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tv   Charlie Rose  WHUT  March 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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dan: not long after we freed new vestroia, king zenoheld came out of hiding, and brought with him the bakugan termination system. it's a machine designed to destroy all of the bakugan. but in order to power it he needed the attribute energies of the six ancient warriors. dan: but the ancients tricked zenoheld and transferred their powers to six bakugan. dan: their energies caused the bakugan to evolve into more powerful versions of themselves. dan: the fate of the bakugan is in our hands and the stakes are high. but we're ready to fight! [♪]
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samurai park staff: welcome! thanks for coming and don't forget that tomorrow is the grand opening of our newest attraction samurai park, where you can experience ancient japan first hand! volt: humph...where are you brawlers? dan: the bakugan battle brawlers in: samurai showdown. dan: okay, ace...i'm taking you down this hand. ace: hey i dunno, dan. i've been watching the cards and i think you're holding the last one i need to take it.
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ace: let's see. am i right? dan: [growl] dan: [scream] but i was so close! ace: hmmm. baron: whoa. master dan sure takes his cards seriously. dan: man, i haaaaaate losing. runo: dan has a lousy poker face. julie: maybe, but his regular face sure is cute. dan: ahhhh, this game is kinda dumb anyway. the only cards that matter to me are ability cards. drago: i must admit. even i am craving a good brawl. ace: dan...we're all going crazy, but let's keep it in check. marucho: ace is right, dan. look what happened to mira and runo when they went out to brawl. [beeping] huh? klaus: well... good morning fellow brawlers. dan: klaus? kato: huh? maron: mmmm... is baron here? kato: and who are you? klaus: so... how are things since your return to earth? marucho: not great. mira: the vexos took the subterra and aquos energies from us.
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klaus: are you serious? dan: don't worry, pal. they won't be taking any more from are you holding up on vestal? klaus: there's been no trace of them here since your departure. so it would seem our theory about them luring you away from vestal was correct. please be careful everyone. dan: safety's the rule, dude... we aren't taking anymore chances with the remaining energies....right...drago? drago: you better believe it. klaus: oh, before i forget. baron, my boy. baron: uh, yeah? klaus: your little sister came around to my place looking for you after you left....she should be paying you a visit shortly. baron: greeeaaat! it'll be nice to - uhhh...what? nemus: maron's coming here to earth? kato: a visitor...has arrived, master marucho. maron: big brother! maron: [excited squeal] baron: maron. what's wrong? maron: nothing. i just really missed you baron so i thought... i'd come here. baron: maron, this place isn't safe for little kids like you. maron: [gasp]
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maron: are you mad at me? baron: i'm really sorry about all this...i left my family klaus' contact info in case of an emergency but i didn't think this would happen. dan: no sweat, big guy. drago: maron misses her big brother. you can't blame her for that. runo: you know, baron...since your little sis' came all this way, it's only polite that you show her around town. julie: this is her first visit to earth after all. baron: uh...yeah but... nemus maybe they're right baron. what harm could a little sight seeing do? baron: [sigh] maron: i can go home. baron: are you kidding me? we're going to have the best day ever maron! maron: [delighted squeal] screaming people: [excited/terrified screams] baron: so what d'ya think? there isn't anything quite like this on vestal, huh? maron: this place is wonderful, baron. baron: i thought the same thing the first time dan brought me here. maron: hey, look at that! baron: maron, wait! nemus: maron sure moves fast, doesn't she?
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baron: huh? what's this? maron: [delighted squeal] thank-you so much bear. baron: ...the grand opening of samurai park. maron: samurai park. what's that? baron: mmmmm. our next stop! maron: mmmhmmm. ingram: are you sure about this, shun? maybe we should tell the others. shun: telling them will just make them worry and they're stressed enough as it is...this is something that i need to do, ingram...i can't hide out any longer. [♪] volt: there you are. maron: are you sure it's open, baron? nemus: it definitely looks closed to me. baron: mmmmm...whaaaat? i got the date wrong. it says here it doesn't open until tomorrow. maron: so we can't go in, then? baron: sorry 'bout we go back to the other park and go on the roller coaster...til we throw up. maron: [giggle] sounds good. [♪]
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shun: you're the vexos they call volt. volt: i recognize you too, brawler...shun, isn't it? maron: what's that, baron? baron: hmm? oh this? nemus: i didn't know you brought your gauntlet with you. baron: uh-huh. maron: can you show me how to use it? baron: okay, sure. volt: you've got nerve, shun...showing your face...after your fellow brawlers were humiliated. shun: don't make the mistake, volt...of thinking their skills are equal to mine. volt: very well...let's see these skills of yours...
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baron: so you go like this... volt: ...and then i'll show you mine! shun: let's go! volt/baron/shun: gauntlet! power strike! baron: huh? baron: whah? nemus: baron! it looks like- baron: -time has stopped...but who's doing it? shun: gate card, set! shun: bakugan brawl! shun: bakugan, stand! shun: ventus ingram! volt: bakugan brawl! volt: bakugan stand! volt: haos boriates! volt/shun: ability activate! [♪] volt: prometheus cannon! shun: wind power! glimmering shadow slash! [♪] volt: ability activate!
6:08 am
volt: element glow! [♪] shun: double ability activate! shun: armored intense mode! ingram: [grunt] shun: wind echo! ingram: huuuuuaaaahhh! volt: ability activate! volt: firebolt axe! volt: that's it! axe marks the spot! ingram: [pain] [♪] shun: gate card, open! shun: ventus reactor! ingram: haahhh! volt: i'm impressed,'re brawling skills are strong. shun: i know. shun: come ventus slash! time to fight! [♪] volt: come haos drone spider! [♪]
6:09 am
volt: drone spider, switch to arm mode! volt: join with boriates! volt: now it's time to drop the hammer! ingram: [grunt] shun! shun: alright. now it's our turn. shun: ability activate! shun: twin fangs, phantom comet storm! [♪] volt: big deal...ability activate! volt: vector phalanx! [blasts] ingram: [pain] shun: ingram! [explosions] [♪] ingram: [grunt] sorry shun. shun: ingram!'s my fault for underestimating this vexos.
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hi, may i help you? yes, we're looking to save on car insurance, even if that means we have to shop all day, right, honey? yep, all day. good thing you're starting here. we compare your progressive direct rate to other top companies', so you can save money! look! we saved a lot! and quick, too. and no more holding her purse! it's a european shoulder bag. it was a gift. mm-hmm. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. [♪] maron: wow! cool! so how come everything frozen like this, baron? baron: well, it's um, because... nemus: powering your gauntlet wouldn't have done this, would it? don't you need to be in battle?
6:14 am
baron: yeah, usually, but everyone is back at the house so who could it be? baron: what? it looks like master shun and volt are battling. nemus: and it looks like they're close. baron: we should help them! volt: come bakugan trap, drone spider! volt: drone spider switch to arm mode! volt: join with boriates! [♪] ingram: [growl] baron: they're in here? volt: let's go! battle-arm boriates! shun: watch out... here it comes, ingram! ingram: ready, shun! baron: wait for me! bakugan brawl! baron: bakugan stand! nemus: i am the evolved haos nemus, guided by the glowing light! [♪] ingram: nemus. nemus: that's me. shun: baron. what are you...?! baron: we were nearby and got caught in the time freeze.
6:15 am
when i realized it was you i thought...maybe you could use some back up. maron. you have to hide. right now. maron: mmm-hmmm. volt: enough talk. if you both want to fight, let's go...ability activate! vector phalynx! [blasts] ingram: [pain] nemus: [pain] maron: [screams] baron: maron! baron: come, bakugan trap, haos guardian! [♪] baron: ability activate! baron: eternal cocoon! [♪] baron: maron! maron: i'm okay. shun: baron! is she hurt? baron: ah... no...she's fine...but haos guardian can't attack while the eternal cocoon is activated shun. shun: no problem. come bakugan trap, ventus slash! [♪] shun: come on, shadow wing! bakugan brawl!
6:16 am
shun: bakugan stand! [♪] volt: hmmmph...that's interesting. gate card, open! volt: forcement enemy! [♪] baron: look at their power levels! volt: forcement enemy is a command card that adds a power level of 100 times the number of enemy bakugans to each bakugan on my thank you for the points. even if you didn't mean it. baron: you think you're so smart...nemus, attribute change! nemus: and now light turns to darkness! nemus: attribute change! namilun okuda, namilun okuda... haaah! baron: ability activate! baron: darkus sky! shun: ingram! ingram: ready!
6:17 am
launch! shun: ability activate! eight-span crowe! [♪] volt: boriates... ability activate! volt: vector phalynx! [♪] volt: what just happened? it's like they've disappeared. [♪] volt: they're not on the sensors. ingram: invisibility is the way of the ninja. baron: yeah! nice one, master shun! shun: now it's time we see the sun baron. baron: you got it. ability activate!
6:18 am
baron: night stunworks! nemus: who knew the night could be so bright? open wide! nemus: haaaaahhhh! volt: [grunt] my eyes! [♪] baron: good call! shun: kazami-style ninja torpedo slash! ingram: [mighty roar] [♪] gauntlet: volt lifeforce 40% baron/shun: hmmmph! baron: had enough yet, volt? or do you wanna keep going? volt: okay, i'll admit it. you two are tougher competition than i thought you'd be...but what kind of warrior would quit while they're still standing? wouldn't you agree, brawler shun? shun: hmmmph...sometimes it's good to quit while you're ahead. maron: master shun is
6:19 am
baron: let me get this party started...gate card, set! baron: bakugan stand! volt: boriates! take that one first! volt: bakugan stand! volt: ability activate! volt: prometheus cannon! volt: fusion ability activate! volt: buster megabarrel! [♪] volt: enjoy brawlers! maron: nemus! big brother! shun: [grunt] maron: [scream] [♪] shun: it's okay maron. you'll be safe here. [♪]
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baron: go after my sister, will ya? ability activate! baron: sparkly arrow! nemus: no one hurts maron! haaahhh! volt: yeah, whatever. baron: whah? nemus: huh? shun: bakugan stand! shun: ability activate! armored intense mode! ingram: watch me nullify your ability. haaaahhh! volt: hey...not so fast, thunder chicken! volt: ahhhhhhhhh! volt: buster megabarrel...can only be nullified by a haos ability! which you just don't have. ingram: [grunt, pain] shun: oh no! ingram: [grunt] gauntlet: shun lifeforce 50% shun: ingram! baron: ability activate! divine light!
6:25 am
[♪] ingram: [grunts, woozy] shun: [grunt] what the...? baron: divine light is an awesome haos only ability that resurrects any defeated bakugan. shun: pretty awesome, indeed. thanks baron. baron: it's the least i could do after you saved my sis. i guess you forgot there was a haos battler on our side too...? shun: hmppphh...let's go, ingram....bakugan brawl! shun: bakugan stand! [♪] baron: alright! shun: game over, volt! volt: now that was a lucky save...and it's not going to win you the battle. i think i'll be taking the ventus energy now. volt: mechanical trap bakugan, haos carlvelt! [♪] [roar] [♪] volt: ability activate! volt: orion head!
6:26 am
gauntlet: ability card, set! [♪] [roar] [♪] nemus: [pain] ingram: [pain] volt: and now all your abilities have been nullified... so you may as well go home! baron: as if, volt! come haos guardian! [♪] baron: ability activate! baron: soliton keeper! nemus: [grunt] ingram: [grunt] [♪] volt: too late, baron. ability activate! volt: hyper tachyon glow! [♪] baron: let's go. gate card, open! baron: ring zero! [♪] volt: what? he nullified my ability! shun: baron! baron: yup! shun/baron: ability activate! shun: wind power, light intense impact!
6:27 am
ingram: haaaaahhhhh! [♪] baron: sparkly arrow! [♪] ingram: you're going...doooooowwwwn! volt: huh...double ability, activate! muzzle lancer, plus cima booster! [♪] volt: let's go, boriates! [♪] shun: ingram! baron: nemus! ingram: [rising roar] [♪] gauntlet: volt lifeforce, zero. [♪] baron: hey guys, we're back! runo: did you have fun visiting with your brother? dan: hey shun, where did you disappear to?
6:28 am
shun: to my meditation room. maron: [gasp] dan: who can meditate after sitting around so long? drago: you could learn a lot about balance from shun. maron: [giggle] julie: will you come and visit us again soon, little maron? maron: soon as baron will let me. dan: you make sure to say hi to klaus for me when you get back to vestal. okay maron? drago: and please give my best to sirenoid. maron: sure. thanks again for everything, master dan and drago. maron: i miss you already, big brother. baron: [gasp] maron. [laughs] baron: maron...huh? where'd you...go? shun: yes, little one? maron: thanks for protecting me today,'re the best... [kiss] maron: [giggle] bye-bye guys! baron: [laughter]
6:29 am
dan: drago? what do you think maron said to shun. drago: who knows. runo: i hope she makes it back safely. baron: after the action we saw today, i'm sure it'll be no problem. runo: huh? what action? baron: um, never mind. i was just talking about the rollercoaster. yeah, that's it. julie: so ace and i have been hanging out a lot and were becoming pretty good friends. but then billy showed up like a blast from the past and brought lync and mylene. but i was too excited about billy to notice. julie: meanwhile ace and the others were having special bakugan battles in a virtual training world that marucho created. they said it wasn't real but some of those hits looked painful. y'owch! julie: real or not. it's serious business that has to be seen to be believed. julie: c'mon gorem! bakugan brawl! julie: boy, that one really had legs! ♪
6:30 am
[sighing] [phone rings] huh? ah! did you scan raznus? uh uh. he hasn't shown up yet. hey, sarah, are you sure he's coming this way? raznus finished his talks with the danian queen last night. she gave him a letter for maxxor and he left right away to deliver it. he definitely took the okron trail. he should've gotten there by now. tom!
6:31 am
uh, hold on. tom: is raznus in a green and gold levitaar? yeah. he's here. we'll scan him and call you later. great, and don't forget you have a match today. bye. hello! ambassador raznus! uh. both: whoa! uh. raznus: ugh. raznus! ugh. is this kiru city?
6:32 am
no, you're still a long way from there. uh, i remember leaving mount pillar, then trouble. what kind of trouble? uh, uh, huh? [laughter...] one more shot! argh! hya! [♪...]
6:33 am
[♪...] ugh! it's krekk and illazar. they've been chasing me ever since i left mount pillar. sorry, raznus. chaor will never let the danians make peace with the overworlders. [laugh]
6:34 am
the song of stasis! [screaming]: ahh! [crash] [grunting] the song of stasis is meant to immobilize one opponent. the effect will not last long on two. huh! [gasps] ugh, no use... too weak. [moans]
6:35 am
ah! step on it! there's nothing to step on! try this. raznus: you are doing well, tom. thanks. i always wanted to drive one of these, but i never got to scan one. yes, maxxor has told me about you chaotic players and your competitions. you're maxxor's ambassador to the danians, right? raznus: yes, for many solons. my efforts were never very successful though, until recently. now i feel there is a real chance for peace between our tribes. but krekk made it sound like the overworlders and danians wanna team up against chaor and the underworlders.
6:36 am
my goal is to bring peace to all the tribes of perim not to cause more strife. ugh! are you ok? raznus: take the lower trail. but, isn't kiru city that way? we must make a short detour. ahh, the girgeth springs. famous for their healing powers. eww. what's that buzzing? i don't hear buzzing. just bubbling. look! tom: they found us! get to the levitaar. i told you raznus would come here. let's show the danian ambassador how underworlders negotiate.
6:37 am
hya! hya! [gasps] this way! ahh! [screaming] nice. i never saw an overworlder do an attack like that before. i'm not sure how i did it. but i'm sure i don't have the strength to do it again. let's get to the levitaar. krekk: hey, help me here! help yourself, ah! good thing those guys don't get along too well. ahh!
6:38 am
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fire! ambassador raznus? queen illexia ordered us to follow you and make sure you return safely to kiru city. we'll take care of these two, your excellency! go on to kiru city and make your report to maxxor! you have my gratitude. kaz, come on! [grunts] ugh, ugh. hya!
6:43 am
sit here. ugh...i tried the song of resurgence, but it's done no good. i sent for najarin. i'm sure he can heal you, raznus. ugh, my health is of no importance. what matters is establishing peace with the danians. as you will read in her letter, queen illexia is open to the idea of a treaty. there is much work ahead of us, but i believe peace between our tribes can be achieved. kaz: can you really trust the danians? kaz! i'm sorry, maybe it's none of my business. do not apologize, kaz. raznus: come closer. i never would have made it here if it hadn't been for these humans. your question is a valid one. can we trust the danians? my answer is this...
6:44 am
all the tribes of perim must learn to trust each other or risk mutual destruction. maybe... but only the strong can afford to trust. ah... oh! hmm. ah. have you two known each other a long time? raznus and i have been friends since we were your age. but it took a rather extraordinary event for him to appreciate my point of view. [laughs] that was back when my father was the ruler of the overworld. when i wouldn't have dreamed of making deals with the danians. uh! uh!
6:45 am
ahh! ha-ha, yeah! ahh! what? come on, raznus. get a little exercise. i'm exercising my brain, maxxor. maybe you should try it sometime. can't defend the overworld with brains. if all the tribes did more thinking and less fighting we'd be... maxxor!
6:46 am
ah! huh? what is this thing? maybe he knows. hey, did you see how this happened? uh-huh. well, you'd better start talking or... what's your name, friend? qwissk. i'm raznus. this is my friend maxxor. we're concerned about our family and friends in kiru city. well, you should be. what do you mean by that? they're my prisoners now. maxxor: you did this? [grunts] ah! qwissk, why did you use your mugic against kiru city?
6:47 am
my friend was falsely accused of treason here. he was innocent, but the kiru tribunal imprisoned him. so i decided to imprison them and all their fellow conspirators. you're insane. you should be locked up too. hya! hya! ah! oh. free kiru city from this mugic now! never. wait, qwissk, how do you know your friend is innocent? the creature who accused him later bragged about his lie. he hated my friend and wanted to destroy him. can you prove it? there were witnesses. but the tribunal wouldn't hear them. qwissk, if you reverse this mugic
6:48 am
we'll go directly to maxxor's father and plead your friend's case. won't we, maxxor? that's when i realized there's more than one way to get what you want. ah. raznus! i'll be alright. i just need some rest. we'll leave you then. raznus, before we leave, could we scan you? i'm afraid i wouldn't be of much value to your chaotic game in this condition. that's not true. our battle teams could really use your wisdom. just like maxxor does. be my guests. you and major-t cut it pretty close this time, bro. yeah, one minute later and tom would've missed his match.
6:49 am
we wanted to get here sooner but we got ambushed by underworlders, stuck in tar... then we had to drive the overworld ambassador to kiru city and... i'll tell you later. donmar: composition of concentration! hya! kaz: that composition of concentration mugic gave donmar a speed boost. [fighting sounds...] whoa, what was that? donmar just got infected with a danian parasite. hya! ha-ha! well, sarah, that bug didn't seem to bug donmar much, ha-ha!
6:50 am
yeah, what's a danian parasite do? let's just say it... changes things. i thought i had you there, major tom. not even close. drome: the next location - castle pillar. tom: [thinking] raznus's wisdom is way higher than tartemme's. that'd give raznus the extra mugician that hangs out at castle pillar. raznus was pretty weak when i scanned him. but it's worth the risk. raznus attacks tartemme. you ok? tom: [thinking] at least i'm near the top of the pillar.
6:51 am
i should be able to get that mugician pretty easily. [grunts...] ♪
6:52 am
hmmm. ♪ get a thrill from the cheesiest... with kraft mac & cheese spirals. cheese me! ♪ ♪ hmmm. ♪ get a thrill from the cheesiest... with kraft mac & cheese spirals. cheese me!
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6:54 am
dddddddddddddddd [gasping] [grunts...]
6:55 am
[gasping...] [breathing heavily] ah, ah-ah! ah-ah! he turned into... a danian! you wanted to know what a danian parasite does. that's what a danian parasite does. but wait a minute. donmar was the one infected with the parasite. why did raznus turn into a danian? raznus wasn't infected during the match. he got infected before we scanned him. [thinking]: that's why raznus was so sick! before he left mount pillar the danians must've done something to turn him into a danian. but they made sure he wouldn't change until he was at maxxor's palace. danian raznus: i gotta end this match so i can go warn maxxor. [laughter]
6:56 am
ha. well, don't just stand there, code me. uh. uh. great match, i forfeit, thanks. judging by this letter she gave raznus queen illexia seems eager to make a treaty with the overworld. a little too eager.
6:57 am
maxxor isn't in his chambers. maybe he's in the meeting hall or his study. they're both this way. maxxor's in danger. we gotta find him. hya! [grunts...] hya!
6:58 am
ugh. [grunts...] ha- i should have known you danians didn't really want peace. hm, hya! [grunts] hya! we came to help maxxor, you gotta believe us. there's not much time! ha- you'll never see mount pillar again, danian. maxxor, wait! that's raznus! [gasps]
6:59 am
no! maxxor, why'd you let him get away? raznus tried to... that creature isn't raznus. not anymore. whoever or whatever he is now i will have to deal with him myself.