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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  January 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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tonight, the mayor says a motorcycle shop is a big reason why.. good evening. thank you for being with us. i'm dan winters. and i'm sonya heitshusen... many people in luther are still cleaning up from last month's flash flooding... and they're afraid it's going to happen again... as channel 13's justin surrency explains why... the story is first on 13... rain is typically a welcomed sight for iowans in january , but it's making those in luther nervous ... everything is working, the sump pump is going every 12 seconds and that's keeping up with it..."in december kristen hethcott and other home owners weren't so fortunate...for some it was the worst flooding they'd seen "kudos to ames trenching they pumped nearly three quarters of a million gallons of water in 3 days."despite luther having no city sewer system mayor cindy miller says that's not to blame... "the problem is we have storm town because of inadequate tile
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one... "this is a decades old problem."but mayor cindy miller says it's recently gotten far worse because of a local business... "in 2015 an expansion project by the motorcycle shop, this storm tile was them to work in this alley." "they have raised the ground and everybody elses property, that surrounds this property."but b-f-e vintage motorcycles owner tanya doyle said 'cindy miller's claims are false and we have valid permits for the work performed. our small amount of work has not contributed to the flooding of luther.' residents have also grown frustrated that a recent proposal to replace the tiles underneath the city is being kicked down the road.. quit putting it off each council
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next council meeting..."but with two new city council members being sworn in on tuesday...mayor miller feels a change is coming... "i'm hoping the council votes on tuesday to go forward and start soliciting bids and working on this project as fast as possible." "let's get the ball rolling so every time it rains, i don't have to get my rafts out." mayor miller says that if the city council votes in favor of tile project they could begin as soon as this spring after the bid proposal process... no flood worries in the metro... walnut creek is rising near 63rd street... but its still well below flood stage... and once the rain moves out... the cold moves in... chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us. today was the kind of day you just wanted to stay in bed... read a good book... snuggle up with the dogs. the jury pool in the murder
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lopez is accused of killing his girlfriend's 20-month old daughter in november of 20-14. the clive toddler suffered a skull fracture and broken ribs. she was treated at the hospital but died of her injuries four days later. opening statements will begin once the pool of jurors is narrowed to 14. morning. family and friends are preparing to say good-bye to 30-year old justin jorgensen... jorgenson died in a construction accident near altoona yesterday.... he was installing sewer pipes in gave way.. a visitation willtake place
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funeral home in des moines... a memorial service will follow. jorgensen leaves behind a wife and two children. the y-m-c-a of greater des moines is searching for a new leader. 30:22-30:36 we have a lot of things that we'r e working on at the y a lot of issues that have been out there in the public that we're going to continue to work on and it was the time.. the decision was for new leadership to take the y moving forward to take us to even greater heights. vernon delpesce won't be the person to take them there. the y-m-c-a president and c-e-o resigned this morning. delpesce had been underfire for the swimming pool at the new wellmark y-m- c-a. last summer... but at this point the 'y' doesn't have the money to complete the project. america's former c-e-o returned to iowa today... former president bill clinton campaigned on his wife's behalf today in cedar rapids... clinton referenced the dow's nearly 4-hundred point drop today on wall street... saying hillary clinton has the best
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hillary believes the best way to is to help the struggling, the striving, and the already successful - making sure the people who have money make more money by investing it in other people and not trading it with each other on worthless financial gambles. from there it was off to dubuque for a second campaign event... during that stop hillary clinton apparently wanted to know how the cedar rapids event went.. "keep americans up at night and... my phone's ringing. i'll have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it. bill clinton's return to the campaign trail hasn't been all laughs... allegations from his past are again starting to haunt him... and his wife's candidacy... brianna keilar has the story. as bill clinton hits the campaign trail for his wife "you will never have a chance to
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ns of sexual improprieties from years past are reemerging in hillary clinton's race for the white house. now, one of the subjects of those scandals is resurfacing. juanita broaddrick - who has long claimed that bill clinton attacked her in 1978, when she was working on his gubernatorial campaign she's now a trump supporter - and tweeted: i was 35 years old when bill clinton, ark. attorney general raped me and hillary tried to silence me. i am now never goes away. there was no physical evidence and no charges were ever filed. the attorney for bill clinton in 1999 said "any allegation that the president assaulted mrs. broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false." on the campaign trail, a republican state legislator asking her about them this week in new hampshire: presidential candidate "you are very rude, and i am not going to ever call on you." critics say
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questions with her words supporting victims of rape --- secretary clinton, you recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed. but would you say that juanita broaddrick, kathleen wiley and paula jones be believed as well?" presidential candidate "well, i would say that everyone should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence."most of hillary clinton's opponents have stayed away from the scandals... until now presidential candidate"the husband wants to come and she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. give me a break."donald trump has been hammering on bill clinton's past, and calling hillary clinton an "enabler" since she sexism. presidential candidate"it's not a penchant for sexism."today, bill clinton answered questions at a campaign event this way: "he has said a lot of things. i have no response." not every candidate is bringing
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some are too busy..... today former arkansas governor mike huckabee visited his 99th iowa county... completing the "full grassley." huckabee says the long days of campaigning is what he likes most... 26:38-26:53 it forces candidates.... to the rest of the country kentucky senator rand paul knows the commitment it takes to run for president... he wasn't only to go home to celebrate his birthday with his family... nats happy birthday to you instead rand paul celebrated the day with supporters at buzzard billy's... though only seeing minimal support in the polls... paul says his campaign is getting traction. paul also says many voters are yet to settle on a candidate despite the caucuses being only 3-weeks
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rand paul wasn't the only presidential candidate we found at a bar tonight... like you still have a choice.. go to your caucus february first former maryland governor martin o'malley entertained a packed house tonight at karl's place in des moines. o'malley is likely singing the blues. last week he failed to file the number of signatures needed to appear on ohio's primary ballot in march. it seems there's an app for everything... and this year that includes the caucus... microsoft unveiled the app today. it will be used by precinct captains from both parties to report caucus results... once the numbers are verified by the party.. they will be released to the public. 035907 - its really about making sure we are first in the nation and making sure we have cutting edge technology 104318 - i hope that the rest of county sees that we are taking this seriously and what we are taking seriously. quite frankly its leading of the search for the next commander in chief. the app will have an
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today volunteers were at work... putting together caucus information packets. they include instructions and forms to record results... and will go out to all precinct captains. you can bet one of the hawkeye football captains next year will be desmond king. the nation's best defensive back will be headed back to iowa city for his senior season... and now we know exactly what coach ferentz thinks of king's decision. that, plus, ferentz reveals what he thinks the future holds for quarterback c.j.beathard. trading places... a group of citizens has a new appreciation for what police encounter on the job. see how a ten-week immersion into the world of law enforcement changed attitudes and opinions. but first... the president holds a televised... town hall meeting to bolster his plan to reduce gun violence. but do americans think it will actually work? if we could combine gun safety
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and some other checks, we're not but we will lessen it. two days after his executive violence... president obama is taking his pitch on the road. tonight the president took part in a town hall meeting at george mason university... arguing his reasoning for this week's executive orders.. those orders include.... expanding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so-called "gun show loophole"... karin caifa has more.. : "the way it is described, is that we are trying to take away everybody's guns. our position is consistently mischaracterized."the president
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never owned a gun -- and has little experience with firearms. but he says his policies and positions on guns -- has helped gun manufacturers. : 'i have been now president for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. i have been very good for gun manufacturers,"the president argued the country would be safer -- if the government was more involved with the buying and selling of guns. but the same day he took his message on the road -- a cnn/orc poll found that a majority of the public supports the measures that obama outlined this week but less than half of americans think they will actually work. in fairfax virginia -- i'm karin caifa as part of his executive orders.. the president also called for additional funding for mental health.. and hiring 200-new a-t-f agents to enforce current gun laws. nearly two-dozen people in waukee now know exactly what police are up against..
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week citizen police academy... the program was designed to give the public a first hand look at what officers go through... from investigating a crime.. to incarcerating a suspect... participants got to experience it all... 57:45-58:00 we have everything.. qualification course participants say the course was eye-opening.. and say everyone in waukee should take advantage of it... 01:57-02:17 i'd tell em to do it.... a different respect for the police officers. 03:01-03:08 i told my son... cause of what we've learned light rain will continue as we head into the overnight to friday. rainfall totals through thursday afternoon were generally less than 0.25" in central iowa, with another 0.10" to 0.25" possible through friday. lows tonight will once again stay above freezing, so widespread slick spots should not be a concern, though bridges
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caution. throughout the day friday a few snow showers may mix in with the rain showers before things wind down into the weekend. temperatures will be falling all day on saturday, with sunday seeing very cold temperatures across the ne half of the state. highs there on sunday will be in the single digits, with low teens around the des moines area. light rain will continue as we head into the overnight to friday. rainfall totals through thursday afternoon were generally less than 0.25" in central iowa, with another 0.10" to 0.25" possible through friday. lows tonight will once again stay above freezing, so widespread slick spots should not be a concern, though bridges and overpasses will require some caution. throughout the day friday a few snow showers may mix in with the rain showers fore things wind down into theweekend. temperatures will be falling all day on satday,th sunday seeing very coldmperatures across the nealf the state. highs there on
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moier ja, krktz you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford come and get it if you really want it... new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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(donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates! enough talk. give us a plan. last january, kirk ferentz called a press conference after the taxslayer bowl. it was unprecedented, and many saw it as making sure c-j
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ferentz announced beathard as this year's starter. that turned out a great move, and also worked out well for jake rudock. beathard proved himself a great threat quarterback. senior season. desmond king passed up the nfl draft for now, in part, because he wants to finish alongside beathard. king earned consensus all- america, and won every award a defensive back can, so many expected he'd go pro. instead, king listens to mom, finishes his education, and
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the rose bowl apologizes to band's halftime show. the band prides itself on irreverent trolling, and just came off suspension for violating school policies on alcohol, hazing, and sexual harrasment. at the rose bowl, the band took aim at iowa's farming reputation with a silly cow costume, farmer''s dot com references, and a nod to cow tipping. some iowans found it funny. many saw no humor in it. especially down 35 to nothing during the performance. the hawkeye women lose at
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the cyclones showed they can withstand early foul trouble, and still find a way to win. clone fans may have worried a bit when georges niang picked up his third foul, and went scoreless in the first half, but iowa state kept the energy up, and pulled away from texas tech at crunch time. the head cyclone says defense creates offense. next up for iowa state, the baylor bears. big game saturday at hilton coliseum. tip off around 2 p.m. and the american hockey league announces gustav olofsson as all- star. the iowa wild defensemen, on the assist here, will play for the western conference at the all star classic in syracuse later this month.
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home
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i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceuticalompanies anmajor medical compies are rippinus o. bern tells theruth, d he been constent. he undstandsthat the stem is rigged, and he'she onlone who can brinreal change.
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