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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the state capitol... good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm erin kiernan... and i'm dan winters. we're talking about invasion of privacy, or as it's better known, peeping tom laws... currently, cases must meet a strict criteria in order for the "peeper" to be charged. channel 13's stephanie moore show us how a new bill could change that... it's an invasion of privacy ruth lapointe wishes she never experienced... 'i found out one of my tenants discovered our landlord was peeping on her while in the shower and later discovered me and other tenants had peep holes in our bathrooms and he had been looking at us as well.' back in 2012, lapointe, who was living in iowa city at the time, was the victim of a peeping tom...something she says her landlord, elwyn miller, had been doing for several years before he was caught... 29:31-"it was horrifying...... it was a trusting relationship we all knew our landlord personally and respected him so it was extra shocking hearing that he had
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however, prosecuting miller would prove difficult even though he admitted to police what he had done.... in iowa, the state must to prove the victim was nude and/or the peeper was aroused by spying on the victim... 'we still found out it was relevant to his guilt whether or not he had been aroused during the act of viewing us so we were asked question like was he blushing around you or was there any signs of arousal when we thought guilt had been fully admitted and this was an irrelevant point.' this criteria makes it difficult for prosecutors to make their's an issue senator kevin kinney wanted to fix.... 'this adds a code section within that language for someone entering in upon a property and filming somebody that doesnt have a right to be on that property or filming those persons.' the senate unanimously voted to eliminate that specific criteria.... 'its adding it to the toolbox that law enforcement can use.'
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'i defiantly think this bill is going to help future victims by clarifying it.' miller was convicted of several counts of invasion of privacy and served just under five months in jail... however, lapointe says he is back to being a landlord in the iowa city area... she's hoping future legislation would prevent a convicted peeper from being able to be a landlord again.... today, the bill passed the senate and will now head over to the house.... lawmakers are launching a bipartisan investigation into an iowa boarding school. authorities raided "midwest academy's" keokuk and montrose locations last month. it followed reports of abuse there. a house committee will try to determine what went wrong, and if the state can act. the senate has also drafted a bill that would required similar schools to be licensed as group foster care facilities. it would allow the department of human services to inspect them on a regular basis. testimony continues in the trial of a boone man accused of killing his wife. prosecutors focused on the
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night of emily fazzino's death. they claim he barely cried when her body was found on their bathroom floor back in 20-12. but the defense argues her sister cried about the same amount, though she's not a suspect. authorities are looking into a crash that killed one person, and injured two more... it happened at the intersection of highway two and lilac avenue yesterday morning. the iowa state patrol says a van swerved to avoid a vehicle stopped along the highway, and struck an oncoming car. 79 year old carolyn lawson, a passenger in the car, was killed. the drivers of the car and the van were taken to the hospital in unknown conditions. more officers will be watching drivers along interstate 2 - 35 tomorrow... they'll focus on speeding but will pay attention to all traffic violations. the effort will involve officers from several agencies. officials say it's meant to raise awareness of safe driving habits in order to save lives. some iowans worry what will happen to their lives after
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that's when governor branstad's plan takes effect to switch medicaid to private providers. he says the changes will save taxpayers money. a few dozen people told their personal stories and fears about whether care will suffer after the transition. more than half a million low income and mentally and physically challenged people have relied on medicaid. so many people showed up today at a senate oversight hearing about the new plan...dozens had nowhere to sit. linda levy...4013 look at all these people. they need help. no one to advocate for them. senate democrats hope to debate a plan next week that would provide oversight for the system. the
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for the department of human services and ombudsman's office. des moines water works will spend millions of dollars to improve its standards... the board of trustees has approved a 241 million, 5 year capital improvement plan. 184 million will come from increased water rates and revenue bonds, and the remaining will be funded by other organizations. some of that will go towards removing nitrates and contaminates from the water. water works says it has high levels of both, because three northwestern counties aren't doing enough to prevent them from flowing downstream. state educators are reviewing reading and writing standards for k through 12 students. 06:28:34 if students aren't successful in english language arts, literacy it makes it very difficult for them to be successful in anything that they should choose to do once they get out of school or even in school 44 the state established new academic standards for literacy, math, science and other subjects.
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working in the classroom and what needs work. the state has outlined the expectations of what skills students should learn at each grade level. but how that's accomplished is still left up to teachers. 06:35:08 the standards are really the framework by which you design your classroom activities and those activities engage the students at a higher and deeper level. meet them where they are and push them to go further 22 this was the review group's first meeting. in the next five months, the team will recommend improvements to the state board of education. a des moines school is offering gender neutral bathrooms for its students and staff. the bathrooms traded the male and female symbols for a sign welcoming all genders at roosevelt high school. some students came up with the idea... and started a petition for the change in november. they say they got about 160 signatures in less than an hour and they're happy their efforts are helping their peers. this doesn't just cater to
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also cater to students who don't follow a gender binary, they identify as something other than a man, woman somewhere in between. the bathroom is the first of its kind in the district. des moines officials hope high school students will work for them this summer... the parks and recreation department is hiring about 3 hundred season employees. it's looking for people to be life guards, swim instructors, and to work at rec centers. officials ask those who are interested to apply now, because training
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aside from the weather, march in des moines may look a little different this year. find out how the n-c-double-a tournament is putting a twist on a city tradition... i like to keep up on game stats and what people are talking about and stuff but that might not be possible from the bleachers of wells fargo arena. hear how it's wi-fi will fare against the tournament... the metro is bracing for thousands of visitors next
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best teams in college basketball take the court at wells fargo arena... the n-c-double-a tournament games fall right in the middle of march. that's when the city's annual saint patrick's day parade takes place. so, organizers offered the parade a big incentive to change its date. they paid the "friendly sons of saint patrick" 10 thousand dollars to push it back to march 18th. charities supported by the irish heritage group. the games will now bookend the 19th. schedules are just one aspect of planning an event as big as the tournament. but, one thing will remain on organizers' to-do lists long after the fans leave. channel 13's jodi whitworth has more...
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the event center plans to have the entire wells fargo wi -fi enhanced within the next six months. skies will remain mostly cloudy through the evening and overnight hours tonight. it won't be until thursday afternoon when we start to see some sunshine breaking through. winds will remain out of the northwest between 15 and 25 mph on thursday, this will help keep temperatures on the cool side, making it the coolest day of the week. if you have been longing for the warmth to return, you'll
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this will be the start of a major warm up over the few following days. friday's high will mover around average in the lower 40s, but saturday afternoon looks to be the warmest day over the next week with highs reaching the upper 50s and lower 60s. ul rhoads won't stayn the delines this season.ul rhoads won't stay on the delines this season. well, actuly he will, but he'll ill be a coach. ll, actually he will, but
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reporter: "so when you hear, say, one side, saying that they'd like to wait 'til "the next president is in office to appoint a justice, what do you think about that?" justice o'connor: "i don't agree. i think we need somebody there, now,"
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paul rhoads won't stay on the sidelines this season. well, actually he will, but he'll still be a coach. arkansas' bret bieleman hires rhoads as razorbacks deffensive backs coach. rhoads coached iowa state for 7 seasons, but he was fired in november after the cyclones sixth straight losing season. in his career, rhoads has worked with six defensive backs selected in the nfl draft, highlighted by darrelle revis. iowa state still owes rhoads 4 and a half million dollars. rhoads released the following statement, quote: 'im thrilled to be joining the arkansas program and cant wait to help build on the success coach bielema and the staff have already experienced." northern iowa finds its new athletic director in ames. iowa state associated a-d david
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at uni. the 44 year old harris faces several challenges at uni, almost all them dealing with finding the funds to keep panther sports programs thriving. big game for the hawks tonight. they've had a week off to find their mojo. iowa hosts wisconsin and can move back into first place with a win over the badgers. michael admire is live at carver- hawkeye arena.
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state bowling from plaza lanes. and these gals from johnston can roll. the dragons win the class 3-a state championship. morgan wolfe had a two game
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dragons best single game, 257. des moines lincoln fifth, roosevelt 7th. cedar falls won boys 3a, marshalltown, southeast polk, johnston, and waukee finishes four through seven. briar cochran was born to wrestle. old video 3:26 'i really dont know what wed do different. thats all we know' fade 40:46 we come from a strong wrestling family. i know briars been wrestling since he was in 3rd grade. i wrestled when i was in third grade.' since he could fit in a singlet... briar was on a mat. old video 1:45 'want you to go up to the stand and say cochran go check- in' groomed for the stage of championship
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] how nice. thank you. appreciate that. vanna has to go. she has letters to touch, and whatever else she does. hi. get ready, everybody. your time has come. "person" is the category for our first "toss up." it's worth $1,000. vanna's all set. here we go. [ bell chimes ] tom. friendly cashier. yeah, that's it. [ applause ] tom moran. hi, pat.


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