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tv   Newsline  WHUT  October 24, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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hitting the battle ground. u.s. president barack obama visits swing states and tries to win over voters who can make a difference. the u.s. president and the man who wants that job are back on the campaign trail after their last debate. barack obama and mitt romney are traveling through several states that could determine the election two weeks from now. they're both trying to do the same thing, win over undecided voters. president obama spoke to supporters in florida one of the key battleground states. he said romney had changed his stance on several issues monday during the debate on foreign policy. obama used the term he coined
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for such flip-flops, romnesia there is no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. the person who leads this country, you've got to have some confidence that he or she means what he or she says. >> romney spoke at a rally in henderson, nevada and said obama is resorting to attacks in the absence of new ideas of his own. >> we can handle two more weeks of the attacks that are coming from barack obama but we cannot handle four more years of what he's given us. >> and a new opinion poll suggests romney has taken a slight lead. this is the first time in two months that he has gained an edge over the president. abc news and "the washington post" surveyed more than 1300 likely voters right before the candidates held their final debate.
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49% of respondents supported romney. 48% favored obama. the president has been calling on minorities to vote early to raise their say in the outcome. 50% of those who said they'll vote early said they'll do so for obama. 48% said they'd vote for romney. obama's approval rating slipped below 50% to 49 among previous incumbents. george w. bush slipped to 50% in the fall of his re-election campaign but not lower. 62% of each candidate's voters say they are very enthusiastic about their choice. abc news and "the washington post" say this is one reason this year's presidential race is so close. japanese government sources say a senior diplomat has made a secret visit to shanghai. he took part in talks last weekend to try to ease a dispute over territory in the east china sea. japan controls the islands and china and taiwan claim them. sources say, the vice foreign
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minister kawai and zhijun met in shanghai. ministers did not go into details of the dispute but agreed on the need to maintain communication. it was the second time this month, dip low matts have discussed these issues. senior officials met two weeks ago in tokyo. the diplomats are expected to study the economic impact of the ties as they look for a breakthrough. the man in charge of assessing the risk of disasters in italy has resigned. the latest shock from the court ruling, that stunned seismologists around the world. the court sentenced seven scientists to jail terms for failing to warn of a deadly earthquake in 2009. the quake deaf stavastated the mountain town. the head of italy's disaster risk body, submitted his resignation the next day. it is impossible to produce disinterested scientific advice
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for the government under the current circumstances. the scientist published an assessment six days before the disaster. the report said risks of a major quake hitting the area were low. more than 300 people were killed. the new head of the bbc denied that abuse was covered up. a familiar face in british tv between the 1960s and '80s and died last year at age 84. bbc director general george on tuesday testified before a commons committee. >> there is no question that what jimmy subtle did and the way the bbc behaved in the years the culture and practices of the bbc seemed to allow him to do what he did will raise questions of trust and reputation for us. no question about that. >> he said the editor of a news
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program had been wrong not to air a report on the sexual abuse allegations in december. he also said the editor of the news night program withheld the report partly because of a lack of sufficient evidence. the bbc has suspended the editor and set up a third-party team to investigate. police are looking into suspicions he may have abused more than 200 victims. the european union rejected a french request to monitor ports to see if import restrictions are necessary. the european commission rejected france's argument that the imports have rapidly increased since the free trade agreement between the eu and south korea went into effect in july last year. france said its imports of south korean cars in january and february, were up about 50% from a year earlier. but the commission said that the french request was based on short term statistics. the commission said eu imports of south korean cars rose 41% in
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the first year after the fta took effect. it said the figure for france was 24%. the eu executive body said the eu is importing fewer south korean cars than it did before the global financial crisis began in 2008. it concluded the current situation does not require monitoring. france called the commission's decision regrettable. it said a free trade deal should preserve the interests of the domestic industries of signatory nations. france suggested it will request tough conditions when the eu starts talks with japan for an economic partnership agreement. facebook executives announced they're in the red for the second straight quarter. business expansion costs exceeded growth. the revenues for july to september period, topped $1.2 billion. that is up over 30% from the
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same period last year, a surge in advertisement revenue was a contributing factor. but the firm spent more on research and development, payroll and expanding operations, bringing it a net loss of $59 million. the number of face book users hit $1 billion in september. but the site hasn't turned a profit since going public in may. the chief executive says the firm aims to lawn. services for smart phones and tablets to boost revenues. some 60% of face book members use mobile devices to access their accounts. mobile users now have more ways to access facebook. apple has unveiled a smaller version of the ipad to fend off its competitors. >> this is ipad --. mini.
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[ applause ] >> media from across the globe converged on the california product launch. the ipad mini screen measures 7.9 inches, about 20% smaller than the one on their full sized tablet. it weighs half as much. the least expensive model sells for almost $330. about 200 less than the original. apple plans to release the new device next friday in the u.s., europe, and japan. >> we told you earlier this year that you would see some incredible innovation. >> reporter: the firm now has a 70% share in the global market it created with the ipad two years ago. apple's late cofounder steve jobs was reluctant to develop a smaller version. he was concerned customers wouldn't be interested. but executives launched one anyway citing the stiff competition for small tablets. google and amazon produced them too. their selling models were less than half the price of a standard ipad and their sales are climbing.
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microsoft executives will enter the tablet market this friday with their own model. the surface comes with a cover that doubles as a key board. apple executives are feeling the pressure. competitors have been offering devices with features ipad was lacking. >> it will certainly expand apple's market but i think the smaller form factor if it is a cheaper price will get a lot of people who had not purchased a tablet before and were maybe thinking of one but didn't want to spend the $500 it cost to get an ipad. >> consumers worldwide will have many options when choosing a small tablet to put on their holiday wish list. tablet computers are popular among not only young generations but also the elderly. a japanese firm is seeing the popularity of tablets forsenior customers as a business opportunity.
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this woman in tokyo is in her 70s. an online supermarket representative is visiting her home. supermarket receives orders on the internet and then delivers the products. >> translator: by sliding your finger tip you can see a number of products. >> the online supermarket began a test service by taking orders from tablet computers this week. >> translator: with a tablet, you can buy products using only your finger tip. >> customers can also select the payment method and delivery date only with their finger tips. >> translator: i think it's good because i can see many products on this tablet. >> currently the supermarket is receiving orders through
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personal computers as customers are mainly people in their 30s who are busy raising children. the company executives hope to increase orders from the elderly by introducing tablet computers that are easy to handle. >> translator: we think that tablet computers will turn into a huge market just like smart phones. with tablets, i think we can attract customers who have not been interested in online supermarket services. >> a survey by a private research firm shows many tablet computer users are looking for a lighter unit with a battery that will last longer. when these problems are resolved the number of users is expected to grow further. china's economy has been losing steam and rate of growth has slowed down from a year earlier. the seventh straight quarter of slower growth. what is happening to the chinese economy. our reporter explains.
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this shopping district is located in the heart of beijing. people here say this. >> translator: they say consumption is expanding, but i don't think the overall economy is that good. >> our company made a lot of money last year, but not this year. our managers are telling us to cut the cost down. the city of donguan in the coastal region is home to factories making clothes for overseas markets. surprisingly, a business is booming in this town. rows and rows of sewing machines
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are on sale at the second-hand machinery store. they came from nearby clothing factories. clothes makers are going bankrupt in increasing numbers amid exports stemming from europe's debt crisis. >> translator: so many firms are going under. that's why we're getting so many of these second-hand sewing machines. >> translator: some 25,000 companies are trying to promote exports at this trade fair but the european crisis is casting a dark shadow. this company makes lights for large four-wheel drive vehicles. exports accounted for 95% of the products last year but they have been showing a significant decline. >> translator: we are seeing a particularly sharp drop in east europe from the way orders are falling our exports in the future are going to show a
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precipitous decline. >> reporter: and now there is another reason for worry. since last month the relations between japan and china have been worsening because of a dispute over a group of small islands in the east china sea. the dispute could affect the bilateral economic ties. one of china's major business magazines says some 20,000 japanese companies in china employ some 10 million chinese workers. it also warns that both countries will face a heavy price to pay as a result of the dispute. amid the spreading campaign to boycott japanese products japanese auto makers also saw sharp decline in september. toyota motors sales dropped 50% from a year earlier.
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this plant is halting most of its production lines this week. workers are becoming increasingly concerned about their livelihoods. >> translator: i can't make ends meet if they cut the working hours. i need to look for another job. >> reporter: other makers have been unable to make up for the throw down in japanese car sales. this situation could hurt some companies and also consumer spending. many inside as well as outside china are wondering how china can stimulate the economy in the midst of domestic and external troubles.
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a former justice minister is back at work in japan less than a month after leaving his post. the prime minister has reappointed him to the justice ministry and his predecessor resigned on tuesday citing poor health. media reports implied he had ties with gangsters. prime minister noda appointed him as justice minister in june. he was replaced in a cabinet reshuffle earlier this month. he had earlier said he wanted to step down because of his age. the outgoing minister also held a post of abduction issue minister. chief cabinet secretary fujimita will take over the role. a swiss research institute has released its annual report on gender gaps around the world and placed japan lowest of all economies. they cited a lack of female political and business leaders. the world economic forum,
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measures gender disparity in economics, politics, education and health. japan came 101st of 135 countries, down three places from last year. the forum's analysts say the country still has relatively few female lawmakers and corporate managers. iceland has held the top spot for four years in a row followed by finland and norway. the united states came 22nd. china was 69th. people in japan's north east are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster. but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles an ahead. everies when day at 1:00 p.m., japan thim here ime. here on "newsline." a japanese conductor is
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trying to lift spirits with a lift of his baton. he staged a concert with an orchestra. those from kosovo from war in the 1990s. those from japan more recently. kosovo is trying to recover from an ethnic civil war that ended a decade ago. the conductor traveled to kosovo five years ago and started an orchestra. their music uplifted audiences in kosovo and, he thought they should do the same thing in japan. many here are still depond eent after 2011 disaster. though natural disasters and wars are natural calamities people endure the same hardships and can encourage each other. ♪
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>> the conductor had the japanese children's song or "sunset and afterglow" adapted for the concert. ♪ he got the idea while viewing the sunset at a city leveled by the disaster. he realized snets a ed sunsets of hope. >> translator: the lyrics speak of holding hand and going home together. i think that's the main idea. the lyrics could apply to importance of people who are in con flkt coflict coming togethe victims of the disaster working as one to overcome the disaster. now, all japanese across the country must do that. >> he told the balkan musicians why he chose the song and then described conditions in the disaster area.
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>> there is nothing, absolutely, nothing, a dirt city. so when we play this music it is about this. >> man of the musicians had also seen their home town destroyed and hand lost family members. >> translator: i am so grateful to be participating in a performance that delivers a message about the importance of joining hands with each other. >> the day of the concert, 1,200 people attend. >> a choir of japanese children sing the featured song. ♪
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>> when they finish, the orchestra continues with extra music added by the conductor. it imparts a message of hope, urging people to use their own hands to build air peaceful world. >> i hope music can connect people. and i think that message has been delivered today. or it can be delivered in the future. a japanese high school girl is celebrating victory in an international art competition.
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united nations art for peace contest asks young artists to share their vgs ision of a nucl free weapons world. she received her prize from u.n. secretary-general moon. young people from 92 countries sent in more than 6,600 works of art. she won first place among contenders age 13 to 17. her painting depicts a girl standing next to a gravestone of nuclear weapons. the girl is looking at a bright sky in the distance. >> translator: i hope that we focus more on protecting the beautiful field, seas and skies, rather than making weapons. all right. people in the philippines are dealing with heavy rain, and time now to check the world weather forecast with our meteorologist sayaka mori. >> the tropical storm drifting
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across the philippines, producing heavy wind, and rough seas. moving at 30 kilometers an hour, toward the northwest. it will move through the land, before heading out to sea by friday morning. local time. as it moves over the south china sea it could intensify into a severe tropical storm and may make the second landfall in vietnam or hunan on the weekend. heavy rain is already occurring, more heavy rain is coming down. we anticipate more than 150 millimeters of trun fall over a wade area including manila with 200 millimeters or more. flooding and landslide will be an ongoing issue for the next couple of days here. up toward the north, things are quite different. of a belt of high pressure located over japan, korean peninsula. much of china bringing nice, balmy day. but the exception is going to be inland china. snow showers are intensifying here. some of the rain is going to be spreading over the area on your
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thursday. as for japan, heavy rain will be on the course. of course the northern half of the country, from thursday night. all right, moving into the americas, we can see a swirling cloud over the caribbean sea. this is tropical storm sandy. moving at a slow pace toward the north. it will likely become a hurricane and then -- may move through jamaica on wednesday. before reaching eastern cuba, by wednesday night. or thursday. after that, it could move through the bahamas, on thursday. and then head out to sea and then, toward the northeast. aiming twor wefor bermuda. before weakening. hour cane warnings in effect. jamaica, cuba. hurricane force wind are expected to belter texpect ed to batter the locations. rainfall, 120 millimeters of rain recorded in eastern cuba. more heavy rain coming down as the cyst temperature moving through. 300 millimeters of rain, likely
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for jamaica, hispainola. and, watch out for mudslides and flash floods. in adegs dition to the storm su and highways, an ongoing issue for the next several days here. as for the rest of north america then, things are looking quite wintry through the north. a series of low pressure systems has been dumping mountain snow showers in the western half of the u.s. and canada. the heavy snow is going to be found in and around southeastern wyoming. as well as the the sierras. maybe up to 45 sent mer 45 cent. rain is spreading from the northern plains into the great lakes region as well, ontario, over the next 24 hours. turning quite severe in the upper mississippi river valley. severe storms, gusty wind, hail are possible on your wednesday. meanwhile, dry across the southern half of the u.s., temperatures are quite hot. for the time of year.
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31 degrees expected in houston. 29 degrees in oklahoma city. 25 in chicago. but, as a low pressure system moving through. temperatures will be dropping down by about 15 degrees in chicago. and oklahoma city as we head into your friday. all right. here is your extended forecast.
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and that's all for now on this edition of "news line." i am yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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