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see what they were trying to keep warm when the fire started....and how friends are trying to help the grieving father. a boone county home smoked in the sunlight after catching fire overnight. a family of four died inside on a frigid night good evening thanks for joining us. i'm dave price.... nearly a dozen fire departments tried to save the sorenson family trapped inside by the fire. but below zero temperatures made it difficult for firefighters, especially as the water they poured on the flames quickly turned to ice. rescuers could not save four members of the sorenson family. they found 27 year old amber sorenson, her two daughters 9 year old riley and 6 year old autumn...along with her four year old son...brayden firefighters say the four had been huddled together in an
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bedroom... authorities say the fire started in the back of the house in the 3 - hundred block of beech street around one - this morning. that's where our channel 13's jodi whitworth joins us now ... dave -- believe me, this are the cover... in a town less than 200 people, the fire cheif tells me he feels like he lost memebers of his own family.... likely started -- due to a space heater roll cue: 'we changed crews" officials say the family was using the space heater to warm the three season porched area to keep their pets warm... it took crews several tried to get into the room.... but once they made entry, investigators say found the family huddled together. crews remained on scene for much of the afternoon, watching for hot
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control, several surrounding communities also responded to the call. but the sub - zero temperatures made putting the fire out extremely difficult. roll cue: "we had a tough time" 484712 - we had a tough time, there were nine fire departments, we froze up 6 trucks, 2 fire hydrants and drained a water tower and hauled water from 3 miles south of town at the xenia rural tower and froze it up, then ended up going 6 miles away and hauling water from there - dan huffman - fire chief, boxholm fire the sorenson family are locals here in boxholm. john, the husband and father of ths family was at work at the time of the fire.... he is a member of the volunteer fire department. a go fund me page has been set up for the family... so far more than 13 - thousand dollars has be raise. we have all that information on
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this is the second deadly fire the town has seen in the last decade... in 2003, fire killed an elderly man and injured several other family members on christmas morning. investigators say a malfunctioning furnace was the cause of that fire a skating plaza needs cold temperatures...but it was too cold for the brenton skating plaza in des moines. officials shut down the plaza today because of the subzero temperatures. the skating plaza will reopen tomorrow. it'll actually open for longer tomorrow as schools are out for the martin luther king junior holiday. you can skate for free between 5 and 9am if you bring a donation of socks or gloves for the homeless. officials plan to stay open to 9 pm. dozens of area churches canceled morning and evening worships because of the cold. but we should warm up quite a bit the next few days. meteorologist amber alexander
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it was another bone-chilling day in iowa, and we'll continue to see brutally cold temperatures through early monday. nearly all of iowa is under a wind chill warning or wind chill advisory until 9am on monday which means wind chills will be between -20 and -40. we'll see another sunny day on monday with temperatures finally making it back into the double digits by the afternoon, although this is still about 20 below average for mid-january. another wave of snow will move in for tuesday, with 1-3" possible in the metro. temperatures will start trend up by the middle of eweek, with temperatures backto the lower 30s by the end. three americans are missing in
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to find the contractors and believes they may have been kidnapped in baghdad. there's little other information available on who they are so far....but officials say the kidnappings may have happened two days ago. three americans held captive in iran are now safely in germany today.. "to my fellow americans, today we are united in welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who in lonely prison cells have endured an absolute nightmare. but they never gave in and they never gave up. at long last they can stand tall and breathe deep the fresh air of freedom." the president praised the powers of diplomacy. he agreed to release 7 iranians the u-s had been holding on a variety of charges. "as i've said many times, the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve
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directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues." the president went on to say saturday marked a milestone in ensuring iran does not get a nuclear weapon. he said every path the country had to building a bomb has been closed and -- quote -- "we'll know if iran tries to break out." one of the amerians released is a pastor held captive for the past 14 months. metro christians held onto hope, through faith and prayer he'd finally be free. reid chandler caught up with some of those people today and joins us in studio now with more...hey reid. these local christians have never met the americans held in iranian prison...but they've been praying daily for their release, for years. especially with one prisoner, american pastor saeed abedini, these local christians say through
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12:15:27 "this should be a day that we are excited in christianity." - rob keller - des moines united by faith, these christians in des moines are celebrating the release of a prisoner they've never even met. 11:52:35 "mainly because we're fellow believers in christ, he's our brother in christ. the word of god teaches us to come alongside those who are in prison being persecuted. so we come alongside them in prayer, and also in support." - rob keller - des moines rob keller's congregation has been campaigning for the release of american pastor, saeed abedini, since 20-12, when they learned of his imprisonment in iran. 11:53:29 "it's awesome, it's awesome. i can't even tell you how we felt yesterday morning. texts were coming in, facebook was going crazy. just all over the world, people are celebrating celebrating because this brother in christ was released from prison, who was not held for any other reason besides being a christian and because of his
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14 months of careful diplomacy... u-s officials finally securing the release of five u-s citizens from iranian prison saturday. local christians calling it "god's work." 11:57:00 "it feels unreal. yesterday, my husband was upstairs, and he screamed the news to me, and i just ran upstairs, and we were all just so excited. i know everyone from this church probably feels the same way. it's just like they're our own family. we just love them so much and what they're going through." - amy orozco - des moines though these people don't know pastor saeed, they say they feel connected to him through christ. hosting his wife last fall for a fundraiser, these locals relied on steadfast faith to set him free. 11:54:37 "we knew that god would hear our prayers one day." - rob keller - des moines three years, a lot of prayer, and faith. an international victory for christians...a local celebration for a total stranger. rob keller told me he's not sure what's happening from here...but they do know pastor saeed has been suffering from internal bleeding while held prisoner for the past two years... they say medical
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probably first up, before he and the other prisoners finally return to their lives in america. just three hours away from the final democratic presidential debate..before the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton holds a large lead over bernie sanders nationally in a new nbc news wall street journal poll she is ahead 25 points... clinton has 59 percent while sanders only has 34 percent. martin o'malley gets only 2 percent. guns, race relations and iran are expected to be among the major talking points in tonight's debate in south carolina brian moore has the story. in the battleground state of south carolina ... the stage is set for the last democratic debate showdown of this preprimary season - and hillary clinton is in attack mode. presidential candidate :11- :17super already on screen in upper corner - abc this week "senator sanders has, for years, voted many times on behalf of the nra gun lobby position." and she says he was for protecting gun sellers and makers from liability -
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presidential candidate :24- :28super already on screen in upper corner - abc this week "he flipflopped last night, said he would sign on to a bill." tonight's debate takes place a short walk from the charleston church where nine people were gunned down last june ... but sanders says clinton's taking off her gloves because of a very different issue: poll numbers have sanders gaining in iowa - and leading in new hampshire. presidential candidate super already on screen super already on screen in upper corner - nbc meet the press "secretary clinton and her, uh, campaign, understand that they're losing ground." and sanders promises to hit clinton on issues ranging from health care to ... presidential candidate :54- 1:03super already on screen in upper corner - nbc meet the press "a corrupt campaign finance system where people like secretary clinton can raise millions of dollars through super pacs. those are kind of the issues they don't want to discuss." for the third candidate on the stage - former maryland governor martin o'malley - a much simpler mission: get a word in edgewise as sanders and clinton go after each other. audio outcue: "brian mooar, nbc news, washington." as for republican presidential
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today. chris christie just wrapped up in le mars and sioux city. rand paul spoke in johnston this afternoon, and is now in the metro speaking at his campaign headquarters... today was a day for iowans to honor one of the most revered civil right leader but see how one community had to change plans because of the cold
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there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks
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my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sandersand i approve this message. eastern iowans honor doctor martin luther king junior's birthday this weekend -- but chilly weather changes their plans. shirley descorbeth has the story dubuquer's are showing up -- ready to march in honor of dr. martin luther king junior... but the bitter weather forced organizers to change their plans. "we asually have a annual tribute march...due to the weather, we decided to meet the people out here, provide some nice hot beverage, hot chocolate inside...and we're
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sending nearly one hundred people directly indoors -- that means no marching outdoors this year. however, organizers say it's still important to come together for dr. king. "we know those who went before us, they endured far more than we is facing today, in regards to climate." "and this march isn't just about honoring dr. king -- it's also about recognizing local students." inside prescott elementary school -- the gym filled with families of students who entered the annual mlk tribute contest. the sixteen students share their works of tribute, such as essays, books and poems. "everyone should be treated fairly...and equal." "i might have a bigger chance of showing martin luther king jr.'s
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(phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates!
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it was another bone-chilling day in iowa, and we'll continue to see brutally cold temperatures through early monday. nearly all of iowa is under a wind chill warning or wind chill advisory until 9am on monday which means wind chills will be between -20 and -40. we'll see another sunny day on monday with temperatures finally making it back into the double digits by the afternoon, although this is still about 20 below average for
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another wave of snow will move in for tuesday, with 1-3" possible in the metro. temperatures will start to trend up by the middle of the week, with temperatures back
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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was head coach. that was 17 years ago in davis' final season. after crushing michigan state on tuesday iowa back home with a chance to stay on top of the conference. taking on michigan. hawks ranked 16th this week. sold out crowd. iowa with a fantastic start. 11-0 to start the game. jarrod
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3. later its dom uhl. always money from the top. another 3. hawks lead 16-7. but michigan answrrs with a 13-0 run. dj wilson the dunk. wolverines lead 21-20. hawks respond. adam woodbury the steal, coast to coast. showing the hops!!! iowa back up 7. just before half. nicholas baer vrom downtown. hawks led by 5 at the break. right now if there's a team that needs a win, needs some momentum. its the drake men. bulldogs have lost 5 in a row, and 9 of their last 10 games. trying to right the ship today at home against southern illinois. 1st half. kale abrahamson,
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later off the miss. jacob enevold, putback for the big man. drake down 4. they keep battling. ore arogundade. solid hair, solid from 3. tied game. but too much from the salukis in the end. 6th straight loss for drake 81-76. after a much needed win at kansas state, the cyclones returns home to take on oklahoma monday night. sooners will likely be the new number 1 team in the country when the rankings are released tomorrow. right now. students already camping out at hilton coliseum to get a spot for mondays game. and by camping out i mean in an 'ice house.' blaine rockman from spirit lake borrowed his dad's ice house . now. thats how you do it, especially when its minus 20 wind chill.
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cyclones-sooners monday night 8 o clock from hilton coliseum. iowa state women on the road at texas tech. 4th q. down 3. not anymore. jadda buckley buries it. tied at 55. this game goes to overtime. in ot. seanna johnson, bucket and the foul. 19 for johnson. isu up 3. but they cant hold it. raven brooks, spinning in the lane. tech up 1. 1 last chance for iowa state. bridget carlton for the tie. no. cyclones fall 69-66 to the lady
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world.
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picking a side in this rivalry got a whole lot....i'll find the right word by sunday night. ----------------------- sus sanders in tonight's crucial democratic debate. what they're saying about key issues like guns and health care with a tight race in the first primary state where the candidates stand nationally in our brand new poll. deadly tornadoes. the unusual january storms that tore through parts of florida. we're there tonight in neighborhoods hit hard. new problems. millions of gm cars recalled
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suspected in more than 100
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