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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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by more than 14 million people. with its appeal transcending national borders, go is now enjoyed by people all over the world. "newsline". i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. members of a japanese delegation are sitting down with north korean officials in pyongyang to seek information about the probe of japanese abductees. a journalist who arrived in tokyo after arriving in west africa has tested negative for ebola virus. he had a fever and was
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quarantined. we'll show you how some seniors at a japanese daycare center are maintaining their fitness while on the job. japanese government officials have begun talks with a special investigation committee in pyongyang and they are meeting face to face with the top officials from north korea. they're getting an update on the ongoing probe into the fate of missing japanese nationals including abductees. junichi ihara, head of the foreign minister's asian and foreign affairs bureau is leading the 12-member committee. they are meeting with so tae ha and other members of his team. [ speaking foreign language ].
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>> the talks got underway at 9:30 a.m. local time. ihara's stressed the japanese government's stance that the government places a top priority on resolving the abduction issue. they will continue talks for two days and ask questions on how the north is carrying out its probe. relatives of the abductees opposed sending a delegation to north korea but it's the government says it is important to get an update on the probe face to face. >> reporter: they agreed with their north korean counterparts in may to reinvestigate the fate
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of all japanese nationals in the north and they promised to ease some sanctions imposed on the north. officials in pyongyang set up in july a special investigation committee. japanese leaders said the north would present the initial findings some time between late summer and early fall. but as of late september, they were waiting to see the initial report. and then north korean envoy to japan proposed sending a delegation to the north for an update. >> translator: it would be better for japan to meet directly with the members of a special committee, and listen to what they have investigated so far. japanese officials can propose some ideas. the committee may carry out another probe after hearing opinions from the japanese side.
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>> reporter: many of the families of abductees harshly oppose the idea. >> translator: i feel that japan is being manipulated by the north. what we want is some concrete results from investigators in pyongyang. >> reporter: they presented a petition to the government. they demanded a deadline for the results of the probe. and they want japanese officials to consider calling off the talks, if the north doesn't abide. and after three weeks of consideration, prime minister shinzo abe made the decision to send the delegation. >> translator: we took into account the risks that not sending a delegation might prompt officials in north korea
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to suspend their investigation. so we decideds vital for the delegation to directly convey our will and aims to the direct over the probe. >> reporter: the delegation is requested to bring back information to the families that they think is significant in resolving the abduction issue. in other news, a man arriving in japan from the west african nation of liberia has tested negative for the ebola virus. the man arrived on monday with a fever, and was quickly quarantined. the canadian journalist landed at tokyo's haneda airport on monday afternoon. he had spent two months in liberia and flew to japan via belgium and britain. he was transferred directly from the airport to the national center for global health and medicine in central tokyo. a blood test came back negative but ministry of health officials say he'll stay at the medical
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center for a few days a as precaution. health authorities have been asking people who arrive if they have visit mid affected countries in west africa in the last three weeks. that's the incubation period of ebola. staff will wear hazmat suits and treat patients in rooms specially designed to prevent the virus from escaping. now let's check in on the markets. oil prices are continuing to tumble. ai uchida joins us from the business desk. what is going on? >> we've seen oil prices fall for the last four months and now they are at their lowest levels we have seen in more than two years. investors see the trend as a sign that global demand is weakening. the effects are rippling through other markets. investors have stopped byiuying dollars. another reason currency traders
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are holding back is an announcement on wednesday from the federal reserve. the dollar is locked in a narrow range against other major currencies. is it below 108 against the yen and around 1.27 against the euro. stocks are moving in a narrow band here in tokyo. the nikkei is currently trading down by .6%. and in other asian markets the hang seng is trading higher up about more than .4%. shanghai is trading higher as well, up .6%. in south korea the kospi is down 0.28%. ministers from 12 country says they made important headway at talks for a trade deal for the asia pacific. but those from japan and the u.s. remain deadlocks on issues that are key to the transpacific partnership free trade pact. they spent three days going over sticking points.
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they said they made good progress on market access and rules on trade and investment. top japanese and u.s. negotiators met face to face. they talked through their differences on a range of matters, including tariffs on five categories of farm products. >> none of us want to do anything through tpp that would prevent the ability of our governments to regulate in the public interest. >> translator: there's no prospect at the moment for concluding negotiations on market access between japan and the u.s. so we just have to keep work. >> reporter: government officials from japan and the u.s. hope all tpp countries can reach a broad agreement by the year end. those on the japanese side want to resume talks for ministers meet again in beijing next month. executives at canon have downgraded their sales forecast for high-end digital cameras
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they blame disappointing sales in europe and japan. the executives said they revised down their sales projection for interchangeable lens cameras by half a million units and lowered est for annual revenue by about $370 million to 34.7 billion. but they said they revised their operating profit upward to $3.4 billion and they attribute that to the weaker yen. the executives said they expect sales of interchangeable lens cameras to rebound by next year. the people who run one of japan's biggest mobile carriers have a plan to bring smartphone users closer together. they will give customers an easy way to share images and video as they talk. the executives said the japan-first service will use a high-speed wireless communication standard called
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lte. callers will be able to look at the same websites and videos and share information about where they are. kddi executives will start selling lte-based smartphones in early december. they say it will make the calls clearer. the people at other carriers are moving to smartphones that use lte technology. people in japan are cutting down on meals at restaurants and pubs. they forked out less money at major chains for four months in a row. antists at the japan food service association say sales in september fell 2% from a year earlier. they say that was partly because there was one fewer sunday than in the same month than in 2013. even so analysts say the increase in the consumption tax is continuing to take a toll. officials at the food service association say sales at fast
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food restaurants fell 4.3%. they say mcdonald's japan took a hit after being caught up in a scandal involving a shanghai supplier. food safety regulators say the supplier sold expired chicken meat. and sales at pubs fell 3.7% from a year ago. they predict the decline in sales will continue into october, as typhoons keep people indoors. they say there are no signs that consumption will pick up soon. mt. fuji became a unesco world heritage site last year. tourism has boomed and local people couldn't be happier about it. now they feel like the mountain is giving them another blessing. a scientist has taken some yeast from the foot at the mountain to make wine, nhk world's -- explains. >> reporter: this is a miracle wine. we're selling this today for the first time.
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>> reporter: the people at this winery are selling a drop like no other. they say it was born in a pond at the foot of japan's highest peak and they're calling it a miracle wine. >> translator: it has a thick and heavy texture. >> translator: the aroma is quite powerful. >> reporter: professor -- of -- university came up with the idea. he's an expert in the process of wine fermentation, where yeast and sugar from grapes enter alcohol. mr. -- studies how different types of yeast create subtle
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changes in the final product. he wanted to make a strain with yeast from the surrounding countryside. winemakers can find yeast in all manner of places from farm fields to plants and beyond. professor -- had his eye on the pond at the foot of mt. fuji. >> the pond only appears every six or seven years. if we can take yeast from it and make wine it's like a dream or fantasy. >> reporter: the professor had to wait seven years for the pond to reemerge. when it did he wasted no time. he collected some samples of water and began look for yeast. he only found a tiny amount. but it was enough to do the job. >> translator: this is the yeast
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i got from the pond. i preserved it by freezing it at min min minus 80 degrees. >> reporter: professor -- cultured and multiplied the yeast so there was enough to produce wine. he discovered the strain was particularly well suited to the fermentation process and that it could produce an excellent wine. >> translator: results show the yeast is not so different from those that produce grape wine. so we were delighted. >> reporter: professor -- asked people at the local long-running winery to help him use his precious wine to make something special. the winemakers drew out the yeast's unusual features with a distinctive japanese grape variety called the -- grape.
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after some trial and errors they were able to control the grape's bitter tart quality by only using the juice extracted at the -- >> translator: the yeast produced an aroma richer than expected. i think it will be a different type of koshu wine. >> reporter: hopefully it will spread to the rest of japan and then to the whole world. that's our treatment. >> reporter: the people who made this drink have high hopes that a tiny strain of yeast can create something truly big in the world of wine making. marie mano, nhk world. >> and that's all for now on business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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japan's prime minister, shinzo abe has suppressed hope to hold a summit with park guen-hye. he conveyed the message to chung
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il-kwon. abe conveyed the message to the national assembly speaker in south korea who is visiting tokyo. abe said he hoped chung's visit would promote further exchange between japanese and south korean lawmakers, and the relations between the two countries would develop stronger. the two leaders have not held a bilateral summit since they took office. chung called on abe to take the lead in resolving issues surrounding those referred to as comfort women. abe responded by saying that he didn't wish to see it become a diplomatic problem. he also said he had no intention of revising the 1993 statement on the matter, issued by then chief cabinet secretary kono. the statement offered a sincere apology and expression of remorse. to those recruited to work in comfort stations during world war ii. japanese coast guard officials arrested the skipper of what they suspect is a
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chinese vessel. the boat was spotted on monday morning 1,000 kilometers south of tokyo. coast guard officials boarded the vessel after the crew attempted to flee. they arrested the 31-year-old chinese captain. and they are also questioning 11 other crew members. japanese officials say poaching in the area has increased as a result of the high price coral fetches in china. and on sunday, 102 boats were spotted in the seas near the islands. japan's coast guard is attempting to statue out the poaching but has only five patrol vessels in the area. people at a seniors daycare in northern japan are trying out a new kind of rehabilitation exercise that's paying off. they are being encouraged to help themselves and others while visiting the facility and they are now seeing the benefits.
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>> reporter: a cafe, a game center and other businesses line the hallway at this daycare center in hirosaki city. there's even a spa. and a movie theater. the facility is home to a main street. the shop workers are elderly. they are receiving rehabilitation by working behind the counter, cooking or doing other jobs. the program only started last year. >> translator: i am over 75. but i still need to work hard. i enjoy being here. >> reporter: they can choose from among 20 kinds of jobs like wheelchair maintenance. 43 participants in the program
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are in their 90s. [ speaking foreign language ]. instead of cash wages the staff at the facility calls smile currency. they can use it at the daycare shops. how they use the c them. they enjoy this kind of rehab. especially they tire of conventional treatments repetitive tasks. the elderly choose their jobs from postings on the bulletin board. the work can require complicated moments. they help seniors maintain everyday strength and coordination. 80-year-old sada murakamu is among those who say working for others creates a positive mental attitude. >> translator: it's hot so please take your time drinking
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it. >> reporter: murakamu ran a general store for 60 years. to make use of her experience, she works at the cafe. >> translator: what year were you born in? >> translator: 1934. >> translator: you're much younger than i. did you say 1934? >> translator: oh, yes. >> translator: that means you're still young. >> translator: yes, still young. >> translator: but you still farm, right? >> translator: yes tomorrow i'll rake leaves. >> translator: at home i'm alone doing nothing. but if i come here, i can talk with everyone. i love this place. telling jokes and teasing others here is the secret to staying alert.
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>> reporter: after seeing how hard the elderly work the facility operator might allow them to manage the businesses. at the moment facility staff do that. >> translator: in the future we want the users of our facility to run the town itself. >> reporter: giving seniors responsible jobs. that's how the daycare's rehab keeps seniors mentally and physically fit. it's time now for a check of the weather. people in western canada and the u.s. pacific northwest are dealing with stormy weather conditions, mai shoji joins us with the details. >> a couple weeks ago, ex-hurricane ana slammed into the islands of hawaii.
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that moved over water and became a low pressure system. it's not a tropical storm or hurricane. it's a remnant low pressure system but it combined with another low pressure system over water and now slamming to the pacific northwest. it's another parade of severe thunderstorms and severe weather across these locations stretching from the pacific northwest and oregon. this is the system we're talking about. you can see the isobars near each other the winds could sustain 90 kilometers an hour. enough to toss around loose objects and tree branches. the debris will be quite dangerous. we advise you to stay indoors ifable to. heavy rainfall will be about 90 millimeters in the coastal locations. heavy snowfall will be topping on top of the mountainous regions. a lot of things happening here. and on the flip side, the east is looking quite messy too. these are the areas we see a line of thunderstorms stretching from the great lakes region and into kentucky for our tuesday.
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but by wednesday this is likely to move into the area where you have been seeing very nice conditions. in new york and washington, d.c., your high will be about 26 degrees on your tuesday. very comfortable. late summer temperatures. but a different story into your halloween. this is something to watch out for if you are dressing up. boston, new york, buffalo and then is sleet on your saturday. a huge drop from the 20s to single digits into your four days. here across the eastern continental asia things are look chilly. even in and around tokyo we're seeing very nippy conditions. you are seeing already first snow of the season. 15 centimeters is already piling up as of 9:00 a.m. and a lot of locations in the north is looking winter like but it's in the south a very different
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story. and we're looking at very heavy rainfall in and around thailand. southern areas are seeing severe flooding. 200 households have been affected in these communities, not just these rural areas but the capital is seeing severe floods. bangkok university was closed yesterday. and the vendors are working in flooded streets. unfortunately the rain will be continuing in and around southern area os of thailand and in and around bangkok you have a chance of thunderstorms on your tuesday. across europe, this is an area where we have some red alert for warnings for rainfall. very heavy rainfall of about -- of actually -- the heaviest in 50 years could be expected here in southern norway. this is something to watch out for. this is due to this system pulling that cold front and this is likely to bring severe weather conditions across the north. another area of low pressure system spiraling over the mediterranean will be bringing
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unstable conditions as well. but it's in between a high pressure system is make things quite nice. paris at 18 degrees and berlin at 14. kiev is a different story. 7 for the high. but the low will be about minus 7 degrees. well below the average range. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast across the globe.
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and that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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good evening from los angeles, i'm tavis smiley. tonight we continue with part two of our conversation with four-time grammy winner annie lennox about her new c.d. title the "nostalgia" which mimes the great american songbook including classics like "summertime," "god bless the child," and even "strange fruit." her reflect of songs honors the commitment to humanity. please join us for part two of annie lennox coming up right now. ♪ ♪


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