get rid of the old stuff... to make space for the new. wet roads... we're watching some soaked roadways this morning... hear when they could get slick... and when flurries may fly. it's thursday january 7th... today
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first on 13... convenience
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frenzy of millionaire hopefuls this morning... that's as the powerball mega millions jackpot raises to 675 million... higher than it's ever been before... "it's like willy wonka and the golden ticket everyone wants that ticket and the kids are telling their mom to pick numbers and filling them out it's awesome... here are last night's winning numbers... a matching ticket would have won 500 million... but no tickets were sold matching that exactly... tickets matching combos without the powerball can still win money... but it's the looming jackpot that has people flooding stores to press their luck... this caseys in
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normally sells about 200 to 500 dollars in tickets. yesterday it sold nearly 2-thousand dollars worth... one person dropping 110 dollars in one stop. today only looks to be busier... as the stakes get higher. again, that winner walks away with 675 million. the only ticket to come close to that was sold back in 2012... at 656 million. construction workers in altoona are mourning the loss of one of their own.. police say 30-year-old justin jorgensen was working to install water and sewage lines in a trench when the dirt caved in around him. crews worked for six hours in the cold to pull him out... an effort that they soon realized was not a rescue mission.
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it also did not have a trench wall bracing its sides... something osha requires in trenches deeper than five feet... o-s-h-a is now investigating the case. last year two similar accidents claimed lives. 31-year old, brian powell was trapped after rain caused a trench to collapse at a construction site in story city last june. firefighters pulled him out... but powell died a week later. and in august... another worker died when ground gave way as crews were working on a sewer line. 49-year old william patterson of otho died at the scene. the army corps of engineers is issuing an ice warning this morning... the corps wants you to avoid what little ice there is on saylorville lake... at this point... it's only around the edges of the water. but the corp is lowering the lake level.. and that will make the ice unsafe
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meanwhile rescue crews around the state are getting ready to help those who ignore ice warnings... 397484 tons :00 - :08 you really don't notice how cold the water is unless you're in it for an extended amount of the time. the suits are pretty well insulated so they keep you warm for a little while. the cedar rapids rescue team was out practicing in their cold water gear yesterday... the firefighters took turns playing victim, slipping into the water, while others practiced pulling them to safety. it's a training that comes around every year to help save lives... but it hits especially close to home this week... after an eastern iowa teen died in frigid reservoir waters earlier this week. "it hits home pretty well we had quite a few guys that went down and assisted with the drowning in johnson county so the importance is definetely there" in des moines the parks and rec department flies a green flag at area lakes when the ice is safe. department flies a green flag at area lakes when the ice is safe. a warm front will lift over central iowa this morning, so temperatures will remain above freezing which means rain will be possible throughout most of the day. the
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from the lunch hour through the evening commute, with rain totals nearing .25"- .50". temperatures will be above average and in the upper 30s through early friday, but as this system moves northeast, high pressure will take it's spot and temperatures will drop significantly through the weekend. the trial of a clive man accused
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26-year old joe lopez is charged with first degree murder and child endangerment resulting in a death... prosecutors say lopez assaulted his girlfriend's one-year old daughter at a clive apartment in 20-14. the toddler suffered skull and rib fractures. she died five days later. police say lopez claimed the child was hurt falling out of a highchair. investigators say that doesn't match her injuries. jury selection in the case started yesterday and will resume this morning. a trial date has been set for a des moines woman charged in deadly hit and run...
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gliem was arraigned at the polk county courthouse. she is charged with two counts of vehicular homicide by o-w-i and two counts of vehicular homicide by reckless driving. police say gliem was drunk and speeding last november when she struck another car on hubbell avenue on november 15th. two men in that car... 60-year old rick hummel and 59-year old randy sonnenburg... were killed. gliem's trial begins this march. south dakota is making it harder for iowa to issue its drivers speeding tickets... according to radio-iowa.. the state is blocking sioux city police from getting the addresses of south dakota drivers who get caught speeding on camera. without the address, police can't mail the ticket. the change is in response to a new south dakota law that bans police from sharing vehicle information with private companies. that blocked sioux city police because
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the town of winterset wants people passing through to stop and stay a while... the town is already known for and its scenic square... but now it's also adding to its historical inventory list downtown. over the past four years, the town has raked through over 100 buildings looking for candidates to place on the national register of historic places... 83 of them fit the mold -- and many are now marked with plaques. getting on the register brings building owners tax credits for rehab projects. historic preservation committee members say that's helping push a trend in town... sot tons 397460 1:03 - 1:12 linda smith/ winterset historic preservation comm i see a lot of classmates and people who graduated from winterset high preserving the buildings here, or coming back and buying homes.. sot tons 397460 1:19 - 1:24 ' its not just about the buildings...its about the stories and the people who lived in the buildings and built the buildings the town will celebrate the historic designations on
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museum building.. december likely left your kids with plenty of new toys to keep them busy... but what about the pile of toys they've grown tired of? josh nguyen joins us this morning to tell us about some local non-profits that will take those toys. good morning, josh! make sure the toys are safe and lead- free. you might want to check and make sure that the toys you are donating have not been recalled, are lead-free , and are considered as a safe toy by you ersonally. make sure the toys are clean. charities report having to throawayitems the receiv becase thy ar lle with snd fm a andox, caed in ud, re coered th dri-on ood o other intiiabl gunk, r covered withmarker scibbles. dnot donate anythin wih missng pcs. youplan to donate a puzzl ogame, be sure thatall of te essenal ieces are clded whowants to sseble a zzle with misingieces? bottomine... notonat anythng you wouldnt let your own kids play with. get a receipt for your donation and include it as a charitable gift when you file your tax return. most places accept: " gently worn clothing " toys " kids books " kids art/craft supplies most places will not accept: " items thatrbroken yond rei baby items such i, car seats, gh chairs " ttresses " older y electronics warm front will lift over
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temperatures lremain above freezing whichmeans rain will be possible throughout most of the day. the st chances forain will be from the lunch hourhugh the ening commute, with raintals nearing .25"- .50". temperatures will be aboveerage and in the upper 30s through early friday, b asis system moves northeast,gh pressure will take it's ot and temperatures will drop gnificantly through the ekend.ds and col em to go hand hand this time of year.op significantly rough the
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but there's something more serious that can happen when they get sick. coming up... a reminder about ear infections. some of the signs your child may have one.... and when to take
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a warm front will lift over central iowa this morning, so
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will remain above freezing which means rain will be possible throughout most of the day. the from the lunch hour through the evening commute, with rain totals nearing .25"- .50". temperatures will be above average and in the upper 30s through early friday, but as this system moves northeast, high pressure will take it's spot and temperatures will drop significantly through the weekend. kids seem to get sick a lot this
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and a cold can go from the sniffles to something more serious. coming up... the signs of ear infection. and why getting treatment early
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged,
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. our top story... a looming jackpot is bigger than ever this morning... no winning ticket sold yesterday... which ups the stakes from 500 to 675 million. that has people flooding convenience stores to press their luck... the only ticket to come close to that was sold back in 2012... at 656 million. cold season is here - and that contagious virus is spreading like wildfire. but there's another painful illness connected to the common cold that's making kids stay sick longer.
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this time of year, viral infections are as common as the changing weather. pediatrician albert richert, junior says he's treated lots of young patients with runny noses, congestion and cough - and says most colds resolve on their own. but sometimes, you can develop an ear infection as a complication. "when you have a cold, you get swelling in the tissues of your sinuses and that swelling can basically block up the drain, block up the middle ear space and fluid can accumulate in the middle ear space." when that fluid sits, it can become infected. "that infection causes some pressure and some bulging on the ear drum, which can lead to pain." it can be hard for a parent to know whether or not a child has an ear infection. doctor richert says if it's following a cold, it likely is. "basically, the main thing is understanding what a cold is: maybe a little low grade fever in just the first day or so and then after that, some runny nose and congestion for about a week. when it doesn't follow apgression, when they've been sick for two or three days dll a sudden they're running fever, or they get worse in some way or are suddenly a lot more fussy, that can be a sign that something's changed and oftentimes that's an ear infection." tylenol and motrin can help ease the discomfort. antibiotics are given after a medical professional makes a diagnosis. if the ear infections are morrisome, that's when doctor chert says tubes are nsidered as a long-term lution. he number of ear infectio ally isn't as importa ase duration of the uid bend the ear drum," heid. "en your middle ear ace fills up with uid, your ear drum can't move oply and it muffles the u. kids who have flu in eir middle space don't hear
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me hallma signs to look for your child:a fever above 102 degrees, tugging at the ear, ...and crying when lying down. no winner.. the powerball
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes
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