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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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paying the company to stop the layoffs. good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters. it wasn't what state leaders were after... but they're still calling it a win for iowa taxpayers. even when the dow-dupont merger is complete... the company will still have a presence in our state... 51:21 iowa was successful in all our efforts making the case to the company as to why iowa should be the location for this 'global business center' for seed and biotechnology you could call it a silver medal. state leaders had hoped dow-dupont would locate its company headquarters in johnston. instead... they selected wilmington delaware. johnston will become home to the company's research and development branch thanks to millions of dollars in state and local tax breaks.. 4:53:58 so when you look at what iowa maintained, and what it's going to be able to do in the future as far as growth, this package today was extremely
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here's what that extremely modest deal looks like. in exchange for maintaining.. not creating 500 research and development jobs... dow-dupont will get 16-million dollars in state aid. 2-million will come in the form of a forgivable loan. the rest is from tax credits. the city of johnston is also sweetening the deal by adding on to the tax break the company already receives. 5:08:05 "it's $1 million, it's actually an extension of our tax-increment financing that we already have with the company." while collecting 17-million dollars in iowa... dow-dupont is also cashing-in in delaware... here's the deal that landed the company's headquarters in wilmington. the state is offered a 5-year grant worth nearly 10-million dollars... and another nearly 4-million dollars in incentives tied to the creation of 4- hundred new jobs. the county where the headquarters will be located is also kicking in 7- point-5 million dollars.
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another month before they will make a decision on the proposed bakken oil pipeline. the three member board met today to discuss details of the construction... pipeline. they are trying to decide if the private developer should be allowed to bury the pipeline on land against the land owner's wishes. final decision at one of their next two meetings... either on march 9th or march 10th. the iowa department of public health is dealing with its first case of the zika virus.. the department says a woman who america brought the virus back with her. it's believed to cause birth defects when pregnant mothers are infected. the mosquito that carries the virus is not in iowa... but could be a concern for people traveling for spring break next month. 11:41 the main risk to iowans is if we travel. we go to the caribbean, central america, south america and that is the place we want people to understand that there risk is so that they'll take some common sense type of precautions so they don't get this viral infection while they travel. 5:12:00 those precautions include
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long pants... using mosquito spray.. and avoiding the outdoors during peak mosquito times. the collins-maxwell school district is looking for a new superintendent... the now former superintendent, jason ellingson, resigned just one day after he was placed on administrative leave. in a statement a spokesperson says, "earlier this week, the district received a report making certain allegations against the superintendent. the allegations releated to off- duty matters. there is no evidence that any persons have been harmed." the story county sheriffs office tells us they are not actively investigating ellingson. just getting to school is proving difficult in warren county... many residents say rural roads are dangerous.. and in desperate need of repair... channel 13's mike dasilva looked at the problem.. and the possible solution. this is what the roads are like
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holes, no gravel but lots of mud, and impassable conditions. 19:01:17--29 'look at this, here on 140th ave, where warren county meets polk county, things are really bad. the conditions are difficult to walk through, let alone drive through.' just ask the people that drive on the roads every day.... 19:05:05--14 'on the bottom of this hill, the bump, the holes are really bad. you have to slow down to almost ten miles an hour just to drive down the road.' 19:03:15 'your car just gets disgusting, you cant keep it clean. your kids shoes are just full of mud, from walking, and its not very fun.' this is what the roads did to riedesel's 's jeep...but the mother of two says her main concern is safety. 18:44:26--41 'when were driving out here and youre coming up a hill and your essentially in the middle of the road because both sides are so swampy and youre coming up blind on someone coming down the hill, its a head on collision waiting to happen.' riedesel, who lives in carlisle, says she's been hounding the county engineer's office about the treacherous conditions of the roads...seeking answers and results...but to no avail.... 18:45:00--08 'theyll say that we had a hard winter and its been wet, but this didnt happen
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been degrading yearly.' david carroll says since county becoming engineer and having input into the fiscal year 20-16 budget and beyond, the department has significantly improved on its maintenance operations. he provided us an approximate breakdown of total dollars spent and budgeted to provide gravel in the county. meanwhile, in a little over a week, warren county residents will have a chance to vote to establish a local option sales tax...some of those funds could be used to improve roads... 18:52:26--32 'i have a really hard time voting yes for that. i really do when i not seeing things taken care of in our community.' the county engineer says the
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machinery on the roads without tearing up even more miles of roadway. right now the main focus is on hauling and stockpiling rock with every truck available... for use when the weather consistently either dries or freezes up. today, it was hard to travel on even the paved roads. and 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts were the reason why. this is one of at least five semi- trucks that were blown over. the crash in linn county caused a long backups until the truck was towed away. homes couldn't escape the damage either... this tree was blown over in the quad cities... it came down on the house and shot a branch through the roof and the ceiling inside. another man in the quad cities realized his apartment building being torn apart. he heard a loud boom and thought something hit the building... but looked out to see the wind ripping off the outer shell and railing of his deck. 13:02:27 "i was pretty scared at first when i saw the damage up there, but i'm glad nobody was hurt or anything. mother nature can do funny things when the wind hits just
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-wx tease- the championship matches are set in class 3-a... later in sports... find out who's wrestling for a state title. presidential candidate: "donald trump has 18 delegates, you need 21-hundred plus to win the nomination. i've got four, so i'm 14 behind him. it could be a last stand for jeb bush... how his campaign is counting on a
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and concerns about the accuracy of the nevada caucuses before a single vote is made... after the break... why caucuses voters could vote twice.. and how the democratic party is
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it will be a weekend of work for president obama... that binder you see him carrying is full of background information and research on several potential supreme court nominees. president obama says he intends to nominate someone to the court... but it
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nothing... senator charles grassley.. the chair of the committee that will consider the nominee doesn't seem to be in a hurry. he co-authored an op-ed in the washington post this morning... it reads in part, "no one disputes the presidents authority to nominate a successor to scalia, but as inconvenient as it may be for this president, article ii, section 2, of the constitution grants the senate the power to provide, or as the case may be, withhold its consent." grassley wants to wait until the next president is in place before filling the supreme court vacancy. that makes the presidential election even more important. tomorrow democrats in nevada.. and republicans in south carolina will make their picks for president. mary moloney has the story. the clinton campaign hopes this endorsement from south carolina congressman jim clyburn gives hillary the edge. south carolina: "the future of the democratic party and the united states of america will be best served with the experiences and know-how of hillary clinton as our 45th president."but eight years ago -- clinton didn't have the same support. in clyburn's 2014 memoir -- he said
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angry bill clinton called him in the middle of the night and promised a fight. clyburn says he's endorsing the former secretary of state now because he fears a long democratic fight. the contest between clinton and sanders has become contentious. presidential candidate: "maybe it's that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. he doesn't even know.. well it's true. it's true."sanders -- a lifelong independent -- insists he is the candidate for change. presidential candidate: "it looks to me like nevada is ready to will lead this country into a political revolution."in the hours leading up to the democratic caucuses in nevada and the south carolina primary for republicans -- the candidates will hold more than 20 events. presidential candidate: "it's crunch time folks, it's crunch time."polls put donald trump in the lead in the gop race.
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and third place -- between ted cruz -- marco rubio -- john kasich -- and jeb bush . presidential candidate: "donald trump has 18 delegates, you need 21-hundred plus to win the nomination. i've got four, so i'm 14 behind him. so, there is a long way to go."i'm mary moloney reporting. the close results and the democratic party's refusal to release the popular vote led to complaints about the iowa caucuses. and now this weekend's democratic caucus in nevada is already being called into question. in order to vote in tuesday's republican caucus... you had to be registered as a republican by february 13th. that isn't the case for tomorrow's democratic caucus. for that one you can register the same day. the set-up potentially allows a voter to vote in both caucuses. the nevada democratic party released a statement today saying, "the nevada state democratic party will work with
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enforcement to prosecute anyone who falsely registers as a democrat to caucus tomorrow and subsequently participates in the republican caucuses on tuesday." the problem is.. the law the party references applies only to voting... and does not mention party-run caucuses. the one thing you won't see in nevada is this... a coin flip to decide a tied precinct. instead the casino capitol of the world will use a deck of cards. whoever draws the high card is the winner. platte county, mo fire tornado winds will finally die down this evening as a low pressure system to the north continues to slide off to the east. we'll stay mostly clear tonight with lows dropping back into the upper 30s. saturday will be a lot less windy with highs expected to top out in the upper 50s and lower 60s. another cold front will
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will shift toward the northwest and highs will drop back into the upper 40s and lower 50s..although this is still over 10 above normal for central iowa. besides a light rain/snow mix on tuesday the next week
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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the march continues at state wrestling. day 2 is almost in the books and the finals are set in class 3a. michael admire has more from a
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3a team scores after the quarterfinals... southeast polk 1 point better than fort dodge. valley still in the mix in 3rd. class 2a semifinals. 145 pounds. albia's bryce leshen, 3-1 winner. leshen is on to the finals. 170. seth maitlen pf creston-orient- macksburg...winner in extra time 7-5. both move on to the finals tomorrow night class 2a team scores heading in
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on top. clarion goldfield dows in the mix. now in 2nd. albia a good showing up to 3rd. 1a head to the championships. 160. i-35's sal arzani, ranked 3rd. 14-3 major decision over nate van buren. 120. 2nd ranked brady kyner of se warren winner by fall. kyner on to the finals its a 2 team race in class 1a. alburnett and lisbon neck and neck. i-35 is in 7th. with state wrestling winding down that means state basketball is right around the corner. 10
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first regionals. class 2a. 12th ranked des moines christian taking on south central calhoun. 1st q. lions inside to mia rosener, easy 2. dmc up 2. the titans answer jadyn kommanvong, buries the 3. we're tied at 8. but the lions rally in the 4th. emma veenstra hits the 3. des moines christian advances 51-47 drake women on the road at uni. the annual pink came in cedar falls. 2nd half. drake trying to stay in it -- emma donahue knocks down the trey to get the dogs within 11 -- after getting a technical bulldog coach jenny baranczyk then tries to rile up a large drake crowd that made the trip -- instead -- it just the uni crowd going as madison weekly gets the j -- 22
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nba bulls and raptors. huge game for doug mcdermott, the pride of ames high. mcdermott, 3 from the corner. chicago up 13. 100-87. later only up 3, lets make it 6. another 3 from dougie high 30 points for mcdermott. bulls get a much needed win 116-106 its crunch time for iowa state. 5 games left in the regular season, 6th place in the big 12. the cyclones have the talent, but need more consistency. cyclones back home tomorrow
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in the big 12. tip set for
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that are all made fresh & hot in our store's kitchens every day. kum & go. where & means more. this month, get any size drink for just $1 with the purchase of a fresh food item. ryan flaherty says he lost his wallet while at a concert in new york earlier this month... after a frantic search to find he finally gave-up... and canceled
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a week later the wallet showed up in the mail... most of it. a note explained what was missing. "dear reilly flaherty, i found your wallet and your driver's license had your address so here's your credit cards and other important stuff." "i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metrocard because well the fare's $2.75 now and the wallet
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