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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, booze day tuesday. welcome. it'sanuary 26, 2016. jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee. this is adventure of a lifetime by coldplay. coldplay we're going to see at the super bowl. >> i love coldplay. >> today's the big day, we're going to recap "the bachelor."
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amanda avery shows up to recap "the bachelor." but we're going-to-talk about what went down. if you missed it, don't you worry. also, kate hudson is here. >> so cute. >> she's in that -- what is it? "kung fu panda 3." >> she comes to play. she's an animated character. she's a lot of fun. >> then we have elvis duran's artist of the month ben rekter. can't wait to hear him. >> he has a brand-new song. it's called "brand-new." >> the guy is really nice incidentally too, and he has been singing like in high school. he sang through college. he has a catchy tune. if you are looking for something brand new to cook tonight, guess who is here. ryan scott. he has a one-dish recipe that will bring you back to your childhood. what is it? >> it's a chicken casserole with a store bought chicken and tater tots on top. i made you a dairy-free version. with celery root. i'm gonna show you that. >> that sounds delicious. >> i hate being singled out. >> it will be good. >> yummy, right? a lot of people are buzzing about one photo that's been
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of -- this is the "friends" cast. one of the reasons this is a big photo is because this is the cast of "friends" and "the big bang theory" and they're coming up to honor a director named james burrows. the reason this picture is so significant is because all the money these people made. >> they made a lot of bank. $1 million an episode. both. >> isn't that crazy? "friends" back in the day and the last two seasons, you think, and "the big bang theory" now. >> everyone wants a reunion, but i don't know if we're going to get one, but that's definitely a photo of one. the only guy missing is matthew perry and he's got a play in the uk. but this is what he told bbc radio, which is kind of surprising. he said he doesn't remember filming season three through six. because of his battles with alcohol and drug abuse. he says he describes himself as being like a little out of it for those. how do you remember lines? you wonder about people who are functioning -- >> alcoholics.
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>> so that's that. >> we get why he is not coming back. >> we do. >> when you wake up in the morning to get ready, do you put your clothes out the night before, or do you wake up in the morning and tear through your closet? before working this shift. >> before working this shift as a child my mother is very organized, and she did make us lay out our clothes the night before, which i used to think was semi-psycho. >> silly. >> now that i have kids, not that mila has that much of an opinion, but she'll get one pretty fast, it makes sense to not have -- the mornings are chaos. i have to say -- this is mark zuckerberg, right. from mila to mark zuckerberg. >> this is his closet. he has one item, the gray sweat shirt and the gray tee. gray hoodies and gray t-shirts. he captioned it this way. first day back after paternity leave. what should i wear? he says the reason he wears the same thing every day -- this is
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few decisions as possible on anything except how to best serve this community. there you have it. >> okay. >> it's a very altruistic reason. for wearing the same outfit. i like simple. >> you have a uniform. let me just describe it. >> okay. go. >> every -- >> whoa. >> that's all the same day. >> no, no. you have different earrings. different earrings on. >> i can't find that dress. joanne, did you hide it? >> this is the thing about hoda. two things. one, she comes in every day not in the same clothes, but the same -- >> a variation. she wears gray leggings or black leggings and some sort of gray top. >> long gray, long black. >> and a vest. >> that's what i wear every single day. >> during the summer it's similar, but maybe jeans or leggings with these little sneakers. >> the ones that you wear every day.
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her, which i love, if you like to wear the same seven dresses in a rotation. >> i do it until people write in. we -- remember, there was a red dress, and everyone kept saying retire it. i did eventually, or someone took it. and that pink dress, i wear to death. >> she likes to wear the same things. my sister, who is pretty fashionable, says, you should have a uniform, because you feel the most comfortable in it. she wears like a white button down and jeans. when she gets -- when anything? when she has a big meeting or photo, and -- >> snl went. we've shown you a clip. this one we love so much, because it has to do with "the bachelor." instead of calling him "the bachelor," they called him the bland man. >> thanks for our date this afternoon. i love taking a race car set in prop class with you. >> i hope he didn't move too fast.
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>> i'm kidding. >> that's a funny joke. >> it's hard. all the girls hate me just because i'm so mean to them. it's made me realize that i have some deep emotional problems, and i need to go home and deal with them. >> i would be sad to see you go. >> okay. then i'll stay and just be so insane. >> can i steal him for a sec? >> i need to be completely honest with you. >> okay. >> okay. i have one enormous toe. like, it's so big. i've been so self-conscious about it my entire life. i need you to see it. >> holy. >> you got to watch the whole thing. >> queen of the bachelor, melissa avery, is coming out to tell us what happened. >> it was, like, dead on.
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can i steal you for a sec? >> why do none of the girls ever say "no"? >> i want this time. go away. no one ever says that. >> no one wants to be the bad girl. >> yesterday the show went to las vegas. just like us. there was irish step dancing, a cello player. just like us. then there was olivia. olivia, she's the former news anchor. >> oh. >> so she has a secret talent. this is what she decides to do. >> what's she doing? >> coming out of a cake. belly dancing outfit. >> oh, no. >> oh, lord. >> oh, gosh. >> oh, no. >> people are laughing. >> you'll see what happened after this. watch. >> olivia's performance, it was cringe worthy. you could just tell olivia was
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it made her performance really uncomfortable for everyone. >> i don't want to be on camera. why can't i just have a moment? >> i'm having a panic attack. >> i just don't know. i don't know if i can do this, you guys. >> i went into it like feeling good. i thought he was mortified. like, i'm here to be marriage material, and i don't think i scream, like, marriage material. >> okay. >> what is wrong with her? >> she has kind of the first official breakdown of the season. she spent the rest of the episode trying to get a moment with ben to redeem herself with him. i'll show you the conversation, but, remember, they have not had a date yet, so it's just been little moments in group interviews. take a look. >> oh, no, no. >> i've been trying to, like, you know, grab you first every time and show you that, like, i'm here for you. i just want to talk to you. i want to be with you all the
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you. completely, and it's the coolest feeling in the entire world, and i have no fear to say that i'm falling for you. olivia is here for you. i'm not going anywhere. >> why does she talk in the third person? >> did you see his eyes? it's pure fear. he kept her. she was last to be called, but he says he saves the best for last. >> who left? >> some other girl. i didn't even remember they were on the show. we lost the twin. >> which twin? >> you can't tell the difference. he can't either. that's the problem. they have -- he brings them both on a date. now, the whole time these twins have been really nice talking about each other like my sister is the best and whoever he picks is great. well, one of them, emily, turned last night. she threw her sister under the bus. >> she's the bad twin. >> no, no. >> i never thought these words
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i really kind of need haley to go home, so i can focus on my relationship with ben. i want this badly and i know haley does too, and now that our feelings have grown for you, it's going to get harder. i just feel like i'm having like a stronger connection than what she is having, and i think she's been having a hard time opening up to you from what she's telling me. >> i'm ready for ben to make a decision. is it going to be haley or me? of course, i hope it's me. >> that was the most horrifying part of the show. >> can you imagine the other twin at home watching that? >> it reminds me just of when barbara and i fought over henry. can you imagine going after the same guy if you are a twin. he doesn't know them apart because when he dismissed one of them he goes it's been such a great time with you and you. he didn't even say their names. >> all right, thank you. coming up, i have two words for you. jennifer lopez. we were backstage, and we want
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after this. >> and speaking of fit and fabulous stars, you couldn't help but love her mom goldie hawn, and now you can't help but love the gorgeous golden globe winner kate hudson.
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has that flag for a reason. actress entrepreneur, actress, and mom who happens to be one of the most beautiful women in hollywood. >> we're talking with kate hudson who has taken on a new
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before. >> for the first time, kate is voicing a character in the new movie kung fu panda 3, she plays a dancing panda bear who definitely knows how to make an entrance. take a look. >> huh? >> i am may-may. wow, she's amazing. she's so beautiful. that's sweet, po, but please try to save all other comments until after the performance. >> has it started yet? >> look away. look away. no, you can't, can you? >> why does she keep staring at me like that? >> may-may. >> she's a little aggressive. >> she might be. >> not very humble. >> may-may -- >> humble is not something may-may does very well. >> may-may is a dancer, obviously. >> she's a self-proclaimed dancer.
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she's great at everything. >> did you yourself learn how to ribbon dance? >> no, i have no idea. i was looking at these. i have no idea how to do this. these are very little ribbons, though. >> may-may has a huge ribbon. >> these are very colorful. >> i think may-may has a predominantly red ribbon. i don't know what i would do with this. >> it's interesting. did you see her character before they say, okay, here's what the character looks like. here's what we want and then you fit it? >> you know, i kind of talked to jeffrey katzenberg who is head of dreamworks, and he gave me the lowdown, and they show you everything. the idea. these guys are so amazing at what they do and they have been doing it for years and years and then we come in and then you give a voice life and try to put as much energy into it as possible. which is actually interesting. when you are doing it, you realize you can go really far with it.
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it's bigger than life. >> she is. >> just got back from china. >> i did. >> and you loved it? you got to see baby pandas? >> i did. it's very rare to actually hold one of the pandas. apparently they had -- oh, yeah. >> they're snuggly and -- >> it was not soft. no. pandas aren't soft. they're actually quite rough, but -- oh, god, it was so -- >> any claw action? >> i thought they haven't named him yet. i thought maybe you should name him bing-bing because my son's name is bing. >> what did they say? >> they're like, i don't know. >> no, no, not happening. >> how was china? >> china was actually really interesting, amazing. i didn't know what to expect. i'd never been to china, and i loved it. the people were wonderful and
2:23 am
i had a great time. i had some good laughs. but i realized that the panda, they had to actually call the chinese government to see if it was okay for me to hold the panda, and they said "yes." and i was like, "yes"! so that was cool, and then i came home. >> and saw your son, bing. >> i did have this moment when he were in china with my friend sophie, who is also my stylist. and, like, i had a map, and i was, like, did you ever think you would be, like, there in the center of china? we're literally in the middle of china. then i was just saying to people, oh, i'm in china. >> you also took your kids to
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>> that was interesting. it's a funny thing because i really try to keep them as out of the -- >> you do. >> yeah. rider's getting a little bit older and he likes it, he's into the social media thing, and he really wanted to uk wa the carpet with me. and i was proud of him. he really held his own out there. >> what are you concerned about? >> i just always feel that it's best for me to keep him -- until they get old enough to make their own decisions and what have you. but i realized, they don't really know what my life is. they have no idea, they've never been to a premiere. >> right. >> so it's a funny thing, you kind of go, well, maybe i shouldn't exclude them about what my life is. so with this, i felt, it's kung fu panda, let's do it. and then they're of course and they're like, okay, well -- >> yeah. and bing is 4.
2:25 am
land. he wanted frozen yogurt. we walked the red carpet, and then he was, like, can i get frozen yogurt. not really. >> mommy is on the carpet. >> thanks for coming to see us. good luck with kung fu panda, in theaters this friday. >> friday. >> can we try a little of this? >> go for it. >> the next big star of country. elvis duran. right after this. >> this is not fun. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. cheez-it grooves are the perfect union of a cheez-it and a chip. you mean like they got married? umm... i guess... you'd make a pretty bride in that wedding gown. oh, it's a lab coat so... hey everyone, joe's getting married!
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he's a 29-year-old nashville-based singer that's
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music star. >> you know how we know that? >> how? >> he's elvis duran's guest of the month. the national radio host, elvis duran, is here with ben rekter, who is here to kick off the second leg of his american tour. all of his performances were sold out. nk i love that. he's going to sing to us later from his latest album "brand-new," but we want to talk with him first. >> hi, kids. >> let me tell you something about ben. eight years in the making. this is not an overnight story here. >> right. >> never signing with a music label. he's done it all on his own. all grassroots. all organic. sells out. everyone knows every word to every song. it really is -- he is a true musician. >> it is very interactive. you have been writing music since you're a teenager, right, and does it come just from life experiences or how -- where is it coming from? >> it comes from a little bit of everything. just anything that affects me. sometimes i have to try really hard and sometimes it just kind
2:29 am
>> look at your crowds. they're nuts. >> and your concerts are like sing-alongs, which are my favorite type of concerts ever. what's that like to get the energy from the audience? >> so i'm generally a pessimist. everyone that works with me first thinks that's kind of endearing. they're, like, come on, man. people are going to come to the show. it is -- it's thrilling and awesome to have people sing, but realistically every night i'm just, like, who are these people? why are they here? >> they know every word to every song. that's got to freak you out a little bit. >> we're going to learn every word to this song when we come back. >> when you look in that camera, say hi to your mom because your mom is watching. you have to. >> betty rekter, hello, i love you. here i am on your favorite show. >> ben is going to sing for us in a couple of minutes. >> can't wait.
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after your local news. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain.
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>> it is booze day tuesday. jenna bush hager is filling in for kathie lee. when it's cold outside, you want something to warm you up inside. or drink something. >> our "today" food team enlisted ryan scott to whip up one of his favorite casseroles. and wait until you see what he's cooked up. >> we're excited. >> even matt lauer was talking about it. he could smell it downstairs. >> tater tots. check out what we're doing here
2:32 am
casserole. we have oil, a little bit of milk, sour cream, any hot sauce you like. this one is something. this is cream of chicken. i like that we don't make a sauce. now, roasted chicken bought at the store. we've done a segment, you and i. >> yeah. >> salt, pepper, lemon, monterey jack cheese, because it's nice, and then my favorite, ranch, is your salt. >> ranch. >> i mean, ranch. >> two, one, ranch. >> ranch is the key to everything, right? >> what i want you to do is i want you to add scallions to here. you're going to take the chicken, lovie and mix it inside here with just the jack cheese. >> do you want the rest in here? >> yes. >> what is in here? >> that is whisked cream cheese. cheese. i made you a dairy-free one. >> it's delicious. >> it's so good.
2:33 am
in the bowl. >> when you are mixing -- i like cream cheese that's whipped because you can mix it like this. the hard stuff you have to leave it out at room temperature. now, jenna, you mix that. pop that inside here with ms. hoda. watch out for my wine. >> careful with the wine. >> priorities. i have been on your show for eight years. i have priorities. now what we're going to do -- >> what about salt and pepper? >> you can have a salt and pepper. the ranch has a lot of salt and pepper to it, but go ahead and add more. >> maybe no more salt. >> anybody else raised on cream of chicken? why do you make that face? >> we laugh because -- >> why do you keep talking about my issues? >> tummy endorsement. >> everyone has something. i'm going to find out both of yours. >> show would be over. hot sauce. why i said cream of chicken is i don't want you to make bechamel. >> she's getting sick just stirring it. >> seriously?
2:34 am
this segment is going nowhere. why can i never finish my segment? >> i know. >> now put the tater tots on top. >> she's asking a good question here. >> are they frozen? >> next time we put this many in here, jenna is going to put the whole damn thing on here. >> we should put out, they are frozen. you can put frozen things on top of casseroles? >> bake it. >> okay. that turns out. that works. >> you bake it. what you are going to do is put potato chips and anything you want on top. here's my trick here. classic wrap and foil. have you ever had lasagne that had pieces of cheese on the foil? if you put plastic wrap, it can last long. >> now try this. made this with celery. that's that ugly guy in the corner, but it's delicious. >> can i have the one that's not with celery, please. >> not healthy. >> wait a minute. >> so good with celery root. >> oh, my gosh.
2:35 am
>> how many calories? >> 9,000 calories. this in this bite right here. i put vegetables on top. >> just what i needed. >> give me the ranch face. >> it's good, right? look, you can switch them out for anything you want. bake it. call it a day, it's delicious. go to recipe so good. >> he found the recipe for success with a number one album and sold out shows. >> ben rector is going to sing his song. it's called "brand new." right after this. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to
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we have elvis duran's artist of the month. now it's time to hear him sing. >> he is 29-year-old ben rector. and he's heading out on tour next month. >> singing the title track "brand new" for the first time ever on our show, here's ben rector. >> all right, ben. i feel like new sunglasses, like a brand new pair of jeans i feel like taking chances i feel a lot like seventeen i feel like windows rolled down new city, streets and cabs i feel like anything can
2:38 am
you take me right back when we were kids never thought i'd feel like this like when i close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing like i can fly and don't even think of touching the ground like a heartbeat skip like an open page like a one way trip on an airplane it's the way that i feel when i'm with you, brand new i feel like a young john cusack
2:39 am
i feel like for the first time in a long time i am not afraid i feel like a kid, never thought i'd feel like this like when i close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing like i can fly, and don't even think of touching the ground like a heartbeat skip like an open page like a one way trip on an airplane it's the way that i feel when i'm with you brand new
2:40 am
us old you remind me what i used to know oh i want to close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing like i can fly, and don't even think of touching the ground like a heartbeat skip like an open page, like a one way trip on an airplane it's the way that i feel when i'm with you, brand new i feel -- i feel -- i feel brand new >> yes! >> so fun. >> oh, my god, we were at a concert. that was awesome. >> thank you. >> ben rector and tater tots on
2:41 am
>> i get why people come out in droves. you have a lot of fans, obviously. they're all in the stands. they're right here. i think you're number one on the phone. we had to get betty on the line, your mom. >> it's real? >> betty, are you there? >> oh, i am here. >> betty, your son is amazing. you have raised a great one. >> i couldn't agree more. i'm a charter member of the ben rector fan club. >> i'm joining that fan club. thank you. we love your son. thank you so much for sharing him with us. >> from a rising music star to a mega star. >> we take you behind the scenes of j.lo's vegas residency one more time. right after this. i close my eyes and don't even
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i can fly
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>> what a song. we did have a lot of fun in vegas, and we can't remember exactly everything that happened, but there are certain moments we can't forget. >> oh, you mean like your big night out at j. lo's debut while i was taking my life in my own hands jumping from a tall building? >> i do remember that. chalk it up to a tough works assignment, but i danced the night away, and i even got to talk to j.lo a bit. take a look. >> let me introduce you -- >> viva miss lopez. >> jenny from the block has moved to the strip. >> and all bets on j.lo as the popstar tries her luck in las vegas with her first ever residency show called "all i
2:45 am
>> a 90-minute high-energy spectacle sizzling on stage at planet hollywood's axis theater. she says she spent her entire life waiting for tonight. >> it's like a fantasy to have a show in vegas. you know, the name of the show is "all i have." i wanted to give everything that people know about me. >> the show boasts an intimate display of masterful set design along with dazzling costumes and electrifying choreography. and on wednesday's opening night a surprise appearance by mr. worldwide himself, pitbull, unleashing even more excitement on the crowd. >> got flowers. i want to leave her a note. >> but hours before the show, a much quieter scene, when jennifer granted us an all-access backstage pass. >> check it out. look right here. matt lauer. >> j.lo's dressing room, i hear a rumor, is that one right
2:46 am
>> no one is in here. >> touch everything. she's been in here. i'm still, i'm still jenny from the block >> you never know who you'll run into back stage. enter j.lo's vocal coach, stevie mackie. >> it could be worse, right? the answer is yes. they want me to learn the moves too. how hard could it be? after all, i do have experience. >> get over here. bring it back. time to get on the floor. a quick lesson before giving it all i have center stage. >> not bad, but i guess what
2:47 am
stay in vegas. >> i think i'll leave it to the pros. the 46-year-old age-defying beauty perhaps finding the fountain of youth while balancing her personal life with a career that shows no sign of slowing down. >> when the confetti was falling, and it was the end of that show, what were you feeling inside? >> so good. it feels amazing. i feel like i've been doing an hour and a half of cardio. it's a high kind of. you know? it's a great moment. >> it's been such a great show. it's a sell-out. if you want to see her in vegas, she'll be performing 40 shows a year for the next three years. >> that was the best day of your entire life? >> ever. ever. can you do did? >> no, i've forgotten. >> the best day of her entire life. next up, don't miss our main event. that's m-a-n-e. and that's a hint if you didn't know. we give it away to five lucky fans.
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>> gabriela de jesus, austin, texas. >> do you know her? >> no, but i could. i've got marlene from binghamton, new york. >> right. i've got lauren larson from westchester, pennsylvania. >> here's mine. here we go. cathleen shields from east -- new york. >> the very bottom one. >> i have jennifer burke from -- auburn, new york. >> a lot of new yorkers are getting a good blow-out. make sure you enter for next week. we throw all these away. go to klg and hit the connect button. tomorrow we have the queen of comedy here. >> we love chelsea handler and jill's got a shopping bag full of valentine gifts for your sweetie. >> we have a little bit of everything.
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